Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fandango in Ferguson

They’re rioting in Ferguson
(TRA la la la la LA la!)
They’re freezing in Maine
(TRA la la la la LA!)
There’re blizzards up in Buffalo
(TRA la la la la LA la!)
And the Left Coast needs rain.
(TRA la la la la LA!)

The whole country’s fracturing
Between both the poles
The Right hates the Liberals
For their proud self-righteous goals

The blacks hate Koreans, Jews, 
And Immigrants and such.
Now no one likes anybody very much!

But though we are hateful 
We’re thankful and proud
That we have a tank full
Of gas to move us past the crowd,
Though we know that 
Some jealous looter someday
From sheer spite will light a match
And then we will be blown away!

They’re rioting in Ferguson
(TRA la la la la LA la!)
They’re freezing in Maine
(TRA la la la la LA!)
It’s no fun to be a white American
(TRA la la la la LA la!)
Now, it’s nothing but pain.
(TRA la la la la LA!)

~ FT with apologies to Sheldon Harnick


  1. Excerpt from this article in the Washington Post:

    ...[W]hat distinguishes Ferguson from the crowded historical catalogue of racially-motivated street violence is what has happened in recent weeks: The unseemly buildup to the announcement of the grand jury’s conclusion that no crime was committed in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has produced an expectation of ugliness. What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.

    A news media obsessed with predicting the next step, a security apparatus equipped to put down almost any uprising, and a political power structure apparently seeking to head off violence by predicting it have combined to produce an unprecedented sense of inevitability, reducing what has historically been an explosion of frustration to a kind of staged performance....

    Read the entire article HERE.

  2. If they riot in Ferguson, does that mean I don't have to? My "frustration" has been vicariously "expressed".


  3. The protests in Ferguson Friday night grew larger than the previous days despite the rain and cold weather, they were turning over Police cars, setting fire to everything in sight. Looting, stealing and getting all the “Free-Stuff” they can such as liquor, TV,s, cell-phones and anything that they were able to grab. . Police officers used a megaphone to ask protesters to leave the street outside the Ferguson Police Department or they would be arrested. and the VIOLENT protesters responded by chanting "F— the police” and shouting “We don’t give a F— about your laws !

    Just like Obama., who doesn't give a “F” about our laws either. He's just setting a fine example for blacks all over the country. As Usual.

    And what exactly is Al Sharpton doing these days besides standing around and watching peoples business and homes burn to the ground! What are these people (who had nothing to do with ANY of this) going to do now?
    Liberal stupidity has been unleashed on Ferguson, and on Main Streets all over America.
    Can there be any reasonable excuse to defend this idiotic decision? Everyone of these savages should be thrown in Jail!

    It is my opinion that this is only a prelude and their way of issuing their “WARNING” to the Grand Jury in New York’s Staten Island’s up coming "Choke Hold" case.

  4. Sounds like a "whiff of grapeshot" might soon be in order!

    Soon to be "Marshall" Ney, send for the cannon!

  5. Nice, the thought of parodying that crossed my mind as well.

  6. Murdered and burned:

    DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case. He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.

    Several of the eye-witnesses, who gave honest testimony to the Grand Jury, were, according to their own statements, warned immediately after the shooting to keep their mouths shut. All of the eye-witnesses were African American. If you read the reports the sense of fear about speaking the truth is overwhelming.

    Many, if not all, of the witness statements outlined in police reports, FBI reports, and later in Grand Jury testimony -who testified to the factual events as outlined by officer Wilson, and whose testimony fit the physical and forensic evidence- were threatened by the local Canfield Greens community.

  7. I just read that there were TWO FBI agent shot at Ferguson!
    Black criminals shooting at FBI Agents? How shocking!!.

  8. Shaw Kenawe said...

    Fact check: "The number of police officers killed by what the FBI classifies as "felonious acts" dropped nearly in half between 2012 and 2013. The statistics from the FBI were just released today. For 2013, 27 officers were killed (all shot except for one struck by a car) as a result of criminal acts. For 2012, 48 officers died in similar circumstances. In 2012 that was a decline, again significantly from 2011, where 72 were killed. So we went from 72 officers killed as a result of criminal activity a year to 27 over the course of three years.
    Assaults against police officers dropped a couple of thousand from about 53,000 to 50,000. Officer deaths due to vehicle crashes remained about the same from year to year (48 versus 47). This seems to go along with the national trend of violent crimes dropping in general. But it goes against the trend of how many people officers themselves have killed. Police fatally shot 461 people in 2013, a trend that's been increasing for the past three years and has reached a two-decade high."

