Thursday, March 13, 2014

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A Conservative Jewish Woman 
Speaks Out

by Delphine Keilsheimer

I don't advertise it, because I don't like identity politics, but I happen to be Jewish. I also happen to be a conservative, and I don't take offense at all to a person who lists facts that clearly indicate a disproportionate number of my people were very prominent formulating and activating leftist agendas in Russia, England, Europe and the United States. Facts are facts. To try to deny them is not only dishonest, it's childish.

Like that famous saying about Muslims “All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” Well, all Jews are not Communists, but most of the Communists who highjacked this country and pushed and dynamited it off the rails were in fact Jews.

Just read David Horowitz's autobiographical book Radical Son, if you don't believe me. 

A good project for you meshuggeneh leftists who make such a loud show of affection for our country's worst enemies would be for you make a comprehensive list of the early leftists from the late-19th and early-20th centuries who were NOT Jewish. 

Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frederick Douglass, Susan. B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mother Jones, Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, Theodore Dreiser, Roger Baldwin, Woodrow Wilson, and Eugene Debs are not enough. Dig deeper. And before you say “Roosevelt,” you ought to know that the members of that notorious family who bore the name were in fact descendants of ethnic Jews who emigrated from Holland during the time of Peter Stuyvesant, when New York was still a Dutch colony. Roosevelt is the Dutch version of Rosenfeld.

'Christopher Jones "performed an easy Google search of "Franklin Roosevelt"+"Jewish ancestry." His efforts turned up a total of 671 hits. There are obviously some people in the world who think that the Roosevelts were of Dutch Jewish ancestry. Not that I particularly care -- I wish to make that perfectly clear –– but to start firing "anti-Semitic" when we are talking about common knowledge appears over-wrought to say the least. In any case it is very clear that FDR surrounded himself with socialistic Jews even when he was Governor of New York, and many were appointed to top jobs in the Roosevelt administration:'

1. Bernard M. Baruch –– a financier and adviser to FDR

2. Felix Frankfurter –– Supreme Court Justice; a key player in FDR's New Deal system.

3. David E. Lilienthal –– director of Tennessee Valley Authority, adviser. The TVA changed the relationship of government-to-business in America. 

4. David Niles –– presidential aide.

5. Louis Brandeis –– U.S. Supreme Court Justice; confidante of FDR; "Father" of New Deal. 

6. Samuel I. Rosenman –– official speechwriter for FDR.

7. Henry Morgenthau Jr. –– Secretary of the Treasury, "unofficial" presidential adviser. Father of the Morgenthau Plan to re-structure Germany/Europe after WWII. ]

8. Benjamin V. Cohen –– State Department official, adviser to FDR.

9. Rabbi Stephen Wise –– close pal of FDR, spokesman for the American Zionist movement, head of The American Jewish Congress. 

10. Frances Perkins –– Secretary of Labor; allegedly Jewish/adopted at birth; unconfirmed.

11. Sidney Hillman –– presidential advisor. 

12. Anna Rosenberg –– longtime labor adviser to FDR, and manpower advisor with the Manpower Consulting Committee of the Army and Navy Munitions Board and the War Manpower Commission.

13. Herbert H. Lehman –– Governor of New York, 1933-1942, Director of U.S. Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, Department of State, 1942-1943; Director-General of UNRRA, 1944 - 1946, pal of FDR. 

14. Herbert Feis –– U.S. State Department official, economist, and an advisor on international economic affairs.

15. R. S. Hecht –– financial advisor to FDR. 

16. Nathan Margold –– Department of the Interior Solicitor, legal advisor.

17. Jesse I. Straus –– advisor to FDR. 

18. H. J. Laski –– "unofficial foreign advisor" to FDR.

19. E. W. Goldenweiser –– Federal Reserve Director. 

20. Charles E. Wyzanski –– U.S. Labor department legal advisor.

21. Samuel Untermyer –– lawyer, "unofficial public ownership advisor" to FDR. 

22. Jacob Viner –– Tax expert at the U.S. Treasury Department, assistant to the Treasury Secretary.

23. Edward Filene –– businessman, philanthropist, unofficial presidential advisor. 

24. David Dubinsky ––Labor leader, president of International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

25. William C. Bullitt –– part-Jewish, ambassador to USSR [claimed to be Jonathan Horwitz's grandson; unconfirmed]. 

26. Mordecai Ezekiel –– Agriculture Department economist.

27. Abe Fortas –– Assistant director of Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of the Interior Undersecretary.  

28. Isador Lubin –– Commissioner of Labor Statistics, unofficial labor economist to FDR.

29. Harry Dexter White [Weiss] ––Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; a key founder of the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank; adviser, close pal of Henry Morgenthau. Co-wrote the Morgenthau Plan. 

30. Alexander Holtzoff –– Special assistant, U.S. Attorney General's Office until 1945; [presumed to be Jewish; unconfirmed].

31. David Weintraub –– official in the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations; helped create the United Nations; Secretary, Committee on Supplies, 1944-1946. 

32. Nathan Gregory Silvermaster –– Agriculture Department official and head of the Near East Division of the Board of Economic Warfare; helped create the United Nations. 

33. Harold Glasser –– Treasury Department director of the division of monetary research. Treasury spokesman on the affairs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. 

34. Irving Kaplan –– U.S. Treasury Department official, pal of David Weintraub.

35. Solomon Adler ––Treasury Department representative in China during World War II. 

36. Benjamin Cardozo –– U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

37. Leo Wolman –– chairman of the National Recovery Administration's Labor advisory Board; labor economist. 

38. Rose Schneiderman –– labor organizer; on the advisory board of the National Recovery Administration.

39. Jerome Frank –– general counsel to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Justice, U.S. Court of Appeals, 1941-57. 

