Monday, April 8, 2013


Burka Baby, please be mine.
Shed your tent and be my Valentine.
Baby, Baby, baby, please let me in.
Drop that veil, c'mon let's sin.

Oh oh oh! Burka Baby, don't you torture me.
You know I want you bad, so let me see
What you got behind that heavy curtain.
Baby baby, through those slits you eyes are flirtin.'

If I can't have you, I'm just gonna die
You know you're gettin' hot, and so am I.
I can hear you hissin.‘ So, let’s start kissin.’
You just don't know what it is you're missin'


Burka Baby, we just hit the sky!
When we hit the ground, we’re gonna die.
Burka Baby, 


}}}}}} SPLAT {{{{{{{



  1. Ah, yes. Wasn't that last photo the one that inspired The King's follow-up hit, "Jailhouse Rock?"

  2. ______________ NOTICE ______________

    We will not allow this blog to be used as a TROLLMOBILE.

    Any and all attempts to annoy, harass, insult, intimidate participants or disrupt the flow of decent, sincere, good-natured, well-meaning commentary will be summarily DELETED.

    Our BULLSHIT DETECTION equipment is infallible, and our determination to sanitize the area will be both RUTHLESS and RELENTLESS.

    Our motto?

    IT'S BETTER to be ALONE than in BAD COMPANY.

    ~ FT, Judge, Jury and Executioner of this Domain

  3. Your witty observation was not wasted on me, Ms Shaw.

    How I wish I could share the vocal and instrumental sounds accompanying the magnum opus in my imagination with an appreciative audience!

    Spike Jones meets Rock 'n Roll would just about nail it.

    There's always a party going on inside my old gray head -- a private world of mirth and merriment.

    "Life is a tragedy to him who feels, but a comedy to him who thinks."

    ~ Horace Walpole

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  7. Ms Shaw does not need my protection, whoever you are. It is the sanctity of this blog I wish to protect. Anyone who persistently violates the standards we try to uphold here could hardly be considered a friend.

    If the topic of the day holds no interest for you, there's no need to comment at all.

    Unless we respond to one another with some degree of friendliness, warmth, appreciation or understanding, there is no need to respond.

    There's more than enough insolence and hostility in the world without my opening up any more avenues for it to travel.

    If all you want to do is throw barbs and try to start a row, please just STAY AWAY. It's BORING.

  8. Apparently, practically no one in the blogosphere has a sense of humor.

    There's also a distinct preference for enmity over comity.

    Pitiful, isn't it?

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  9. Dear leader Barrack Hussein Obama, none of us want any war or any military conflicts. We are also very much aware that World peace is overrated and certainly not all of us are competing for Miss. World but we sincerely also do not want our properties to be blown up , witness our loved ones being shot and killed and see our values and thoughts being battered by aggressors. Oh cherished leader, you do not know how much joy and hope you usher to the mankind when you assemble your words with noble objectives like humanity, justice, equality, democracy, prosperity and peace. It lets us know or rather reminds us that, we Mankind, are one and unique and we are certainly for each other. It transports optimism all around the globe when you stress upon dialogue and fairness towards resolving any divergence of any sort, if may so appear. We just hope that dialogue never ends up being the last of your priorities in these days of intense suspicion and strain when we need it the most. We are, conceivably, imbeciles and we could let antagonism get the worse of us, but you are wise, elegant, thoughtful and sensible and if such is truly the case as we eagerly treasure so, then perhaps we won’t never have to witness you allowing the world to loose her grip on peace and front the world on the verge of all out armed conflicts.

    Oh worthy leader of the universal, we look up to you and indeed we care a great deal of your involvement in every approach that are defining and re-defining the civilization. You will locate that our absolute commitment towards you and your approaches are always there as we habitually put our faith and invest our valued time with you with the hope of assisting to any extent no mater how minute that is in order to shelter a superior prospect for all of us. We could’ve, you know, stayed back at home and watch the “Seinfeld” reruns or make the best of dozens of chips and tons of Pepsi while watching “Borat” and wonder ourselves silly, why girls are so into “Sleepless in Seattle” or it could have happened the other way round so to speak.

  10. But we prefer to keep our end of commitment otherwise we know it would be a betrayal. We sincerely pray that nothing would dare keeping you from caring your end by prioritizing the right manner.

