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The Wit and Wisdom 
Nemesis of Leftists

Part II of a New Series

Random Quotes from Miss Coulter's Work

'[The New York Times is cheering the decision of Mount Holyoke College to stop requiring that students submit their SAT scores for admission, ending what the Times calls "the tyranny of the big test." While conceding that the SAT measures "mental dexterity," the editorial complains that the test does not capture qualities such as "motivation" or what the student "learned in high school."'

'The SAT also doesn't measure compassion, speed or good looks. It does, however, measure something more than the ability to suck up to your high school teachers and guidance counselors.'


  1. I have a former student who recently graduated from Mount Holyoke College. Her SAT scores -- very high -- determined the amount of her scholarship award (tuition discount).

    I have to wonder if not accepting SAT scores to determine admission and scholarship amount will hit parents harder in the pocketbook.

    BTW, Mount Holyoke has long given free tuition to those who were poor. When my former student was attending the college, her roommate was the daughter of a janitor at another college, a very prestigious university (NYU? Columbia?). The roommate paid no tuition whatsoever -- not that she make the most of the opportunity. She did not! She squandered it! And she couldn't meet the college's academic standards, either. She cut classes to the point that she was very rarely in class. The college didn't boot her out.

  2. It has long been a tradition -- at least in The Ivy League -- that children of employees at any of the "sister schools" be given free tuition -- or greatly reduced costs -- at the school where the parent works, but I've never heard that this privilege was transferable to other colleges and universities in the network.

    Please don't tell me the school authorities allowed this shiftless, lazy, ill-prepared, no-account female creature GRADUATE?

  3. People-- including many Republicans and fellow conservatives who prefer decorous, insipid, non-confrontational behavior to effective tactics in the fight against tyranny -- just love to hate Ann Coulter fo zeroing in on evidence that condemns the left by weight of its own stupidity and refusal to deal squarely with Reality.

    I realize that she is, indeed, "playing a character part" on the world's stage, but I do not believe her motives are as purely cynical and self-serving as many would like to believe.

    When a dire situation calls for the use of blunderbuss, Ann is not afraid to USE a blunderbuss, God bless her!

  4. FT,
    The student did indeed graduate.

    Furthermore, every roommate she had objected to her outrageous behaviors which were totally disruptive for anyone trying to study and behaviors which continued day after day and night after night. The roommates who objected were EXCORIATED for even objecting. The situation for my former student, a physics major, was untenable, and her parents finally shelled out for an off-campus apartment.

  5. Who cares what that disgrace to womanhood has to say! She is a disgusting human being, if she is even human. What she has to say isn't even news worthy.
    Martin Luthur King would be spinning in his grave if he had heard what his own niece said about same sex marriage..
    This jackass who look more like a toad than a women said that even though her uncle has embraced the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender’s organization equality as a reflection of her uncle’s support for civil rights, The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alveda King has made a career out of using her Uncles name to rail against abortion and same-sex marriage. She has been trying to convince Marylanders that opposing same-sex marriage isn’t just about being on “the right side of history,” but also “the right side of eternity” — in other words, all Gay people and their supporters are going to Hell. If he was alive today, he would be ashamed of her.

    As for your darling of the Right, Ann Coulter, I read that last week she went off (as usual) on a on disgusting Racist rant, where she was comparing the Immigration reform bill to a sexual assault she didn’t hide her contempt for anyone who’s NOT white.. And it gets even worse, after that she compared the increasing Latino population in the United States to sexual assault! Which proves that Not all Republicans are racist, but most racists are Republicans. And that just because she is a lawyer it doesn't make her smart or a good person. And I don’t know why anyone would care about what some ignorant twit with an IQ the same as her bra size has to say or think? It's obvious she's a beached blonde Sarah Palin wanna be!

  6. What does this have to do with the left?

  7. What does this have to do with the left?


    Look in the mirror, Ducky, and you'll see "Spam Hunter" lookin' back at ya.

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  8. I am vastly amused by "Spam Hunter's remarks, because they fully corroborate all the dreadful things that have ever been said about LEFTISTS.

    It's always good to get it "straight from the horse's ass," as it were. ;-)

    Spam, baby, are you sure you're not a RIGHT-WING ACTIVIST engaged in caricaturing the LEFT? You might just as well be.