    President Obama did a much better job than at deturring these disturbances that Bush did. Period!

  9. Criminals are criminals, white or black.

    Your point CrN?

  10. My point is that I' m shocked, I tell us!
    Simply Shocked!

  11. RN what are YOU doing here after what you wrote about FT on Lisa'a blog?

    I'm Just curious about 2 faced people!

  12. Replies
    1. I call a spade a spade. Always... based on how I see it.

      Specific incidence. Some days are
      better than others.

      Today is a better day.

    2. PS: If thinking outside of the box is two faced I plead guilty.

      It is what it is.

  13. Hey, Finntann! If only we could get SilverFiddle to strum his guitar, and sing these words into a sound camera in his own inimitable style, we might have a whale of a good video to bruit about.

    The Merry Minuet has been a favorite since high school days. In fact our Girls Octet -- a bevy of
    f beauties -- sang it at our Senior Prom as part of the "entertainment." Sheldon Harnick was one of our most brilliant-but-good-natured satirists, of course. I posed The Boston Beguine from New Faces of 1952 here a couple of years ago.

    The Meryr Minuet was almost too easy to parody, because in essence nothing on the "social" scene has improved one iota since the mid 1950's. If anything, it's gotten worse.

    We take everything MUCH to seriously now, and seem ready to tear off our jackets and trade blows at the drop of a hat over nothing. At least back in the '50's we were able to see the humorous side of even the darkest, dreariest situations.

    I wonder how many of our guests today will realize that this was fully intended to be amusing and provoke a chuckle or two?

  14. The heat is the same no matter which way the current flows and a lynch mob is a lynch mob and a kiss is still a kiss as time goes by.
    While the events down in Ferguson play down what’s been happening in Chicagoland these days, Hey-Jackass reports that the same old bullshit continues day in and day out with nary a peep. In the 107 days since officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown – Saturday, August 9th – the following stupidity has taken place in Chicago.. Incredibly asinine and absurd to say the least. But no one cares who gets killed along to way, as long as these hoodlums and thugs get their Free-Stuff, And Big AL grabs the headlines.
    But anyway, it's small comfort when you're on the scaffold and the crowd is screaming bloody murder to think that someone of the same color needs to be punished regardless of actual guilt. In fact much of the crowd is screaming, not about whether the Grand Jury did a good job, but whether the accused had the right, being a white cop, to due process at all. The signs I saw demanded that he be found guilty in any manner possible. At this point I'm ready to deny to anyone who asks that I'm an American or a Liberal. The Cause isn't about justice any more, it's just about the cause. The abyss has looked into us and we blinked first lacking the courage to admit that being wronged doesn't make you right. To err is human; to lie, distort, misrepresent, to hate, to cheat to delude and be deluded -- all that is human too and more.
    It's about this cop, this shooting and oh yes, about due process and a fair trial, about evidence and witnesses, it's not about anything else, if you ask me.

    Watching the St Louis circus last night, I saw people burning the property of innocent people, others down on their knees with hands up mouthing "don't shoot." St Michael the Child may have said that, but Michael Brown did not. He physically attacked a cop - twice and in front of witnesses. Those that said otherwise either recanted, left town or admitted they weren't there. If we self-styled, justice loving Liberals think that somehow truth doesn't matter, that innocence is no excuse and inherited guilt so unforgivable and universal that any punishment is always deserved, it's time to be honest and admit to being bigots.I don't know whether police brutality is getting worse or better or about the same. I've heard a lot of stories. I know it's bad. I know hanging the wrong guy doesn't help and I know that people and parties I used to think had some connection to justice are just mobs and liars and looters and arsonists using the rhetoric of heroes to smear their memory.

