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Michael Brown. Will he ever rest in peace?

How Much Do You Care, 
and Why?

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  1. It is a pity that Michael Brown attacked an armed police officer and wrestled with an officer of the law so as to take away the officer's weapon.

    There are many conflicting stories, but the evidence (DNA, especially) indicates that Brown was the aggressor in all this.

    Michael Brown is dead, and Officer Wilson's career in law enforcement is likely over.

    Furthermore, the rioters have destroyed an entire business section of Ferguson. Who will now want to open a business in Ferguson -- particularly in that section of town.


    I have a question of my own: What exactly would have satisfied the aggrieved in Ferguson?

  2. All these people should be locked away under the Patriot act, throw the key away, and make sure they are caged like the monkeys they are, and fed bread and water only until they die. Let them eat and **** in the same cage without ever cleaning the cage. So tired of monkeys getting away with everything. It shouldn't have taken more than a day to clear the good officers name to begin with..

    Once again Racist Obama showed his colors and denies that blacks commit more crimes than anyone else and in turn are either arrested or confronted by Police and that they alone determine what action has to be taken to control them by their own actions.
    Blame others........But NO, he stood there and egged them on... How typical of Obama.
    ISN’T AMERICA GREAT............ looting and taking stuff ,,,,,,you get everything for free anyway, so what’s your problem? Like your welfare checks , ,, your free food card ...,and free medical and free rent, ...those white Devils that you seem hate so much ...
    All these people want is instant gratification, and free stuff, and no respect for any authority figures. Until the rioters learn to respect others, this will never change. There will be riots all over the country because it is already planned. That’s what we can expect from these so-called Black Leaders like Sharpton. Look at the mess he’s responsible for in New York, with is Puppet de Blasio.
    Thank you Grand Jury for coming out with the right decision, justice has prevailed

  3. AOW asks, "What exactly would have satisfied the aggrieved in Ferguson?"

    If you mean the MOB, it very like would have been nothing less than turning Officer Wilson over to them with his hands tied behind his back so they could beat him to a pulp, tear him limb from limb and stomp him to jelly.

    The veneer of Civilization is very thin in all societies, but apparently thinner and even more fragile in communities made up of formerly oppressed minorities.

    Most of them are not nearly as interested in advancing themselves through [legitimate] education, hard work, patience, faith and fortitude as they are in wreaking VENGEANCE on those the Communist Community Agitators have told them are responsible for their dismal plight.

    The destructive, persistently negative attitude of LEFTIST thinking is as responsible as anything else for the horrible, firmly-entrenched, self-defeatng STUPIDITY that still keeps the American Negro down.

    1. The third paragraph holds great significance far greater than the space given it.

      The disregard for the rule of law displayed by a small minority is deplorable and legitimate law enforcement must restore order.

      Confronting and addressing the underlying cause is IMO the greatest (and real) challenge society faces. We either do and come to terms with it or face rampant anarchy.

  4. Mista Anonymous, I'm letting your unkind comment stand, but only because it gives a clear picture of how wrong and unhelpful distorted, exaggerated opinion motivated primarily by hatred can be.

    There is a grain of truth in what you say, of course but I disapprove of the malice used in presenting it.

    The attitude you display so eloquently is every bit as ugly and counter-productive as that of the race baiters, agitators and ignorant masses too easily led to riot and destroy their own surroundings.

  5. After hearing the evident that the grand jury heard, any person with half a brain would agree that there was no cause for indictment. The problem is, these people are not smart enough to listen and comprehend the evidence, they wanted a reason to riot and nothing would have prevented that. Holder and the other race baiters certainly did not help the situation. Brown was a thief who had committed a crime, he had drugs in his system and he resisted to the point that he assaulted the officer. After running away ( and the officer did NOT shoot him as he was running away) he turned and aggressively ran towards the officer who then shot him again. Does anyone believe that if Michael Brown had complied with the officers requests and manned up to his crime and submitted to his arrest, that he would be dead today? I'm sure there are some idiots out there that would not agree to that....

    These people who are burning down the property of others should have their own homes burnt down, maybe that would show them how it feels.

  6. The disregard for the rule of law displayed by a small minority is deplorable and legitimate law enforcement must restore order.

