Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A face devoid of love or grace,

A hateful, hard, successful face,

  A face with which a stone

Would feel as thoroughly at ease

As were they old acquaintances —
  First time together thrown.

~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


  1. Dear Liberals, Socialists and Assorted Idiots, especially Ms Shaw!

    We tried to tell you but YOU told US we were crazy.
    YOU voted for what you DIDN’T get…TWICE.
    And although your won’t admit it, YOU know it.
    For the last 41/2 years, the Emperor has made it very clear that he wanted to stick it to the “rich” and hike THEIR taxes.
    WE, as conservatives, TRIED to tell you that HE was lying.
    We tried and we tried and every time we told you he was going to hike YOUR taxes, even though YOU are part of the MIDDLE CLASS that the Emperor said MUST NOT be harmed by higher taxes…

    YOU told us that WE had NO IDEA what we were talking about.
    YOU called US crazy. You called US names.
    YOU said WE were lying.
    Well, now that you’ve seen your paychecks, what do you think?
    77% of ALL Americans, regardless of their class, lower, middle or upper, have had their taxes jacked up.
    YOU are among them.
    WE were telling YOU the TRUTH.

    Remember Obamacare?Well, THAT’S ONLY just PART of your current tax hike, there much more to come..
    We told you so.
    died LAST year because, Capital Gains taxes are also UP, Up, UP!!!
    We told you so. Take another look at your paycheck liberals, socialists and assorted idiots Ms. Shaw included, Oh, let me revise that and say ESPECIALLY MS. SHAW! and while you do, realize the guy responsible for your shrinking bottom line just came back from a 6 MILLION DOLLAR Hawaiian Vacation WITH HIS GRUBBING WOOKIE AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS... and YOU paid for it! .

    He left for vacation without having a deal to hike YOUR taxes yet, had to fly home to finish YOUR tax hike, flew BACK to Hawaii to play more golf and then, flew home again…ALL ON YOUR DIME WHILE YOU WAITED FOR YOUR FIRST…SMALLER…PAYCHECKS , AND THEN HIGHER TAXES!
    We told you too, that were the Emperor allowed to jack up taxes on the “rich” he wouldn’t be done with it there. We TOLD you he would want MORE.

    We were correct about that too.
    Over the weekend, Pelosi made it clear that YOUR socialist party is not yet done raising taxeS

  2. A bilious temperament may shower
    Many a lush and fragrant bower
    With noxious regurgitation
    Withering blooms and vegetation.
    But roots of every healthy plant
    Remain immune to toxic cant,
    And soon the stench will clear away
    As Beauty returns renewed by Decay.

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. A man named Karl once wrote a book.
    And it looked real good on paper.
    But it's one thing for a man to take a look.
    And another thing to rape her.

    Based on good and pure ideas.
    But like love giving away to lust.
    A goverment of the people.
    Is not something you can trust.

    A Man of Steel once said .
    "One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic."
    Was he just being realistic?
    Or was 20 million too much.
    That he just simply lost touch.
    And like Ned Kelly thought "life was such".

    What of the man named Mao?
    You never here of him now.
    Killed seven times more than Hitler.
    So if the shoe fits ya'.
    When you think red, think dead

  4. You know, it really bugs the hell out of me when I think about the dumb, Illiterate, uneducated morons who put this monster in office and who are still defending him today. And so many good people and hard working families have to suffer because of it. And when us conservatives complain about the damage he has cause, we are called “racists” Well, that’s no surprise, that’s the liberal’s mantra, “Blame Bush” or call us “Racist’s” And still these useful idiots, are in awe over this Socialist, and won’t accept the truth.
    I don’t know, Ms. Shaw, if but if she was raised by socialists and communists or whether she learned it in school, or whatever, but all I know is that I don’t like her.

  5. The Benghazi hearings begin today, so be prepared for MORE Liberal LIES!

  6. THANK you MoM,

    Now your FIRST post was a worthy contribution. Shows thought, good self-discipline and even a sense of humor. And it makes an excellent POINT without insulting anyone in particular. As you've doubtless figured out, I like rhyme. It's a succinct and often clever way to make a statement without becoming verbose.

