Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ina Nutschell Presents


The president and his band of henchman have declared war against the Constitution, against Law, against Reason, against all decent hardworking middle class people, against the financially secure taxpayers who support the government, and above all against upward mobility.

With supreme arrogance and presumption Barack Obama fully intends to preside over The Destruction of the American Dream and to see it safely dead and buried in Potters Field without a marker before he leaves office.

He wants YOU and ME to be poor, helpless, and completely at the mercy of whatever whims, caprices and outrageous demands CENTRALIZED POWER may choose to visit upon us at any given time.

He wants you GROVELLING with HIS heels firmly placed against YOUR neck.

To ensure this damnable outcome he –– and his immediate predecessors –– have weakened our once invincible hegemony, ande destroyed our credibility abroad. To top it off King Barack has lauded our enemies, and insulted or betrayed our friends.

Now, whether or not King Barack succeeds in fully implementing his evil agenda depends entirely on whatever GUTS, BACKBONE and TESTICULAR FORTITUDE the newly-elected Republican majority may be able to summon up among their ranks.

So far, because those few who still have the will to stand against tyranny do not have a veto-proof majority in the senate CAPITULATION to the president's, apparently, almighty VETO POWER seems inevitable.

Had he been a duly elected REPUBLICAN, Barack Obama would have been tarred, feathered, and set ABLAZE several years ago, his cinders spat and urinated upon, and his legacy of corruption, shame, and failure would live on in media-engendered infamy forever.

Such is the nature of a Public Education, Communications and Entertainment Establishment of LICKSPITTLES firmly entrenched in service to the Oligarchs who work behind the scenes to chart our course and set the agenda that drives us towards Doom, for it is THEY who made sure we elected the likes of Jimmy Carter, both bumbling Bushes, sexual predator and rapist Clinton, and Barack the Magic Negro to lead us Marching in Lockstep over the Cliff into the Abyss.

Only a people fully aware, fully aroused, and utterly willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for a noble set of Ideals and Principles could prevent this, and so far we see scant evidence that anyone elected to power has any such capacity.

The Oligarchs have seen to it that we are too "fat dumb and happy" to summon up the Will to Rebel.

Only YOU could do anything to thwart them, and you WON’T, will you?


  1. Ya know, I might not be the sharpest spoon in the toaster, but if I recall my school days rightly, government ain't supposed to work this way.

    ain't congress supposed to pass laws, and then the President signs them?

    How can a guy, even if he is president, just do stuff on his own?

    Why do left wingers cheer him on? Didn't they learn how this was supposed to work in school?

    Do they want a dictator?

    Oh well, gotta get me another cup of coffee.

  2. Everyone who favors this kind of Abuse of Power too easily forgets that someone they don't like or trust will eventually get elected and use Draconian Authoritarianism against THEIR pet agenda.

    Turnabout really is fair play, and payback tends to be hell.

    "When will they ever learn?"

    Too bad Dirty Dylan left HIMSELF out when he croaked and whined that question into a microphone, because it destroyed his credibility as it dishonored the question.

    It's a great question. Too bad it was first popularized by a filthy leftist pig.

  3. i think the mighty emperor ran on narcissism for his first 4 years then shere ego and self congratulation for his next 2 years and now his ruthless need for retribution towards those he thinks have slighted him or refused to acknowledge his divine rule has surfaced and taken over. i also think there are as many democrats on his hit list as there are republicans.

    the rich have benefited from his policies more than the poor and i'm 100% sure that the great man of the people feels more at home smoking cigars with the captains of industry than ladling out soup to the homeless.

    but considering the shambles the financial markets were in when he took over, i don't think many people could have done a better job.

  4. The fallacy of modern government is to "presume" that what the American people want is "jobs". Jobs that only corporate elites and a few genius entrepeneurial innovators can "give them".

    The American people don't want jobs. They want to own the fruit of their own, individual labours. They want to own land. They want to own homes, They want to control their own destiny's.

    They don't want to be "given" anything. They don't want to be legislated and regulated into a corporate economy... which is the "global" economy our "elites" have proscribed for us and favours their continued "dominance".

  5. The only way to "thwart" them is to de-legitimize and banish the corporate structures that have been imposed upon us, to drive a stake through the heart of every Struldbrug and make the corporate structures serve both the employee AND the shareholder.

    And THAT cannot be accomplished under our current "democratic" republican system, which protects and perpetuates the expansion of Struldbruggism.

  6. If, as Queen Elizbeth II recently said, "Grief is the price we must pay for love," then surely aging followed by death is the price we must pay for life.