    Presidential amnesty... Michael Brown. Is there a pattern here?

    1. Irrelevant comment. Designed to deflect discussion away from the relevant subject matter at hand. And for partisan political reasons. IMNHO.

      Making the search for common humanity and common ground next to impossible.

  7. MA's comment may have a grain of truth in it. However, as you correctly pointed out, it is the sea of garbage the grain of truth lays in that is the problem.

    We should be focusing on the sea MNHO.

    "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." - S. Covey

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  9. The "underlying cause" of Negro rioting and most of the other hateful, counter-prooductive, self-destrucive activities at the heart of modern Black Culture lies at the feet of the MARXIAN-FABIAN-SOCIALIST-PROGRESSIVE-LIBERAL-STATIST-STINKO-PINKO AGITATORS whose REAL agenda has always been to defame, uproot, destroy and replace our once-predominantly-Christian ethos with godless, inherently tyrannical, COLLECTIVIST ideology.

    Slavery and Jim Crowe were abolished a LONG time ag. It has been in the best interest of Red Agitators ONLY to do everything possible to keep those things alive in the minds of the ignorant people whose challenges the Left seeks always to EXPLOIT to the LEFT'S advantage.

    Not only that, vile influences like our current poor excuse for a president -- an atrocious, utterly venal practitioner of demagoguery, if ever there was one, -- find it works to their advantage to fan the flames of discontent, anger, and the unhealthy desire to wreak vengeance.

    In this way The Firs Black President is guilty of setting back progress in race relations by at least fifty years.

    As we've seen in "liberated" Sub-Saharan Africa, in Haiti, and as I have seen in the Negro colleges and schools where I, personally, served as a teacher, Negro potentates rarely-if-ever give two hoot in hell for the welfare of their own people -- a sad truth no one on the Left would ever deign to acknowledge.

  10. Who is going to offer justice to the following:
    the businesses which where looted and burned-out? The owners of those businesses are now without the opportunity to see their dreams come true.
    The people who worked at these businesses: their job's and futures where destroyed.
    The city of Ferguson itself,since I heard that most businesses destroyed in Ferguson were minority owned


  11. We are at the point now in the US of Israelis v. Palestinians. It is irremediable.

    Too many people and groups have too much invested in societal turmoil.

    In the future, we will see aggrieved whites and Hispanics getting in on the action.

    Having an economy that everyone could participate in would ameliorate the situation, but that's not in the cards.

    We will bring down upon ourselves more police state, more control and more paternalistic government as a result.

    We cannot just blame the black people of Ferguson for this.

    America 2014: We built this together.

  12. I Ain't Got No Blog said...


    You asked intelligent, relevant questions earlier in your post; it's a shame you had to spoil it by tacking this on this unnecessary pot shot.

    As I've told Rational Nation, himself -- repeatedly -- I insist on running MY blog MY way. Why that is so difficult for so many to understand and respect is beyond me.

    If there were some way to screen out personal remarks electronically, whether insulting and demeaning or laudatory, I would.

    I doubt if most comprehend how irritating and unseemly it is for contributors to make god-like pronouncements about other people's behavior on other people's blogs. It too closely resembles an attempt to take over the management of someone else's property without their consent.

    And yes, I know I've done it, myself, when I saw things get completely out of control in other places. I have since made an effort to realize how futile such efforts tend to be. A simple withdrawal from the place you don't like would be more appropriate -- and probably more helpful.

  13. Ferguson...

    The Return of the Repressed

    Freud coined the term "return of the repressed" to explain the existence of neurotic symptoms. He theorized that an unconscious thought/feeling (Id derived) would constantly press for access to the executive fictions of the mind in order to be discharged. The Ego would be on constant alert to prevent the direct expression of the forbidden idea but the idea would find a disguise and surface as a symptom.

