Friday, November 21, 2014

Dedicated to Barack Obama 
for What-Should-Be 
Obvious Reasons.


Words! Words! Words!
I'm so sick of words!
I get words all day through;
First from him, now from you! 
Is that all you blighters can do?

Don't talk of stars burning above; 
If you're in love, 
Tell me no dreams
Filled with desire. 
If you're on fire,

Here we are together 
in the middle of the night!
Don't talk of spring! 
Just hold me tight!
Anyone who's ever been in love
 will tell you that
This is no time for a chat!

Haven't your lips longed for my touch? 
Don't say how much,
Show me! Don't talk of love 
lasting through time.
Make me no undying vow. 
Show me now!

Sing me no song! 
Read me no rhyme!
Don't waste my time, 
Don't talk of June, 
Don't talk of fall!
Don't talk at all! 

Never do I ever want 
to hear another word.
There isn't one I haven't heard.
Here we are together 
in what ought to be a dream;
Say one more word, and I'll scream!

Haven't your arms hungered for mine?
Please don't "expline," 

Don't wait until wrinkles and lines
Pop out all over my brow,


~ Alan Jay Lerner


  1. The suit of armor doesn't fit him.

    He's no warrior.

    I picture him from that period at the powdered, pampered dandy, complete with ruffled sleeves, scented handkerchief and nosegay

  2. I've called him The Black Knight -- pun fully intended -- since started to run for the WH.

    The title makes liberals get positively INCENSED. It's great fun to watch their hair burst unto flame and the smoke pour out of their ears. };-)>

  3. PS: I think he most certainly us a "warrior, " but one of the craftiest, subtlest, most skillful kind.

    He's been at war with the US Constitution and working tirelessly to destroy the Vision of the Founders since early childhood.

    He's one of the first non-Jewish RED DIAPER babies -- and sadly, one of the most potent who ever lived.

  4. HOWEVER, I want the following, even though they originated elsewhere, to be on record here at FreeThinke's blog:


    The president did a great deal of alking about the how terrible i was for people to be forced to live in “The Shadows.”

    "The Shadows" is a great place be. You get to live free from the Iron Grasp of the IRS making a constant threat to your survival if you don't pay tribute to the Great God Gubmint. If I were a non-citizen and wanted to be truly "free," I know I'd have a much better chance with the INS than it's evil sibling the IRS.

    The early settlers seeking freedom from religious persecution, and the opportunity to try to make a fortune and "be somebody," –– and later the pioneers who opened the West –– were not subject to the strangling, Draconian brands of economic tyranny and the constant monitoring, close supervision and ever-tightening restrictions on their personal choices and behavior imposed by the "Progressives" we must suffer with today.

    Today's illegal immigrant is MUCH closer to the original settlers and the pioneers in Spirit and in Truth than we who have been skillfully conditioned to function as Cogs in a Great Machine –– i.e. Slaves to an Almighty and ever-living Nanny State.

    THINK about that before you start trumpeting canned talking points and stale shibboleths about "The Rule of Law."

    I listened to the president on C-Span last night, and have to say I was impressed by his "tone." Mr. Obama does "sincere" very well when occasion demands. I found myself agreeing with most of his sentiments, and rather liked the dignity with which he expressed them. HOWEVER, since he has proved himself over and over to be a LIAR –– a totally political animal who can prevaricate with a straight face before the cameras with uncanny skill, and a comely, presentable individual with a deep, pleasant, well-modulated baritone voice –– I find it impossible to BELIEVE anything he says.

    HOWEVER, he parsed his words very carefully and DID make it clear that this Relief from the Threat of Deportation would be TEMPORARY. So what good could that possibly do anyone? It's a like Temporary Stay of Execution for a convicted murderer. All it does is prolong the Agony of Uncertainty.

