Tuesday, April 30, 2013

and a Few Extra Bucks 
Could Do for You

Joan Molinsky before she became Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers in her forties

Joan Rivers in her sixties

Joan Rivers today at age 79


  1. Look at what plastic surgery did for Michelle Obama!


  2. The media will keep telling you that Michelle Obama is stunning. I’ve even heard the Liberals refer to her as the Black Jackie O. and I constantly hear these liberals say she is gorgeous, beautiful etc. sorry but I just don’t get it, I can’t for the life of me see it. And I surely don’t think she has any class or fashion sense what so ever. And if American’s are spending bug bucks to have arms like hers, Then I think America is in deep trouble.
    But notice that nobody is opting for surgery to have a face like hers, or a butt like hers. If they did, I’d consider them to be mentally ill.


  3. LOL, Is it me, or does Michelle Obama look like James Brown?


    Naturally, the left-wing media is now trying to convince us that this James Brown-look-alike makes a glamor and fashion statement, but we all know how the left-wing media thinks!


  4. FT,

    This post is about a woman who has spent her life trying to stop the natural ageing process. One can excuse this silliness because she has to be in front of cameras to do her work. But I find it bizarre.

    I also find it bizarre that this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the FLOTUS, but your friends cannot help themselves and are so consumed with jealousy and hate that they cannot resist an opportunity to bash her.

    That makes them feel all warm and gooey inside, I'm sure. And the FLOTUS?

    She doesn't know these malcontents exist, so it causes her not one iota of distress.

    I suppose it's good that they find an outlet for their hatred somewhere. It's better than having them stick forks in their eyes as an expression of their frustration.

  5. The Ugliest First Ladies in American History Are!

    The envelope please!

    Martha Washington
    She was born on a plantation, and was so ugly they never let her leave.

    Barbara Bush
    Kind of looked like the First Grandma!

    Margaret Taylor
    Wife of Zachary Taylor, was born on a farm and looked like some of the animals.

    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Kind of reminds me of Mike Jagger.

    Hillary Clinton
    Wife of Bill Clinton, no wonder why Bubba always wandered off into someone elses bedroom. If anyone ever needed a total makeove this is the Candidate.

    Michelle Obama
    The leftist world has totally gone loco in pushing that propaganda that Michelle is beautiful, stylish and one hot mama! People, what are you thinking ? Get a grip, idiots!

  6. In My Honest OpinionApril 30, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    Shaw, remember this: The truth is where you find it.

    An opinion is like a rectum. everyone has one, but not everyone of them stinks.

  7. "In My Honest Opinion said...
    Shaw, remember this: The truth is where you find it.

    An opinion is like a rectum. everyone has one, but not everyone of them stinks"

    Obviously, your opinion, Mr. IMHO.

    I'll leave it to others to determine whether or not it stinks.

  8. Ms. Shaw, whatever would make you think these people who refuse to address any topic but their intense dislike of a Democratic President and his wife and the social and economic policies they advocate could be my "friends?"

    The blog is open. I did not use Comment Moderation, so one never knows what one may find here.

    I've said many times that I resent its being used as a DUMPING GROUND for hate rhetoric and mindless partisan screeds.

    I find the phenomenon of plastic surgery very interesting for many reasons. It's not for me to approve or disapprove, but to me when carried to such excessive lengths as Joan Rivers, the late Phyllis Diller, Nancy Pelosi, and that poor woman who has been on myriad talk shows telling us she spent her entire life and fortune doing her best to look like the original Barbie Doll, I see psychopathology at work.

    How anyone could hate herself so much that she'd be willing to undergo torture just to alter her appearance so dramatically is unimaginable to me.

    I find great beauty in faces grown old in people whose character is highly developed.

    If we are fortunate enough to reach great old age, why try to hide it?