  14. ACCORDING TO FREUD, humanity's very movement into civilized society (and the child's analogous instroduction to that society) require the repression of our primitive (but still very insistent) desires. Indeed, for this reason, he argues in Civilization and Its Discontents that all of civilized society is a substitute-formation, of sorts, for our atavistic instincts and drives. As he puts it in A Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis (First Lecture), "we believe that civilization is to a large extent being constantly created anew, since each individual who makes a fresh entry into human society repeats this sacrifice of instinctual satisfaction for the benefit of the whole community" (15.23). What happens instead, as he goes on to explain, is that those "primitive impulses," of which the sexual impulse is the strongest, are sublimated or "diverted" towards other goals that are "socially higher and no longer sexual" (15.23). Our instincts and primitive impulses are thus repressed; however, Freud believed that the sexual impulse was so powerful that it continually threatened to "return" and thus disrupt our conscious functioning (hence the now-famous term, "the return of the repressed").

  15. Civilization and capitalism are no longer "paying off" for increasingly larger segments of out "corporate" society.

    The "repressed" will return with ever increasing frequency and violence unless these "payoffs" are restored.

  16. FT, I'd love to the the full list of every bad thing you believe caused by the Left, but I don't have an entire decade to spend reading it.

    Black people flee the South, dominated by people like you, wind up in northern industrial cities, which then empty out of white people, and then empty out of industry, leaving abandoned cities populated by their ancestors.

    That's what happened, you idiot.


  17. Jersey, I wish you and I could get together so you had a chance to know me as I really am. I taught for the United Negro College Fund, and worked in New York with many blacks from the "inner city," and enjoyed amicable relations with my students for the most part. You'd be amazed at what I've done to try to help blacks and other minorities.

    If you read more carefully, you'd know that I don't blame THEM for their plight. Instead I blame outside agitators and power-seeking, agenda-driven "activists," and politicians like LBJ whose machinations and sad, inept, often-downright-evil policies have weakened blacks in general -- particularly black males -- virtually destroyed the black family, destroyed any hope for upward mobility for the black underclass.

    I think you tend to equate or confuse extreme permissiveness and indulgence towards bad behavior with genuine kindness.

    Real love is often tough, just as Truth is often unappealing and unpalatable.

    Throwing money at bad situations, then publicly patting yourself on the back while pretending you've accomplished a worthy goal is baloney. "Baloney" being the most polite term I could think for it.

    REAL accomplishment always involves a mighty effort to pull against inertia. It's never easy, and rarely does it receive even a faint show of gratitude, but that kind of effort is the only kind worth making.

    As Lincoln supposedly said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time."

    That last is exactly what "liberals" try to do. They even go so far as to try to fool THEMSELVES. Is it any winder they look both harmful and absurd to the rest of us.

    The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

    Even if perfectly sincere, good Intentions are inadequate to the production of real reform and genuine progress.

    QUESTION: How many people work for you at your restaurant? How many or what percentage of them of them are black?

    Just curious ...

  18. "Having an economy that everyone could participate in would ameliorate the situation, but that's not in the cards."

    Bingo! Silverfiddle wins the large Kewpie doll.

    Pity that the last thing you'll do in the face of this acknowledged (and growing) problem is at least give some modest consideration to the voice on the left.

  19. Hey Jersey,

    That is not what happened in Ferguson, you idiot.

    I have family who live just south of there, north of St Louis, idiot.

    Restrict shooting off your mouth to subjects you know something about.

    Ferguson is not Detroit (destroyed by liberal Democrats), you idiot.

    Most of this violence is perpetrated by outside agitators, you idiot.

  20. Sure Ducky, Socialism has such a wonderful track record... *eye roll*

    What do you think of Australia as a model?

  21. Perfect comment to Jersey FT. That was a pagefull right there.
    You always eloquently make your points

  22. FreeThinke, I don't care if you were Black Jesus, when you say collectivism is the root cause of these problems, you sound like a dumb ideologue. You do not understand the problem. You worked with good kids that went to college. I hung out with the kids that sold them their pot. You do not understand the underbelly of America. It's obvious by your writing style.


  23. But how can you be SURE Jersey? After all one should ask, is ANYTHING ever really obvious beyond one's own perceptions?

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Oh yeah Jersey you get it because you hung out with the black people who matter.
    Your black people are more real than FT's black people?
    What a silly statenent

  26. Les, you sheltered middle-class white guys don't have a clue. I'm sure.


  27. Only the world Jersey lives in is real.The rest of us are all just so clueless.
    Just ask any liberal,they will tell you how enlightened they all are

  28. Les, you don't have to be an uptight d'bag. That was a long time ago. The point is that I've been around. I also spent five years working with illegal aliens in the NYC and LA areas. I didn't come up the way most of you guys did.


