Friday, April 19, 2013

The Twilight of the Gods

Irene Theorin sings Brunnhilde in this Copenhagen production of the Immolation Scene –– the final scene in Goetterdaemmerung the final music drama 
in Richard Wagner's monumental Ring Cycle

A Symbol for Our Times?
The appearance of the infant baby at the end is a modern addition 
unknown to Wagner, himself. Intended as a sign of hope, perhaps, in the infinite capacity of life to renew itself?


  1. Fasten your seat belts. Richard Strauss's tone poem Death and Transfiguration is coming tomorrow and a superb performance of the entire Brahms Requiem will be featured on Sunday.

    After his week set aside for mourning and gathering fresh insight through great music, poetry and prayerful contemplation we will get back to the more usual sort of commentary.

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  3. God Bless Nate Bell

  4. Anonymous,

    It's interesting to see that you would ask "god" to bless a jerk who mocked an American city under siege by terrorists.

    You apparently are a supporter of terrorists and that makes you anti-American.

    I'm not surprised one bit.

    Proud of yourself?

  5. Also, Anonymous, we notice you haven't the courage to give yourself a name, but instead, hide behind the cowardly "Anonymous."

    I'm not surprised by that bit of cowardice either.

  6. Good day, Ms Shaw. While I generally share your opinion of these gnat-like comments -- Aninymus and otherwise -- I was so hoping the edifying power and radiant glory of Wagner would enable you -- and others -- to rise above all such petty nonsense.

    Perhaps another time? I never give up hope. ;=)


  7. A SIDE ISSUE between MS SHAW and ME:

    Yesterday at Progressive Eruptions I posted this evaluation of Ronald and Nancy Reagan's son, Ron, to which you took considerable offense:

    Anyone with a functioning brain and average eyesight can see that Ron Reagan is the sons his parents should ever have had.

    Like Christina Crawford, BD Hyman and the children of Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore and Carroll O'Connor who committed suicide, Ron Reagan -- a bitter, sarcastic, sneering, mal-occluded, hag-ridden little man with the soul of a scallop -- offers yet another piece of evidence that raising children is incompatible with the exigencies attendant on Hollywood stardom.

    Like all men -- great ones especially - Ronald Reagan made some serious mistakes. Endorsing the Brady Bill was one of them, begetting a son like Ron another.

    You took particular exception to these words:

    Ron Reagan -- a bitter, sarcastic, sneering, mal-occluded, hag-ridden little man with the soul of a scallop ...

    I bring this up only to say this analysis -- a view I've he;d for many many years -- was not based on disrespect for Ron's politics, as you averred, but rather on a strong, instinctive distaste for his personality and character as he has revealed it in many appearances on television.

    His attitude does appear bitter. He most certainly does express himself in a perpetually sneering, sarcastic manner. It may be unfair to object to it, since it's not his fault, but he most certainly is mal-occluded (his teeth are terribly crowded and unattractive in his too-small jaw). When I say "hag-ridden" I mean he is haunted by dissatisfaction with himself, his inability either to achieve popularity or to equal or exceed the achievements of his father. He has distinguished himself only by his overt distaste for his father and his father’s politics.

    It seems obvious that Ron projects this disappointment and dissatisfaction with himself onto his father of whom he seems almost pathologically jealous - OR - maybe he just feels with some justification that Ronald Reagan was so busy being Ronald Reagan he didn’t give enough time to little Ron -- a real possibility with virtually all famous, highly successful parents.

    At any rate, Ron Reagan from the many public glimpses we’ve seen is, indeed, a small-minded person focused largely on himself. I don’t like him, but that doesn’t mean I hate him. I see him as rather pathetic, therefore, I feel sorry for him, even though I find it impossible to show much respect for him.

