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But who would run the trains?

How do you feel about the idea of having the 
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for every citizen?

A bright future for every child

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Monday, May 29, 2017

–––––– WHY MEMORIAL DAY? ––––––

Do you remember the parades? The high school marching bands, the Boy Scouts, the Cub Scouts, and the Brownies all neatly dressed in their uniforms and marching along, sometimes shyly, sometimes proudly, but more often just plain doggedly?

Do you remember the excitement getting ready for The Big Event? Everyone rushing around in the early A.M., mother making sure that everyone got breakfast –– you can’t march on an empty stomach, you know. Dad hanging out the flag on the front porch or from an upper storey window, slightly embarrassed, but privately grateful when Junior points out that it’s hung upside down. There’s just time to put it right before everyone has to be at the starting grounds for the big parade.

Little sister, too young to march, gets the best view, because she’s privileged to sit on Daddy’s shoulder. Later, she’ll shriek with wild delight to the wry amusement of all the parade goers, when she spots her big brother, the Eagle Scout, bearing the standard in front of the whole troop. He’ll turn beet red with self-consciousness when he hears her, and pretend not to notice, but secretly be pleased.

The veterans of two World Wars will march too. They are the real reason for this exciting event. The ancient ones from the First World War, some hobbling on crutches or walking stiffly with canes, wouldn’t miss the chance to march no matter how much effort it might be for them. Uniforms, which no longer fit very well, some even partially eaten by moths, have been dragged out of attics and basements once again to have their brass buttons polished in honor of the day. And there’s always an octogenarian or two who is so proud that his uniform still fits as well as it did in 1916. He will march with his still-handsome head held high, and with an energy that will put all the younger ones to shame.

Most of the dads are from the World War Two vintage. They have grown comfortably into middle age, grateful to be here in this land-of-the-free. The horrors of the war they studiously avoid discussing, or even thinking much about, except when an occasional nightmare disturbs their rest, or during those rare, quiet get-togethers with foxhole buddies who actually went through the same experience. At the VFW meetings they pretty much try to concentrate on having good times, and doing good works for the community.

If they seem a little too hearty and laugh a little too loudly, don’t let it bother you. The gave more than those of us left safely at home could possibly imagine –– much more than most of them could possibly even tell you about.

They too gave their all for a cause they believed just,
and as such deserve our respect and admiration.

And so, thy marched with pride, with gratitude, and with hope that future generations would not be called upon to make similar sacrifices, so that their families could continue to grow their gardens in peace, and march in future parades and enjoy picnicking with both gratitude and joy.

Later, after the parade, mothers, sisters and aunts would put on the most splendid outdoor feasts. Do you remember the huge bowls of luscious homemade potato salad redolent of onions, peppers, hard boiled eggs, Aunt Mary’s very special homemade mustard, and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise? Sometimes, they added bacon. Surely you must remember the hot dogs and hamburgers, or maybe some ribs and chicken all lovingly and exquisitely marinated with secret spices Dad used before cooking them over white hot charcoal? And all the things to fill it out like Aunt Vera’s carrot raisin slaw and Cousin Jane’s extra special good cucumber salad that even the kids loved to eat, and Mother’s homemade cheesebread –– to say nothing of all the cakes and pies and brownies and stuff.

One year Mother made a spectacular sheet cake that used blueberries and the brightest red strawberries strategically placed on her best white icing to represent the American Flag! The trouble was it didn’t taste near as good as it looked, so we never had it again.

"These wonderful things are the things
we remember all through our lives"

As a famous song says, “These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives.”

No one talked about Uncle Bob, who died in a Japanese prison camp less than a month before the war was over, or Cousin Eddie, who walks with a painful limp, because there was no way the surgeons could get all the shrapnel out of his knee.

No one talked about these sacrifices as we put on our innocent and prideful displays, thrilled at the realization that summer vacation was now in sight, and romped and teased and loved each other, –– but we knew.

Somehow, we were aware that all this was not happening just for “fun.” In those long ago days we were taught to be grateful. We were made aware that everything we do has consequences, and that everything –– good and bad –– must be paid for. There were no “free rides,” and no “free lunches,” either.

Sometimes, terrible things happen –– like Uncle Bob’s dying in that prison camp. [We found out later from two of his surviving buddies that they’d inserted slivers of bamboo under his fingernails and set them on fire –– among other things.]

But we didn’t dwell on stuff like that.

Uncle Bob had been a sweet-natured, happy-go-lucky man. He was the first to come pick you up and fetch the mercurochrome, if you fell off your bicycle, and he adored animals. He was always bringing home a little lost kitten or stray puppy much to Mother’s indulgent dismay.

Oh, we still miss Uncle Bob, even though he’s been gone for more than sixty years now, but we’ve always felt that he wanted us to be happy. That was why he went over there and got himself tortured and killed. So we have been happy, but we’ve kept Uncle Bob alive in the love we store in our memories of him, and our gratitude for his courage and sacrifice, and for the swell guy he was whom we were so lucky ever to have known at all.