40. Gerard Swope –– key player in the creation of the N.R.A. [National Recovery Administration]

41. Herbert Bayard Swope -- brother of Gerard 

42. Lucien Koch –– consumer division, N.R.A. [apparently-Jewish]

43. J. David Stern –– Federal Reserve Board, appointed by FDR 44. Nathan Straus -- housing adviser

45. Charles Michaelson –– Democratic [DNC] publicity man 

46. Lawrence Steinhardt –– ambassador to Soviet Union

47. Harry Guggenheim –– heir to Guggenheim fortune, advisor on aviation 

48. Arthur Garfield Hays –– advisor on civil liberties

49. David Lasser –– head of Worker's Alliance, labor activist 

50. Max Zaritsky –– labor advisor

51. James Warburg –– millionaire, early backer of New Deal before backing out 

52. Louis Kirstein –– associate of E. Filene

53. Charles Wyzanski, Jr. –– counsel, Dept. of Labor 

54. Charles Taussig –– early New Deal advisor

55. Jacob Baker –– assistant to W.P.A. head Harry Hopkins; assistant head of W.P.A. [Works Progress Admin.] 

56. Louis H. Bean ––Dept. of Agriculture official

57. Abraham Fox –– research director, Tariff Commission 

58. Benedict Wolf –– National Labor Relations Board [NLRB]

59. William Leiserson –– NLRB 

60. David J. Saposs –– NLRB

61. A. H. Meyers –– NLRB [New England division] 

62. L. H. Seltzer –– head economist at the Treasury Dept.

63. Edward Berman ––Dept. of Labor official 

64. Jacob Perlman –– Dept. of Labor official

65. Morris L. Jacobson –– chief statistician of the Government Research Project 

66. Jack Levin –– assistant general manager, Rural Electrification Authority

67. Harold Loeb –– economic consultant, N.R.P. 

68. William Seagle –– council, Petroleum Labor Policy Board

69. Herman A. Gray –– policy committee, National Housing Conference 

70. Alexander Sachs –– rep. of Lehman Bros., early New Deal consultant

71. Paul Mazur –– rep. of Lehman Bros., early consultant for New Deal 

72. Henry Alsberg –– head of the Writer's Project under the W.P.A.

73. Lincoln Rothschild –– New Deal art administrator

"When any religio-racial group comes as close as American Jewry has to dominating the financial, cultural and political life of a nation while representing only a [tiny] fraction of its population, it should give cause for concern. The men and women listed above participated in a government that virtually kowtowed to Marxian precepts and the government of Josef Stalin. Why?" 

"I have pointed out in the past the fact of Israeli dual citizenship and the influence of prominent Zionists in big media. The almost mindlessly supportive US policies of both Democratic and Republican administrations towards Israel against the obvious interests of the the majority of American citizens are leading the US closer and closer towards disaster. I would like emphasize that, while I admire many Jews from Maimonides to Judah Benjamin and Disraeli, I cannot turn a blind eye to the 'special moral standard' firmly set in place at the end of World War Two. 

The longer people refuse to recognize the undesirability of domination by a small, highly-aggressive, extraordinarily-vocal ethnic-religious minority, who have managed by dint of prior victimhood to achieve immunity from question or criticism, the less hope we have of ever being governed honestly. Without awareness of the hugely disproportionate influence of this most remarkable minority, we are simply pawns in what it essentially their game.
Frances Perkins, an architect of The New Deal

Members, Close Associates, and Disciples of 

People closely associated with the Institute or its theorists include:

Later theorists with roots in Frankfurt School Critical Theory:

Is it even faintly possible that it's nothing more than mere coincidence that every single member of The Frankfurt School plus Karl Marx, Friederich Engels, a large percentage of the Bolsheviki who planned and executed the barbarous atrocity known as The Russian Revolution, and a huge preponderance of the early leftists who made much mischief and wound up giving us the curse of socialism in our government all happened to be ethnic Jews? 


  1. Replies
    1. The work of a scumbag, that's what it is!

  2. Nasty. Negative. No-good. Maybe other 'n's apply too?

  3. At last we get an unequivocal response from Jez, Hallelujah! His post-Modern detachment, and apparent unwillingness to make conclusive statements of any sort has finally been broken.

    And what do we get?

    Condemnation sans Curiosity.

    Tut tut!

    At least Jersey asked, "What the hell is this?"

    I'd like to know precisely what is "nasty" about this post? It's all perfectly verifiable, with the possible exception of some assertions made towards the end, which may be classified more as opinion than fact.

    Why these facts FAIL to provoke curiosity instead of knee-jerk condemnation might make an interesting, even worthwhile discussion.

    Leftists never seem to realize that they are every bit as much held hostage to their peculiar brand of orthodoxy as the supposedly "narrow-minded Christians" and "Right Wing Bigots" upon whom the Left loves to heap abuse.

    There is hardly a sentient being alive who does not subscribe to bigotry of one kind or another.

    Look up "bigotry." The word does not mean only what most want to think it means.

    ALL self-righteousness is a form of bigotry.

  4. Bigotry? This post show exactly who the real Bigot is!
    YOU. Free Thinke

  5. And you replied with a dismissive tut, so where does that leave us?

    (by the way, I really don't think I'm postmodern. I wonder if you use the word, like Marxism, on your own private terms?)

    "I'd like to know precisely what is "nasty" about this post?"

    The decision to denigrate an entire ethnic/religious group instead of focusing on the individuals who might deserve it, is nasty.

    "Why these facts FAIL to provoke curiosity instead of knee-jerk condemnation"

    Because racism is boring.

    I don't like fascists, but that doesn't make me a bigot because I'm intolerant of fascism specifically, not difference in general.

