Thursday, November 6, 2014

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and 23-SKIDOODOO! 
Mr. Presidunce.


  1. I voted for Harry, and didn't get my Fried Chicken as promised!

    Another Obama lie!

  2. I'm not sure that the GOP will ride roughshod over Obama. Perceptions of racism that will destroy the GOP's hopes for 2016.

    So, where do we go from here? -- my blog post today.

    It's wonderful that WE THE PEOPLE have expressed our wishes at the ballot box. Now, how do we get our elected public servants (so-called) to implement some of those wishes?

  3. Man, you guys have no idea what's coming, do you?


  4. Me? Voted for GWB. Got largest increase in size of gubermint since FDR. Homeland Security, Patriot Act, Medicare part D, Iraq invasion followed by a destabilized mid east, and the greatest economic recession/dislocation since the Great Depression. Could go on but gotta run, Livy is waiting.

    JMJ, you just might be right.

  5. DOW down 13.08 @ 10:20 this morning. Watching closely now. Election results/manipulation might kick in.

  6. I see that many on the Conservative side are concerned that the newly victorious Republicans will restrain themselves from doing what they were elected to do, and that is UNDO Obama's accursed, unwelcome "achievements" for fear of being accused of "racism."

    Personally, I don't care a fig about "racism," I'm fed up to the eyeballs with hearing the term and seeing it in print. "Racism," as defined by leftist-acivists today, is as American as Motherhood and Apple Pie used to be before the Left set about on its campaign to destroy the American family -- which always was the heart, soul, life's blood, and strength of the nation.

    The modern Politically Correct movement started with the post-WWII rise of the term "Anti-Semitism." Preoccupation with inappropriate feelings of guilt, and fear of being charged with "Anti-Semitism" is the Patriarch of PC.

    The fearful taboo worked. It firmly established a Privileged Class whose motives, attitudes and activities cannot be questioned or criticized. This bizarre taboo is now so firmly entrenched in our subconscious no one even dreams of questioning its veracity or validity anymore, except increasingly rare Paleo-Conservatives like me who fully realize they are the last surviving members of a dying breed, but still have a passion for knowing and revealing the truth regardless of what it might cost.

    At any rate, being charged with racism today has had the similar effect of creating a large class of perceived "victims" who must be treated with kid gloves, and absolved of all responsibility or culpability for any criminal, anti-social, traitorous activity or offenses to formerly-established standards of Common Sense, Common Decency, and Good Taste.

    The result has been the upheaval, nightmarish dissolution of standards, establishment of institutionalized insolence, and the raving, shrieking roaring, mind-numbing cultural degeneracy we've been seeing and dealing with since the mid-SICK-sties.

    NOW -- and here we make a Quantum Leap -- IF Mitch McConnell, not so affectionately known in conservative circles as "The Turkey Gobbler," fails to do everything possible to OVERTURN and THROW OUT OBAMACARE the very SECOND he assumes Power, ALL the advantages we have just gained will be LOST, and all the effort, enormous sums of money spent on bringing this great Wave Election to fruition, and the hopes, dreams and prayers of many millions of ordinary citizens fed up to the teeth with the Socialist Agenda will have been in vain.

    After all the great success Tea Party Patriots had in taking over the House in 2010 occurred for the express purpose of REPEALING OBAMACARE. How could the nation possibly forget that so soon? How much more shallow, flighty and easily duped could we be?

    If we do NOT still demand the repeal of Obamacare, we stand for NOTHING.

    Do I think McConnell –– and the brand of tepid, Old Guard Republicanism he and others like Bob Dole, John McCain, Orrin Hatch, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham represent –– has the courage -- or even the DESIRE -- to follow through on this Clear Mandate from the Electorate?

    I'm afraid not. The RINO Establishment has been as useless as teats on a boar ever since George H.W. Bush took over from Ronald Reagan. Can you see any reason to believe they will behave any differently now?

    I HOPE so, but FEAR not.

  7. Personally, neither do I. Buy as we know the lefty dopes jump at the mention of it.
    And personally I think that Obama has created more Racism, in Americia then there a has been in the past 50 years.

  8. I have no confidence that anything will be ANY different as a result of the Republican takeover.

    The root causes behind our economic straightjacket will only be strengthened. The wealth of the 1% will become the .1%, then the .01%, then the .001%

  9. So, Thersites, you really do believe -- as I have for years -- that the government OF The Oligarchs, BY The Oligarchs and FOR The Oligarchs truly exists, and that all else is mere illusion?

    If so, why do I live so well? I hardly belong in the One Percent, but have been told that statistically I am in the top TEN PERCENT. I'm most grateful for that, and more than satisfied.

    Not "smug," but honestly satisfied. I have more than I need. That pleases me primarily because it enables me to be of substantial, meaningful assistance to people I know who truly need help.

    All I can say is I hope it lasts for the duration. [:-?

