Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music for 
Election Day, 2014

When you go to vote today, 
ask yourself this question: "Am I more likely to be broke, infected, or beheaded than I was six years ago?" 

Artwork by Felicia Cano


  1. Broke... Odds precisely the same
    Infected... Odds precisely the same
    Beheaded... Very, very, very, very, very slight increase in possibility. Largely because of failed foreign policy and ill fated military excursions that never should have been.

  2. All of them are more likely thanks to dingbat liberal policies that have wrecked this great nation.




  3. Boston Bathhouse BoyNovember 4, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    You are a mean Obama hater

  4. Great Days are AheadNovember 4, 2014 at 12:34 PM

    Music to watch the Libs get kicked out will be music to my ears,

  5. "When you go to vote today,
    ask yourself this question: "Am I more likely to be broke, infected, or beheaded than I was six years ago?""

    LOL! So, you idiots would put the same schmucks who helped create the mess back in power! Id-i-ots.

    If you are worried about beheadings, you're retarded, if you're worried about Ebola, you're retarded. If you think the GOP is better than the Dems when it comes to the economy, you know nothing about modern American history.


  6. DOW up just over 20 points @ 2:15. Modest but trending right.

    What's to worry?

  7. Jersey McJones suffers from truth decay


  8. "Jersey McJones suffers from truth decay."

    That's very funny, Fluoridian. Wit of that high a caliber is rare in these here parts -- and most welcome.

    HOWEVER, unlike many others who are genuinely rude, insolent and unkind, I find Jersey to be a basically good-hearted chap, despite the awful crust he wears like a suit of armor.

    Not a bad guy at all -- just terribly misguided. The victim of perverse mentoring -- probably at college.

    Colleges and universities these days function primarily as incubators for dedicated Marxists who don't even know they ARE Marxists.

    If I had a child today, I'd rather apprentice him to a good plumber, electrician, carpenter or auto mechanic than have him brainwashed by the anti-American Marxists who've dedicated themselves of the destruction of the Founders' Vision.

    Though he doesn't realize it, Jersey has been more sinned against than sinning. I've seen it happen to a great many young people, and even among my own, now aged, generation, who were cursed with an Ivy League or Berkeley education in "the Humanities."

  9. Jersey McJones is a flaming nincompoop, right up there with that other putrid progressive, the Rational Nutter.

    They should put their heads together and make an ass of themselves. At least then they would serve some purpose.

  10. Ida, have you been to the proctologist of late?

    You seemed to be backed up and need a colonic.

  11. My rear end is none of your business.

    How cheeky of you!

  12. Love this Dies Irae! I think that it's my favorite of those particular choruses. Really captures the meaning of the Latin words!

    Today I'm not spending much time at all on the web. I probably won't tomorrow, either. These election cycles are disquieting to the soul.

  13. I was already a "liberal" when I entered college, but it helped that I went I was in my early twenties instead of fresh out of high school. I had already abandoned the spoiled, suburban white-kid libertarianism of the Reagan years and embraced a wider and clearer understanding of the world around me and how it all works together.

    I think conservatives and libertarians are really just conservative or libertarian on issues they do not understand. I said to a conservative friend of mine recently, "A conservative is a person who does not truly understand the old adage 'there but for the grace of God go I.'" It is a lack of imagination to fill the holes in their understanding of the universe, hence, they are susceptible to forming rigid opinions based on anecdotes.

    I am a liberal because I understand reality and I mean no person any wrong.


  14. Jersey,
    I don't think any of us who have argued with you over the years thinks you heart is in the wrong place. It's your understanding of how the world works.

    You don't think conservatives understand the old adage 'there but for the grace of God go I?'"

    Are you serious? First off, conservatives give more to charity than liberals.

    Secondly, which is more charitable? Flinging a few government dimes to people mired in misery and poverty, surround by gangs and plagued by bad schools?

    Or advocating for solid Reagan-Clinton economic principles that lifted more people out of poverty by giving them jobs than the war on poverty ever did?

    Also, telling minorities they are too helpless to get a simple picture ID is condescending bordering on racist.

    There but for the grace of God?

    Tell that to working class people who have had the rug pulled out from under them by our government importing millions of undocumented people, which by the way constitutes a gross human rights violation perpetrated by liberal democrats, crony crapitalist republicans and the Torture Chamber of Commerce.

    There is nothing charitable about anything propagated by leftwing progs. Your policies are imprisoning us.

  15. This is not about charity, Silver. This is about epistemology.


  16. Epistemology? OK. Perhaps we're getting somewhere.

    What definition or concept are you treating?

    I'm giving you fair warning. People from the country, people who have lived where there is extreme poverty, and people who have been to war have a keen understanding of how the world works and also of human nature at an earthy and fundamental level, so shoot, professor, educate us.


  17. What a wonderful evening just watching the crew on MSNBC when they realize the American people rebuked the liberal policy of Obama.

  18. Silver, conservatism is dumb, at best.


  19. JMJ,
    Silver, conservatism is dumb, at best.

    Not a good thing for you to say right now. Do you not see what the 2014 Election results indicate?

    You just called a lot of people who vote "dumb."

    Just because others' opinions don't coincide with yours does not make those people or the ideology to which they adhere "dumb."

  20. Oh let's let Jersey have his fun. what harm could it do to allow him to expose his misconceptions?

    I know him well enough to know he may be laboring under a serious misapprehension, but he's not malevolent.

    It's the SNIDE ones, who pretend to be "curious" as they hurl their not-so-subtly-implicit brickbats at our heads, I refuse to tolerate in this space any longer.

    Leftists will LWAS do their level best to drag you down to their abysmal level, by trying to engage you in pseudo-debate which they KNOW will lead nowhere, and only serves to exhaust you.

    As they say in New Joisey:


  21. Jersey begins by calling conservatives "idiots" and "retarded," then hopes he can scare off us toothless hicks with an egghead world like epistemology, and then caps off his brilliant disquisition by calling conservatism "dumb."

    Jersey has all the charm and erudition of a hobo heaped on a city sidewalk mumbling about flying poodles and soiling himself.

  22. Now, now. Let's not return evil for evil. Be nice -- except to Hillary and Obama, and UNHOO else. Thank God, Hairy Red and Nanny Pelousy have been sidetracked at last.



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