  7. Simplement pour s'amuser:

    Aging is rather a bother
    But nothing compared to the pain
    Of wasting one's wealth
    While losing one's health,
    Then realizing one's lived in vain!

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. Well said, Billy, and I agree.

    Mighty Barack, however, is nothing more nor less than a LACKEY to The OLIGARCHS, who can manipulate the value of international currencies to their own advantage, while they own and operate just about every member of congress and most every other elected or appointed government official in the civilized world.

    I'm reasonably certain even the British Royal Family continues to exist only because The Oligarchs don't want to destroy them -- yet.

  9. Kitchen Oaf,

    Most people are born followers not leaders. Most are afraid even to try to chart their own course and make their own decisions.

    That's what the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin was meant to teach us. Blind adoration of any flashy charlatan who strides into town with an attractive line of patter is what everyone seems to look for, but exactly what no one needs.

    And that's exactly why we are where we are today.

    The Founding Fathers were the exceedingly rare exception that proves the rule.

  10. How grody and unenlightened you Neanderthal teathuglicans are.

    Being an independent progressive republican who dances for the amusement of my East Coast liberal friends gives me a warm feeling, like when I forget to wear my depends.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, FreeThinke. Maybe one day you can be as rational as I.

  11. We have become a nation uninterested in ideas and principles. That is the sorry truth, I fear.

  12. How exactly is Obama breaking the law or enacting law or changing law?


  13. Jersey,
    It's selective enforcement under the guise of prosecutorial discretion.

    He also grants people temporary legal status with a wave of his magic scepter. Where in the law is he authorized to take such unilateral action.

    It may or may not be legal; that's for the lawyers to hash out.

    It is unparalleled in US history and it sets a dangerous precedent.

    Lincoln's actions were wartime moves aimed at states in open rebellion to the Federal Government.

    Reagan and Bush took immigration action pursuant to a law passed in 1986.

    Obama took this action because he is a petulant statist.

    He has set a dangerous precedent.

    So, when the a Democrat congress denies the next GOP president something, he can just do it anyway and cite Obama's decree, justifying it all because congress refused to act.

    And you'll be cool with it, right?

  14. Silver, it has ALWAYS been selective enforcement. The resources were NEVER allocated to follow the law. And you say it's unparalleled? Really? We gone to major wars essentially by executive fiat, and you say this is unparalleled? What about the Emancipation Proclamation? No, I doubt you see any similarity there at all.


  15. The Proclamation applied only to slaves in Confederate-held lands; it did not apply to those in the four slave states that were not in rebellion (Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri, which were unnamed), nor to Tennessee (unnamed but occupied by Union troops since 1862) and lower Louisiana (also under occupation), and specifically excluded those counties of Virginia soon to form the state of West Virginia. Also specifically excluded (by name) were some regions already controlled by the Union army.

  16. Jersey,
    Finntann just shot holes in your paper boat.

    Back over to you, Jersey.

    * and answer the question. When a future GOP president takes similar unilateral action because 'congress won't act' you'll be cool with it, right?

  17. The Left's argument...

    Presidential War Powers = Peace Powers. Except for the "circumstances", it's all good.

  18. Silver, what?

    Finn, what the hell does that have to do with the any of this?

    Guys, please, follow me here... The EP, it was by essentially the same sort of executive prioritizing. The executive has certain prerogatives it can assert in war and the executive has certain prerogatives they can assert in law enforcement. BOTH are executive functions, both examples are examples of tactics in pursuit of the resolution of the duty.

    I find it hard to believe you guys can't understand this.


  19. I read the link, Silver, but the writer seems oblivious to the reality that we already went down that slope a long time ago.

    This whole thing here is the fault of CONGRESS. That pile of retarded weasels you guys put in office who refuse to do their jobs and instead go on FOX news and pitch fear and anger for personal gain.


  20. Blaming congress, right out of the FDR playbook.
    I guess whatever works for the left

  21. Jersey,

    I understand your argument. You parroted the party line quite clearly.

    Again I ask you, you'll be all cool with it when a GOP president does the same thing?

  22. Jersey,

    Ruth Marcus has been observing DC politics and writing about it for years, so I doubt that she suffers from lack of understanding.

    She is also usually sympathetic to Obama's progressive urges.

    You want another wake up call? Go read the NY Times on this topic and go to the comments. You won't like what your fellow liberals have to say.

    I ask you one more time: When a future democrat congress "fails to act," you'll be cool with a GOP president, say, suspending the requirement to purchase health insurance, or perhaps suspending the tax penalty.



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