  6. Dolores Heinlein PaineMarch 13, 2014 at 9:12 AM

    Come right out and say the N-Word. You know you want to. Nazi. You want to call FT a nazi. Good God, man. At least display the strength of you convictions.

    I submit that George Orwell predicted precisely where the politically correct left would end up.

    "But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought." - George Orwell

    Only it wasn't an oppressive government that did it to us, as Orwell predicted in 1984. We've done it to ourselves, with the help of some cultural mow-mowing from the left.

    Eric Blair speaks again:

    "Newspeak, indeed, differed from most all other languages in that its vocabulary grew smaller instead of larger every year. Each reduction was a gain, since the smaller the area of choice, the smaller the temptation to take thought. Ultimately it was hoped to make articulate speech issue from the larynx without involving the higher brain centres at all."

    The reaction of Jersey and Jez display a psychological conditioning, every bit as strong as someone touching a hot stove.

    So brave gents, including Ed Degorio, drop the ad hominem and feigned ignorance and engage the debate on the facts.

  7. I would like to see you have the Balls to write about the Blacks that have turned this country into a 3rd world nation, and who have discarded our laws, and who run wild in the streets and cause mayhem and destruction as well as murder.

  8. Google her name. Nothing comes up.

    Who is she? Fictional? Why doesn't Google with its vast data base have nothing on the women who wrote this?

    Although her name came up in an "Anonymous" comment here on F.T.'s blog, with a variation on the spelling.

    BTW, this saying: “All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

    Is plain wrong. The KKK were terrorists, the IRA were terrorists, any group that seeks to repress others through terrorist action are terrorists.

    I have found NOTHING by this woman on the internet. When I google her various statements here, Google comes up only with F.T.'s blog.

    Who is she?

    When her picture is googled in Google images, she comes up as an actress in a sitcom.

  9. Are David Horowitz and Michael Savage and the growing number of other conservative Jews "Nazis?"

    Both are every bit as as Jewish as a fully lighted Menorah at Chanukah, but they would vigorously support the information Delphine Kellsheimer has supplied -- the implications it asserts.

  10. You should stick to what you do best! Bigotry Is Not Poetry

    These is hatred, division, violence, intimidation and polarization in every race and religion.
    Your post has nothing positive to offer any part of our society.

    The time has come for all Americans that their country to show their loyalty to what America stands for..

  11. Who Delphine Keilsheimer is is of no importance. The information she provided, however, is highly significant. Did she make up the lists of names supplied? Are THEY fake identities devised in someone's demonic, demented imagination just to try to make trouble for American Jewry?

    The cant and rhetoric indulged in by leftists, Jez, is not only tedious, it is infuriating in its arrogance and assumption of moral superiority.

    As I keep saying, BIGOTRY is a two-edged sword. It cuts a wide swath of destruction in ALL directions.

  12. I really think that you're a delusional idiot.

  13. Christ Jesus -- certainly a JEW -- told us "Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall make you free."

    He didn't promise us that the TRUTH would always be pleasant, palatable or agreeable to the ear.

    Adhering to the evil lies and hideous deceit of Political Correctness is doing more to promote division and spark hatred than anything else that's come along in a great many years.

    How long could we go on ignoring The Elephant in the Drawing Room dropping dung by the tine on the parquet? How long might we expect to ignore the Skunk Under the Dining Table stinking up our every meal?

    How long must we be expected to LIVE A LIE?

  14. Good God, FT! This just isn't kosher, especially with the touchy feely "progressives" that might take offense to spoken truth.

    How can you criticize those who own you lock, stock and barrel? It's a good thing no mention was made in the post by Mrs. Keilsheimer about the Federal Reserve or the cultural sewage emanating from Hollywood.

    But I think her facts would check out since it is fairly common knowledge, vis a vis the names named in this post.

  15. FT, having read your insights into classical music and critiques of the culture of the "sicksties" and the washing up of the Beatles on our shores, did you know that Theodor Adorno, the Frankfurter mentioned in the above post was the so-called brains behind the music of The Beatles. Apparently he owned the rights to their music and created much of what they did for cultural consumption.


  16. "As I keep saying, BIGOTRY is a two-edged sword"

    I have correctly explained why what I am displaying now is not bigotry. Since you don't get it, I begin to suspect that the word does not mean quite what you think it does.

    "not only tedious, it is infuriating in its arrogance and assumption of moral superiority."

    I am satisfied that it is correct to reject the principle of guilt by association, which is the false doctrine that infects your current post. Any assumption of moral superiority rests entirely on that rejection. I'm sorry if that infuriates you. Perhaps you can try to explain why you think you are correct to treat Jews as group instead of as individuals?

    Waylon: how laughable.

  17. Obersturmbannführer FT is off the rails again.

  18. Dolores Heinlein PaineMarch 13, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    re: Ducky's comment.

    Rich, coming from The People's Kultur Kommissar, who teaches from the Karl Marx chair of the local university.

    It is entertaining to watch the flummoxed liberals stammer and blabber all over themselves.

    Poor Shaw, she's completely lost without Google to tell her what to think.

    The question before us is, what do we do with this information?

    Let's break it down.

    1. Are the facts correct? Or has Herr FreiDenke propagated lies?

    2. What inferences can be drawn from the information provided, if we establish that the information is correct?

    3. Where are you going with this, Herr FreiDenke?

    I raise these points not to defend the author, but to defend the right to free speech and open debate.

    Given what social scientists and psychologists tell us about propaganda, advertising, the power of pathos, is it not possible people with an agenda can steer a society?

    My question for Herr FreiDenke, if we are to accept his premise, is what shall we do with this information? What action shall we take?

    I also wonder what the motive of these socialist Jews is? Turn the US socialist? Why?

