Sunday, April 7, 2013

Transforming Life's Dissonance into Consonance by Sharing Insights
St. Paul's Conversion on the road to Damascus

Where and how do knowledge and subsequent achievement originate? What is inspiration? What was it that caused the first primitive man to use sticks and stones as tools to aid him?

“All of us are guilty of being ignorant in the circular patterns  we engage in with our conscious mind. But we need only to look deeper into our whole mind, where we are all connected to the source of infinite, purposeful, creative cosmic energy to jog ourselves out of the ruts 
For example, I suggest that when we look at ourselves on earth, we are not aware that we are moving with the earth, eastward at about 1000 miles an hour. If we look with our mind’s eye, however, we will understand this truth, because the earth, at our latitude, is spinning on its axis at just about that speed. Then consider in addition that the earth on which we stand is moving at an even faster speed in its orbit around the sun.
Next, look still deeper and your mind's eye will comprehend that our sun is moving still faster around the center of our Milky Way galaxy and our galaxy is only one of billions of galaxies moving eternally around the Universe, kept in balance and in place by the magnetic connection that governs all. We are a part of this infinitely large life, but are not to be oppressed by it, for we are in no way responsible for it. We are only privileged to participate in it.
What I am hoping to do, is to help others see more deeply into Reality with the Inner Eye each one of us possesses. Whether we examine an essay, a poem, a painting, a piece of music, or merely grapple with an idea that may be controversial or even revolutionary, there is an essential meaning at the heart of it that cannot be learned or understood by rote memorization from material gleaned from textbooks. We must engage whatever it is we examine with our whole mind, a process that requires tapping into our capacity to grasp insight and intuition. 
The best artists, writers and musicians never do what they do to show us how great and important they are. Their work is never about merely displaying their skill to “impress” others. Rather it has always been about sharing the excitement and joy they found in their unique discoveries in such a way that we experience empathy with what they felt with similar passion and intensity.
When this kind of communication succeeds, it is bound to help expand our understanding of Reality as it joyfully decreases our ignorance.
~ J. Erwin Soloman (born 1923)


  1. Smart man, and he writes well.

    The best of writing and the arts do indeed open up windows of thought for us.

  2. What I am hoping to do, is to help others see more deeply into Reality with the Inner Eye each one of us possesses.

    The Inner Eye does require the ability to think. A dumbed-down populace has a blind Inner Eye.

  3. While I think rote learning is a lost and beneficial art in many, many ways, I think the article's well written and well thought out.

    Information should increase our joy, that's for sure.
    Unless it's from the news, of course :-)

  4. Well, share some insight, Freethinker. I'm trying to ramp up my knowledge of classical music and it isn't easy. Pretty clear that I trust my eye much more than my ear.

    So today's concert included Beethoven's Violin Sonata No. 6 in A Major. I believe this is the period when Beethoven started his great upheaval and I sort of got it.
    At least I was very moved by the piece but can't really express what was going on in musical terms.

    Godard, Bresson or Ozu ... I'm on top of that but while his music is obviously magnificent I don't get Beethoven the rule breaker. And I dearly love the rule breakers.



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