    Your second post was less appealing, because it was so much like too many others. I don't disagree with much of what you -- or others -- said, but the TONE is never going to attract any new disciples or help anyone to change his mind.

    Accusatory rhetoric, even when it may be justified, is repugnant to most people -- and particularly to those to whom it's specifically directed.

    The friendlier, "Do you think we could talk together?" approach MIGHT be more fruitful. There are no guarantees, of course.

    Good day to you!

  7. G.O.P: Modern Day NAZI party

    Amerca is DIVERSE now! Old white people had there day and its over now.

  8. N.R.A.: modern day klann

  9. Ducky said, "I hate Hate Week."

    But why, Ducky? Haven't you realize yet that, since these threads have been WIDE OPEN for several days, YOU and everyone else who has participated have the power WITHIN YOURSELVES to "change the tone."

    It's certainly not MANDATORY for anyone to post hateful, accusatory, inflammatory, insulting or plaintive remarks.

    For a week this place is functioning as a MICROCOSM of The World -- a place NO ONE -- not even The Oligarachs, who own and operate all the industries and institutions that matter, can control. But WE can control the way we choose to respond to unpleasant things.

    There is a LESSON to be learned here. I'll spell it out for you:

    EACH one of us -- and that means YOU -- has the power to govern what he or she chooses to say. That so many -- yourself included -- generally post bilious sentiments reflexively is a given. The POINT is WHY do they react to ANY and EVERY source of stimuli -- not matter how beautiful, ingenious, hopeful, encouraging or benignant it may be -- has become a source not only of irritation, disappointment and disgust, but of great concern to me.

    The lesson we are SUPPOSED to learn is NOT to RESPND in KIND.

    You may "hate" this exercise, because it comes close to forcing participants either to look at yourself honesty (something few dare to do) or turn away in disgust, because you can't or won't face unpleasant truths.

    This exercise is NOT about partisan politics or "Ms Shaw" or me. Instead it is all about EVERYONE who indulges in this open opportunity to be as negative and obnoxiously unkind as they like.

    The picture we've been getting is not very encouraging, I admit, but at least it's TRUTHFUL.

    When we know -- and can make ourselves FACE -- the Truth, it WILL make us free.

    It's all about seeing ourselves as others see us -- or THINK they see us, and acting with contrition and a new determination to do better.

  10. Contrarian antagonists
    ____ care rarely for what’s true.
    They’re far more eager to denounce,
    –––– so here is what they do.
    Their purpose is to denigrate,
    -––––– belittle and defame.
    Their wish is to humiliate
    –––– in hopes of fixing blame.
    The truth too easily is lost
    –––– in battles of this kind.
    Hectoring and badgering
    ––––– abuse the human mind.
    Instead of curiosity
    ––––– we often find expression
    Of little but indulgence
    ––––– of a passion for aggression.
    When avidness appears
    ––––– to open Vitriol’s loose spigot,
    The one who twists and turns the tap
    –––– is apt to be a bigot.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. One man's antagonist is another man's protagonist.

    In the final analysis, we're all just agonists.

  12. That need not be, Kurt. I think we've become obsessed with being hyper-critical. We look for the worm in every apple, the hole in ever doughnut, the blight on every rose petal, the mole or pimple on every face FIRST and LAST.

    Because of this propensity, we lose the Big Picture, get mired in minutiae, and bug the bejesus out of each other, instead of sharing new knowledge and more enlightened views.

    Instead of looking for common ground, we'd rather try to run each other off the grounds or blast each other to bits.

    It AIN'T good, and I done got my jaw dead set AGIN it.

    We ALWAYS have the choice NOT to add to the ugliness we all say we dislike.

