Friday, March 31, 2017

Recent Headines Declare that PRESIDENT TRUMP has Turned on the FREEDOM CAUCUS – the ONLY Political Faction in Washington, DC who Represents the Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions and Ideals of the Large Majority of American Citizens Who Made Mr. Trump's Electoral Victory Possible.

These are People Who Long for a Return to Liberty and Freedom from Excessive Government Intervention as Outlined and Enshrined in the CONSTITION by our FOUNDING FATHERS.

Has President Trump's Sudden, Apparent ABANDONMENT of His Natural Constituency, and Embrace of the RINO Establishment  Changed Your Opinion of Him?  If So is There Any Way He Could Hope to REDEEM Himself, or Have We No Alternative but to Shrug in Disgust, 
Bow Our Heads and Meekly Accept 



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How Dear to My Heart 
are the 
Scenes of My Childhood!

How dear to my heart 
are the scenes of my childhood,

  When fond recollection 
presents them to view!

The orchard, the meadow, 
the deep-tangled wild-wood,

  And every loved spot 
which my infancy knew!

The wide-spreading pond, 
and the mill that stood by it,

  The bridge, and the rock 
where the cataract fell,

The cot of my father, 
the dairy-house nigh it,

  And e’en the rude bucket 
that hung in the well—

The old oaken bucket, 
the iron-bound bucket,

The moss-covered bucket 
which hung in the well.

That moss-covered vessel 
I hailed as a treasure,

  For often at noon, 
when returned from the field,

I found it the source 
of an exquisite pleasure,

  The purest and sweetest 
that nature can yield.

How ardent I seized it, 
with hands that were glowing,
  And quick to the white-pebbled bottom 
it fell;

Then soon, with the emblem 
of truth over-flowing,

  And dripping with coolness, 
it rose from the well—

The old oaken bucket, 
the iron-bound bucket,

The moss-covered bucket 
arose from the well.        

How sweet from the green mossy brim 
to receive it,

  As poised on the curb 
it inclined to my lips!

Not a full blushing goblet 
could tempt me to leave it,

  The brightest that beauty 
or revelry sips.

And now, far removed 
from the loved habitation,
  The tear of regret 
will intrusively swell,

As fancy reverts 
to my father’s plantation,

  And sighs for the bucket 
that hangs in the well—

The old oaken bucket, 
the iron-bound bucket,

The moss-covered bucket 
that hangs in the well.

~  Samuel Woolworth (1784-1842)

Friday, March 24, 2017


When will we who purport to be on the Right RECOGNIZE, fully ACKNOWLEDGE and DEAL EFFECTIVELY WITH the profound SCHISM that occurred long ago in the GOP?

The GOP is not ONE party at all. 
It is at least THREE –– i.e. 



3. The CONSERVATIVE-LIBERTARIANS representing the ideals of the Founders expressed in the Constitution, espoused by the TEA PARTY, and best represented by the FREEDOM CAUCUS in the House of Representatives?

There IS no GOP –– only a fractious, fractured assemblage of nincompops at war with President Trump and with 
each other.

The public elected Mr. TRUMP, who is decidedly a maverick, in the hope that his larger-than-life personality and booming show of self-confidence might be able to overcome the VILE status quo.

I for one believe it to be foolish to abandon that hope. The defeat of Paul Ryan's LOUSY bill means we have really dodged a bullet.

Had that stupid, ill-conceived bill gone through, we would have lost ALL HOPE of EVER ridding ourselves 

It is PAUL RYAN –– and all he represents –– 
of whom we need to rid ourselves now.

Paul Ryan is obviously all too eager to play Mark Antony 
to Donald Trump's Julius Caesar.

~ § ~

SIGNS of the TIMES that 

We Supplied the Pictures, Now Let's See YOU Supply Appropriate Commentary

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


'Twould Seem So.
But, what are YOUR thoughts 
on the subject?

~ § ~


NEWSWEEK - 11/7/16

James Comey should not simply be fired as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He must be barred forever from any form of public service.

In the last 10 days, Comey has whipsawed the election for president of the United States. Now we know he did it for no reason. When his agents found information that suggested there were emails on a laptop that might have relevance to the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email servers, Comey did not wait until he knew even a scintilla of information before announcing it to the world. Reasonably, lots of voters assumed there must be a there there—who could imagine a person with the power of the FBI director would turn the election on its head for no particular reason, on the basis of nothing?

Then, Sunday, Comey handed down another missive from on high: Never mind. His agents had looked through the emails and decided they were piffle. His majesty, the FBI director, has not yet deigned to officially inform his subjects—the American people—whether the emails related to the Clinton case or what they were. (However, people involved in the case tell Newsweek that almost all of them were duplicates of what the bureau already had or were personal.) He just said “nothing to see here” and waived us on our way.

Well, forget it, Jim. We’re not moving on. America has just witnessed one of the most—if not the most—egregious abuses of power in the service of one man’s ego in its history. Joseph McCarthy and A. Mitchell Palmer at least believed they were fighting a Communist threat. Richard Nixon, in Watergate, at least had the motive of retaining power and covering up wrongdoing. But Comey—who I do not believe did this for partisan reasons—has no such motive. This was about him, about preserving his now forever-destroyed reputation, about preening with his self-satisfied standing as a maverick who acts based on what he thinks is right, regardless of others’ opinion. But there is a very thin line between being independent and being reckless. And Comey has demonstrated he does not know the difference.