    Laws are only as good as the people who write them. I see no reason whatsoever to respect "laws" fabricated by The Party of Asses -- i.e. Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Communist-Progressive- Liberal-Statist DemonRats who've been working ceaselessly, tirelessly and ruthlessly for over a hundred years to DESTROY the Founder's Vision and replace it with TYRANNY.

    PS: I never said a I TRUSTED King Barack. I only said I liked most of what he SAID. Today's post here at FreeThinke's Blog features SHOW ME from My Fair Lady. If that reference is too subtle for most to grasp, they oughtn't to be allowed to vote. ;-)

  5. FYI: That was the real Audrey Hepburn singing NOT the Marni Nixon voiceover given in the original studio release.

    I thought she did very well, even though as she, herself, freely admitted, she was not a "singer."

    With Broadway music singing "well" is not nearly as important as putting the song over the footlights with great CHARACTER and STYLE,

    Rex Harrison did it wonderfully well, as 'enry 'iggins, and he couldn't sing at ALL, so why shouldn't Eliza Doolittle do the same?

  6. Obama is back on the fundraising trail recycling the same words he spoke last night.

    Meanwhile, immigrant activists comment on the speech made last night: "It's not enough!"

    The cycle is never ending.

  7. Well, he "showed" you last night. What do you think? LOL!


  8. What do I think?

    I think he's opened the door for even more egregious action by future presidents.

    I don't know why that would make you all giddy and giggly...

    1. Correction, he passed through the door opened by previous presidents.

  9. WHO is "all giddy and giggly," SlverFiddle? Not I! I'm dead serious.

  10. Exactly what did the president show us last night, Jersey?

    Aside from appearing well dressed, well-rehearsed, dignified and composed while giving an effective reading of a well-crafted speech, precisely what did he do?

    The point of this post -- in case you missed it -- was to say obliquely in a good humored way that MR. OBAMA IS FULL OF HOT AIR.

    Haven't you ever noticed? No matter what politicians SAY nothing EVER changes for the BETTER?

    1. Being "full of hot air", now, that is a subject of which the Tea Drinkers absolutely positively know a lot about.

      Politicians, like used car salesman; are gifted at lying out of both sides of their mouths. Yet there never seems to be a shortage if either.

      Americans, a strange breed.

  11. AOW, perhaps you've noticed before with OTHER designated "Victim Groups, who shall remain nameless, there is NO WAY we could EVER give them ENOUGH to satisfy them.

    The appetite for MORE, MORE, MORE grows with each concession and each capitulation to one of their increasingly absurd demands.

    "THEY" will not REST, until THEY become our MASTERS, so THEY can abuse US the way they IMAGINE that "WE" have abused THEM.

    It is ALWAYS about POWER. It is NEVER about JUSTICE.

  12. The Anthony Asquith version of Pygmalion with Wendy Hiller is far superior.

  13. FreeThinke,

    I was answering the cigarette-smoking bolshevik buffoon's question.

  14. I much prefer my Shaw straight too, Ducky, the black and white film with Leslie Howard as Higgins, Wendy Hiller as Eliza and Marian Lohn as Higgins' mama, for which Shaw, himself, wrote the screen play, if we are to believe the credits, is, indeed, superior to the musical play. Perhaps you'd care to fill us in in who played Pickering and Alfred P. Doolittle? I can't remember. Was it Wilfred Hyde-White who portrayed Pickering?

    But why bother to make odious comparisons between a woodcarving and a marble statue -- two similar but intrinsically very different things?

    L and L's work has stood the test of time, and remains enjoyable nearly sixty years after it first appeared in Broadway.

    But AGAIN -- running true to form -- you evade the point at issue, and try to distract us with a probably-true-but-irrelevant criticism.

    If you ever made a straightforward observation showing a scintilla of appreciation for the topic of the day, I might drop dead of shock.

    Now, THERE'S an incentive for ya. };-)>

  15. Shaw did indeed write it FT.
    He was a big fan of Wendy Hiller (marvelous actress) and lobbied for her to play Lisa.

    The Asquith production puts much more emphasis on the role of language in class distinction.

