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APRIL 13, 2013 

Here is something I don’t understand: liberals are often revealed as vile, vulgar hatemongers–not all of them, of course, but far too many–yet they never seem to pay a penalty at the polls. Why is that?
Margaret Thatcher’s death has been the latest occasion for the Left to show its true stripes. All across the U.K., there have been demonstrations–vulgar at best, and violent at worst. In Bristol, lefties celebrating a Thatcher “death street party” started fires, destroyed property and battled police:

This evening in Trafalgar Square, liberals have turned out for a long-planned celebration of Thatcher’s death:
“We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” Richard Watson, a 45-year-old from eastern England wearing a party hat, said. “It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”
As a huge effigy of Thatcher, with a hook-nosed and toting a handbag, made its way down the stairs in front of the National Gallery, the crowd erupted into cries of “Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Dead! Dead! Dead!” and sang lyrics from the “Wizard of Oz” ditty “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead.”

Here in the U.S., the last similar display from the Left was the Occupy Wall Street movement, but liberal violence and general hatefulness have a long and consistent history. Recall, to cite just one of many examples, the liberals who attacked buses containing delegates and dropped cement blocks on cars from a highway overpass during the 2008 Republican convention in St. Paul. It is notable that violent leftists are never denounced by Democratic Party politicians. On the contrary, as we have seen most recently with Kathy Boudin, they find them well-paid jobs as professors when they can. And it is not hard to understand why liberals tend to be so angry; nearly every communication that emanates from the Democratic Party is a hateful, over-the-top smear against Republicans.

So to repeat: I don’t get it. Why aren’t more voters repelled by the constant parade of vulgarity, hate and violence that characterizes modern liberalism?


  1. I have personal difficulty in beating up on the dead.

    I didn't rejoice when Saddam Hussein was deposed and later executed.

    I didn't dance in the streets when OBL was killed, for example.

    I did say in private about both of the above: "One less shit weasel in the world."

    I might, however, drink a glass of champagne when Charles Manson departs this life.

    Why aren’t more voters repelled by the constant parade of vulgarity, hate and violence that characterizes modern liberalism?

    I've often wondered about that.

    In my view, any who put on displays such as the anti-Thatcher displays going on before the woman is even in the ground are listening to their worse angels instead of their better angels.

  2. Roger Ebert recently died, and some folks couldn't wait to excoriate him. I actually saw a WaPo article asking if such vilifying of Ebert was "too soon." I haven't seen any such WaPo statement about the vilifying of Thatcher, however.

  3. For years there have been rumors about President Barack Obama’s sexual preferences.and that the Obamas have taken separate vacations, and today we find that our Dear Leader has been on vacation with Reggie Love ALONE!

    Well Hello!

  4. Maybe when these nuts stop republicans for every bad thing that happens in this world changes might change. Stop blaming the object and start blaming the people misusing it, America will be a better place!

    Blaming guns for the deeds of a psycho is like blaming chainsaws for a forest being cut down. It's like blaming the tools used when your desk falls apart instead of the craftsman who made it. Guns are a tool that can be used for much good; for food gathering, protection, sport, even as a rescue tool to launch certain projectiles! Guns can also be a tool for evil. The old saying goes a good carpenter never blames his tools. Guns are a tool. Like the psycho behind the heinous acts is to blame, not the tool

  5. The don't get angry, because "Progressivism" is the "Free" world's Leitkultur...

    and as such, people are "blind" to its' excesses.

  6. ...and THAT is what happens when you turn your Universities over to idiots.

  7. ...and the University Discourse replaces the "Master's Discourse" (the citizen sovereign under a Republican Constitutional form of government).

  8. I agree with Thersites:

    The don't get angry, because "Progressivism" is the "Free" world's Leitkultur...

    This is why all efforts by the Repubs to try to be the cool kids are doomed to failure.

    The GOP can only find success as teh grown up party. Unfortunately, they don't have enough grown up. The onese they do have are McCain-like wacko birds.