  15. I'm seeing article after article trying to explain why facts don't matter and all I'm convinced of is that it's time to admit I've been a fool all my life for listening to such people. The facts do matter -- it's my country that doesn't.
    tendency to react in an instant without forethought pervades every corner of society and runs counter to the priorities of law and common sense. This is not merely a Ferguson problem but a national problem."
    And while we are on this subject, has anyone else bu me heard that the Police identified Michael Brown s Mother as a prior alleged robbery attacker? It looks like the Ministry of Truth has sent that story down the memory hole. The incident happened oct 18 and the story that she might be charged with armed robbery continued till around nov 6. Since then it's vanished. If she was white, she'd be staring at 20 years.
    I have to remark about this and in agreement. What I don't understand is the way we ignore the guy shot in his mother's driveway for reaching in his car for a pack of cigarettes, the old man shot getting out of his car whose cane looked like a gun, the guy at a gas station reaching inside to get his wallet and getting a fusillade instead the driver whose foot slips off the brake while the cop stands next to the car being shot for trying to run down an officer. A girl shot while sleeping in her own car! I remember them all but I may be the only one. And so often the shootee is hit scores of times. these things fade away. Is it because nobody is promoting them?
    Why are the cops so afraid? Are they trained to do this or not trained not to do this? I had a cop tell me that I should always do as he does -- shot to kill because if he lives you'll be in court the rest of your life. Why am I so afraid?
    And why are we all so quick to judge and condemn and see someone as an enemy -- worse why so unwilling to change our minds when shown to be wrong? Why do we simply become delusional rather than recognize error?
    Why do we whine about being rushed to judgement while demanding someone else be railroaded or lynched?
    But you're so right, we're in fear all the time. Is it because someone likes it that way?
    We live in a land of fear and it's at total odds with facts. Is there someone behind this huge fear industry? I fear there is.
    Do we see things as they are or as we are? We MUST call the facts as they are, not as they seem to be.


  16. Do we see things as they are or as we are? We MUST call the facts as they are, not as they seem to be.
    Humm, that’s a very interesting thought!

    Since last Sunday, Ferguson, has been plagued with thousands of hoodlums, some perhaps natives of Ferguson, or perhaps not. However these thugs have been guilty of looting, rioting, burning, and shootings as a result of the Michael Brown shooting. Brown who was 18 years-old was shot by a police officer, and unfortunately expired as a result of his injuries. After the shooting, organizations like the “New Black Panthers” have vowed vengeance against the officer who shot Brown, claiming that he was murdered. The New Black Panthers have even gone as far as sending police a list of demands, including charging the police officer with murder.
    Michael brown killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson…The Negro, or “black” if you will, protesters claimed that Mr. Brown was a good man who was about to start classes at the local city college. Really? Yet, we see this physically big black man steal a 40.00 box of cigars from a local liquor store and then assault and batter the store’s clerk when he tried to stop Mr. Brown from leaving his store. This man was not a good man. It has been revealed that he had no arrest record but this does not mean he was not a man who did wrong. I've known many people who have done terrible things in their lives and gotten away with these things for a very long time and not have an arrest record. Arrest means they have or had been caught, period. Mr. Brown was one of the most unfortunate black men walking the streets of America who happened to have gotten himself shot for getting combative and confrontational with a police officer.
    Personally, I am sick and tired of this asinine complaint about the “hope and dream of the slave” that I continue to hear. That stuff has been worn-out for years, and years, yet the Liberal bleeding heart mind set continues to play on our sympathy using it, and it seems forever. I am fully aware of the imperfections of this world and have a better understanding of it, however the black community must, and I repeat MUST reel in their own and teach them right from wrong. If this So called "UN-armed Teen” had put his hands up and not tried to out maneuver this Police Officer, we would no be having this conversation right now.
    And a bit of an after thought, Did Al Sharpton along with Brown's instigate this whole riot? I have to think that part of the responsibility lies with them both of the.

  17. Nice, FT!

    I always preferred the Kingston Trio version. My uncle was a big fan of them and used to sing and play it on his guitar.

    I like your customized lyrics.

  18. Desert Rat said, " ... these things fade away. Is it because nobody is promoting them?"

    Thank you for expressing many interesting and provocative thoughts and asking intelligent, pertinent questions, Desert Rat.

    I think the reason so many important bits of news either fade very quickly from memory -- or are never exposed to the light of day in the first place -- is because The Enemedia Controls the Narrative.

    So the answer to your question above is "YES."

    I believe The Oligarchs control the Enemedia, therefore, "we" are exposed only to events that promote the Agenda most favored by The Oligarchs for their own selfish purposes.

  19. Whether Shaw Kenawe posted that statement or not is immaterial to me. The sources from which she draws her information tend to tilt heavily toward the left.