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  9. Dear Mr. Free Thinke, I had hoped that you would grant me the same respect that you constantly do to Ms Shaw, who attacks conservatives on a regular basis. Hopefully you will grant me the same opportunity to write what I wish to as you do to Ms. Shaw. And NOT delete my post this rime.
    Please re-read your own blog and see just Who attacked Who on the Nate Bell subject.
    I had hoped that you would grant me the same opportunity to defend the attack against MY post as you did to Ms. Saw who found it necessary to attack me.
    As for my using the name “Anonymous”, I didn’t think that being there was the choice offered there on your blog, that it was a crime to do so being I do not have a blog of my own, but if there is a problem, I will use the name Irish Margie. For your information I do read this blog regularly as I do to many others as well as Ms. Shaw’s. And what I have found from this is that the stupid liberal party just gets more stupid every day.
    As for the Nate bell story. I don't live in Boston and trust me I don’t chose to either. And yes, I do have the upmost respect for the people of Boston, and their Police Department who did a remarkable job there this past week. However, there are 52 weeks in a year and 12 months in a a year, and from what we have seen in this City in the past can only be described as despicable.
    Nate bell only said what 50 percent of the American people have been saying about liberals for years, Lets not forget their DESPICABLE, COWARD Senator Ted Kennedy as well as so many others. Nate Bell just gets better and better in his description of the typical citizen of Boston. Nate Bell has a right to his opinion, as I do to mines, and as YOU give to Ms Shaw. This has absolute nothing to do with those evil Bastard’s that do some much harm to Boston’s Marathon etc. But sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, and the previous post that you chose to delete was my opion, it had nothing in it that was anything else but my opinion and my rightful response to the attack on my post from Shaw Kenawe. So lets be fair about it and allow me to express my opinion and defend myself from her “VICIOUS” attack on me. Is it ok for Obama and other liberal’s-progressives, to push their agenda on people, but not ok for someone to voice their opinion about self-protection? These people with their Anti-2nd Amendment Agenda use every possible crisis to advance their socialist agenda! And if you think it's just perfectly OK to say that garbage the I was completely wrong about you. Agree with me or not, my opinion should not be deleted , and it should not be ATTACKED by "Ms. Shaw"!

  10. Moderns love to ruin great works. At the end of his career as a tragedian, Euripides was adding "and they lived happily ever after" at the conclusions of all his tragedies.

  11. ...not literally!

    As if "noble deeds" were possible w/o sacrifice.

  12. May I remind you that Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden called the loyal and patriotic Republican citizens of the United States of America Domestic Terrorists
    and they had the Gaul to blame the Republicans for terror attack and relaxing of security in Benghazi! Was that OK, but what Nate Bell said so terrible?
    Is being anti-union is being anti-American? These Liberal’s or Progressive’s or whatever are becoming a bigger disgrace to us American’s with each passing day.
    In this day and age when 80 percent of our fighting Men and Women in Afghanistan and Iraq, and all over the rest of the world being labeled a "terrorist" is nothing short of disgusting. For the left-wingers to be using language like this is a not only a dirty shame, but as Anti American as they can possibly get. And I suspect that if Ted Kennedy were around today, he would have supported that as well.

  13. All right, Margie. I'll let your comments stand, since you were good enough to talk directly to me and not just spout dissatisfaction.I still don't have the faintest idea who Nate Bell is, and don't particularly care, but please let me set you straight on the favored policy here:

    1. I do NOT want this blog to be used as a battleground n which to conduct personal feuds that have nothing whatsoever to do with the item posted.

    2. My relationship with Ms Shaw, whom I happen to like and respect on a personal level, even though we disagree on nearly everything about politics, is no one's business but hers and mine.

    3. I agree with you that neither she nor anyone else should make it her, his or its business to SCOLD posters for the contents of their remarks -- particularly at OTHER people's blogs.

    4. Generally I delete remarks irrelevant to the item posted at any particular time, UNLESS those remarks happen to strike me as particularly interesting or worthwhile.

    Please try to respect these policies. I'm glad you read the blog, and hope one day you will see fit to comment on the subject a hand instead of taking umbrage at what the guests have to say.

  14. Thank you sir, I understand and I will abide to your rules.
    And PS I have started a blog so that you will recognize my posts in the future.
    Thank You again.

