Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Wit and Wisdom 
Nemesis of Leftists

Part V of a New Series

Random Quotes from Miss Coulter’s Work

'“Even with a Democratic president behind the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a far larger percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for it. Eminent Democratic luminaries voted against it, including Senators Ernest Hollings, Richard Russell, Sam Ervin, Albert Gore Sr., J. William Fulbright (Bill Clinton’s mentor) and of course, Robert Byrd. Overall, 82 percent of Senate Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, compared to only 66 percent of Democrats. In the House, 80 percent of Republicans voted for it, while only 63 percent of Democrats did.'

'Crediting Democrats for finally coming on board with Republicans civil rights policies by supporting the 1964 act would be nearly as absurd as giving the Democrats all the glory for President Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts –– which passed with the support of 99 percent of Republicans but only 29 percent of Democrats.”'

'The New York Times editorial page is like a Ouija board that has only three answers, no matter what the question. The answers are: higher taxes, more restrictions on political speech and stricter gun control.'


  1. I concur strongly with Free Thinke. She will continue to be popular because she has the Truth on her side. And Ms. Coulter is not afraid to tell it like it is, and it IS pretty darn bad.

  2. personally, I'd rather listen to Ann Coulter than the "First lady" Ms. Moocher Obama, who the liberals listen and see through rose colored glasses and from drinking the Kool-Aid. It has obviously distorted their minds, along with the liberal media.

  3. By Ann Coulter

    So now it turns out Obama knew that 93 million Americans would have their health insurance canceled the whole time he was claiming, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period.”

    Obama lied. Period. “Hope and Change” was actually “A Sucker Is Born Every Minute.”

    Even without the 2010 Health and Human Services (HHS) report admitting that 93 million Americans would lose their health insurance, anyone with half a brain (which is a pre-existing condition) knew that millions of Americans would be thrown off their insurance plans under Obamacare. Under the law, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is to determine what every health insurance plan must cover — and any plans that don’t are illegal.

    As a result, gay guys are now going to be forced to buy plans that cover maternity care. Mormons will have to buy plans that cover gambling addiction therapy. Elderly couples can buy only insurance that includes pediatric dental care. Catholic hospitals will be required to provide birth control and abortions.

    Our federal overseers, led by the arrogant and smug gender-feminist Sebelius, know what’s best for us. (Which is so nice of her since, as she recently pointed out, she doesn’t work for us.) Her idea of flexibility is not requiring Catholic priests to perform abortions. Anyway, I agree with Ann Coulter.

  4. I'm not surprised that FT is so ignorant of the history of the Republican party and the role the Dixiecrats played in the formation of the current reactionary group.

    There really is no excuse for listening to Coulter and staying so abjectly dumb and ignorant.

  5. Can it, Canardo. You offer nothing but pot shots, stupid insults, idle chatter and stale Communist shibboleths.


  6. Hardly, FT. The right wing has to accept that it is contorting history in order to conform to its ideology.

    One big historic Lysenko experiment.
    The left has seen the error of that nonsense but the right is unwilling to ditch the likes of Coulter and the other mouthpieces of the tribe that rubs poo in its hair.

    Nemesis of the left? Hardly.
    Symbol of the right? To some and you should realize that's a problem.

  7. Stuff and Nonsense, Ducky,

    Tosh and Taradiddle!


    The Left has only one strength, and it's a whopper: An adamant unwillingness or inability ever to admit how wrong and hopelessly unworkable its policies always have been and always will be.

  8. Frida Van der WienerMarch 19, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    @ Ducky: "The right wing has to accept that it is contorting history in order to conform to its ideology."

    What a stinking pantload of psychological projection!

    The Beantown Bolshevik is the all-time contortionist.

    He would really have us believe that all those democrats who voted against the Civil Rights act would now be republicans? Albert Gore Sr.? And all those Republicans that voted for it would not be democrats?

    That! My dear friends is indeed one laugh-filled pretzel.

    Speaking of loony moonbats who rub poo in their hair, have you watched messNBC lately?

  9. The Left still likes to pretend that it doesn't need a Nocturnal Council.

    Honest Marxists are scarcer than hen's teeth.

  10. ...and Ann Coulter is JUST the ONE to give it to them!

  11. Sigh. "Wit" and "wisdom" are not words that I would use in the same sentence as "Ann Coulter," unless the sentence were describing qualities that she lacks.