    But back to the topic. I've noticed that despite their messiah being elected twice, the left has gotten, angrier, more hateful, and more red-faced shouty.

  9. To you Liberal - Democrats who call yourselves “Progressive”: Try being in business and try to meet a payroll, so that you can pay your employees a decent wage, or go and get a small business loan or to pay off a loan without a subsidy; go start a new job at entry level without experience as my Daughter has been doing for the past 2 years, and see them hiring Blacks and very few if any Whites! Whatever happened to ability and education and NOT color of skin'?. Go start up a small business with your own money, not a government grant, because you are pardon the expression “WHITE”. Go out and grow from a Highschool education to a businessman and a taxpayer; That's real Progress. Then you can say YES, I BUILT THIS BUSINESS! But until then MR. PRESIDENT, YOU HAD NOTHING, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT ! I EARNED IT. Then come and brag about it. Until then, go out and work for a living!
    And by the way, As far as I know NOT one single white person alive today in the USA has ever owned a slave. And NOT one single black person alive today in the USA has eve been a slave. By helping" blacks more I assume that means ore hand outs. I mean why not - look how well they've handled themselves with the trillions of dollars already thrown at them since the days of slavery. All I have seen has been higher and higher unwed Mothers in the USA among the Black community, highest crime and murder rate in the nation in the neighborhoods of the Black communities . Has all those trillions of dollars done one bit of good? I don’t think so.
    How about stopping your association with the gansta-rap and hip-hop crowd, And stop hating "whitey", and be a president of ALL the people. Lets not forget that 49% of Americans DIDN'T vote for Obama. And the black vote 92% was for Obama. So it is easy to see who the real bigots are, the RACISM is voting for a man whose ONLY qualification is his skin color... Blacks are the most racist creatures on the planet, no question about that.

  10. From the beginning, even during his campaign Obama had never promised or reassured he would be a leader of ALL THE PEOPLE. He does not have the moral compass or vision. He has contracted as Judas puppet to those who helped him up the ladder to steal the golden goose of government tax-paid treasure. Is Obama a power addict. It scarcely matters to these people on the left that he is bankrupting the country both morally and financially. These people have indeed become Zombies. 1 out of 3 young black men are either in prison or in some stage of the prison system -- parole, probation or incarceration? That is not a priority to Obama and the Progressives and it should be. And another thing, Obama aims to destroy social security and medicare. And if you think that's bad, wait until Obamacare starts. Where are the people who oppose him? Is his own party so afraid of him or are they all a bunch of Benedict Arnold's? In other words, Obama is not good to the poor, or the “Middle Class” American people,

  11. The Progressive movement is the biggest danger to America's economic future.

    How many ways can one say, "told you so?"

    The only difference between the Progressive movement and a bowel movement is that the Progressive movement smells far worse.

  12. Is it fair to say that these people characterise modern liberalism? How many people are you talking about?

  13. "How many people are you talking about?"

    Throngs and throngs from all the photos. ENTIRELY too many in any event.

    Such behavior should NOT be tolerated. "Freedom of Expression' doesn't mean you have a right to take a shit on a picnic table in a public park, piss on someone siting on a park bench, have sex in the middle of a crowded street, shout FIRE in a crowded theater -- OR -- carry on with overt signs of obscene disrespect for public figure whose politics you don't happen to admire.

  14. RR, MCT, and TPC,

    I suppose you think you're supporting a political position with which I identify, and to a limited extent you're correct, BUT I have said time and time again that remarks posted should be relevant to the specific topic of the post you're responding too.

    These canned fusillades of anti-Progressive, anti-Liberal, anti-Democrat boilerplate really don't help us move toward greater understanding and a more enlightened point of view.

    Venting spleen, letting off steam, etc. have their place, but I'd much prefer you to talk TO us and WITH us rather than hurl generalized expressions of anger, disapproval and dissatisfaction AT us.

    You don't need to "convert" the "choir," and you certainly will NOT convert the "heathen" with that kind of rhetoric.