    1. I am not yet decided if consider your d'bag reference a complement or an insult. I'm leaning towards complement. ;-)

      Now, tell me what you KNOW about how I "came up". I'm all eyes.

  29. Jersey, Jersey, Jersey,

    Haven't you learned yet that to ASSUME anything tends to make an ASS out of U and ME? ;-)

    You have absolutely no idea what kind of kids I worked with. NONE!

    I could tell you true life stories that might make even your hair curl, but I ain't gonna.

    Have you had no experience with the United Negro College Fund schools? When I taught at one of them, 96% of the students were functionally illiterate -- not even able to work up to the standards my elementary school classmates and I met by the time we were in third and fourth grade.

    This was a long time ago, and I hope thing have changed for the better by now, but I doubt it when I see what is going on in places like Ferguson, Missouri.

    My writing style is just normal for the era in which I was brought up, although I admit verbal skills have always been my strong suit. Probably a combination of having had inborn talent and wonderful parents who really cared about me, and read to me and to each other nearly every day. Having had an aunt who was a school principal and a cousin who was a social worker and child psychologist didn't hurt either. Lots of good influence. I was very lucky.

    HOWEVER, my grandparents on both sides came from the working class. They were all in favor of upward mobility, and did well by their children -- particularly my mother's parents who came over from Italy in the Great Migration of the late nineteenth century with hardly a nickel in their pockets. The aunt who married my mother's oldest brother, also an Italian immigrant, was a survivor of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. She was always a merry, light-hearted woman, and a fabulous cook who lived to the age of 101.

    So, there was nothing terribly elite or pretentious about my background. My family simply believed that each succeeding generation should reach greater heights than the preceding.

    "A man's reach should always exceed his grasp" was one of their favorite mottoes.

    So, stop being such an inverted SNOB, get real, come down off The Cross, and try to talk man to man. I don't despise you. I rather like you, even though I believe you are wrong about many things.

  30. FreeThinke, you're the world's biggest uptight d'bag! LOL! (colloquial fun, here, okay?) It's what I love about you.

    Look man, again, I don't care if you're Martin Luther King's long lost passing cousin. Your notion that somehow socialism is responsible for inner city minority strife is laughable on the contemporary, historical, and contextual reality levels. It's just you don't like socialism, there is some socialism at play in the inner cities, the inner cities have problems, hence socialism is the cause of those problems.

    Yes, there were many drawbacks and problems caused by the government in those places, but the meager assistance is the least of them. I suppose the worst of the "good intended" involvement was the building of those god awful towers and apartment complexes. But the Police State alone has far FAR greater an impact on their communities than any stupid anti-socialistic ideological nonsense you anally emit. Then there's Free Trade, the fall of the labor movement, political power shifting out of the cities and into the burbs, and all that other stuff. There's just so much to it, you just can't know much about it to have such an opinion.

    I remember, in college, I was once asked to write a paper on the general workings of the underground economy of the inner cities. So I did. The professor gave me a poor grade. I never got poor grades. So, I asked him why. The little s#!t told me that he did not care for the weight I put on certain economic activities in that community. I explained the weight was relative to the object. He was adamant. So, I went to the respective dean. And I got my good grade, and punked him a little too, because he needed it. Facts are facts, my friend. Regardless of your subjective experience - the object is still the object.

    (I was just thinking, there must be all these middle-aged black guys out there writing like 19th century New England poets on commercial letterhead and office memos all around the country... ;)


    1. Experiences are reality. They happen. In other words they exist or have existed. What is subjective is how one interprets their experiences. Or put another way what they take away from their experiences.

      Perceptions become reality for people. We are talking perceptions here.

  31. FT,
    I taught for the United Negro College Fund, and worked in New York with many blacks from the "inner city," and enjoyed amicable relations with my students for the most part. You'd be amazed at what I've done to try to help blacks and other minorities.

    I don't doubt it!

    In my own case, every single black student whom I've taught -- as far back as 35 years ago -- still maintains amicable contact with me. Every one! Even if we disagree on political matters.



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