    Bear in mind, this started, according to your chronology, before the Balfour declaration.

    No doubt, Jewish people have inhabited the American far left, but what more can we draw from this?

  19. One day Maybe, just Maybe Shaw will learn that name calling only discredits her and no one else.
    Liberal progressives, like Shaw have rendered themselves to be totally ineffectual in their arguments. Calling people teabaggers, capitalists, religious freaks,and worse, will get you NO WHERE you can talk all you want to, but we will not listen.

  20. Ms Shaw has overlooked one little problem, and that’s the radical jihadists whose goal is to rid the world of all "infidels" and all those living in states with civil government. She seems never to have heard of the bombing of the U.S. embassies in East Africa, the Khobar Towers, the U.S.S. Cole, the 1993 World Trade Center truck bombing or Osama bin Laden's 1998 declaration of war against the United States.
    Thes leftist do-gooders are always trying to preach their holier than thou crapola on the rest of the world, as if they know it all and we are so freaken dumb that we need the likes of her and her ilk to explain their idiotic radical philosophy to us, as if her opponents were idiots and or morons!
    Where are the men in white coats with large nets now that we need them?

  21. FT has been in his cups ever since Edward VIII abdicated.

    Losing a Hitler sympathizer you could count on was a mortal wound.

  22. "Poor Shaw, she's completely lost without Google to tell her what to think."

    This statement is laughable because whomever wrote it clearly didn't like the fact that the photo on this post is that of an actress who played a fictional character in a teevee sitcom, and the name attached to that photo is fictional as well.

    That's not telling me WHAT TO THINK. That's me exposing a fraud, or at least someone too cowardly to own his or her own antisemitism.

    It's catching a dishonest person trying to pass of his/her bigotry as someone else's.

    At least the Nazis were honest in their murderous hatred of the Jewish people, ALL JEWS to them were vermin. And we can look to history to see where that disgusting and depraved anti-human attitude took then.


    No amount of blubbering supercilious excuses about "telling the truth" can make this out to be anything but what is so clearly in front of our noses.

  23. Dolores Heinlein PaineMarch 13, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    Ah, yes. Righteous indignation makes a marvelous smokescreen to shield one from the heart of the debate.

    The words come from a fake mouthpiece. Brilliant discovery!

    What is the implication of that? Are you averring that Shakespeare's invented characters spoke no truths?

    Also, could you or your ideological bird of a feather Ducky please point out the bigotry in this post?

    I question Herr FreiDenke's motives for this, but it will take more than outraged shrieking to convince me it's antisemitism.

    Thank you ever so much.

  24. Simply KNOWING what is and is not true is very liberating in and of itself, Ms. Heinlein Pein.

    I quite deliberately drew no particular inferences from this recital of facts. I was interested to see what conclusions OTHERS might want to draw from this display of information.

    As usual, the responses -- or lack thereof -- have been stunningly predictable. Which only proves that most people [it's never ALL people -- or ALL of ANY particular GROUP of people] see only what they WANT to see or have been CONDITIONED -- or have conditioned THEMSELVES -- to see, and tend to say only what they've been CONDITIONED to imagine is the CORRECT response to any controversial source of stimulation.

    CERTAIN Jewish people -- not ALL but a clearly identifiable group of powerful intellectuals and militantly determined activists -- have not only INHABITED what-we-now-regard-as the far left, they virtually CREATED it out of whole cloth.


    We should say that it's anyone's guess, but I believe it's more definable than that. The Jewish people have historically -- for whatever reason -- acted as the "square peg" that cannot fit into the "round hole" of Western Christian Civilization. It's been a tragic thing for everyone concerned.

    I do believe that the determined unwillingness to assimilate, and the insistence on maintaining a DUAL IDENTITY as both a PEOPLE and a RELIGION distinct and set apart from all others has -- whether rightly or wrongly -- acted as a powerful magnet for attracting unfavorable attention. Certainly this is not "fair," but as JFK so wisely said, "Life Is Not Fair."

    At any rate, the centuries old tensions created by this dynamic have not only failed to defeat this small-but-powerful minority, they have simply STRENGTHENED it.

    Since no one enjoys being disliked and limited by others, a keenly intelligent, highly creative minority within this minority cleverly developed a means of "getting even." And so, a burning desire to destroy the VALUES and thus the SUBSTANCE of the society that had so long oppressed them took possession of an insidious, highly intelligent, unbelievably ruthless, militant, crafty and determined segment of this minority INVENTED a number of highly SEDUCTIVE theories pandering to, glamorizing and glorifying humanity's worst instincts that have in fact corroded the moral and intellectual foundations that made "us" "US."

    There is no doubt in my mind that the formidable power of BAD IDEAS disguised as BENEVOLENCE has in fact rotted us out from within and brought us to our present state of decadence and imminent dissolution.

    There really is nothing to be done about it, but go under -- like every other great Civilization from the past.

    Our revilers, defamers and tormenters will, of course, go down with us, but apparently they'd rather win a Pyrrhic Victory than join the rest of us in a spirit of sharing and cooperation in the unending fight against against Disease and Natural Disasters -- the ONLY enemies worth fighting.

  25. "Given what social scientists and psychologists tell us about propaganda, advertising, the power of pathos, is it not possible people with an agenda can steer a society?

    That, of course is the crux of the matter. It very obviously is exactly what has happened.

    The trouble is the vast majority have been brainwashed into believing it "immoral," "indecent," and "unjust" to recognize, acknowledge and confront unpleasant truths, and so the perpetrators almost literally continue to get away with "murder."

    No matter how hungry a people get they are never permitted to slaughter their sacred cows.

    Now make of that what you will. I can just imagine the evil inferences many will take delight in drawing -- and you know what? I don't give a good God damn.