  16. I don't really get the connection between Pygmalion and Obama although I guess some will find it.

    He's pretty much the right/center politician he always has been.

    This flap over a very mild immigration pronouncement baffles me.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. He did something, Free. He actually faced a reality and did something. You cons just can't grasp that.


    1. Jersey, are you talking about "cons" aka crooks? Meaning the type who craft the reality they want through manipulation and dishonesty.

      Or do you mean real conservatives? They are two different class of people and should not be confused as one and the same.

      Sort of like you shouldn't confuse liberals if the Enlightenment with liberals if the Bolshevik era.

  18. Language isn't the only thing that confers a class distinction. It's also what you say with it that really matters in conferring social class distinctions.

  19. "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."

    "I am responsible only to G_d and history."

    Which saying confers the larger measure of cultural capital?

  20. All presidents should all make a speech in praise of not doing in the future what they haven't been doing in the past.

    It makes them sound like they've REALLY done something!

    And after the speech, we can all sit back in self-satisfaction and pat them on the back for NOT doing their jobs.

    Immigration is now a problem solved through NOT doing anything.


  21. The more wee-wee'd up the President gets in his speeches, the more liberals praise his "effectiveness".

  22. The connection is between Obama as Freddy Eynsford-Hill and the Illegal Immigrants as Eliza Doolittle.

    Freddy, as you may remember, was portrayed as a young, handsome, superficially attractive upper-class gentleman with a pleasing-but-fawning manner and a head full of mush, who simpers over Eliza with dog like devotion..

    Eliza, who came "straight from the gutter," is shown to have principles, character, courage and determination.

    In this pleasantly silly song she rejects poor Freddy who shows his affection only with fancy words, but hasn't the courage to act on his sentiments.

    In other words she wants to be kissed, and all Freddy ever does is talk about how wonderful he thinks she is.

    In many ways our not-so-illustrious president is a great deal like Freddy Eynsford-Hill.

  23. My favorite president may well turn out to be Calvin Coolidge.

    After he completed his term in office he was asked what he thought his greatest accomplishment as president had been?

    "I minded my own business," he replied.

    Whether strictly true or merely apocryphal that remark is precious and delightful.

    Mr. Coolidge may have been the last president who remained untainted by the blandishments of Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Communist-Progressive-Liberal-Nanny-Statism.

  24. Leftwing progs like Jersey, who think government actions like Obama's latest decree are "free" are a big part of what's wrong with this country.

    Jersey, we're all a little dumber for having read what you've written.

  25. tHis is what I just said to Jersey at Who's Your Daddy? I think it bears repetition here -- and many other places as well:

    Jersey, old dear, the subjects we choose to discuss and our thoughts and feelings about them may not be agreeable to you, but I, myself, never LIE, and neither do Lisa, AOW, SilverFiddle, Finntann, Hugh Farnham, Viburnum, FJ-Theristes & Co, Andie, CI, Mustang, Leticia, Z or any of the myriad others who oppose on principle the inherent despotism embedded in the tenets of Progressive Nanny-Statism.

    We see things differently from you, but that doesn't make us "liars," any more than you are a "liar."

    I think you honestly believe you are telling the truth, which is why I have a good deal of sympathy for you, because I think you mean well but you've been seriously miseducated.

    Most of the others, however, have made it obvious they would heckle harass, bully, intimidate, lie, steal, cheat or even kill just to gain hold of the Levers of Power. Achieving DICTATORIAL POWER under the guise of Helping the Under-Privileged is ALL those people care about.

    That makes them despicable in my eyes.

    The philosophy I believe in and fervently support would REDUCE government power, REDUCE its ubiquitous, domineering presence in every aspect of our lives, and REDUCE the power the Professional Prevaricators that make up the Enemedia have on the public, by properly EDUCATING our children about the virtues of thrift, of thinking for oneself and the terrible dangers of falling prey to Mass Conformity to the Dictates of an Almighty Centralized Power.