Should we do less for all those other “Uncle Bobs” who gave their lives so that we might continue to enjoy our picnics?

~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper - Spring, 1996

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

~ Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (1872-1915)

John McCrae, Canadian physician, poet, author, artist, soldier

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hail, Columbia.” an American patriotic song,  was considered, with several other songs, one of the unofficial national anthems of the United States until 1931, when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was officially named the national anthem.

Hail Columbia

Hail Columbia, happy land!
Hail, ye heroes, heaven-born band,
Who fought and bled in freedom's cause,
Who fought and bled in freedom's cause,
And when the storm of war was gone
Enjoy'd the peace your valor won.
Let independence be our boast,
Ever mindful what it cost;
Ever grateful for the prize,
Let its altar reach the skies.

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

Immortal patriots, rise once more,
Defend your rights, defend your shore!
Let no rude foe, with impious hand,
Let no rude foe, with impious hand,
Invade the shrine where sacred lies
Of toil and blood, the well-earned prize,
While offering peace, sincere and just,
In Heaven's we place a manly trust,
That truth and justice will prevail,
And every scheme of bondage fail.

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

Behold the chief who now commands,
Once more to serve his country stands.
The rock on which the storm will break,
The rock on which the storm will break,
But armed in virtue, firm, and true,
His hopes are fixed on Heav'n and you.
When hope was sinking in dismay,
When glooms obscured Columbia's day,
His steady mind, from changes free,
Resolved on death or liberty.

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

Sound, sound the trump of fame,
Let Washington's great fame
Ring through the world with loud applause,
Ring through the world with loud applause,
Let every clime to freedom dear,
Listen with a joyful ear,
With equal skill, with God-like power
He governs in the fearful hour
Of horrid war, or guides with ease
The happier time of honest peace.

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

~ Words by Joseph Hopkinson (1770-1842)
Music by Philip Phile (1734-1793)

Pray for those who died that we might remain free

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Republican wins Montana election one night after being charged with assault!


Late Breaking News!

TRAVEL BAN BLOCKED: US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds lower court’s move to block Trump administration’s travel ban

The Richmond, Va., Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court’s decision blocking President Trump’s ban on issuing visas to citizens of 6 majority-Muslim countries. The full circuit heard arguments on the case on May 8. 
(Fox News)

The West developed over several centuries by people who became increasingly civilized and humane largely because of the influence of Christian doctrine. Until recently the West sought to refine itself while making an earnest effort to reach a greater understanding of the Truth 
in the hope of attainng 
Moral Perfection.

In order to continue moving toward that ideal goal, however, and avoid a regression to brute savagery, it is necessary PURGE the WEST of primitive, less-advanced peoples raised in a tradition of barbarism, and restrict the practice of pagan customs and religions whose teachings are diametrically opposed to WESTERN VALUES in general 
and CHRISTIANITY in particular.  


Republican wins Montana election one night after being charged with assault!


Monday, May 22, 2017

The Underreported Success 
of the Trump Presidency

American Thinker

May 20, 2017

Something is afoot.   Even the circumspect Tucker Carlson has been warning how divided and close to losing it we are.   The left is full of “passionate intensity” (a euphemism), while many of us on the right are lacking conviction to fight for good.

However, there are a lot of positive moves coming from Washington, and it’s important that we highlight them, since the media won’t.  We have a gifted group in power, they are doing what is necessary to allow us to hold.   As conservatives, it’s important to understand what their accomplishments are, how they are helping, and do what we can in support.

The underreported:

While the Democrat/media complex tries to whip their base, and the country into a frenzy, this administration is putting good things in place.   First and foremost for our culture is the restoration of law and order.   That begins with giving the respect due to our law enforcement officials, which has been a hallmark of this administration.  The outrageous demonization of law enforcement by the previous administration is gone.  The ongoing praise of and cooperation with our police from Trump et al is not only refreshing, it’s going to have a long term positive effect.  Violent demonstrators are no longer being coddled (except in Berkeley), instead they are prosecuted.   Eventually, they won’t even get away with being lawless thugs in Berkeley.

The existing border laws are being enforced.  Illegal crossings are down 70%.  ICE agents have been reenergized, rounding up criminals and deporting them.   Bad guys are on notice.  Drug trafficking will slow.  MS-13 is being fought.  This is just the beginning.  The Attorney General is simply enforcing laws that exist.   With Trump’s resolve to control the borders, these border issues will get better, and become reasonably controlled.  If this is successful, the nation will be able to take a deep breath.  Genuine assimilation will have a chance to succeed.

