Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Picture Worth 
A Thousand Words


  1. He's going to do it anyway.

    And the Left will applaud like seals.

  2. From this article in the WaPo:

    The president has certainly been consistent on this issue—until he saw that the path through Congress was blocked....

    Previously he said that was not possible, using evocative language that he is not a “king” or “the emperor.” Apparently he’s changed his mind. The president earns an upside-down Pinocchio for his flip-flop.

  3. The president and his band of henchman have declared war against the Constitution, against Law, against Reason, against all decent hardworking middle class people, against the financially secure taxpayers who support the government, and above all against upward mobility.

    With supreme arrogance and presumption barack Obama fully intends to preside over The Destruction of the American Dream and to see it safely dead and buried in Potters Field without a marker before he leaves office.

    He wants YOU and ME to be poor, helpless, and completely at the mercy of whatever whims, caprices and outrageous demands CENTRALIZED POWER may choose to visit upon us at any given time.

He wants you GROVELLING with HIS heels firmly placed against YOUR neck.

    To ensure this damnable outcome he -- and his immediate predecessors -- have weakened our once invincible hegemony, ande destroyed our credibility abroad. To top it off King Barack has lauded our enemies, and insulted or betrayed our friends.

    Now, whether or not King Barack succeeds in fully implementing his evil agenda depends entirely on whatever GUTS, BACKBONE and TESTICULAR FORTITUDE the newly-elected Republican majority may be able to summon up among their ranks.

So far, because those few who still have the will to stand against tyranny do not have a veto-proof majority in the senate CAPITULATION to the president's, apparently, almighty VETO POWER seems inevitable.

    Had he been a duly elected REPUBLICAN, Barack Obama would have been tarred, feathered, and set ABLAZE several years ago, his cinders spat and urinated upon, and his legacy of corruption, shame, and failure would live on in media-engendered infamy forever.

    Such is the nature of a Public Education, Communications and Entertainment Establishment of LICKSPITTLES firmly entrenched in service to the Oligarchs who work behind the scenes to chart our course and set the agenda that drives us towards Doom, for it is THEY who made sure we elected the likes of Jimmy Carter, both bumbling Bushes, rapist Clinton, and Barack the Magic Negro to lead us Marching in Lockstep over the Cliff into the Abyss.

    Only a people fully aware, fully aroused, and utterly willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for a nble set of Ideals and Principles could prevent this, and so far we see scant evidence that anyone elected to power has any such capacity.

    The Oligarchs have seen to it that we are too "fat dumb and happy" to summon up the Will to Rebel.

    Only YOU could do anything to thwart them, and you won’t, will you?

  4. FT,
    You might want to read this related post over at Mike's America.

  5. Whatever Obama wants so do his loyal comrades. I thought we were above cultish behavior.

  6. HEEEEEEEEERE's RED STATE. (Needless to say I LOVE IT):

    Yes, yes, yes, let us concede up front that the GOP will always get blamed for a government shutdown.

    Yes, yes, yes, let us concede that, in fact, polling for the GOP declined after the 2013 shutdown. But, we must caveat, some of their decline was from Republicans who decided their side had caved and were unhappy.

    Now let us also concede this: many Republicans were hysterically outraged that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)93% had cost the GOP the Senate and they could potentially lose the House because of the shut down.

    And finally let us concede that this did not happen.

    In fact, this is the second shut down where the GOP got blamed and saw no catastrophe at the ballot box. Again, after the shutdown the Clinton years, the GOP picked up Senate seats.

    Every horror story every talking head within the GOP Establishment trotted out to scare congressmen and senators into caving turned out to be crap.

    And there was a wave in 2014. In fact, it is a wave of such magnitude it is pretty hard to claim that if only the Congress had not shut down the wave would have been larger.

    Now, let us be clear on the parameters of the debate moving forward. I am not suggesting the GOP just say “to heck with it” and shut down the government. What I am suggesting is that the GOP pass everything except Obamacare funding and funding for any immigration actions the President wants to take.

    And he will most certainly balk at all that.

    But the voters did not elect the GOP to do any part of their own agenda. Hell, the GOP ran on absolutely nothing other than “we are not Obama” and “we will defund Obamacare.” Post-election polling shows most Americans want the GOP to set the course for the country. That’s not because the GOP’s image is suddenly rebuilt, but because people are finally tired of Obama and the Democrats.

    Contrary to Karl Rove from over the weekend, the GOP did not rebuild their image over the past ten months from a government shutdown. The GOP did absolutely nothing but run on “we are not Obama.” If that is the image they rebuilt, then they need to not be Obama and need to not fund Obama’s agenda.

    So set the course. Defund Obamacare and block amnesty. Obama can defy the will of the people and refuse to work with Congress. Sure, the GOP may get blamed. But so what?

    And that is key here — so what. They got blamed last time and the public rewarded them with the biggest election wave in modern American political history from the local level to the federal level.

    Block Obama. Let him show himself again to be the petulant man-child Americans have started recognizing. And this time, when he shuts down the government, keep it shut till you have your way and then hold public hearings to show how Obama selectively shut things down to hurt the voters intentionally.

    At the end of the day, there is no other choice. Either the President will cave to a Congress just elected to stop him or the GOP will cave to a President no one likes.

  7. Dear, Lisa, I do so wish you had not linked us to The Cyber Septic Tank.

    I quietly resolved several weeks ago to have as little to do with political sewage produced by leftists as possible.

    Admittedly all excrement stinks, but theirs produces a stench so incredibly vile I find it absolutely unendurable.

    Devils devoted to the perpetration and perpetuation of mendacity of the most malignant, supremely destructive kind should not be tolerated by decent people. PERIOD!

  8. Obama is the worst president we have ever had. He doesn't understand the American soul and spirit. He's more of Commie than a Libaral. His Black African daddy that abandoned him, white American mommy wasn't exactly a great stand up patriot. Grew up in Muslim Indonesia and Hawaii and was a dope toking dingbat.

  9. FreeThinke, you're getting just a wee little hyperbolic, and your verbal caricature of Obama was just as weird and unpleasant as that picture.

    Do you really, truly believe President Obama "wants YOU and ME to be poor, helpless, and completely at the mercy of whatever whims, caprices and outrageous demands CENTRALIZED POWER may choose to visit upon us at any given time.

He wants you GROVELLING with HIS heels firmly placed against YOUR neck?" Really?

    Right now, it seems clear, whatever comic-bookish opinion you guys have of Obama, he sure seems to know how to push your buttons.

    Obama is a Party Man. He is a product of the Chicago Democratic political machine, which has processed most every Democratic President for most of a century. He seems ready to rile up the right with everything he's got for the next two years, and, in that time, he will make the GOP look really, really, really bad.

    Obama will hold up every shiny object he can lift before the American people so they can watch the Republicans smash it right in front of them.

    Obama doesn't have to do much of anything, let alone anything illegal. He doesn't need "executive amnesty." He will never need a pardon. All he has to do is say things you guys don't like, tweak a little here and there, and watch you all implode from massive overdoses of hyperbole.

    Hillary '16 baby!

    LOL! Chicago again!


  10. Oh shoot! I just realized you were moderating! Sorry!


  11. Sorry FT I thought you would get a laugh from the Octopus post

  12. If the Congress won't defund Obama, then the taxpayers will (stop paying taxes). If he wants to collect, then he'd best bring a gun.

    Taxpayer Revolt! Let the illegals pay for a government to "serve" them. They're certainly getting all the benefits now.



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