  15. Wagner is telling us that FUlfillment (or Salvation , if you prefer) comes through Sacrifice on the grandest scale imaginable.

    Brunnhilde's ecstatic exclamation -- her last words before she rides her trusty steed Grane directly in the flames consuming Valhalla -- is translated as, "Siegfried, your wife greets you with joy!

    The music evokes the larger-than-life grandeur of these exalted sentiments most convincingly.

  16. Good, Margie. I'll be glad to visit your blog once it's established. Please keep us posted.

    Try listening to the Wagner. Just let it wash over you. you never can tell what might happen.

  17. Thank you I’m a huge fan of classical music as well as operatic music.
    And mostly any kind of music except the current type that is sweeping America such as Rap and Hip Hop etc.


  18. In reference to what Nate Bell said, as an American, I am NOT proud to see my fellow citizens celebrate diversity by cowering in their homes for an entire day, with no means to really protect themselves and their loved ones should an invader enter their home. Anyone that is proud about what happened in Boston this week has to be a hard left liberal committed to disarming American citizens and opening the door even wider to foreigners.

    Not the legacy the Minutemen established, but certainly "hope and change"

    Also, I noticed that the Leftist News Media failed to mention that these two “TERRORISTS” was NOT a gun-owning right-wing tea party type skinhead!

    And another thing, what was it that caused the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to have to have an emergency meeting with President Obama when they had the first guy I a Saudi) in custody. He may or may not have had something to do with the bombings but there is something about this that they had to squash in a hurry. I would not get so rejoiceful Boston. Just sayin.

  19. No, the hunt is not over, there are many more of these scum amidst us that was to destroy and or kill us.. And many more of them may be coming in. This is not the time for the Government to take away our guns, this is not the time to stop that amnesty bill. This IS the time for us to be more diligent and concerned about who we let into this country.
    I don’t care what Obama and Bloomberg say, We will not disarm. Not in the face of robbers, rapists, and murderers who prey upon our families and friends.
    The Congress, the House, and especially the Lame Brain Senate and law officers alike must keep in mind that the foundation of their duties is to uphold the fundamental law of the land..the United States Constitution.
    And yet we the American people continue to vote for the same rats at election time and expect a different result. It is way past time to rethink what has not worked for several decades and remove this cancer in Washington.

  20. Quite frankly, I agree with Nate Bell.
    So thank you Nate Bell for saying what so many Americans have been thinking
    And thank you Nate Bell for saying what needs to be said..
    Yes, This week, the people of Boston decided not take to arms but instead cowered in their homes and were afraid to defend themselves and their families. ..
    "When they come for my gun, they will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands,"
    And yes, Ted Kennedy was a joke , a drunk, and a COWARD who was elected and constantly re-elected by the retarded some people in Boston..

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  22. Wagner is telling us that FUlfillment (or Salvation , if you prefer) comes through Sacrifice on the grandest scale imaginable.

    Sounds like a motto fit for a suicide bomber.

    On a more "personal" note, lost and lonely people like "Suspect #1"... who's wife and child LEFT HIM, are but "fooling themselves" if they believe that sacrificing themselves for a "grand cause" will earn them "Salvation." The "Ummah" does not "gain" through acts like Boston.

  23. Mr. Marxist, the Sacrifice, though it is symbolized by Wagner as the physical destruction of the Self in Fire, is entirely SPIRITUAL in essence.

    It closely parallels the idea of Christ voluntarilysacrificing Himself on the Cross for the sake of all Mankind.

    The idea that these symbolic acts must be taken literally is a great mistake. The grandeur and hyper-intensity of myth and legend is simply trying to tell us in the most poignantly evocative way possible that Selfishness is ultimately both Self-defeating and Harmful to the World that exists to sustain our physical life.

  24. We do not tolerate boilerplate hate screeds here from ANY political point of view.

    Please don't respond to remarks of that kind before I can delete them.

    We encourage people to talk WITH us. We do what we can to discourage them from merely talking AT us.



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