    I omitted Joan Collins, featured on these pages several weeks ago, because she is desperately trying to look like herself. She was always a beautiful female creature, but again, despite her success in sustaining the illusion of youth -- albeit from a distance -- there's something eerie about her insistence on remaining 39, even though she is forty years beyond it, and fast approahcing her eighth decade.

    And what does it say about our popular culture?

    Still, the work on Joan Rivers, whose features were anything-but beautiful in youth is amazing. She's even managed to have the very SHAPE of her face substantially altered. In a waxworks sort of fashion she has managed to make herself look rather pretty -- in a creepy sort of way.

    Too bad she didn't spend even half that much effort to improve her character and motivations! Inside she is the same coarse, self-absorbed whore for publicity she's always been, and it SHOWS every time she opens her mouth.

    How I'd love to see a First Lady that looked like Eleanor Roosevelt or Bess Truman again!

    Mrs. Obama looks fine. She's very attractive. Her face and manner of speech are lovely. However, I would agree with anyone who says that her fashion sense is lamentable to put it as kindly as possible.

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  12. Finntann has written a clever piece today at Western Hero about the very phenomenon that puzzles Ms Shaw -- and frankly displeases me -- he calls it POLITICAL AGNOSIA.

    Go over there and read it. I'm sure you'll find it amusing. Why victims of this peculiar form of mental opacity and incapacity have taken it upon themselves to infest THIS blog lately I can't imagine. I guess it's just "MY TURN?"

    At any rate, I can't be responsible for the content and quality of whatever droppings may be left here from time to time.

    I like to think of this blog -- and others -- as a laboratory rich in specimens that enable us to examine, study and evaluate the character and intelligence of those who choose to participate.

    As always, we learn more from what Bedelia says about Gwladys than we learn about Gwladys.

  13. I personally find that the Leftists are champions of insults, intimidations, hostility and hatred towards anyone who disagrees with them.
    It’s more than opposition It’s the fear of those who cannot bear to think of the possibility that you may be right, or at least have a point other than theirs. When the left wins the Elitists also win and therefore it is the enemies of humanity that win. Ever noticed how nasty Lefties turn when they meet resistance while trying to defend their point! I have seen this to be true many, many times right here on this very blog..

  14. Mr. Free Thinke, with all due respect,"The very phenomenon that puzzles Ms Shaw" Is that she can not face the fact(s) that her “wonderful” President Barack Hussain Obama is a utter failure. And the American people are finally waking up and turning against him.

  15. Mr. Free Thinke,

    I've found it fascinating that British actresses like Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Helen Mirrin, for example, have let themselves age normally; and as far as I can tell, have not had anything done to erase what time has naturally etched on their faces.

    They are all in demand for roles in films. I think that may be because they're sought for their talent, and not for their "youthful" looks.

    Can you imagine someone, say like Cher, being given a role for someone her age? She's in her 60s, I think, and her face is as smooth as a baby's bottom, with collagen enhanced lips that belong on a teenager.

    When was the last time Cher, or any other Hollywood glam-star who is now in her 50s or 60s,been featured in a serious role in a film? Other than Meryl Streep or Glenn Close? Sally Field?

    I believe that when a film star alters what is natural, he or she limits or even ends his or her ability to take on serious roles.

    Joan Rivers is not an actress so I guess what she's done to her face isn't relevant in this particular instant.

    But it is truly amazing how she's been able to maintain a 20-year-old face on a 79-year old body.

  16. Ms Shaw,

    If I had to apologize for every typographical error and idiotic omission of a word I believed I'd written but didn't, I'd spend ALL my time apologizing.

    I wish with all my heart that this benighted software would add an "EDIT" feature, so all of us could correct or emend our statements at will.

    When SilverFiddle first switched to DISQUS just such a feature was available, but i disappeared very quickly, and has never been seen again. Even Finntann has no idea why.

    Cyberspace is certainly curious place, isn't it? I have always felt it bears much resemblance to the WONDERLAND of Lewis Carroll fame.