    In the words of Joseph Hopkinson (Hail, Columbia!):

    ... Let Independence be our boast,
    Ever mindful what it cost,
    Ever grateful for the Prize,
    Let its Altar reach the Skies.

    Firm, united let us be
    Rallying 'round our Liberty
    As a Band of Brothers joined
    Peace and Safety we shall find."

    Think about it Jersey. Base your philosophy on Love of Liberty not on hatred and resentment of perceived "privilege" and "advantage."

    Our philosophy encourages personal fulfillment through unfettered, constructive endeavor -- the "pursuit of happiness," as you, personally, see fit.

    The Left would have you be nothing more than a cog in the ever-more complex, mystifying, confounding, oppressive machinery of government -- a Slave to the State.

    Whatever you may want to think right now, I assure you, you do NOT want THAT.


  26. The Tea-Party SamuraiNovember 22, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    I'll show Ya!Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens
    WASHINGTON – While the military “quagmire” in Iraq was said to tip the scales of power in the U.S. midterm elections, most Americans have no idea more of their fellow citizens – men, women and children – were murdered this year by illegal aliens than the combined death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since those military campaigns began
    Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That’s 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

    Total U.S. troop deaths in Iraq as of last week were reported at 2,863. Total U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan during the five years of the Afghan campaign are currently at 289, according to the Department of Defense.


  27. Perhaps I should have posted it this way:

    Words! Words! Words!
    I'm so sick of words.
    I've heard words all day through
    From the congress now you.

    Don't talk of Truth
    Or of The Fall.
    SHOW ME!

    Anyone concerned with politics
    Should tell you that

    Don't talk of Them
    Don't talk of You
    Just follow through.

    Don't wait until
    Wrinkles and lines
    Pop out all over your brow.


  28. Samurai, old fellow. I suspect you of being a left-wing operative deployed to misrepresent right wing sentiments -- at least that's what I hope you are. At any rate, I'll tell you the same thing I told "Indiana Jones" over at Who's Your Daddy? to someone who took umbrage a Obama's apparent claim that "Illegal immigrants are just as American as the rest of us," because most of whatI said to him applies to you as well:

    I'm sure what Obama meant in saying Mexicans are just as American as anyone was that they are fellow human beings. If you prick them, they bleed, etc.

    While some of the details in your diatribe may be factual, most of it is a virulent outpouring of mean-spirited conjecture, insult, bigotry and intolerance.

    I happen to have had a good deal of inadvertent experience with "illegals," and have for the most part found them amiable and astonishingly resourceful. Many are highly intelligent, and extremely grateful for whatever employment they've been able to get. For the most part their work ethic is exemplary. In this regard I find them remarkably similar to my maternal grandparents whom I remember very well. Their conduct under very challenging circumstances would provide an excellent role model for American Youth as it is today.

    The motives you ignorantly ascribe to these people are as spurious as they are contemptible.

    In reality, they are no different in spirit from the ancient Asians, who traversed what-was-then the Aleutian Land Bridge tens of thousands of years ago presumably seeking a better, more hopeful life for themselves and their children. Those ancient Asians ultimately spilt up, migrated all over the Western Hemisphere and developed into the hundreds of vastly different tribes we've referred to as "Indians" for several centuries.

    Each of those tribes developed its own language, culture and mores. Some fared better than others. All had something from which we could learn and profit were we not blinded by ignorance, stupidity and militant prejudice.

    Reality trumps "Theory" -- and "Law" -- every single time.

  29. Irrelevant though it may be to this discussion I want this sulfurous exchange between Dave Miller, which came at me out of nowhere this morning at me over at Who's Your Daddy?, to be preserved here for the record:

    Dave Miller - November 21, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    Free, you've made it clear you desire no communication from us "lefties" so why do you persist?

    Even when we don't address you, you respond, both here and on your blog.