  26. Pardon me but the facts are that in today’s society, we have a tremendous unemployment rate, we have a debt that’s sky high, we have a tax rate that’s killing our hard working families, we have a big problem with un-wed mothers and single parent homes, we have a huge crime problem in our cities, we have a administration in Washington that nobody trusts or believes, we have a president that acts like a weakling and is being run allover by the Russian president. Isn't all this caused by the failure of our leaders who don’t give a fuck about the hard working men and women, who are struggling to support their families? And hasn’t all this started when we allowed people to come in here who have the culture of Wild Animals! Oh' yes, we're not suppose to talk about it as it hurts someone's feelings. Don’t the truth always hurt?
    And That's The Reason I Haven't Posted Much This Year

  27. I would have preferred Delphine Seyrig, myself.

  28. "One day Maybe, just Maybe Shaw will learn that name calling only discredits her and no one else.
    Liberal progressives, like Shaw have rendered themselves to be totally ineffectual in their arguments. Calling people teabaggers, capitalists, religious freaks,and worse, will get you NO WHERE you can talk all you want to, but we will not listen." --Hilda Hightower

    Oh give it a rest, "Hilda," or "Lib Buster, or "Mindy" or "Sara Tara Tit Off," or whatever you're calling yourself these days. Obviously you listen, or rather read what I have to say, quite intently because you deposit your whiney little rants about what I write on my own bog all over the conservative blogs. If you don't like what I write, don't visit my blog every day. It's that simple. But maybe even simple things are beyond your ken.

  29. To say that the Communist Jew "Highjacked" this country is ridiculous, and asinine, just because we are American doesn't mean we are stupid. I never saw or heard such ignorance like this. I grew up in the forties and fifties. My father's family, like many others came from Russia. They came here to escape the Russian and German Communists. I was old enough to remember the heated debates on the Jews who were dying by the millions in the Holocaust. My family were always Republicans, and NO)NE of my relatives embraced Communism. In fact they participated in the civil rights movement, which resulted in the liberation of blacks. Not that the blacks appreciated it.

    Here in New York, most Jews supported Obama, notwithstanding his very anti-Israel policies. But no one in my family is a liberal-or democrat or God for Bid a progressive.
    To blame "the Jews" for the horrors of Communism in America is simply not only wrong but totally unfair, and not true. And YOU are not a responsible blogger for doing this..

  30. The faux outrage of the "progressives" is a bit rich, considering that they worship at the shrine of the Fabian socialists like Lord Bertrand Russell, H. G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw—vipers all whose defined ends clearly state that humanity of this planet must be regulated and controlled and genocided down to a small fraction of the current world population, specifically by eliminating the er, ahh "useless eaters" to borrow a phrase from the god of Fabianism, the good Lord, himself, Bertrand Russell.

  31. It never hurts to introduce a little historical perspective into a topic or argument. Specifically more info about the Talmud, the ancient "Jewish Bible". To quote directly from the Talmud and its descriptions of "the goyim" is too disgusting. Although not likely too disgusting for the phony outrage of the "progressives".

    "From the days of Moses until the war with Babylon, the main religion of Israel, both in the ten Northern and two Southern tribes, was monotheistic belief in Almighty God and observance of the law. The twelve tribes first had Tabernacle worship, and later the Temple rituals which looked forward to the coming of the world's Redeemer. Then came the Babylonian captivity for the tribe of Judah! The Babylonians were well versed in the black magic and sorcery that had come down from the days of Cain. They blended the black arts with the Law of Moses and evolved the Talmudic system which has remained embedded in international Jewry to the present hour. The Judahites entered Babylon with priests, Temple worship and the books of Moses. They intermarried with Caininites and came out with rabbis, SINagogues and the Talmud. The Talmud is the bible of Judaism. The Old Testament is used ONLY for window dressing purposes. Arsene Darmester, who has long been recognized in Jewish circles as an authority on the Talmud, has this to say: "Nothing, indeed, can equal the importance of the Talmud .... The daily study of the Talmud, which among the Jews began with the age of 10 to end with life itself, necessarily was a severe gymnastic exercise for the mind, thanks to which it acquired incomparable subtlety and acumen .... The study of JUDAISM is that of the TALMUD, as the study of the TALMUD is that of JUDAISM .... Thus became possible the strange phenomenon, unique in history, I believe, of a people dispersed to the four corners of the earth, yet one, of a nation without a land, yet living. The miracle was accomplished by a book, the Talmud." It is the Talmud, and nothing else, that binds International Jewry into a solid body. Darmester generalizes when he refers to the Satanic document as a "book." in reality it encompasses 63 large volumes containing the accumulated writings of rabbis from Babylon to the fifth century A.D. Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer says: "The Talmud consists of 63 books of legal, ethical and historical writings of ancient rabbis. It was edited five centuries after the birth of Jesus. It is a compendium of law and lore. It is the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law, and it is the textbook used in the training of rabbis."

  32. If you have access to The Talmud, Waylon, -- I understand it is a HUGE muti-volumed affair spanning many centuries -- it might be very helpful too see what Jewish scholars actually said about "The Goyim among themselves. Reality is not always pleasant, but as I insist, the TRUTH never fails to HEAL and set us FREE.

    The hideous constraunt of being forced to PRETEND things are not as they are is tearing us apart more forcefully than direct confrontation -- or so I bel8eve.

