Sunday, April 21, 2013

America Mourns


  1. I guess I'm either too old, too stupid,or too naive to understand why two young men with their whole lives ahead of them and so many opportunities for advancement, education, and success would choose to go down such an evil and dead end path of destruction and terror. Just to be lucky enough and to have the golden opportunity to come to the US and live here in freedom with their families is something many foreigners can only dream of. They could have brought so much honor and dignity to their family, to this country, and to their native land. How very sad!
    Let's put it this way, this guy caused his own death by setting off bombs along with his younger brother. The doctor was unable to determine what caused his death, due to multiple injuries from his head to toe, but who really cares, I know that I don’t. Because It really doesn't matter because what about the victims? He didn't show any compassion towards them as he had set off the bombs so he's someone that wouldn't be missed at all. My heart and sympathy goes out to the deceased victims and to those who sustained injuries from this piece of manure's actions. And as for his younger brother, he was so scared he did not care who he ran over including his own blood kin. Well, he was part of all. He followed in his brother's footsteps as we all saw. I think he thought they were big important people doing this for someone up top somewhere. Will we ever know? I doubt the younger one will live, and to tell you the truth, I hope he don’t.
    And the FBI, Boston Police, as well as our Attorney General...still think this was a "triumph" for law enforcement? I sure dońt. Law enforcement seems almost willful in its failures to enforce immigration laws, for example. It appears inept that it cannot "remember" its interview of a prospective terrorist in the same city. The bombs exploded after they were planted under the noses of a phalanx of police, with bomb sniffing dogs deployed, at the most likely place to be targeted, despite security cameras and whatever other security technology. And a 19-year old wounded kid, with apparently no serious evasion training, escapes the cops, who apparently ran out of ammunition, driving an SUV with helicopters and whatnot at law enforcement́s disposal. The kid is eventually captured well outside the search perimeter. So, high fives all around. The self-congratulations televised after apprehension were plain grandstanding as various officials elbowed their way to the live shot microphone to act like Barack Obama getting the Nobel, Prize. Lets not forget the three civilians and one Police office dead and 185 injured.
    So let’s not for one minute minimize the Islamic terror connection. Wéve already seen lots of evidence of that, i.e.,the neighbors calling the lovely boys, their boxing, wrestling, high school and college careers, their normal lives, etc. We’ve seen this just one too many times. The old mantra is seen through by just about everyone except the willfully, ideologically blind Liberals. Bostonian's like most East Coasters just dońt get it. The real guilty in the Tsarnaev darlingś murder spree are the Bostonian s themselves who elected and re-elected inept, immoral, criminally traitorous guys like Ted Kennedy, Barney Fwank and of course the Muslim in D.C. Kennedy is almost singularly responsible for the flood of dangerous illegal immigration and Fwank helped top destroy our banking system and eventually our entire economic system. Let́s hope this tragedy will wake up our entire electorate. .

  2. And now as this episode is in it’s finale, the big question shifts to the Saudi National, the “Person of interest” the one they thought was involved and the media said he sustained burned hands?
    Why is he being deported and look how fast this is occurring to? Was this an attempt to cover up a possible Saudi connection? Was this just like the attorney General, Hillery, and all the other administration knew nothing about the attack in Bengazi?,
    I think there is more to this attack, that is one of the reasons we need the little brother to talk.
    I could be wrong.
    is it not amazing how fast the feds can set-up a deportation hearing for this guy and yet to get them to deport illegals who have committed rape, murder robberies, sell dope, its like pulling teeth? Why was he asked to leave the country for his own protection. If it was for his own protection then just leave. Why the deportation deal? Was he a witness. Then why did they search his apartment? One of two things here. One he was a suspect and in some way was tied to this OR SOME ONE IS LYING.
    And also it is now known that the FBI interviewed the elder Tsarnaev brother in 2011 at the request of the Russian government, did the FBI drop the ball?
    Why do we let people who hate America live here? Muslims hate America because their religion commands it and Mexicans hate America cause their govt tells them America stole land from Mexico 160 years ago. Are we or what? Yes, we are crazy to let America-haters live here and yet Obama not only lets them invade by the millions every year, but he want to “reform’ immigration and let more of them invade us.



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