  13. "Thou art become (O worst imprisonment!)
    The Dungeon of thy self; thy soul
    (Which men enjoying sight oft without cause complain)
    Imprisoned now indeed,
    In real darkness of the body dwells,
    Shut up from outward light
    To incorporate with gloomy night
    For inward light alas
    Puts forth no visual beam
    (lines 155–163)"--Samson Agonistes

  14. Oh shut. The Hell up, we hae had more that enough of your progressive, socialist, bull shit

  15. Very interesting experiment, FT. Given any thoughts to a Love Week?

  16. Interesting ?
    Do you call an Anti-Semitic commenting here interesting?

  17. Shaw Kenawe don't you get it? We hate you and your progressive crap.

    1. Down in the subway under the ground , two lite boys were messing around, cleaning out the toilet bowls and washing the towels, and dancing to the music of the rumbling bowls

  18. I find this to be VERY interesting .

  19. Thanks, Ms Shaw. That small bit of verse -- with which I'm sorry to say I am not familiar -- is neat way of saying "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package." -- sorta ;-)

    I have a fond -- if faint -- hope that by allowing all this Ess-Aitch-Eye-Tea to collect out in the open, it may soon dry out, get, itself, spread around and eventually nurture a nice crop of beautiful blossoms -- prize pumpkins -- superior strawberries -- or perhaps a field of alfalfa? ;-)

  20. Yes, Jerry, I have thought about featuring a Love Week. I think however I'll probably call it Antidote Week.

    It should be very interesting to see if any change of tone and orientation on MY part causes any change in the generally dismal approach of too many respondents. Sorry to say it hasn't in the past. This experiment is little more than open attempt to break up an intellectual logjam.

    You're always welcome to come here and spread some love around, Jerry. I wish you would.

    I sincerely HOPE everyone will eventually see the HUMOR in what is taking place here this week.

    Not to flatter myself too much, but I'm beginning to feel like something of a latter-day Jonathan Swift.

    I promse you it will get worse, however, before it will get better.

    The sun should come out again in these here parts on Saturday. I promise to try, however, to avoid being mawkish.


  21. That's ADORABLE Anonymous.

    I'll have to lift it and put it in my Treasure Trove of Lite Versettes for future reference.

    Did you write it, or did you just find it scribbled in a public lavatory some time ago?

    In any case it certainly beats

    Here I sit broken-hearted
    Paid a dime and only farted.

    The guy who first dreamt that up must have had a lifetime full of private laughter and merriment seeing himself copied in every public toilet from coast to coast.

    Ah! How quickly we go from the sublime to the ridiculous, eh, Ms. Shaw?

  22. More like from the ridiculous to Theater of the Absurd.

    The only thing missing are the cream pies!

  23. Herr FreiDenkie

    Your WienerSchnitzel has turned to SauerKraut, or perhaps Sour Brats.

    It is springtime, ringadingalingtime, and the turdblossoms are in full blumen.

    Fred Sed...

    "There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it."

    Please understand, I point this quote not at you.

    He also said this...

    "The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends."

    Our society is a man on bath salts flushing his testicles down the toilet while screaming in agony.

  24. "Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all." --Fred

  25. OOH I don't know, I've always enjoyed letting my balls drop down in the water when I sit on the john. I love the gentle tickling sensation after I flush. Sometimes I sit there and flush several times in a row just to get the sensation.

    Try it, you'll like it.

    Wagmore Barkless

  26. The Genius Of The Crowd
    --- Charles Bukowski

    there is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average
    human being to supply any given army on any given day

    and the best at murder are those who preach against it
    and the best at hate are those who preach love
    and the best at war finally are those who preach peace

    those who preach god, need god
    those who preach peace do not have peace
    those who preach peace do not have love

    beware the preachers
    beware the knowers
    beware those who are always reading books
    beware those who either detest poverty
    or are proud of it
    beware those quick to praise
    for they need praise in return
    beware those who are quick to censor
    they are afraid of what they do not know
    beware those who seek constant crowds for
    they are nothing alone
    beware the average man the average woman
    beware their love, their love is average
    seeks average

    but there is genius in their hatred
    there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you
    to kill anybody
    not wanting solitude
    not understanding solitude
    they will attempt to destroy anything
    that differs from their own
    not being able to create art
    they will not understand art
    they will consider their failure as creators
    only as a failure of the world
    not being able to love fully
    they will believe your love incomplete
    and then they will hate you
    and their hatred will be perfect

    like a shining diamond
    like a knife
    like a mountain
    like a tiger
    like hemlock

    their finest art

  27. Always be aware of the fine line between good taste and sodomy.

  28. Lets not get off the point that we HATE Shaw

  29. Everyone must speak for himself, Anonymous. Unless you are using the Royal or Editorial "we," which I somehow doubt, you have no right to speak for the rest of us.