    As for your words here, you support the conservative right. And when they act unilaterally, and with swagger, arrogance and certitude, it is fine. Apparently, as long as it is in another country that is.

    Your words are a perfect description of the foreign policy of the GOP and of late the Dems as they have systematically "extolled" American values at the end of a gun.

    Folks like you have supported this attitude for years. The problem is that you are upset now as our politicians bring the same attitude with which we have treated the world to our shores.

    Think man. Freely...

    And as you essentially said to me... keep your response to yourself. I don't want to read it, or hear it. I respected your wishes, I expect you to respect mine.

    FreeThinke November 21, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    Thank you Dave. I'm glad you're showing your true colors at last. You always tried to appear so "decent" and "fair-minded" it made me sick to my stomach, because I could see right through your smarmy, self-righteous act from day one.

    As for what I post at my blog, what I choose to accept or reject there, and what I choose to respond to in or out of the blogosphere, get this and get it straight:

    It's none of your God-damned business.

    I don't run around to other people's blogs trying to stir up trouble by mocking, scorning, harassing, bullying and otherwise attempting to irritate or intimidate the blog hosts and hostesses just so I can get cheap thrills.

    Neither do I waste my time gathering "evidence" all over the blogosphere of "offensive" behavior on the part of others so I can make a shrieking Holy Show of fake Righteous Indignation, and furiously claim "victimhood."

    I rarely attack anyone, unless I've been persistently harassed and moronically insulted. If you insist on addressing me, however, I will respond, if I choose. And I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of me -- least of all you, and that coterie of dyspeptic, perpetually snotty, belligerent, vain, conceited malcontents you hang around with.

    I've never been in this game to try to gain popularity, but only to tell the truth, as I am able understand it. No one deserves to be attacked and insulted for that.

    If you do NOT address me, I have no interest in what you might have to say, because I know we will never see eye to eye on anything of importance.

    That den of psychotic predators run by the two-faced she-devil you consort with on a regular basis has cured me once and for all of ever trying to build a cordial, meaningful relationship with people of your despicable political ilk ever again.

    It has nothing to do with responsible disagreement, but everything to do with deceit and sheer, unmitigated nastiness.

    I'm fed up sick and tired with trying to be pleasant and considerate to people who never offer anything in return but a ration of shit.

    Sorry, but whether you think so or not, you asked for it.

    Buh bye!

  30. This report is pure BULLSHIT! ! I don't believe a word of it. LIARS
    all a bunch of bullshit ! lie to cover his ass **** Obama he's a ******* CRIMINAL !
    and he needs to go to PRISON and so does that ******* **** Clinton

    Our Troops deserve better than this Crap.

  31. Dave Miller Is and always has been one of the biggest Two Faced Lefty Ass Kissers on these boards, I wouldn't believe or trust him for one minute. He reminds me of a the little school yard sissy who runs to the nearest person who will protect him from the Big Bad Bully who kicked sand in his face.

  32. What "report" are you talking about, Thom?

    This post involved a song from My Fair Lady used to parody Obama's notable lack of substance behind his smooth flow of rhetoric.

    He's all "mouth."

    Are you sure you came to the right thread?

  33. Don, don't you think I said more than enough to put Dave Miller firmly in his place? Why pile on with gratuitous insults? That only weakens "our" case.

    Have you never heard of "overkill?"

  34. "He actually faced a reality and did something. You cons just can't grasp that."

    Robbing a bank is doing something, it doesn't make it legal.

    The function of the legislature is to craft legislation, or not, as they see fit. It is not the role of the executive branch. The role of the executive branch is to faithfully execute the laws passed by congress, there is no vested authority to act when congress chooses not to.

    In defiance of the laws of the United States white prosecutors used to decline to prosecute white people in the lynching of blacks. What's the difference.

    Oh yeah, you agree with one but not the other.

    But like I've said it's a win-win. If Obama gets away with not enforcing the law, the next Republican president can just as easily get away with not enforcing ACA. You're just too stupid to realize it.

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  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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