Wednesday, November 5, 2014



  1. .....its been reported Obama was spotted this evening on the Truman Balcony drinking a 40 and smoking a pack of Kool's while in his underware....

  2. FT,
    Can you believe it?

    I'm stunned this morning. A good kind of stunned.

    I just nabbed that graphic and posted it everywhere that I have access.

  3. One of the Regulars from the Shore Whore's Lair accused Republicans of "destroying" Obama at Who's Your Daddy? earlier.

    This was my response:

    If this president has been destroyed, -- a big if considering the powerful array of largely unknown, unseen nefarious internationalist forces who effectively put him in office -- he destroyed himself simply by being who he is -- an avowed crypto-Marxist born and bred, determined to bring about a fundamental change in the nature and character of our nation, its culture, and its prescribed method of governance by boldly assuming the role of a quasi-monarchical dictator.

    Obama has said in effect,

    1. "I will mentally thumb my nose at the Constitution."
    "I will ignore and circumvent congress, and thwart them with my phone and my pen whenever congress fails to accommodate my wishes and accede to my demands. And Harry Reid shall protect my agenda by refusing to permit a vote on any legislation passed by the House that might get approved by the Senate if said legislation appears contrary to my express wishes and demands. The beauty of this simple measure lies in the ease with which we will be able to blame "those willful, woefully ignorant Tea Party Republicans" for stymying the business of government by producing permanent GRIDLOCK just to make ME, America's First Black President, look bad."

    3. "I am determined to ignore and show profound disrespect to The Will of the People, because I know far better than they what is good for them, and what they truly need."

    4. "I will break any law, ignore every known code of ethics, indulge constantly in shameless self-serving mendacity, while ordering the nation to bow to my will on every issue. Because I am considered an African-American, no one will DARE speak out against me for fear of being called a RACIST."

    5. "I will do whatever I like, and NO ONE can STOP ME, because I and my family belong to a PROTECTED SPECIES. I have learned invaluable lessons in the arts of Self-Protection, Self-Promotion and methods of gaining ascendancy from Jewish Intellectuals, as well as Jewish News and Entertainment moguls who have acted both consciously -- and unwittingly -- as my mentors as the guiding genius behind my success."

    As we've been told for countless centuries:


    There's no joy in Casablanca.
    Mighty Barry has struck out.

    We feel no urge to start dancing in the streets, however, because the awesome task of clearing away the rubble and rebuilding all this bastard president and his cohorts have damaged and destroyed lies before us -- a humbling, frankly terrifying prospect. We will need every patriot’s most earnest prayers, and the approval of Almighty God, who has this day handed us this great victory and awesome responsibility to make good use of the advantages we now have.

    Let us pray for WISDOM -- and for the COURAGE to DO what we know to be RIGHT regardless of what it might cost us personally

    We must gird up our loins and earnestly pray that we are up to the task that lies before us.

  4. And the Sore Losers such as the 8 legged Fish is crying that the GOP paid for the BIG Win!

    Just how stupid cod a numb-nut Lib get?

  5. FT (at November 5, 2014 at 7:34 AM),
    Hear, hear!

  6. The Tea-Party SamuraiNovember 5, 2014 at 8:21 AM

    How did those last six years work out for you friends?
    For me, I can't help but laugh my ass off. Every time liberals are sure they have got rid of Walker, he wins again, and keeps coming back again like a bad penny.

    Yep, he came back again to suck it to you liberals, Get over it you Koolaide drinking suckers, Scott Walker won!
    Even though they threw everything but the kitchen sink at him, he still won and by 5%.--LOL

  7. Loved the graphic. Love the election results, and I LOVED the Hallelujah Chorus!

    Thank you for posting it.

  8. THANK you, Linda. What a nice comment!

    I chose André Rieux's version of the Hallelujah Chorus, because it was so unusually "peppy," and because i had no long introductory buildup to mar the impact.

  9. TPSam while I share your sentiments, I so wish we didn't express our exultation in spiteful, vituperative terms.

    Our opponents have clearly demonstrated who and what they are, and the country has had a BELLYFUL, so there's no need to call them names.

    I'm sorry to say it only makes us look like Sore Winners when we do.

    After all, isn't it the chronic irascibility, insolence, contemptuousness and rudely accusatory manner of the Left one of the main reasons we find them so objectionable?

    If We at the same, we really aren't any better.

    But YES, I have to admit am DELIGHTED to see the bastards get their comeuppance at long last. };-)>

  10. Harlan Crabtree from TexasNovember 5, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    The extreme liberals yanked 'er too far left, and this is the reaction. We yanked 'er back.

    I doubt they'll learn anything from it tho'

  11. Little Willie WinkieNovember 5, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    whiny Democraps are quite hissy pissy today!

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  13. Let the liberal spin begin.

    It will be quite enjoyable watching them trying to make custard out of mustard.

  14. The Obamunist cultists over at Progressive Ejaculations is celebrating the unremarkable and sad fact that Benito Amilcare Obama is still president.

  15. DOW closed @ 17,484.53, up over a 100 points.

    How sweet it is Livy!


  16. Some twit at Swash Zone posted a tirade about the stupidity of Florida voters for re-electing Rick Scott....I guess they were also stupid when Obama carried the state twice. These libs just cant see past their noses.

  17. The world took on a brighter hue this morning!


  18. Rusty,

    Tell me you didn't visit the flush zone!

    That's a toxic sewer of shit and leftwing dogma!


  19. Sometimes I go there when I'd like a chuckle



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