    Thank you in advance for being more thoughtful in the future.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I detested Roger Ebert, AOW, -- and with good reason -- but it would never have occured to me to dance on his grave while ululating curses at his departed soul --or to burn him in effigy before cheering, jeering multitudes.

    I have to admit, however, several years ago, when Peter Jennings got sick and died of lung cancer, I have to admit I did shout a HOSANNA! and a HALLELUJAH! or two into the effluvia at dear old FPM, because I truly did hate that smug, arrogant, supercilious son-of-a-bitch with a passion.

    I had grown to hate ALL the news "anchors" with white hot intensity soon after I realized what they and all their kind had been perpetrating on our once-beautiful country since I was a child.

    It took Watergate to bring it home to me, but I had detected sulfurous fumes in the air, and the stench of freshly laid offal whenever the evening news came on long before that.

    My private name for the odious loudmouth, Sam Donaldson of ABC News was "Fartbreath."

    BUT, I kept it strictly to myself until now. };-)>

  17. I wish that I said this, but I must admit that I found it on another blogsite. However I found it to be VERY truthful and accurate!

    The racism problem in the Democrats. I can't recall ever having a discussion with any liberal or Democrat, and especially a PROGRESSIVE concerning Clarence Thomas without he/she bashing him for being black, in some fashion. It was the Hillary campaign, not McCain/Palin, which bashed Obama for being black in 2008, and Joe Biden said that except for his boss Barack, blacks are, in his view, dirty, dull, inarticulate and stupid.

    Conservatives tell me all the time that I am "brave" for speaking out to the degree that I do. It's not bravery. I just have utter contempt for most liberals.
    And as for Lady Margaret Thacher was a remarkable woman. Her nickname the Iron Lady was suited for her. She was a principled conservative who had the iron will to stand up to her harshest critics while having the iron determination to fight for her beliefs which saved Great Britain.
    I got a headache trying to understand how anyone could not think that this women was wonderful..... God Bless Her.

  18. Because they are far more repelled by Thatcher's legacy.

    That's pretty easy.

  19. Duckman... hope you weren't shooting the Marathon. Stay safe!

  20. Late Breaking News!

    Two explosions reported at finish line of Boston marathon. Fox speculating a terrorist attack Mass General Hospital ER reports 10 patients with amputations and blown-off limbs at this time.
    Check your Twitter feed for more news. Events moving too swiftly to cover on this blog. God help us all. Pray for the good people of Boston.

  21. It must be the Republicans fault for this mess. Why else would. These fucken Islamic bastards want to harm us ?

  22. Well, we don't know anything yet, do we my redneck friend.

    I think the proper thing to do i just pile on misdirected hatred until we know the fact.

  23. ...or like the President, just point out the date...Patriots Day... and leave the"suspicions" there...

  24. Human beings get a vicarious thrill out of dwelling on horror and gore.

    We may cloak our morbid fascination with violence and sadistic horror in a show of pious concern for the victims, but at root is that sad, sick, ancient longing for a return to the days when Christians were torn to pieces and devoured by wild beasts, and gladiators were forced to fight each other to the death in arenas filled with cheering, jeering spectators.

    Our species may be described as "Fallen" precisely because of our inborn penchant for brute savagery and sadistic manipulative, domineering, and acquisitive practices -- clear and convincing evidence that we were once nothing but wild beasts, ourselves.

  25. i have added you to my blogroll because of your comments on Sam's post at Always on Watch. I like your links to great poetry, Biblical instruction, and to the Hinderaker post.

  26. Thank you, Bob. I offer lots of classical music and poetry, because I know positively, if rightly understood, these works of art shed light on the specific problems that plague us and give balm to the soul -- to those willing to receive the blessing of "high culture." ;-)

    I also post clips from old movies that demonstrate how much better our society was before the malignant spirit of the Sick-sties asserted itself and took over. I also post entire short stories occasionally that illustrate important truths in entertaining ways.

    You may be sure I will be visiting your place.

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence.



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