    These leftist propaganda mills, which all they really are, happen to be highly adept at selecting facts supportive of the Leftist Agenda and presenting these "facts" as though they were The Truth. The ceaselessly mocking, truculent, dismissive, prickly defensive stance taken by the "regulars" at Shaw Kenawe's blog disqualify each and every one of them from ever being welcome here or taken seriously again.

    The SUBJECT of SHAW KENAWE and her COHORTS is CLOSED. Further mention of it will be ERADICATED on discovery.

    As I never tire of saying: Facts are like the tiny chips that make up a great mosaic. By themselves they may not count for much –– or may easily be used to give a false impression.

    When seen in the context of the whole picture, these carefully selected facts may give an entirely different impression.

    SO, facts may, indeed, be PART of a truth, but by themselves, they cannot be trusted to reveal THE Truth. Too often they are cynically deployed to promote Truth's direct opposite.

  20. SO, facts may, indeed, be PART of a truth, but by themselves, they cannot be trusted to reveal THE Truth. Too often they are cynically deployed to promote Truth's direct opposite.

    This is certainly a FACTUAL statement. One that only a fool would attempt to argue with.

    A question then if I may. Is it reasonable to expect that people being people, and influenced by their own personal biases, have the tendency to follow this path on occasion. Universally I you will.

  21. Only you could make something amusing out of this, FT. I'm glad you did. The deadly serious approach does very soon become deadly.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn

  22. We welcome Conversation
    But without Vituperation.
    If your aim is Vilification ––
    Other forms of Denigration ––
    Unfounded Accusation --
    Determined Obfuscation ––
    Alienation with Self-Justification ––

  23. Riots happen when people get really pissed off about something. It's a shame not a one of you gives a rats ass about what they're pissed off about.


    1. Weather or not I or anyone else cares about what happened is NOT the issue disrupting and destroying what does not belong to you is!

  24. JMJ,
    not a one of you gives a rats ass about what they're pissed off about

    I know that you believe that, but you're wrong.

    Perhaps you'll tell us what should now be done to satisfy these rioters. I deliberately didn't use the word "protesters" because rioters and protesters are two different things.

  25. The Wicked Bitch of the Left said said...
    Just so we get a few facts clear before going forward...It’s the conservatives who are the ones tearing this country and us apart !!
    Not everyone is as hateful and racist as people like, say, Radical Redass and his ilk. He's a dying breed that is gasping its last gasp while spitting venom--like a cornered snake.
    The conservatives on these boards think anyone who is liberal or progressive is a communist, only because we care about people. All people!!.
    There are people who work toward understanding each other; and even when there are horrible set-backs, like in Ferguson, things will move forward, inch by inch.
    It’s definitely the responsibility of the police department to create and maintain a positive working environment in the community they serve. Their job is to serve, and to protect not to be enforcers. They are there to serve and protect. That is their job.
    Hatred and depravity, like the kind you see at the PORN QUEEN'S blog, are aberrations. Normal people don't engage in that sort of thing.

  26. Well, Anonymous, I don't think we need to retaliate in any way for all of that, and I don't think we ought to call anyone nasty names.

    After all, what good does it accomplish?

    I've made it very clear I don't care for the worldview favored by the left. It's cynical, unduly pessimistic, lacking in faith, and favors treating others like ignorant children who have little or no intelligence and no power to do anything for themselves.

    Leftists tend to be very bossy, because they assume they know better than others what is good for everyone in the world.

    Because most Conservatives reject the "solutions" leftists devise for solving social ills, the leftists assume Conservatives must be utterly selfish, lacking in "compassion," and any desire to be kind and generous to the poor and needy.

    That is NOT TRUE, but instead of getting enraged and bent out of shape by the willful blindness shown by the Left, it would be better for Conservatives to ignore the leftists, and simply practice their own Conservative brands of virtue and generosity as calmly, sweetly and considerately as possible wherever it may be possible.

    In truth the only person you can properly control is yourself.

    Just be the best you can be, and do the most you can do, regardless of the nonsense others may think, and that should be sufficient.

    ANGER and DERISION are a great WASTE of TIME



We welcome Conversation
But without Vituperation.
If your aim is Vilification ––
Other forms of Denigration ––
Unfounded Accusation --
Determined Obfuscation ––
Alienation with Self-Justification ––


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