Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama’s Sealed Past

A Time for Re-examination and More Probing, Demanding Questions from the Right

President  Obama’s campaign for re-election has had the colossal effrontery to demand a public exhibition of Mitt Romney’s tax returns for the past twelve years, as if it were the very least Governor Romney could do to prove his worthiness to be a candidate for the highest office in the land.
How the Committee to Re-elect the President [Surely it deserves  to be called CREEP today more than it ever did before?;-]  could dare to make such a demand in light of the following boggles the mind, but unmitigated gall and an utter incapacity to feel or exhibit any trace of guilt or shame has always been a hallmark of the left just as excessive, timidity, politeness, reserve and restraint have most regrettably been primary characteristics of the right.

The graphic is difficult to read, so we’ve copied the information for you in more legible form.
1. Occidental college records - SEALED
2. Columbia University records - SEALED
3. Columbia Thesis paper - SEALED
4. Harvard University records - SEALED
5. Selective Service Registration - SEALED
6. Medical records - SEALED
7. Illinois State Senate schedule - SEALED
8. Illinois State Senate records - SEALED
9. Law practice client list - SEALED
10. Certified copy of original birth certificate - SEALED
11. Signed embossed Certification of Live Birth - SEALED
12. Baptism record - SEALED
13. Michelle Obama can no longer practice law. WHY?
14. Michelle has more assistants than any prior first lady. WHY?
15. Did Obama receive “Foreign Student Aid in college?
16. Obama used WHAT COUNTRY’S PASSPORT in 1981?


August 17, 2007 to SEIU: 
“Your agenda is my agenda ...”
July 13, 2008 to La Raza:
[We] rise and fall together as one people ... And together ... we will transform this nation.”
January 16, 2008:
“If somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it’s just that I will bankru them ... under my plan of a cap and Trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”
[NOTE: Obama was endorsed by the Communist Party in 2004, 2008 and again for 2012]

We may already be overly familiar with much of this material, but the questions –– and the objections –– it should raise have never once been seriously addressed by either the enemedia or by any of the myriad spokespersons or apologists for the left.

May I suggest that the very least we could do would be to bombard our congressmen with fiercely outspoken demands that this material be summarily unsealed and freely shared with the electorate.

Surely, if the president had something to be proud of –– and nothing to hide –– this information would have been made available long ago.

What is President Obama hiding?

~ FreeThinke


  1. I think he is hiding the fact that he passed himself off as an Indonesian Muslim cum radical neo-leftist to make himself more exotic and therefor attractive to the Ivy League fetishists, resulting in them showering him with student aid and an invitation to study at their schools.

    (he didn't have to fake the radical neo-leftist part)

  2. You could be right, Kurt, but I imagine his grades were poor-to-mediocre and achievements largely imaginary -- or faked.

    What did he DO as Editor of the Harvard Law review? He seems to have left no record. His "champions" sure ain't spilling any beans, are they?

    And I'm sorry, but I DO seriously question his American citizenship.

    With an African Communist-Muslim father and a crazy, anti-American, amoral mother like that, and Frank Marshall as his mentor, how could ANYONE believe this guy could be legit?

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. The things we're potentially going to find out this POS in coming years will be pretty surprising I'd say. Not shocking because he's already worn that out, well shocking to Some people I guess.

  4. Hi, Kid,

    I've been told all my life that it's unfair to judge others by their associations, but Jeepers! when someone's contacts from birth are one-hundred percent rotten, as Obama's certainly were, what other conclusion are we to draw besides "The apple never falls far from the tree" -- A man is known by the company he keeps," and -- "Birds of feather flock together?"

    How's that for what is probably the biggest pile of clichés you've seen today? ;-)

    Glad you came by.

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. Great point. barry soetoro has NO prior associations that either he or his drooling fan media can point to and say, but Look at This person who judged barry good enough that they were inspired to be his mentor, whatever. None of that.

    he's an imbecile imo, and his puppet masters guide him through the various machinations that allow them to profit wildly on -so far- the 5 trillion in new debt that was laundered out -mostly to the union bosses- and which had No positive effect on America.

    All measures of past performance are unavailable for inspection. ALL OF IT. wtf?

    If history is written even within a light year or so of reality, barry will not fare well.

  6. Look how much Obama has strayed from American traditions, laws and mores. How much more will he do if given a second term. In my opinion he will create chaos, declare martial law, suspend elections and end presidential term limits. I think he has called his appointees " CZARS" to get us used to hearing the term and in the end become THE czar ! As he likes to say " WE CAN'T WAIT"

    By ourselves we can do nothing, together we can do what is necessary to turn the country back to American principles. If nothing else we have to work with organizations with money and moral support and vocal support to see that this president is not re-elected. . Otherwise prepare yourself to answer the question; " WHAT DID YOU DO WHILE THE COUNTRY WAS BEING STOLEN”

  7. Thank you, My Conservative Thoughts.

    While I was reading your comment, it occurred to me it might have been better if the article had been called Obama's SOILED Past.

    Please visit again soon.

    ~ FreeThinke



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