  33. YOU have access to the talmud, freethinke.


  34. Jews have always done good for themselves, because they always believed in education first! This was very important in the Jewish family.
    The most imperative and crucial element in the Jewish home is education.
    It's the blacks who have been exploited. Anyone who is serious and honest knows the Blacks the enslavement and exploitation throughout history.
    Blacks have been exploited and made overly dependent by the Left and yet the Blacks blame the Right! Go figure! The left has all but destroyed the black family, and we have let them do it with the liberial movement, Hip Hop, abortion clinics, crime, welfare, and the latest-"knock outs" in the streets to innocent people !! They have pushed the blacks into a whole new level of darkness in which we cannot even see anymore. Think about it. There used to be a glimmer of light,...but now it is pitch black inside of the urban community. Hip Hop music, twerking, shooting people in our streets, crime, and fighting is all the rage in the urban community!! How can we help when they refuse to be helped or even listen? Choosing horrible role models like Farrakhan or Sharpton is not the way to go. Where is their pride? They live in a world of welfare, and taking the handouts from the government, the democratic party, the free hand outs seem to be much more important than Jesus, and the love of family and country. !! The Democrats, and the Liberals’ Policies have destroyed much of their Communities.
    The left keeps failing these people that they claim to want to help, but actually the Left wants the Black people kept angry and ignorant, and therefor will keep voting Democratic.
    What has happened to the responsibility of Fathers? And when the Fathers leave their Mothers, there is no one left to be capable of being Fathers to their Sons. No matter how hard they try a women can't be a Father to a boy. The Democrats and Liberals did this, with their promises that they never for filled.
    When Obama was a community organizer, he did just that! He told the Black workers “that isn’t a real job” ! He's was just being a troublemaker, not much of a helper, just pandering and patronizing them for the Democrat Party's votes; but bad for the Blacks who were getting patronized just for their votes.

    Yes, this is a this is a touchy subject but it should be said, I have no need to apologize for saying what is factual. It's just a fact so don't kid yourselves
    God help us all !!!

    It's the blacks who have been exploited.

  35. Ellie,

    I'm sorry, but I happen to think it irresponsible NOT to notice and make mention of the pernicious influence of Marx and his followers, the Frankfurt School, the so-called New York intellectuals, the Mainstream Press, Hollywood, TV, the Pop Music Industry and the Educational Establishment. It's part of our history, and should not be ignored.

    No one has said that you or your family had anything to do with this just because you happen to be Jewish, but your admission to having voted for Obama ALONE tends to support the contention that in the main Jews follow the LEFT, even when it works to their detriment.

    No self-respecting Republican would EVER have voted for Obama. Unfortunately, too many RINOS dominate the party. We have every right to be concerned about THAT, and to question why it should be the case.

    If someone could ever explain why that is true to my satisfaction, I'd be very glad to be enlightened.

    Waylon did a good job in pointing out key figures in the British Socialist movement, more accurately known as The Fabian Society. As far as I know the Fabians had few if any direct connections to the Jewish intellectuals who have done so much harm to THIS country.

    We want HONEST DEBATE here not a Mudslinging Contest, and no one wants to institute any kind of persecution of ANYONE. We just want to be aware of the FACTS of our historical development in the modern era, and to FACE them squarely without flinching.

    It's all about drawing INFERENCES, which is the responsibility of our readers, and is apt to say more about THEM tan about Ms. Keilsheimer or anyone else who contributed information to the article.

  36. FT, from my observation some of the best information of Talmudic Judaism comes from Jews themselves who became so disgusted by the divergence between the public face of Judaism and the private teaching of Talmudic Judaism.

    Benjamin Freedman, an individual highly placed within the Woodrow Wilson administration, with first-hand knowledge of the machinations of said administration and the ultimate desired ends to which some of those highly placed within it sought to move the country and the world.

    Another individual that I've mentioned before was Henry Wallace Rosenthal, an aid to Jacob Javits, New York Senator. The interview itself is sickening but revealing. His character comes across as supercilious and condescending and he didn't live long after giving that interview. Mysteriously assassinated (targeted in a "terrorist attack") in Istanbul in 1976.

    <a href= ">Henry Wallace Rosenthal</a>

  37. FT, from my observation some of the best information of Talmudic Judaism comes from Jews themselves who became so disgusted by the divergence between the public face of Judaism and the private teaching of Talmudic Judaism.

    Benjamin Freedman, an individual highly placed within the Woodrow Wilson administration, with first-hand knowledge of the machinations of said administration and the ultimate desired ends to which some of those highly placed within it sought to move the country and the world.

    Another individual that I've mentioned before was Henry Wallace Rosenthal, an aid to Jacob Javits, New York Senator. The interview itself is sickening but revealing. His character comes across as supercilious and condescending and he didn't live long after giving that interview. Mysteriously assassinated (targeted in a "terrorist attack") in Istanbul in 1976.

    Henry Wallace Rosenthal

  38. All you libs with your Obamacare promises, think about this. How many Americans are going to die and you ACA/Obama are blaming the insurance companies for complying with your idiotic stupidly cumbersome over regulated 2,000 page 20,000 pages of regulations LAW!

  39. Jews have always done good for themselves, because they always believed in education first! This was very important in the Jewish family.

  40. Mr Free Thinker, if you read my comment above again and perhaps slowly, you will find that NO where in my remarks did I say that I voted for Obama. Because I did not.
    Thank you

  41. Oh I don't know about that, Moonbat. Historically, Jews really have had a very tough time. Superstition, xenophobia, and the natural clannishness of all concerned sparked deep division from the beginning of Western Christian Civilization. I tried to explain this above. Constant friction between factions eventually causes fire. As time wore on the Jews became more and more defensive, increasingly resentful, and developed great strength within the limited roles they allowed to play by the overwhelming majority that surrounded them.

    It's all quite understandable. What I object to is the DENIAL that the undeniable tension between the Jews and the Rest of Civilization has had nothing to do with the Jews, themselves.

