Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Presentiment is that Long Shadow on the Lawn ~
Indicative that suns go down ~
The notice to the startled grass ~
That Darkness is about to pass.

~ § ~
~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


  1. I left no explanation for posting this eerie little poem, but perhaps you've realized –– as I've been pretty sure you would –– that brooding over the likely results of tomorrow's long-awaited Supreme Court decision on Obamacare inspired the use of that short-but-always-chilling bit of verse.

    After John Roberts' dispiriting and frankly infuriating performance in the Arizona Immigration Law case, and the way even the FOX poll now sees Obama making solid gains against Romney –– particularly among independents –– I will be very pleasantly surprised if the high court strikes down any part of Pelosi's atrocious medical care act that a reported 59% of our people still do not support.

    If this dismal foreboding is validated by the court, a great darkness is about to pass over our land that may not lift in our lifetimes –– if ever.

    I'm praying the depressing prophesy will prove false, and earnestly hope you will join me.

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. No matter what happens tomorrow, we will go on.

    I hope you will not mind my posting this. You and I believe there are other things more important than politics:

    This was supper this evening in Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass.:

    Pan seared swordfish with a topping of toasted bread crumbs seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs, on the side, steamers and sauted yellow summer squash, fresh string beans and tomatoes, also finished with sea salt and fresh herbs [lemon thyme, basil, oregano]. Accompanied with a delightful Beringer 2010 Founders' Estate Chardonnay.

    Eating well is the best revenge.


  3. My dear, Ms. Shaw,

    You may post anything you'd like here anytime.

    Despite our political differences –– and doubtless a vast difference in our ages! –– I sense that we are kindred spirits in many ways that are, indeed, more important than politics.

    Your mouth-watering recipes make me long to have the honor of one day being a guest at your table -- unlikely, of course, but a charming fantasy nonetheless.

    If I had to pick just ONE food item as THE all-time favorite, it would have to be New England Steamed Soft-Shell Clams served very simply with clam broth and melted butter.

    When I was very young, we used to be able to rake in bucketsful of our own at low tide while on summer vacation. Nothing will ever taste quite that good ever again, I am sure, but thank God for vivid and delightful memories.

    Unfortunately, where I live today, seafood of that high a quality is just not available.

    You are absolutely right by the way in saying that come what may we will go on. I made a characteristically lengthy post to that effect -- I think at Kurt's -- just the other day. It's a running theme with me.

    Call me an Optimistic Fatalist, if you like. Or would that be a Fatalistic Optimist? ;-)

    It's good to see you here. You will soon be on my list of favorites, if I can figure out how to put you there without help.


  4. You and I believe there are other things more important than politics

    As do I. My solution (I didn't author it, but I subscribe to it), is to confine the federal government to its constitutionally-mandated duties and return the rest to the states and the people.

    This is what drives my medium-core libertarianism.

    Federalization of everything has led to endless political bickering that has poisoned our lives. We are not homogenous and we will never agree on everything. It is folly, and destructive to our society, to try and make it otherwise.

    I give you as an example Texas and Massachusetts. Two prospering states with very different outlooks.

    Both sides could quibble that the other is not really prospering because of X, Y or Z, but the people in those states seem to be happy so who cares what anyone else thinks.

    That is how it should be. I would love nothing more than for the the 24/7 political bickering media fonts to dry up and blow away. I'd love to pass days and weeks without a political issue pushing to the forefront, rudely crowding out our simple daily pleasures.

    I would love to blog about BBQ'ing, shooting, fishing and playing music...

    Alas, in our present condition, we must all be on guard 24/7...

  5. Great contribution, Kurt! Thank you.

    Ravening cannibal creature that I am, I may choose to feature your remarks with extensive quotations in a future post.

    May I assume that would be all right with you?

    If not, please get back to me.

    I may be more of a hardcore libertarian than you, although Finntann accuses me all the time of being a Closet Authoritarian. (When it gets right down to it, aren't we all –– really? ;-)

    At any rate, it has just occurred to e for the skaty-eighth time that a series of articles exploring the difference between Libertarianism and Anarchism could be both absorbing and possibly useful. What do you say?

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. Feel free to use any of my comments.

    exploring the difference between Libertarianism and Anarchism could be both absorbing and possibly useful. What do you say?

    I'd say you are staring into a deep chasm. Anarchism is the extreme end of libertarianism, which is why I consider myself medium-core, or as I like to say, I am no more libertarian than the Founding Fathers.

    This is a controversial area fraught with danger. You will bore non-libertarians while potentially attracting nasty, angry ones.

    I'd stay away.

    A more fruitful pursuit could be to show "liberals" how they used to be very libertarian but have now turned authoritarian. IMHO

  7. "Anarchism is the extreme end of libertarianism"

    I agree with Kurt, but can't think of much that one could say about it beyond the above phrase. What have you in mind? A series of illustrative examples, perhaps? Maybe it *would* be interesting...

  8. Jez: Would you say European liberals tend more towards middle of the road libertarianism? As opposed to America's insufferable doctrinaire "liberals?"

  9. Gentlemen:

    I have said many times that I see life as a paradox comprised of an infinite number of paradoxical elements.

    To put it tritely: There are two side to every coin. All contrasts do not fall between black and white. There are infinite shades of gray (grey to you, Jez ;-). The subtle nuances of difference between them escape the casual glance.

    Most people desperately desire simplicity, so they tend to embrace simplistic thinking.

    Just as there are worlds of difference between a blueprint and a building, so d differences exist between Reality and Theory.

    That's why I tend to shy away from absolutist positions on most issues.

    Too much liberty used to be called license, which leads to licentious behavior. Not good!

    Too much authoritarian structure stifles initiative, inhibits creativity, and ultimately creates the kind of tension and resentment that leads to bloody rebellion.

    That mythic "Delicate Balance" is what we need to achieve, but it has proven itself a damned elusive goal. The pendulum never stops swinging. The seesaw never stops tilting back and forth, etc.

    We are forever in a state of flux, yet we desire stability above all else. Constancy beckons seductively, leads us a merry chase, and forever eludes us.

    No wonder humanity is so screwed up!

    ~ FreeThinke

  10. Well, my forebodings were well-founded, weren't they?

    And I had so hoped I'd be wrong!

    The country seems to be in free-fall. I doubt if it can be stopped. We're like a burnt out meteor hurtling aimlessly through space.


    ~ FT



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