  17. I wholeheartedly agree about the British actresses by the way. It the decidedly-aged Maggie Smith -- a most beautiful, sexually attractive redhead not so very long ago -- who is largely responsible for having kept Downton Abbey fresh and alive for so long. Vanessa Redgrave is another great beauty who makes no apology for having aged.

    There is nothing wrong or tragic about AGING. It's only tragic if we DON'T age. ;-)

  18. Anon, don't let the door hit you on your way out!

    FT, you mentioned psychopathology in our society, and I agree. Our obsession with youthful appearances is a waste of time.

    As much as I wish society would change it's focus and recognize the beauty in aging, it's up to me to do it first.

  19. Jen Nifer, you always have something worthwhile to say. Thank you for visiting once again. It's always a pleasure to see you.

    I don't understand all the nastiness, but it has one positive function in that it has made me more determined than ever not to be a part of it.

    Satire is one thing. Shining a spotlight on unpleasant truths is another. Disagreement yet another, but I can't see any excuse for making a constant series of snide, cutting, backbiting remarks.

  20. FT, a follow-up on your post: I spent time with a friend today. She's 92, and recovering from hip replacement surgery. As we sat outside talking, I saw such beauty in her. Being around her is feeding my soul.

    As for those with nothing to contribute...what you feed, grows.
    Ignore them. ;-)

  21. Ignore them? lol1

    Methinke the lady doth protest too much.

    And no, Jen, I'm not addressing you.

  22. Answer your true calling, FT.

    You know you want to. ;)

  23. Don't tell me Catherine Deneuve has had work done.

  24. Thersites, you are BAD. How the hell did you know I had my first appointment with a new dentist tomorrow afternoon?

    Are you PSYCHIC or merely PSYCHOTIC?


  25. You know what I think? Plastic surgery destroys the face, however, it's not bad on the rest of the body. A little nip tuck here and there, no so bad.

    I wouldn't personally do it, I HATE any kind of surgical procedure.

    What keeps us young, is eating healthy, exercising and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

    Face creams don't hurt either, lol! I use them.

  26. You ask me what they're removing is character... a characterectomy?

    There is a German photographer, Karsten Thormaehlen that has done several exhibitions titled Jarhundertmensch in which all the subjects were at least 100.

    Fairly interesting:


    I'd be curious to here Ducky's opinion as a photographer.


    Okay, sixth chance to prove I'm not a robot... LOL

  27. Those are very fine portraits, Finntann.

    The question of their age is virtually irrelevant.

    They have such character and he has a command of color.

    Are you a robot? One time, yeah.

  28. Joan Rivers's plastic surgeries turned out well. But not all plastic surgeries work out. Remember how weird Michael Jackson ended up looking? Sheesh.

    I've thought about having a few "adjustments" made. Too damn expensive!

  29. The Summer when I was ten...

    Could it be there was only one Summer when I was ten?

    It must have been a long one then!



  30. Dear, Andie,

    Every one we've ever known -- and everything we've ever done -- stays with us all through our conscious life, and I firmly believe that those who have passed on to the "here -- after" continue to thrive as long as someone here cherishes their memory with affection, understanding and appreciation.

    The more love we give -- even to those who may not seem always to deserve it -- the finer our character will be and the better off we will be in this life -- and the next.

    If you are not already familiar with Our Town by Thornton Wilder and Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein, I hope you will be someday. If you are able to understand what both those works are all about, you will then have a good grasp of Immortality -- and a deeper love for what you have right now.

  31. I agree, my friend.
    I was blessed to act in the play by Thornton Wilder when I was in high school. I have never heard of "Carousel". However, I will look for it.

    “EMILY: "Does anyone ever realize life while they live it...every, every minute?"

    STAGE MANAGER: "No. Saints and poets maybe...they do some.”
    ― Thornton Wilder



    p.s. I will always be ten. :)



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