Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yes, Virginia,
really do exist


  1. Albinos or a different "breed" entirely?

  2. Good morning, AOW.

    Perfectly natural, apparently. Aren't they fascinating? The little ones look down right cuddly.

    Have you ever seen jet black SQUIRRELS? The only place I've ever seen those was in The Bronx. Normally squirels are gray, and there are red squirrels too, although I've never seen one, except in picture books, but the black variety are a perfectly natural mutation. so, apparently, are white skunks. According to WIKI there are brown and red skunks too.

    And yes they all have the capacity to make that characteristic stink when they are frightened or otherwise upset.

    I have read they make good pets after their odor producing glands have been surgically removed.

  3. FT,
    Have you ever seen jet black SQUIRRELS?

    Yes, I have!

    There is quite a population of black squirrels at Washington National Cathedral.

    Also, a few blocks from me, there is a colony of black squirrels. I never see any of them here in my yard, however.

  4. Iona Kerr said

    Do you live in a segregated neighborhood, Always? I didn't think those were allowed anymore. Hmmmm ...

  5. Iona,
    Apparently, squirrels self-segregate.

  6. We have black squirrels with up in the mountains, some with red-tipped ears.

  7. Does anyone know if albino variants of a species always have red eyes and weak eyesight, or is that a myth?

    These white skinks seem to have perfectly normal looking eyes.

  8. Black squirrels with red-tipped EARS?

    That IS interesting, SF.

    I wonder if WHITE squirrels exist?

    I saw some wonderful pictures of two white MOOSE on a northern forest a year or two ago. Astonishing! -- very beautiful against the dark green wooded background.

  9. The black squirrel are Canadian squirrels

  10. They've bottled the aroma from white skunks and sell it under the brand name "Channel No. 5".

  11. I used to feed stray cats when we lived in our townhome. The skunks, of course, would come. Such intelligent little beings! I would have one as a pet, if allowed.
    They cannot hear very well, nor see. That is why they walk like they are drunk.
    Good memories, these.

    Thanks for the post. I had no idea they existed.



  12. Just saying it like it isMarch 6, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    Whites are taking over everything , everywhere.

  13. Thersites,
    "Channel No. 5"

    HAHAHAHA! Good one!

  14. Thersites,
    BTW, Channel No. 5 on an fishing lures to catch large mouth bass will enhance the number of strikes. Dad and I found out when we were experimenting back in our fishing days.

    Mom wasn't happy that her cologne bottle went missing. ;^)

  15. Indeed gray squirrels, red squirrels and gray squirrels do exist. All you need to do is expand your horizons.

    And with the existence of Photoshop you can bet there are "white moose in northern forests" and so why not black squirrels with "red tipped ears"?

  16. Ah, but Waylon, we have seen these things with our very own eyes. I do not doubt the testimony of my own eyes or hose of trusted friends.

    The world is full of wonders most have never seen -- or even vaguely imagined.

    As Walt Whitman said, we need to be "more curious and less judgmental." If we are, we're sure to have a more pleasant experience on this admittedly-benighted-but-also-blessed planet. ;-)

  17. Unrelated Free, but someone has lifted my name and linked to my ministry blog so they can post comments "from" me.

    The comment about Ted Cruz on your blog yesterday was one of those.

    I am sure you can tell as it does not have my usual amount of snark...


  18. FT. I'm not against light on the planet.

    But if you haven't seen a 'red squirrel" actually spotting a black squirrel with "red ears" (in the flesh) is remarkable.

  19. When I used to hunt we would buy deer urine to drip onto our shoes and mask our scent....

    ...which only proves that some people will buy anything.

  20. I was going to let it pass, Dave, since it was perfectly true, though unrelated to the post. It was Katharine who asked about it, and then the focus shifted to "it" rather than the white skunks, which I find far more interesting.

    Sorry about the imposture. I'm sure it will happen to me too one of these days. My friends will know who I am, and those who don't and seem happy to claim idiocy as one of "my" attributes really don't matter anyway -- at least not to me.

    College presidents with Ph.D's and long distinguished records of solid achievement have been caught with their pants down, as it were, and had to suffer the consequences.

    I, personally, don't want to waste time taking these things too seriously. There's a childish little devil lurking in all of us. It's part of being human.

    Decency and good decorum are acquired traits.

  21. Dave & FT,
    The blog trolls have become a real plague.

    Some wags aren't trolls, others are.

    I've been blogging since 2005, and I don't recall such imposture ever being so problematic until last year -- beginning about mid-year, if I recall correctly.

    Decorum and "blog ethics" have flown out the window.

  22. Waylon, if you google "White Moose," you'll find pictures and several items. Like the white skins white moose do occur in nature, though they're exceedingly rare.


    As for the trolls and impostors, etc.ALL we can reasonably hoe to do is make sure that WE, as individuals, don't ADD fuel to the fire. I do delete out-and-out asininity and unmitigated nastiness, but SCOLDING or trying REASIN with offenders is the worst thing any of us could do. IGNORING them, as though they were not a factor, is the BEST thing to do.

    Take it from one who learned the hard way.



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