Having been a GOP poll watcher in a Democrat precinct, I have witnessed the Democrat drive to encourage vote fraud.   Watching my Democrat counterpart demand that anyone be allowed to vote, regardless of identification, regardless of being on the precinct rolls, regardless of their legal status as citizens -- I knew this was a problem.  Trump was laughed at when he claimed that Hillary’s popular vote margin was due to vote fraud, yet having been up close and personal, I am certain that more than just a couple of percentage points of voter fraud has gone on many places for many years, including 2016. 

We now have an administration that intends to do something to ensure vote fraud is curtailed.  A few may have complained before, but no member of the GOP has seriously challenged this crime.  The new executive order, along with the new investigative commission is long overdue.  It is certain they will allow states to clean up voter rolls, press for the common-sense demand that voters have proper ID, are US citizens, and vote only once.   Other ways to ensure a true vote will be recommended and put in place.  We can now be assured there will be less Democrat crime on this front; those who commit vote fraud will be fearful of real prosecution, and our precious franchise will see enhanced integrity.  This is an important issue, far more so than discussed.  It’s a great move for our country and it will change elections.

Another major push is for economic revitalization.  The administration’s proposed policies in this area are wonderful.  The response of American business to the Trump administration is a good indicator.  The undoing of so many bad regulations from prior administrations is one giant step, with more underway.  The unleashing of our energy resources and businesses has been a major win.  The first step in positive change to the failing Obamacare is a good sign.   If health care legislation, and economic reforms pass, we will be on an economic trajectory that will be exciting, one that will repudiate the failings of Obama’s policies, and we can be confident of another Reagan style recovery.

In foreign relations, nothing has been a bigger surprise than Team Trump’s many successes.  In spite of the media perception of disarray, the Trump team has put together a burgeoning alliance in the Middle East, one that includes Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and others.  This alliance will be key in dealing with the noxious mess left by the Obama/Clinton years.  When Iran tries to flex its might, we will need the repair that the Trump team is working on.

Likewise in Asia.  The disaster left us by the feckless Clinton/Albright deal with North Korea is being navigated well.  There is no easy fix to having been duped by a mad dictator into enabling his acquisititon of nuclear weapons.   Democrats can take solace that most people don’t know the degree of stupidity of their policies  with North Korea, and don’t yet grasp the elevl of peril. Trump’s clear skill in negotiating and forming relations with China’s premier was extraordinary.  That China is helping us with the Korean mess, perhaps for the first time, is a testament to Trump’s skills.

All of this as a reminder that there is much to be praised since the Trump administration took office.  The leftist media wants us to think all is horrible, every day being a constitutional crisis that will end the world, and it’s all Trump’s fault.  Truth be known, it’s the reverse.  Trump’s successes are finally beginning to overcome the awful years of the Obama/media collusion and their inept failures.   Failures in virtually everything they did.

These examples of unreported Trump team success are remarkable.  The country is changing direction.  In the face of almost total media opposition, the intransigence and destructive behavior of an entire political party, good things have been done, and better things are on the horizon. 
This is why we supported Trump, this is why we voted for him and still support his administration whole heartedly.  America is reviving, be prepared to take part in this new American renaissance, because it’s coming.  Through the smog, haze, and ugliness of the Democrat/media complex, you can barely see it.  Nonetheless, it’s there; here it comes.

Be encouraged

Still winning? You bet!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Headlines with Links to Must-Reads 
at News Forum Homepage 


All the news that's fit to fake.

Watch for the next "Deep Throat" to surface.

"This isn't journalism, it's a joke."

Let's all give a Hero's Welcome to Pinocchio


Nanny Polluti & Maxie Maroon lead us into Perdition 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

______  A Wry Memorial ______

The Evil Ones took over;
And made weapons of four planes.
The riders had no cover;
They suffered dreadful pains

That ended once their deathtraps
Burst into roaring fires
Turning instantly to mere scraps ––
Cinders –– made of former flyers.

The burning towers crumpled,
And fell into the street.
New York was more than rumpled;
It briefly knew defeat.

The nation drew together;
We felt collective grief.
Anger broke its tether;
To express it gave relief.

But just a short time hence
We were at each other's throats;
And built ourselves a fence
Over which the Devil gloats.

We've failed to give the orders
To build a proper wall
Sealing off our borders
To the fiends who’d make us fall.

Instead, we've made division, 
Went to war against ourselves,
Became mired in derision
Sparked by partisan elves,

Who forget this blessed land
In pursuit of powers lost
In close elections manned
By fraud. So, tempest-tossed

The country’s now in turmoil.
The Enemy's our own.
He said ‘twas all for Big Oil,
And then usurped the Throne.

The heap of twisted rubble
Raising toxic fumes for weeks
No longer gives us trouble
Because of media leaks

Designed to throw us off the scent
Of whom we need to blame
And encourage ruinous dissent
That means to break the frame

That holds us all together
And preserves our liberty,
So many now doubt whether
We really should be free.

And each rabble rousing louse
Should 'neath these words be pinned:
"He who troubleth his own house
Shall inherit ––– the wind."

~ FreeThinke

Are they "LEAKS?"