  30. Ducky,

    Your friend, Bukowski, agrees with my late Mama, who expressed the same opinion, albeit in a far more direct fashion.

    Mom often said, when we plowed through the daily grind together, as we often did when I was a little kid, "If thoughts could kill, there wouldn't be a soul left alive 30 seconds from now!" Then we'd chuckle and start giggling at the silliness of the thought.

    HOWEVER, there was a large grain of Truth in it -- as I strongly suspected even at age eight or nine.

  31. OK. I HATE. Shaw.

  32. Well, Anonymous, I glad you got that off your chest, and I hope you feel better now?

    Ms. Shaw, I'm sure will be just CRUSHED when she learns of your feelings -- NOT!

    Haven't you learn that hatred causes corrosion in your body as it destroys your soul?

    I disagree with Ms Shaw frequently, and we argue openly together a lot, but we are still able to be friends, because in areas outside politics we have a great deal in common.

    HATRED is such a waste of time. I'm sorry you are burdened with such a self destructive emotion. I'm sure too that there is a great deal more to you than you've chose to share with us.

    I hope you'll share your lighter, brighter side with us one day soon.

  33. I just got off the phone with the US Postal Service. I hate them.
    They lost a gun part I ordered back in December. I received a letter from them today claiming they have an empty envelope with my address on it. They wonder if I know anything about it.
    Of course I do! I only spoke to five different people in January who promised to call me back. No one ever called me back.
    Now this.
    No one I spoke to knew anything about this. They asked why I was calling.
    I told them "No reason. I'm just lonely and wanted to talk."
    Next time I am inclined to call the USPS I will, instead, poke myself in the eye with a dull pencil...with far better results.
    I love my postal carrier. Hate her boss.


    1. You hate the Post Office ?

      And I HATE. pShaw

  34. Pop Quiz:

    Which GOP political operative accused a minority female politician of adultery, cast misogynist aspersions upon her during her campaign, and just recently said they needed to send her “back to wherever the hell she came from?”

    He also called a prominent male politician "light in the loafers."

    Answer: It's not a GOP pol, it's Democrat Party fascist and MSNBC fave Dick Harpootlian.

    You would think a man with "poot" in his name would be more humble and circumspect.

    Peter Beinart (a rare honest liberal) cautions his confreres against hating on others in his brilliant news feature: Yes, Democrats Can be Racists

    Listen up, liberals! Lay down your hatred.

    -- Truthville

  35. Yeah, the ripped last week's copy of "The Nation" pretty badly.

  36. I don't actually hate them. I merely hold them in low esteem.


  37. Andie, I sympathize INTENSELY with your contempt for the Post Office.

    I had the same experience with SEARS by the way. It concerned a new refrigerator I bought six years ago. It was a lemon, and I spent four solid MONTHS on the phone nearly every day trying to get those stinking SOB's to make good their obligation to me. I never got the same person n the phone twice, and ALL of them spoke with thick foreign accents and were from remote places like Sakhalin Island, Pago Pago, Central Senegal, Patagonia, or Machu Pichu.

    Before it was all over I became a SCREAMING MANIAC over the phone, and finally had to make a SCENE at the local SEARS, where of course they disclaimed any responsibility till I threatened to sue their asses off on general principles, and DEMANDED an interview with the CEO, or ELSE.


    Not quite!

    After four and half months of wrangling over a fridge that refused to make ice cubes -- while I was tending an aged invalid, who had regressed to childhood and had become unreasonably demanding -- SEARS finally delivered another refrigerator.

    Upshot of that was they had the GALL to charge me an additional 200 bucks, AND the box they delivered did not have the bottom shelf for the door.

    I didn't even bother to complain. I've just made do with what I have, and so far, the box is working well.

    Needless to say I will NEVER EVER deal with SEARS again. They are no longer an AMERICAN company.