    Even so, it felt AWFULLY good to see The Black Knight aka the Mountebank-in-Chief get his comeuppance from a public grown fed up to the teeth with his particular brand of bullshit.

  10. Echoes of a Bygone EraNovember 6, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    Yearning for the past as it slips from ones grasp.

  11. "If so, why do I live so well?"

    What's your explanation?

    We can only guess of course, but it might be because you didn't have any dependents, and invested your spare money in a booming property market.

  12. Obama:... "I hear you, but I´m not going to listen. Nor do I care."

  13. Yes, I do.

    I, too have been "relatively" fortunate. My discretionary "surplus wage" as a member of the salaried bourgeoisie has been generous.

    Unfortunately, the corporate system that collects 80% of America's GDP needs fewer and fewer "employees" to keep it running. 47% of Americans are now collecting government "assistance", and the number will continue to rise.

    Do we really want to live in a country where the services of 90% of the population are uneccessary, except as passive consumers of the other 10%'s products?

  14. Market reaches new high!

    Me and Livy is gonna celebrate!

  15. So you think I have been free of dependents, Jez?

    Oh, if you only knew the half of it!

    I've never had children, but you wouldn't believe how many have depended on me over the years for support and sustenance.

    I give away more than 25% of my income each year, and get no tax advantages from doing so, but being generous hasn't hurt me a bit. In fact I view it as a joy and a privilege.

    I do resent government theft of my property, because I would like to do a great deal more for others, and Government Theft makes that impossible.

    But yes, I doseem to have a knack for spotting good deals in real estate, -- dilapidated houses with "good bones" in good neighborhoods -- and enjoyed making "silk purses out of sow's ears" for fun and profit for years.

    As a matter of fact, I am in the process right now of purchasing and renovating a third house -- not for profit, but because a good friend who's been victimized by cancer needs a decent place to live. Whether I profit from this endeavor or not is entirely secondary. There's much satisfaction in doing good for others when its done wholeheartedly with no ulterior motives.

    Have I been fortunate? I'd be the first to say "yes," but I lived in statistical poverty for many years. However, I never felt poor, and that made all the difference.

    There's so much the statisticians miss in determining what does and does no constitute "the good life."

    Most of it has to do with the MENTALITY and system of VALUES with which one is reared.

    I was extremely lucky to have been born in the United States to good, decent, creative, imaginative parents in New York City at a time of supreme optimism and boundless, unswerving faith in "progress" and what it could mean for the future.

    I'm nearly 74 and have weakened considerably in the past couple of years. BUT the daily exercise routine of counting my blessings does wonders in keeping me Alive, alert and interested in the world.

  16. FT,
    Personally, I don't care a fig about "racism," I'm fed up to the eyeballs with hearing the term and seeing it in print. "Racism," as defined by leftist-acivists today, is as American as Motherhood and Apple Pie used to be before the Left set about on its campaign to destroy the American family -- which always was the heart, soul, life's blood, and strength of the nation.

    I'm with you there. Absolutely.

    But here's the thing. The perception of racism on the part of the GOP will result in a Democratic Party sweep in 2016. Such a sweep would immediately overturn the overturns and result in a situation of the loss of individual liberty and the loss of individual independent existence America.

    We are now entering a phase of political gamesmanship.

    The GOP -- and the Libertarians, too, for that matter -- must not be perceived as racist. Therefore, moving to overturn ObamaCare would not be a wise move. Continue to paint the opposition to the Democrats as "The Party of No," and all hell will descend on each of us in two years.

    As I said, it's political gamesmanship now. Do I like that? Nope. Have I changed my own political views. Not at all. But realities are realities. I see them crystal clear.

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  18. AOW is laying down some wisdom, guys.

    In politics, perceptions are everything. If the GOP can act like adults, avoid the ad hominem and pass some simple, sensible legislation, they just may make some gains and win back the White House in 2016.

    Obama is not running again. They need to stop treating him like the enemy. That doesn't mean stop fighting his agenda. It does mean to avoid getting into pissing contests with him.

  19. The Wave Election of 2010 sent a clear message from the electorate to REPEAL OBAMACARE

    The Wave Election of 2014 gave congress a MANDATE to REPEAL OBAMACARE, and UNDO as much of the damage this Marxian Mountebank with Muslim sympathies has done as they possibly can. The election did not occur to charm, please, compromise or try to make peace with the Democrats.

  20. FT,
    The election did not occur to charm, please, compromise or try to make peace with the Democrats.

    Forcing the Dems to go on record with their votes -- or, in President Obama's case -- with his veto power combined with executive orders -- is not compromise, nor is it making peace.

    As I said before, strategy is essential, or 2016 goes to the Dems.

  21. SF,
    Yes, that is another way of putting what I said.

    PS: Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

  22. Kommandant Louie said

    This was a fun post. Just right for the day it you put it up.



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