    When someone is constantly abused and denied fair treatment, he does one of two things. Either he collapses and dies, OR he draws on his inner strength, develops his capacities to the fullest, and becomes inwardly rebellious and determined to get the better of his tormentors someday. The lust for vengeance is one of the strongest motivators there is.

    I believe the ONLY way out of this vicious cycle would be for all peoples -- Gentiles and Jews alike - to face themselves as they really are, and do everything possible to make amends towards EACH OTHER. When the amends are strictly one-sided, the urge resist, rebel and seek retribution and "reparations" is bound to surface and start the whole damned thing all over again.

    That is why I so firmly reject the fault finding, finger shaking, self-righteousness of the left so abhorrent.

    Not to wax trite, but "two wrongs never have -- and never will -- make a right."

  42. I'm glad to now that, Ellie. I'm sorry if I misunderstood your comment. But it is true that approximately 80% of the Jewish Community votes habitually -- almost reflexively -- for Democrats. If that percentage is on the wane, I am only too glad, because it hasn't made much sense in a very long time.

  43. Finally! I've found time to read this blog post and the comments so far thereto.

    FT posted this without commentary. Are the facts cited erroneous?

    If not, what questions should we be posing -- in our own minds if not in the comments section here?

  44. You've heard the negatives, about Jews and complained about them - right? And Free Thinke listed quite a bit of them!

    BUT NOW we're going to focus on the positives.
    The Jewish People has produced some of the greatest thinkers, scientists, doctors, philosophers, theologians, psychiatrists, merchants, entrepeneurs, inventors, jurists, therapists, writers, artists, actors, singers and song writers, filmmakers, and comedians the world has known! In addition, the Jewish people have contributed much to charities and helped to build hospitals, and many wings to existing hospitals were donated by Jewish philanthropists. Hadassah a Jewish Women’s organization is probably the most well known for its support of medical organizations

    A short list of World known Famous Jews who contributed much to the world are listed below in alphabetical order. .
    Albert Einstein, Al Jolson, Benny Goodman,Billy Crystal, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach,Cecil B. DeMille, Danny Kaye, Douglas Fairbanks, Dustin Hoffman, Edward G. Robinson, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, his mother was Jewish. Elvis personally had a Star of David carved into his mother’s grave.
    Fred Astaire, George Gershwin, Gustav Mahler, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, Henry Winkler, Herb Alpert, Hedy Lamarr, Jacques Offenbach, Jack Benny, Jack Klugman, James Caan, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Collins, Judd Hirsch, Judy Garland (real name Frances Gumm), Irving Berlin, Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Nimoy, Levi Strauss, Linda Ronstadt, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Seymour, The Marx Brothers,Mel Brooks, Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, Peter Falk, Paul Simon. Paul Newman, Peter Lorre, Peter Sellers, Samuel Goldwyn, Sigmund Freud, Steven Seagal, Simone Signoret, Tony Curtis, Tony Randall, Warner Brothers, Walter Matthau, Winona Ryder (real name Winona Horowitz, The Great Yehudi Menuhin. and lets not forget Meyer Lansky (born Meyer Suchowljansky.. And ME!

    Notice I didn’t list Roseanne Barr, Richard Dreyfuss, Phil Spector, Woody Allan, Barbra Streisand. Rob Reiner, or Sean Penn, as I’m not to proud of any of them......

    And by the way,
    Everybody quotes the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and it is one of the great orations in America history. But did you know that “the great Broadway show The Man of La Mancha, is based on the Spanish Inquisition persecutes Cervantes and we also see his character Don Quixote singing “The Impossible Dream”.
    “Don Quixote,” really Miguel de Cervantes, came from a family of Conversos, Spanish Jews..

  45. Dolores Heinlein PaineMarch 14, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    It says much about the unhinged left that, unlike them, an actual Jewish man showed up and gave a rebuttal free of PC outrage and emotional vapors.

    A society is in a dangerous place when it forbids the discussion of specially-selected taboo subjects.

  46. Have You Heard this One?
    Condoleezza Rice lacks “moral authority.” She fails to meet the standards of “exemplary citizenship” and she does not have what it takes to “inspire” graduating college seniors.
    That thinking comes from a Jackass Liberal Professor at Rutgers University!

    Condi Rice holds a Ph.D. in political science. She has taught college for decades. She was Provost of Stanford University. She was our Secretary of State. She worked her way up from a working-class family in the segregated South to the highest echelon of world power and politics.

    But, all of that is negated by her service in President George W. Bush’s administration. How’s that! This is what’s happening in our universities, these days!
    I can guarantee you that if Harry Belefonte, Hillary Clinton, or some creep with a Rag on his head, or Louis Farakhan wanted to speak, they’d welcome him with opened arms.

  47. You forgot pianists, Josef Hofmann, Artur Rubinstein, Dame Myra Hess, Vladimir Horowitz, Rudolf Serkin, Clara Haskell, Maria Yudina, Oscar Levant, Sofronitsky, Lazaar Berman, Josef and Rosina Lhevinne, david Saperstein, violinists, Albert Spaulding, Efrem Zimbalist, Jascha Heifetz, Leonid Kogan, Nathan Milstein, Guidon Kramer, David Oistrakh, conductors Mstislav Rostropovich (also a great cellist), Serge Koussevitsky, James Levine, singers Roberta Peters, Robert Merrill, Rise Stevens, Zara Dolukhanova, Galina Vishnevskaya, and many more classical performing artists of great renown too numerous to mention.

    You also forgot Vincent Youmans, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, George Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein II, Stephen Sondheim.

    Oh and don't forget George S. Kaufman, Moss Hart, Kitty Carlisle,

    And what happened to Milton Berle, Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Shelley Berman, Sheldon Harnick, Tom Lehrer, et al.?

