Sunday, November 2, 2014

We at FreeThinke's Blog want to take a moment to REJOICE in the long-overdue RELEASE and RETURN of Sgt. ANDREW TAHMOORESSI.

We can thank God, Greta Van Susteren, Andrew's mother Jill, Montel Williams, and certain members of congress who recently held hearings on Andrew's behalf, for the return of our long neglected, much abused American Hero. What in God's Name did the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT think it had to GAIN by perpetrating this atrocity?

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  1. You may, and I thank you for the acknowldgement.

  2. Atrocity my ass. Drive into a foreign country with loaded guns, even by mistake, and you're going to have problems. Drive around with loaded guns in the first place, and you're an idiot. He's an idiot.


  3. Thankfully a not to brilliant human bulb that made a mistake and traversed into a foreign land with loaded firearms out of ignorance has been spared a longer incarceration as a result of violating the laws if a sovereign Mexico.

    We thank the efforts of all concerned Americans that contributed the eventual release of the Segment. A special thanks goes out to those involved involved in the diplomatic efforts to secure his release.

    Truth Shall Reign

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  5. Of topic, but damn how about that Friday market close! 17,390... going to be a robust x'mas

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  7. NURSE GRUDGE said


    It never ceases to amaze -- and irritate the hell out of -- me to see again and again the Left's absolute determination to politicize EVERY SINGLE aspect of our lives from the size of the soft drinks we are "permitted" to purchase down -- very soon no doubt -- to the number of squares of toilet paper we are "permitted" to use in the course a each bowel movement, and the direction and intensity with which we are "permitted" to move them in relation to the anal orifice, the labia vagina or the scrotum.

    I took a course in practical nursing some years ago in order to understand how best to care for an aged relative with severe dementia, so I know whereof I speak. Yes,BUTT WIPING has become an ACADEMIC SUBJECT, and is now rigidly CHOREOGRAPHED by the STATE, and woe betide any poor LPN caught wiping TOWARDS the vagina instead of that area where the buttocks meet the lower back.

    OH! And we were ordered --not advised -- ORDERED -- never to make CIRCULAR MOTIONS, but only to use SHORT, LINEAR STROKES and as few of those possible, because any deviation from the choreography could and likely would be deemed SXUAL ASSAULT by the courts.

    Why do I bring this up regarding the matter of Sgt. Tahmooressi?

    Because it's painfully obvious that the Left has become so besotted with the exercise of Power and Control as THE way o achieve a "Fair and Just Society" they've become slaves to dry-veined legalistic thinking, and -- like the rank and file Nazis, who functioned as mindlessly obedient automata to a rigid, totalitarian, utterly inhumane hierarchy -- are in danger of completely losing touch with their humanity.


  8. NURSE GRUDGE said


    That fellow Jersey, for instance, is really a nice guy at heart. I know that, because I've been lurking and observing him at various blogs for years, but unfortunately he has been so completely brainwashed and so thoroughly conditioned by the cant and rhetoric he was exposed to -- probably in college -- he can no longer think for himself, but only in terms of the Marxist-Leninist-inspired "tenets" of the Secular-Socialist Catechism by which he was engulfed. The Cultural Marxist Movement has been so subtle and so insidious in is early days most of their adherents don't even realize they have been duped into joining a para- military, quasi-religious cult. A pseudo religious movement pushing them closer each day to the death of Independence, Freedom of Choice, Freedom o Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom to pursue their own Destiny.

    THIS is the ULTIMATE GOAL of the COMMUNIST MOVEMENT -- the Complete Destruction of the Will to Resist COMMAND.

    And THAT, I suppose, is why the Left supports and even extolls the capture, open-ended confinement and torture of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

    THEY don't care how heroic he was in battle, how fundamentally decent and loyal to his country, how seriously ill he has been with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, THEY don't care a RAP that he wound up in trouble strictly by ACCIDENT and had no evil intentions toward anyone in Mexico or towards her inept, illogical, stupidly insensitive, anti-American government.