    The last one of the SIX repairmen each of which I had to FIGHT for through Sakhalin Island -- or wherever -- to come to the house told me, "SEARS products are S-H-I-T. I would'nt have them in my home."

    Now ain't THAT a fine recommendation -- and from the horse's own mouth yet?

    ACH du LIEBER!

    It all boils down to BUREAUCRACY. We've GOT to smash up the BUREAUCRATIC SYSTEM and restore things to intimate, personal, local levels again.


    Some things really ARE worth hating -- but not many ;-)

  38. I wanna offend EVERYBODY

    I've just come out of the shop with a meat and potato pie, large chips, mushy peas & a jumbo sausage. A poor homeless man sat there and said 'I've not eaten for two days.' I told him 'I wish I had your will power.'

    I took my Biology exam last Friday.I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
    Apparently "Blacks" and "Mexicans" were not the correct answers.

    A fat girl served me in McDonald's at lunch time. She said 'sorry about the wait.' I said 'don't worry fatty, you're bound to lose it eventually. '

    I walked past a black kid sitting at a bus stop as I went into the bank.
    When I came out, he looked at me and said 'Any Change?' I said 'Nope, you're still black'

    Snow in the forecast! The TV weather gal said she was expecting 8 inches tonight.
    I thought to myself, fat chance with a face like that!

    An Irish boy stands crying at the side of the road.
    A man asks What is wrong??
    The boy says Me ma is dead.
    Oh bejaysus the man says Do you want me to call
    Father O' Riley for you?
    The boy replies No tanks mister, sex is the last ting on my mind at the moment.

    Years ago it was suggested that an apple a day kept the doctor away..But since all the doctors are now Muslim, I've found that a bacon sandwich works best!

    Japanese scientists have now created a camera with such an immense shutter speed that it is now possible to take a photograph of a woman with her mouth closed.

    I hate all this terrorist business. I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or bus and think to yourself I'm going to take that.

    Man in a hot air balloon is lost over Ireland . He looks down and sees a farmer in the fields and shouts to him Where am I? The Irish farmer looks back up and shouts back. "You're in that feckin basket."

    Kenda Kommifo

  39. So I'm sittin at a stop sign and this carload of muslims pulls up blarin sermons in arabic, they got a half burned American flap pasted in the back window and a f*ck America bumper sticker and another one that says Allah Praise Osama.

    They stare at me with a contempt you wouldn't believe, like I'm the outsider.

    The driver sneers at me and peels out. Just as they're in the intersection, a semi sideswipes them, demolishing the automobile and killing them all.

    Holy shit, I thought. That coulda been me!

    So I went out and got Commercial Drivers License, and now I'm drivin a semi.

  40. Here's a PRIZE COMMENT addressed to me over at Progressive Eruptions. I couldn't resist sharing it with you here, since it's so remarkably appropriate -- tailor-made in fact -- for HATE WEEK.

    Infidel753 said...

    FT: 'However, the tragic case of Matthew Shepard was an isolated incident.'

    "Bullshit. Violence against homosexuals, including violence severe enough to leave the victim dead or hospitalized, has been an ever-present part of gay life for generations. It's become considerably less common in the last couple of decades because it's less tolerated, but it still happens far too much.

    "It's not possible that you are actually unaware of these things. You're a liar, and people like you and the kind of values you promote have enabled violence and murder for generations. So don't act genteel with me. You are filth and I hate your fucking guts."

    Now, isn't that charming? And THIS came AFTER I had posted remarks in generous SUPPORT of Gay Marriage, which I don't REALLY care about one way or the other, but would never lift a finger to clock.

    Some people make it very difficult to be friends, BUT they come on BOTH sides of the Divide, as we have seen these past three days.

  41. Aber, Herr FreiDenkie,

    Why would you want to be friends with human turds like that Infidel753 character?

    I can understand Ms. Shawkenaw. She is cultured and pens beautiful poetry, but a person like this infidel is not worth a polite person's time.

  42. FT, he doesn't know you're in the closet.

  43. What YOU don't know, Canardo, would cover the entire continent of Australia two-miles deep -- and there'd still be enough left over to cover all of New Zealand.