    The distance between rich and poor, justice and discrimination are widening and we had but to wonder, where the global leadership was taking us to. With the unsteady global economy and constant deterioration of this planet’s environment we could foresee more challenges ahead. Prized leader, please realize that we are not afraid of challenges but when the guidance is cynical, methods of executions are imprudent ones and labors are instigated by lies and deceits then these challenges unfortunately take the shape of confrontation. Dear leader, indisputably this doesn’t mean that there was no triumph at all. But certainly not the kind that we, the general public, could identify ourselves with. We would like to honor this opportunity to cry out at President George W. Bush by saying that your familiarity with methods that engineered “success” that you sincerely assert often put us, the people, in great dilemma as we are unable to share that “success” of yours since we are struggling greatly to unearth ourselves from the remains of your “success’ which by now shamelessly have stripped down to a state which is traditionally known as failure.
    Dear Leader, Try to cut short the urge to sort out the world’s problems. As for “ground support,”forget the far-flung lords and serfs and take more care of our home turf. On the subject of doom and gloom the elephant in the room, of course, is that room for the elephant above the rising tide’s almost as scant as the attention paid to global warming.
    That’s where healthcare needs reforming!
    Unless it’s a world wide apology, which of course you have championed.
    Dear Leader, fostering peace and stability for the betterment of mankind necessitate precedence greater than ever and its urgency is comprehended by everybody and we earnestly appeal to you not to arrest any progress towards solidity. Indeed there are differences in opinions but aggression only spawns aggression and retaliation cannot be any foreign policy. Cherished leader, the “sine qua non” is that we, the ordinary folks, are tired of being human shields; we are worn-out of being sold outs and fairly skeptic of global political purposes, the later which we consider as an absolute tragedy. But rest assured that we are resiliently hopeful and still look up to you for your gallant leadership, because together we, despite our religious and racial differences, can certainly architect “the change” this time around, armed with sincerity, benevolence and prioritize serenity.
    In closing, let me just say that you have done a fantastic job at lying to the American public….lying to us from morning to evening and then having the audacity to refuse to own up to it and set the record straight…….
    And by the way, I saw that flaming red getup Michelle Obama wore and she reminded me of a very cheap and guady pole dancer.
    And now you Obozo have the unmitigated gall to want to put that lying bitch ex Sect. of State on a pedestal? ……somehow I don’t think so………
    So stick your progressive, Communist appointees up your ass

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  12. 'Twas the night before elections

    And all through the town

    Tempers were flaring

    Emotions all up and down!

    I, in my bathrobe

    With a cat in my lap

    Had cut off the TV

    Tired of political crap.

    When all of a sudden

    There arose such a noise

    I peered out of my window

    Saw Obama and his boys

    They had come for my wallet

    They wanted my pay

    To give to the others

    Who had not worked a day!

    He snatched up my money

    And quick as a wink

    Jumped back on his bandwagon

    As I gagged from the stink

    He then rallied his henchmen

    Who were pulling his cart

    I could tell they were out

    To tear my country apart!

    ' On Fannie, on Freddie,

    On Biden and Ayers!

    On Acorn, On Pelosi'

    He screamed at the pairs!

    They took off for his cause

    And as he flew out of sight

    I heard him laugh at the nation

    Who wouldn't stand up and fight!

    So I leave you to think

    On this one final note-

    For Romney you should have Vote.

  13. Good thing Obama is not Santa Clause,
    Cause Christmas would have many flaws.
    The good and bad list would have to be switched,
    Cause he would give gifts to the poor and take them from the rich.
    Yet, the ones who are lazy and dumb,
    would get gifts that weigh more than a ton.
    Nitendo’s and bikes to all the the kids on the naughty list,
    While the well behaved children would get more and more pissed.
    The plan to give back more to the poor,
    Will only lead our country into losing a war.
    We will lose our countries drive to be a World Power,
    While each kid on the naughty list would get handed a flower.
    It does seem nice to give back to the poor,
    but the choice of how you spend your money won’t be there anymore.
    Hopefully Obama will just give up and say good bye,
    Before the naughty list grows much much to high.
    Vote for Republican and you've made the right choice,
    So our country can get back on the right course.

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  15. It's sad to see so many drag your blog down, FT. I didn't enjoy all that stuff about gay issues, but at least you handled it with dignity. This thing today is not your best work, but I can see it was meant to be funny. People are so strange, aren't they? I guess that has to include you and me.

    Hope you had a Happy Easter. I was away visiting my children. I love them to pieces, of course, but frankly it's good to be back home.

    Helen Highwater

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  17. Shawn,

    That parody's been around the net for years. It's a bit out of date, and entirely irrelevant, but at least it's not a personal attack in anyone but Barack Obama, and he's fair game.

    Still, I wish you could have come up with something a little more original related to the post. Future irrelevant remarks will be deleted as a matter of policy.

  18. Patrick,

    I'll say the same thing to you I said to Shawn, although I've never seen that bit of doggerel before. Frankly I hope I never have to see it again. Many of the lines don't rhyme properly -- some not at all.

  19. Mr. Can You Explain,

    While I don't disagree with much you said, it has no particular relevance to today's post, so I wonder why you bothered to share it with us, since you've never visited here before?

    Some people call that spamming. I just call it verbose and irrelevant. However, since you did not insult anyone personally or act just plain rude and silly, I'll let your "boilerplate" stand -- just this once.

    In future please talk to us and with us -- not AT us.

    Thank you.

  20. Katharine,

    Your caustic wit is appreciated, as always.


    Thank you for being so supportive.

    I wish both of you would get yourselves a blogger identity, because we may have to block anonymous comments again, and that would leave you and others who post with integrity out in the cold.

    Please give it some thought.

  21. FreeThinke: the biolerplate comments are most likely not submitted by a person at all, but delivered indiscriminately to thousands of blogs by software, like auto-dialers used by cold-callers. The comments' content might well be auto-generated too.

    But even if they are human in origin,
    there's no point replying to it. :)

  22. Jez,

    I understand what you are saying, but most of the remarks I delete are highly personal, moronically insulting and deliberately offensive.

    The granitic blocks of dense unreadable, indigestible prose that come in on occasion probably belong in the category you describe, but often they come from actual blogs or "sworn enemies" I've known for years.

    I get annoyed by it but not disturbed.

    Maintaining a policy of frequent trash removal is not censorship, it's merely good housekeeping.



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