    Oh no! All THEY care about -- because of the expert, exploitative brainwashing they've received all their lives -- is that Sgt. Tahmooressi BROKE the FUCKIN' LAW.


    It would be COMICAL if it weren't so terribly sad, that these leftists wouldn't produce a fart in a bucket to help combat the TIDAL WAVE of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS -- many of them CRIMINALS from South of the Border, many of them DISEASED and already spreading deadly contagion all over OUR land.

    Oh NO! That MASSIVE flouting of the LAW by their precious Leftist Icons, now holding our nation's Capital hostage, is just FINE with the leftists.

    SELECTIVE application of The Law against individuals and organizations THEY don't like while absolving THEMSELVES of any responsibility to obey and uphold Laws that inhibit or thwart their AGENDA is one the identifying Hallmarks of the Left, and that inherent corruption on the modus operandi is precisely why THE must be FOUGHT and their ceaseless machination brought to a STANDSTILL.

    THEY use The Law to DESTROY The Law.

    WE must use The Law to RESTORE The Law to once again assume its Rightful Role.

    Poor Jersey is EXACTLY like those little "Blogsters" in the previous Opus. Remember them? They got led down The Garden Path (only this time it was The Beach, and would up getting EATEN ALIVE.

    Don't let it happen to you, Jersey. Please wake up and save yourself before it's too late. We like you IN SPITE OF yourself. ;-)

  9. God bless you, Nurse Grudge <{:-) whoever you my be. Mr. FreeThinke, himself, couldn't have explained matters any better. That was bloody eloquent.

    Pamela Mullins, Exmouth, UK

  10. Nurse Grudge summed it all up quite nicely.

    It's all about power and control.

    The left has been taking sledgehammers and wrecking balls to our culture of almost a century now, and their work is damn near complete.

    We are dumber than we were 100 years ago, we respect nothing but what the PC agitators tell us to #respect, and we are a frivolous nation of frivolous people led by the most unprepared and unserious president ever.

    The progressive left is successfully employing the old basic training "tear 'em down and build 'em back up."

    They have skinned our culture alive, and they are cloaking it anew.

    Welcome to the hive.

  11. It's all about power and control.

    It is, it always has been, and so it will continue to be.

    Picking which power is to control you is your only choice.

    Soon it may not be your choice any longer.

    Tick Toc, Tick Toc, Tick Toc... BOOM!!!

    Some understand. Some don't.

  12. Thanks for the post FT and as The Politcal Chic stated on my blog

    Either REJOICE and be GLAD or STFU! Nobody needs your negative BS.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.

    Actually The Political Chic was quoting ME.

    I admire your patience in putting up with the constant barrage of BS from the trolls who've besieged us both in recent weeks, but I won' have them here anymore. Too distracting! And their remarks are totally worthless anyway.

    I once wrote a parody song and published it here called Tiptoe Through the Pooh Pooh. And that is EXACTLY what these characters force us to do while trying to call attention to themselves. And that sys nothing about the awful STENCH they make wherever they go. PHEW!!!

  14. Oh sorry for the mistaken shoutout FT, sometimes there is so much sludge to dredge

  15. Good election morning to you! Troll trouble I see. Jerks, every last one.

    We must really thank obummer for helping get our Marine back for us. Oh, wait a minute, he didn't do shit about it, did he? Never mind!!!! Another JERK.

  16. Tip toeing through the Poo Poo can be very tedious == and OH! what it does to our SHOES!!! PHEW!



    Dedicated to the Wandering Tribe of Trolls

    Tiptoe through the poo poo
    At the websites in the blogosphere, then
    Tiptoe thought through the poo poo and see
    Me try to tiptoe ‘round the witless.
    Join me quickly; do it gin-ger-ly,
    And tiptoe through the poo poo with me.

    Knee deep in doo doo we’ll sink
    Sniffing the ungodly stink,

    And when I slip slide through the doo doo
    And you do too
    Will you pardon me
    And sit down in the doo doo with me?

    And when we step out of the poo poo
    at the website
    Will you come with me,
    And wash off all the poo poo with me?

    ~ FreeThinke



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