  9. That was good, Waylon. Keep em comin.'

  10. The real question here is why would Free Thinke even think of praising Ann Coulter?
    Ann is as usual over the bridge on this but in an intentionally dangerous and harmful way. Ann Coulter once said that she believes that In America, only Blacks or dumb people becomes criminals . And that there's more crime here happens among first generation immigrants than among second generation immigrants Someone should tell her that clearly we have a LOT of dumb and ignorant pundits and columnists here in America. This woman and her CONSERVATIVE fans are full of racism and hatred and no amount of facts or data will change that. I always find it best to ignore her.
    Her spiel is always about something racist What's even more offensive than Coulter is the media that gives her any exposure. She is an embarrassment to us all. She is pathetic
    Ann Coulter, and the GOP hates President Obama more than they love their country, and their current love affair with a REAL dictator shows how far down the road to Crazytown that hatred has taken them.

    The more that people like Ann Coulter keep on talking, the more Democrats are going to be elected.

  11. Well, FT, Ann knows her audience. Our university system is among the finest in the world, drawing students from literally everywhere. It is expensive because unlike everywhere else, we do little to subsidize our higher education, preferring to waste the money on the military and police states, and on financing debt instead of paying it up front.


  12. Jersey: BS. College is too expensive because professors are underworked and overpaid, the administrative bureaucracy is bloated and also overpaid. They are crapulent with government money and they build palatial facilities.

    Any Central American or Mexican college is much more academically rigorous that any Ivy League school. Talk to someone who has graduated from one and ask them about it. You do a thesis just to receive your Bachelors degree in most programs.

  13. Ann Coulter is rightwing porn.

    One question: How many people has she brought over to the conservative side?

  14. One reason why I like Ann Coulter is that she has the liberals constantly calling her the worst of names. You will find liberals always to be devoid of facts..
    As you can probably guess, I like Ann Coulter..

  15. "How many people has [AC] brought over to the conservative side?"

    I don't know, do you?

    I do know that she's produced a long string of best sellers, so -- like a certain blogger we know and sometimes love in spite of herself -- it's obvious that lots of people pay close attention to her observations.

    Despite the deliberately abrasive, heavy-handed, really tongue-in-cheek approach, the woman makes perfect sense.

    Until the advent of such as Rush and Ann, liberals had it ALL their own way, sat proudly on their high horses, looked down on everyone whose views were not congruent with their own, and bestrode the political landscape like an indomitable colossus.

    Liberals had a MONOPOLY in Public Opinion, and a death grip on unassailable power.

    Thank GOD someone FINALLY came along with the effrontery to try to beat them at their own rotten game.

    Unfortunately, the Forces of Darkness have been in the Driver's Seat far too long. The Public has been brainwashed by the enemedia into thinking the Liberal View is the NORMAL view. They have become enured to their role as Serfs in the Liberal-Progressive Fiefdom.

    Ann seems rude because she's in the business of shattering the self-serving myths the liberal media establishment has conjured up over the past80-odd years.

    Ann's business is not to be FAIR and "reasonable;" it is to COUNTERACT the megatons of injurious propaganda under which we've been buried sine the 1930's -- at least.

    I'm not enamored of her style, but I like what she is doing.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Damn Free Thinke, you sure are free with your characterizations of others and demonized of left wing especially when others like Shaw are so nice to you. And this is what she gets? How simple things are in your little world.

    I think that you are a self-serving blowhard and an a-hole.

  18. AHA! Yet ANOTHER who proves Ann is dead on target with her barbed insults.

    Keep talking. You hang yourself with every syllable you utter.

  19. Thanks, Not in My Name.

    YSou are, of course. perfectly correct.

    "They" can dish it out by the ton, but they sure can't take it -- even from an eye dropper.

    The Left INVENTED One Way Rudeness. It's high time they got back at least some of their own.

  20. Sticking your head up Coulter's arse and convincing yourself you're listening to the news.

    No wonder the right wing is a laughingstock.

  21. And THERE is MORe clear and convncng evidence that Ann's attitude towards the left is not only correct, but very well deserved.

    Thank you, Ducks. };-)>

    We rest our case.



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