    Coulter obviously has no clue about the political leanings of the Republican and Democrat parties during the 60s, because if she did, then she wouldn't be railing against the Democrats for not voting for Civil Rights.

    In the 60s, a large portion of the Democrat party was made up of Southern Democrats who would eventually gravitate to the Republican party.

    The notion of "liberal" and "conservative" wasn't divided on party lines until (I think) around the 80s. That's when the Conservative Democrats (Southern Democrats--holdouts from Civil War Era political parties) moved to the Republican party, and Liberal Republicans were pushed into the Democrats.

    There have been countless books written on this subject, and judging by her asinine comment, I would wager that Coulter has not read a single one.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. And FT,

    Considering Ducky and I rarely agree on things, perhaps this should give you some pause?

    The evolution of political parties in America is a topic that I have done some research on in the past, so I hope that you would trust I'm not arguing from a position of ignorance.

“The Civil Rights Act -- which is best known for barring discrimination in public accommodations -- passed the House on Feb. 10, 1964 by a margin of 290-130. When broken down by party, 61 percent of Democratic lawmakers voted for the bill (152 yeas and 96 nays), and a full 80 percent of the Republican caucus supported it (138 yeas and 34 nays).”


“When the Senate passed the measure on June 19, 1964, -- nine days after supporters mustered enough votes to end the longest filibuster in Senate history -- the margin was 73-27. Better than two-thirds of Senate Democrats supported the measure on final passage (46 yeas, 21 nays), but an even stronger 82 percent of Republicans supported it (27 yeas, 6 nays).”

    1. Free, could you respond to the underlying premise if Mr Camwells assertion, that while being labeled Dems or Reps, that the philosophies of the 2 parties have radically changed since the 60's?

      Anyone not aware of, not recognizing, or failing to accept this reality is simply hiding from the truth.

  15. PART ONE

    Facts are FACTS, --- or AREN'T they?

    I've been trying with desperate urgency for several decades now to persuade others that FACTS and TRUTH are NOT synonymous., and what happens? Every time I get hooted down by fanatics from both the left AND the right

    The TRUTH is THIS: Whenever a particular faction wants to win an argument, they invariably present as many FACTS as they can muster that support the point of view they espouse, -- while conveniently omitting those facts that don't.

    The avowedly leftist Media Establishment -- i.e. the ENEMEDIA -- has been doing this since before most of us were born. They did it to such an extent that people were literally either browbeaten -- cowed -- or seduced, into accepting the LEFTIST VIEW as NORMAL. This constant media blitz succeeded -- for a very long time -- in ISOLATING Conservatives to the point where most felt they must be ALONE, and may not even deserve proper representation.

    CONSERVATIVES had NO VOICE whatsoever in the dominant Enemedia-Entertainment-Education "Kultchah" that took over and fostered "The Closing of the American Mind" -- at first stealthily, craftily, seductively, insidiously, until the SICK-sties, when their machinations became -- suddenly, loudly, terrifyingly overt, and suddenly "we" knew we wee in for The Fight of and for Our Lives.

    Naturally, leftists, who with some justification believed they had the country fully under their control, most bitterly resented the emergence of a strengthening Conservative Movement that began to threaten their hegemony.


  16. PART TWO

    The only way for leftist to combat -- and hopefully defeat -- the rise of Conservatism from its ashes was for leftists to assume an arrogant, self-righteous, perpetually accusatory stance, militantly assert moral superiority and do everything possible to insult, bully, denigrate, vilify, condemn and destroy whatever voices became prominent in the rising Conservative Movement.

    It was a neat little trick, because every time a Conservative tries to defend himself -- now using virtually the same tactics that leftists used originally to gain ascendancy -- the leftist loudly cries "FOUL!" and simply uses the "facts" conservatives have marshaled against him as “evidence” of how "mean-spirited," "backward," and “dishonest” these "troglodyte" conservatives really are, etc.

    Pop psychologist Eric Berne outlined this process many years ago in his chilling little book called Games People Play. I've been calling it "The Son-of-a-Bitch Game," ever since.

    It's very simple. You continually assault a target with outrageous libel and slander, you may even attack him physically, but the very SECOND he starts to fight back, you say, "OUCH!!! and then shout, "SEE! TOLD YOU HE WAS A SON-OF-A-BITCH! Look what he just did. He HIT me. WAAAAAAAH!!!"

    The Frankfurt School dubbed these deplorable tactics "CRITICAL THEORY,"

    And so we’ve arrived at at a stalemate. We are now every bit as divided as we were at the onslaught of Lincoln's War.