    Not far above please notice
    A subtle accusation
    Perceived as “condescension.”

    Well, now you all may note this:
    When freed from all pretension
    And all dissimulation
    The intent was nothing more or less
    Than outright condemnation.

    ~ FreeThinke

  44. Infidel's no friend of mine
    He really a dull tool
    Who shows a nature gross, porcine
    And fun to ridicule.


  45. FT, one person says he hates you and you're feelings are wounded?

    For the last three days your blog has hosted people who hate, and specifically people who hate moi and have relished saying vile things about me.

    Think about it.

  46. Of for Goodness sakes! I thought you knew me too well for that by now, Ms Shaw.


    God no! Frankly, I'm having the time of my life.

    Don't you enjoy seeing people reveal themselves, in spite of themselves, Ma'am? I do when they are callous, stupid, ignorant bastards to whom I wouldn't be bothered giving the time of day.

    It should be plain that I DESPISE the people who categorically revile you -- and spend their time making negative remarks about anything and everything. Normally, I delete them as soon as I see them. This week I decided to SHOWCASE them for all the world to see.

    Maybe they'll wake up and see themselves as others see them -- but probably they won't. In either case it's no skin off my nose. Certainly none of this has been intended to hurt YOU.

    People who show themselves to be unfit to clean my boots could NEVER hurt my feelings -- nor should they be able to hurt yours. You're much too good for that.

  47. You wouldn't give them the time of day but they are the haters?

    That's as confusing as what the hell Farrell is doing to the back end of the rotation tonight.. He's got the 4&5 all off their timing.

  48. So RN denies he ever wrote "the Jews went willingly to the gas chambers" or "Obama economics is the same as Hitler economics."
    By all means visit his site and see, or you could read past posts by Shaw to prove that he did.
    Bigots always lie once they understand how hate filled their words are seen by others.
    Like most Republicans who say stupid, hate filled things, RN now claims he meant something else.
    Swallow that if you are dumb enough.
    Shaw did.
    So this make RN a LIAR, and Shaw a hypocrite for allowing him to post on her blog

  49. "Aw FUCK the JEWS! They don't vote for us anyway"

    Jim. Baker

  50. Cielo!

    My remark was not meant for Anon@9:47. It was in reply to FT's comment.

  51. Fiddle Dee, Fiddle Dum aNon, now you can go suck your thumb.

    One can only wish you luck on one day finding yourself and the relevancy you crave.

    Until you do enjoy whatever serves the purpose of keeping your heart black with hate. Eventually aNon it will consume you, and then destroy you.. If it already hasn't.

    Best of luck aNon.

  52. Let's see.... your posting of Infidels comment from another blog... your reply... and labeling it, 'hate'

    Your full comment:
    "However, the tragic case of Matthew Shepard was an isolated incident. Horrible in the extreme, but like Timothy McVeigh -- the left wing's favorite terrorist -- an isolated case. I'd say the same for that poor black man who was chained to a pickup truck and dragged to his death over stony, thorny ground -- one of the most despicable cases ever recorded. I feel ashamed I can't remember the man's name. But AGAIN it was a tragic ISOLATED case,"

    ...try these isolated would have been easy enough for you to google them yourself:


    cut & paste and peruse at you leisure.

    again.... your little 'experiment' here is ah, juvenile, puerile, or at best sophomoric. Further...most of the 'anon' comments seen to fit your own syntax and style. If that is true, and I do suspect so, then the aforementioned criticism is very valid. Please... do something else. The greatest sin of a writer is to be boring. Sin no more.

  53. A Waste of Time

    A penchant to be disputatious
    Foments an atmosphere ungracious.
    Defaulting e’er to ridicule
    Reveals an urge to fight a duel.
    Recognizing others’ worth,
    Showing just a trace of mirth,
    Acknowledgement of others’ virtue
    Helps bridge gaps, and could not hurt you.
    Verse with wit’s unique, distinct,
    Clear, concise, brief and succinct.
    Engaging in a barroom brawl
    Does no one any good at all.
    Pugnaciousness is not a crime,
    Instead it’s just a waste of time.

    ~ FreeThinke



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