Before launching into a full Comey tear-down, a few facts must be understood. The FBI is an investigative arm of the Department of Justice. Nothing more, nothing less. An extremely small minority are lawyers, or even have basic legal training. They do not—thank God—decide who gets indicted and who doesn’t. Prosecutors run criminal cases and direct the agents. As many prosecutors have told me over the years, there is almost never an instance where agents who have been investigating a case for months do not recommend for prosecution. Tunnel vision is one reason; the fact that agents rise in the ranks by delivering cases that lead to prosecution is another. That is why prosecutors—and through them, grand juries—make the decision to charge or not. They both serve as a backstop to agents who don’t know the law and have no ability to objectively review their own evidence.

(This is why all this nonsense pushed by the Fox Newses of the world has been so deceptive: Screaming “the agents wanted to indict” is on par with “the fish wants to swim.” More important—if any agents really did say these things—they are unfit for the bureau; they must be found and fired immediately for this separate abuse of power.)

What that means is, if the FBI does not even conclude it has enough evidence to write a memo recommending prosecution to the Justice Department, there is simply nothing there. Assuming someone committed a crime when the FBI concludes the evidence obtained in the investigation is not worth turning over to prosecutors is like assuming it must be raining when the skies are clear.

The FBI is never supposed to comment on ongoing investigations and, except in exceptional circumstances, never disclose whether it has or has not recommended prosecution. Instead, on indictment, prosecutors stand up at a press conference, announce the charges, then thank the agents and offices of the FBI who conducted the investigation. If the bureau does not develop enough evidence to merit even a recommendation for prosecution, in those exceptional circumstances where it says anything, those are the words officials use: We have not developed evidence that merits a recommendation for prosecution.

In the last few months, unfortunately, Comey has demonstrated he understands none of this. … 

[Complete article available at New Forum Home Page

Friday, March 17, 2017

When activist judges flout the very laws they’re sworn to uphold, are their renegade decisions lawful, and should they be allowed to stand?

Also, are those most deeply affected by these wayward judicial opinions really required to comply with them, or should they just be ignored and disregarded?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Do Your Trust the CBO’s Negative Report on Paul Ryan’s Plan to Replace Obamacare?

If so, WHY?  

If not, WHY NOT?

Do You Trust Paul Ryan?

Do You Trust Mitch McConnell?

Do You Feel that President Trump Has Been Taken In by Ryan, 
Or is the President Able 
To Neutralize Sedition 
And Get His Way?

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I’m A Muslim Too

Like the Wahabbi, Sunni tribe, Shiites too
Like those Muslims
I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

Just like Burka Babe, Blackened Eyes, 
Big Hook Nose
Like those Muslim gals
I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

Some Islamic Jihad day
Without a sound
I’ll hide bombs away
Make Boston a Hole-in-the-Ground

And I'll have piles of stones, IED’s, missiles too
Which will go to prove
I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

With my brutal Sheik
He’ll rape me with no break.
And I'll be pregnant night and day
Looking like a gunny sack
With three jihadists at my back
And one more on the way

Like the Wahabbi, Sunni tribe, Shiites too
Like those Muslims
I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

Just like Rising Dick, Falling Pants, Blowing Nose
Like those Muslims
I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

Some Arabian summer's day
Though I feel fear
I may just run away
With a handsome Emir

And then he’ll drag me back, bury me in the sand
And they’ll kick my head till the sands run red
I’ll will then be dead
‘Cause I'm a Muslim too
Boo Hoo!
Boo Hoo!

~  Oyvink Boylinn

Thursday, March 9, 2017

This Cartoon Should be Self-Explanatory


But What Do YOU Think of 
Paul Ryan's Three-Stage Plan to 
Replace Obamacare?

The GOP Freedom Caucus ain't much for it.

Do you have any BETTER ideas? 
If so, let's hear 'em.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Welcome to the Oval Office!

The Sword of Damocles

“The Sword of Damocles,” as become a symbol of the imminent, ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. The Damocles of the legend was an obsequious member of the court of Dionysi]us II, a 4th-century BC tyrant of Syracuse, Sicily.

According to the legend Damocles was pandering to Dionysius, his king, and exclaimed to him that Dionysius was truly fortunate to be a great man of such wealth, power and authority surrounded by magnificence. 

In response, Dionysius offered to switch places with Damocles so that Damocles could experience that remarkable  degree of eminence for himself. 

Damocles quickly and eagerly accepted the king's proposal. Damocles sat down in the king's throne surrounded by every luxury, but Dionysius arranged that a huge sword should hang above the throne, held in place by a just one hair of a horse's tail. 

It wasn’t long before Damocles begged the king that he be allowed to depart because he no longer wanted to be so fortunate, realizing that with great fortune and power comes also great stress and grave danger.

Which of the following do you think 
best defines President Trump’s 
Sword of Damocles?

The Democratic Party?

Radical Islamic Terrorism?

The Oligarchical Globalists?

The State Department?

Gutless RINO's in the GOP?

The Deep State?

The Enemedia?

Any combination of the above, 
or yet another factor?