Monday, November 3, 2014

And THAT, dear friends, 
is EXACTLY the way it is 
for those too ignorant and 
ill-informed to realize how badly 
they –– and the rest of us –– 
are being had in a country
run by asses.


  1. Ah, FT, and you wonder why minorities don't care for conservatives.

    You have no idea how offensive, or even why, that is.


  2. Even more offensive is the actual plight of actual black people in this country.

    Their economic situation has gotten worse, not better, since the war on poverty.

    At what point do people realize the Democrat party race card rhetoric is all BS, as is 99.99% of ALL political rhetoric.

  3. Damn, the DOW closed down 24.28 today and here we are with attention affixed on asses, elephants, and human drawn donkey carts.

    Where are the Gods of Olympus when we need em?

  4. Don't be silly, Thurston. The DJIA has been doing SPECTACULARLY well. Today's tiny dip is NOTHING.

    What DOES concern me, however, is a sneaking suspicion that the recent recovery after a marked downturn just a few weeks ago may be the result of MANIPULATION by International Financiers who WANT this country to fail, so they can take control.

    Market improvements such as we've experienced recently unfortunately engender false confidence in Obama at JUST the time when we need to topple him and everything he represents once and for all.

    Sad to say that too much GOOD NEWS in the market COULD queer the election.

    Just a thought ...

    1. Of course it's silly. Yet your point on possible market manipulation is plausible. But...

      the possibility of market manipulation by corporate moguls in the USA and oligarchs/plutocrats may be equally as plausible.

      Remember, collapse of the US market and economy would send the globe into a severe deep recession.

      Hm, do you really think this is what international financiers want?

      I seriously question it. But who knows.

  5. Thank you, SF, you saved me the trouble of trying to explain it to our brainwashed friend from NJ.

  6. Jersey the most offensive thing is when democrats and liberals play the race card,not because they really believe it,but because it works.
    And when lefties call people cons and baggers.
    Or are conservatives denied the right to be offended?

  7. Democrats play the race card because it's true. And they know it' true when they see depictions as in this blog. You cons think blacks are just dumb, lazy, Democratic pawns. They're not. The political situation is as it is because there is no other political home for these voters. The GOP is no home for minorities.


  8. It isn't true though Jersey,it's a narrative the dems use like they do with every group ,trying to divide instead of uniting.
    I have heard more attacks from the left towards minority and women conservatives. I bet you
    Believe that's "different"

  9. Fiddle Dee and Fiddle Dum, hasn't divide and conquer been political strategy since day one?

  10. It's a fact, you cons are uncomfortable with it, you look for ways to obfuscate rather than address the issues, and in the process come right out and call minorities dumb, lazy, zombies of the state. And you wonder why they don't like conservatives.


  11. Why Jersey my man, youse point is understood. Consider this, a man or woman is to be judged by their character and works. Regardless of ethnicity, color, religion, or politics.

    My good man you should not generalize. But you already know that right?

  12. No Jersey that is basically the message the democrats send them,saying they are not capable and how they need their party in order for them to succeed. Unfortunately the policies of the democrats,not only do not help minorities,but have kept them in the same situation for 60 years and have turned 70% of the black family into single parent homes.
    The republucans would prefer they succeed but the democrats need them to need them

  13. @ Jersey: "You cons think blacks are just dumb, lazy, Democratic pawns."

    No Jersey. You leftwing progs think that.

    The very idea that the GOP is trying to "fool" black people belies the idea you think them children. And to further aver that they are too helpless to procure picture ID that everyone needs nowadays to rent a video or board a plane betrays just how little leftwing progs like you think of them.

    Vilifying those minorities who have escaped the plantation is just the cherry on top of the cupcake.

    The facts are clear. Leftwing progs in the Democrat party are minority vote harvesters. Keeping them ignorant and beholden furthers your project.

    you should be ashamed of yourself.

  14. Lisa, nice spin job direct from spin central

    Have you a remedy for the perceived inequity you seem to believe democrats have created for blacks? If so what and if not why not?

  15. Thank you Kurt, Lisa, NIMN and others who made sound observations.

    I certainly don't agree with Jersey, but I know darned well scolding him and calling him names would have no good effect on him or anyone else.

    In the world I come from RESULTS are all that count NOT merely a SHOW of good intentions.

    The results of the Civil Rights Movement have been a thoroughly mixed blessing. No sane peson would deny that "something" had to be done to open doors formerly closed to blacks in order to give them an honest CHANCE at self improvement and upward mobility.

    That was accomplished in 1954 by Earl Warren, an EISENHOWER (Republican) appointee to the Supreme Court.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats seized the opportunity to make political hay by exploiting black issues, and so The Liberal Plantation mentality was born.

    If you love "facts" and "statistics," as leftists claim they do, you cannot possibly deny that LBJ's Great Society has had a primarily DETRIMENTAL effect on the Black Community.

    That does not mean that I think EVERY Democrat deliberately PLANNED it that way. I'm sure most sincerely hoped for positive results. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

    "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intenions."

    Ask the (very few) positive black role models who made it on their own and achieved great things on their own what THEY think of The Liberal Plantation system. And please DON'T try to tell us they're only a bunch of "Uncle Toms" who got where they are just because they kissed White Ass. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and nothing could POSSIBLY be more INSULTING and DEMEANING to blacks than to harbor the attitude that none of them could ever had gotten out of the cotton fields without the BRIBES offered by self-serving white politicians and busybody dogooders like Eleanor Roosevelt, who THOUGHT they knew something and became obnoxiously officious in imposing their airy, high flown theories on largely unwilling recipients.

  16. Doctor Truth said...

    "Have you a remedy for the perceived inequity you seem to believe democrats have created for blacks?"

    Why sure!!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. I can't understand why you are not writing a nationally syndicated column, FT. You have a lot to say, you make a lot of sense, and your writing is always interesting and fun to read.

    A. Fanne

  18. Good to see ya, AA! Lets keep our fingers crossed. I am NOT optimistic, but I AM hopeful.


    A. Fanne, flattery will get you everywhere. :-) Please visit us again. And thank you. You are much too kind.

  19. 'A country run by asses.'

    Your too much. I love it.

    Mr. Sparky



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