    The contributions made by many of the people you mentioned are of dubious value in my never humble opinion, but no one in his right mind could deny their claim to fame.

    And I don't think Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were natural-born, ethnic Jews. Converts don't really count. Jewishness is much more an ethnicity than a religion -- especially in these secularized times, where 85% of the population of Israel is said to be atheistic. ;-)

    The post was not intended as a blanket denigration of ALL Jews, but I believe it is important to know and remember that a hugely disproportionate percentage of Jews in the United States both fomented and supported leftist activism with rabid enthusiasm, and that their influence has been enormously deleterious to our politics, our popular culture, our morals, our Christian faith, and to our overall quality of life, which has been in steep decline all my adult life -- i.e. the past 55 years.

  48. Glad you stopped by, Dude.

    No one needs to sell me on Ms Rice. In addition to all her other remarkable accomplishments she is also a gifted, highly accomplished concert pianist. Besides all that she is a lovely, well spoken person, and I sincerely wish she lived next door to me, because her presence would do a lot to elevate the tone in my supposedly upscale neighborhood.

    We are always happy to give credit where credit is due here, but we are also not afraid to affix blame on those who warrant it.

  49. I didn't forget any of those Free Thinke, I said I was giving the "short List" I could have also mentioned
    Sandy Koufax, Mark Zuckerberg, Marvin Hamlisch, Robert Downey Jr. Mel Blanc, Hank Greenberg George Burns, Harry Houdini, Michael Douglas, Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers, Michael Bloomberg, Eddy Cantor, Henry Kissinger, Arthur Miller, and give a special mention to Daniel Pearl.. And believe it or not Fiorello LaGuardia,

    I just didn't want to over do it. LOL... Thanks

  50. By the way, I want to thank you, Waylon, for the link to Dr. Coleman's discussion of Theo Adorno, the Beatles and the calculatedly corruptive, destabilizing initiation of "New Music" -- i.e. Rock 'n Roll -- into the culture. Dr, Coleman, apparently has done decades of research on this subject and arrived at the same conclusions I did soon after "The Enemy" landed on our shores.

    Music very definitely is a language -- really a GROUP of languages. The "New Music that arrived in the mid fifties and completely took over the popular culture by 1960 really WAS a carefully planned, brilliantly executed ATTACK on who and what we used to be.

    If Beethoven is the musical equivalent of Shakespeare, then Rock 'n Roll is the musical and moral equivalent of Henry Miller, Screw Magazine, and The Devil In Miss Jones.

    Seeing one's own perceptions independently confirmed may not be comforting, but it is certainly reassuring.

  51. It's absolutely astonishing -- and very discouraging -- to see that, apparently, NO ONE realized the strong connection between Ki0ling's poem The Gods of the Copybook Headings published here this week with appropriate biblical quotations as an introduction, and the two posts that followed -- this and Wednesday's discussion of the Muslim Threat to Western Civilization.

    Kipling's verse without coming out and saying it directly is a very strong indictment of Marxism and the various brands of "New Thought" that turned society ass over teakettle early in the last century.

    Kipling, of course, was a great prophet. He saw it all coming with chilling clarity, as did E.M Forster, and later Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.

    Our perceptions are so dulled today most of us cannot see the thematic connections, recognize literary allusions, or divine guiding principles from reading and discussion. What passes for political discourse today has been reduced to an endless series of dry and tedious recitations of facts and figures.

  52. FT, I only learned about this connection between The Beatles and Theodor Adorno recently after reading some of the writing of Dr. John Coleman. I believe he's originally British, a former agent of MI6, the Military Intelligence agency of James Bond fame of which Dr. Colman was an agent.

  53. We have , indeed, been "dumbed down."

  54. AND -- don't forget -- Brian Epstein was a Jew. Make of THAT what you will.

    (by the way, I'm being sarcastic)

  55. I wonder if Mr FT has the Balls of brass, do a bolg on the Blacks who have been known to be anti American?

  56. (by the way, I'm being sarcastic)

    You're telling ME?

    The trouble is that "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

  57. "My partner and I want to have an
    abortion, but we're having trouble conceiving." — Sarah Silverman

    You needn't dig too deeply into the manure pile to unearth a profound and deep-seated hatred of "the goyim" by our Jewish "friends.

    Let's see if any sensitive "progressives are offended by the political/social commentary of Sarah Silverman

  58. This from WIKI on Fiorello Laguardia might help put the claim that he was "Jewish" into better perspective:

    LaGuardia was born in Greenwich Village in New York City to an Italian father and an Italian-Jewish mother. His father, Achille La Guardia, was a lapsed Catholic from Cerignola, and his mother, Irene Coen, was a Jewish woman from Trieste, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; his maternal grandmother Fiorina Luzzatto Coen was a Luzzatto, a member of the prestigious Italian-Jewish family of scholars, kabbalists, and poets and had among her ancestors the famous rabbi Samuel David Luzzatto. It was in Trieste that Achille La Guardia met and married Irene.[6] Fiorello La Guardia was raised an Episcopalian and practised that religion all his life....

    He was a wonderful character, a highly effective mayor, a lifelong Republican who was loved an admired by most Hew Yorkers my family -- on both the WASP and the Italian sides -- included. His only fault was his support of the New Deal. [That unfortunate aberration must have come from the Jewish part of him.] ;-)

    Despite that he was EXACTLY the kind of politician of which we are in desperate need today -- a benevolent autocrat, with a will of iron, a spine of steel, genuine integrty and remarkable charisma. My family described him as "a darling man."

  59. Your friend Sarah Silverman (obviously an Irish girl!) is a very funny woman, Waylon. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

  60. Thank you too, Ms Heinlein Pein, for your trenchant observations. Much appreciated.



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