    Leftists NEVER admit they’re wrong, consistently refuse to show shame or embarrassment whenever they’re caught with their pants down, either literally of figuratively, and remain FOREVER on the ATTACK.

    Truth, Justice, Honestly, Sincerity, any sense of Purpose other than to beat down an opponent, stomp him and grind him under heel have all gone by the wayside.

    THIS, I would insist, is the “GIFT” leftist-atheist-anarchist have brought to the United States of America -- and every other civilized place where leftist intellectual aggressors acting as termites have eroded the foundation of whatever culture they sought to destroy, and leftist thugs and guerillas continue to loot, rape, and lay waste the surface.

    That this skullduggery takes places under the guise of RIGHTEOUS CONCERN for HUMAN WELL-BEING is an affront to Logic and Decency that may be unequalled in the prior course of human events.

    I would have more respect for honest naked aggression than I could muster for this, foul, ill-intentioned FLUMMERY.

  17. FT... there is no arguing about the fact that the Civil rights Act was passed with large majorities of the GOP.

    However, when people like Coulter, and by extension you, assert that reality now, you run from the changes that can be factually documented of that party over the last 4 decades.

    That too is a simple fact.

    It would be tantamount to this.

    In World War II the Germans were Nazis and hated Jews. Period.

    Ergo, since it was factual then, and true, it must be so today.

  18. "Whenever a particular faction wants to win an argument, they invariably present as many FACTS as they can muster that support the point of view they espouse, -- while conveniently omitting those facts that don't."

    How dreary. Let us determine, among ourselves at least, never to do this.

  19. In World War II the Germans were Nazis and hated Jews. Period.

    If you can't find the fallacy in THAT statement, you need to shoot yourself, Dave.

    "Some" Germans were Nazi's. That faction that WAS, hated the Jews. The same is true today, however, the faction of German's who are Nazi's today IS much smaller.

  20. Thank you, Dave, you've just exemplified exactly what I was saying in my two-part post.

    You too are just playing the game, which is to manipulate "facts" that support your point of view in order to defeat an opponent. The objective is not to get at the truth, or really to "help" anyone. The objective is to WIN -- to DOMINATE -- to be be able to say "I am RIGHT and YOU are WRONG."

    And by the way I do not accept the leftist assertion that the GOP has been against Negroes and other minorities since the SICK-sties. [I have given up on the GOP, but don't want to get into that right now.]

    I regard the leftist version of "benevolence" as a self-serving FRAUD -- a BIG LIE conjured up purely to gain and hold power.

    That said, I don't doubt YOUR sincerity -- or that of any of the other True Believers who I think have been duped into playing the classic role of Useful Idiots who aid in promoting the Marxist Agenda.

    I know perfectly well what Ann Coulter has been doing. She has asserted herself as a Master Player in the Game the Left invented, and it's vastly entertaining to see her in action, because from the amount of ire, indignation and derision she draws from political enemies -- and from too many on the Right who believe in bland sweet reasonableness, and are desperate to remain "fair" and "aboveboard" in their dealings with the Great Deceiver -- it is patently obvious that has struck a large set of nerves.

    As she, herself, as said,

    "You know you must be doing something right when you've reduced hordes of liberals to sputtering rage."

    When people are honestly in the right, they don't react to libel, slander and calumny with "sputtering outrage." And that's why I so heartily disapprove of all this BOILERPLATE coming at us presumably from the Right. It ill becomes "us" just as it has always been highly unflattering to the Left.

    But, again I say, it was the LEFT who introduced that kind of savage, unprincipled behavior into the political arena.

  21. For someone who has never heard of Rules of the Game and is therefore virtually illiterate ...


    Jesus Christ, Ducky, talk about an illiterate hypocrite, all you need to do is look into the mirror, man.

    I have to admit that I've never heard of "Rules of the Game" either. Apparently in the minds of "the literate", such as yourself, and according to Wiki it's an old French movie that has been moving down the charts in the minds of the literati.

    And of course the bloat of Orson Welles and his much touted Citizen Kane as being the greatest movie of all time. Not that I've ever been able to discover the so-called greatness in Orson Welles, either and Citizen Kane specifically.
    Orson Welles just trying to seize some fame and fortune using the vehicle of H.G. Wells and his War of the Worlds, which is a sneering indictment of what are classified as "the useless eater" of the world by the condescending committee bent on ruling the world, IMO.



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