Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Gawd, Chris, I'm impressed! That's the only part of you
that does NOT need to lose weight. ~ Dick Wilde
Use your imagination, and offer us your version 
of a suitable caption for this candid shot.
Try to be subtle, and not too mean.
Prizes will be awarded at the end of the day.
Remember: Only Fools AIM for the Booby Prize.



  1. I'm terrible at writing captions.

    But I do notice something in that photo: Christie is looking with great friendliness at Obama, but Obama is looking at something or someone else. No eye contact from Obama!

  2. "Don't kid yourselves. These two politicians love themselves more than they like each other."

    I can't take credit for the above.

  3. It´s positively sickening to see Obama and Christie play suckface with each other..It´s positively sickening

  4. CHRISTIE: Je t'adore

    COBAMA: Moi aussi!

    Hedda Hayer

  5. Freethinke:

    Here's some great political art for us Conservatives - not copyrighted so feel free to use in your great blog:

    Remixed WWII posters with contemporary DHS tyrannical themes!

  6. "I hear you made a speech at the dedication of the George Bush library. Isn't that like dedicating the Chris Christie gym?"

  7. They're not talking.

    Obama is singing "Under the Boardwalk" to Christie.

  8. "When Envy breeds unkind division:
    There comes the ruin, there begins confusion."

  9. Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life at Last I've Found Thee!

    Victor Herbert

  10. "The prospect of "free money" transcends political ideology"

    ...especially if the offender (hurricane Sandy) turned Americans into "victims".

    Had the burricane been a Muslim or negro, the damages could not have been publicized.

  11. Anyone who hugs Obama is an asshole in my book.
    He played with the devil and now he's going to suffer the consequences.

  12. Shaw Kenawe said...

    Netanyahu embraces President Obama.

    Can't help it if these people are Brain-washed or brain-dead

  13. Nancy Reagan, a lovely woman, embraces President Obama's arm.

    Mr. Free Thinke, these are just a few photos of the many different people from all political spheres who have "embraced" Mr. Obama.

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  15. What a novel concept, a republican and a Democrat trying to work together to accomplish something. Leave it to conservatives to trash the idea. Way to go.

  16. Shaw Kenawe said...
    "Nancy Reagan, a lovely woman, embraces President Obama's arm.
    Mr. Free Thinke, these are just a few photos of the many different people from all political spheres who have "embraced" Mr. Obama"


    I think that Shaw forgot about King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,when he made his speech to the Muslim world.
    Oh, wait he didn’t embrace him he BOWED DOWN to him. Or was he just tying his shoelace. LMAO

    The White House’s explanation was that he was merely bending down to shake hands with a shorter man.

    BUT, the next time when they met at the airport, there was a MOST DEFINITELY an embrace and the traditional double kiss on the cheeks.

  17. I like Christie, he is everything Obama is not, especially an empty suit

  18. I’m very skeptical of the idea that Obama had absolutely no idea about the IRS targeting the Tea party before the story broke in the news mere weeks ago. I feel that it’s a “FLAT-OUT, BALD-FACED LIE” that Obama didn’t know beforehand, there have been prior reports by news outlets picking up on the news well before the 2012 presidential election. I don’t believe for two seconds that Obama wasn’t aware of this.
    And I’m just sick and tired of hearing people saying crap like we have to give 0bama the benefit of the doubt. Are you kidding me, how many times have things like this happened before? Are we going to give him the “benefit of the doubt” forever? Are we NOT going to “Jump to conclusions” on everything that he does that’s ILLEGAL? 0bama is a Chicago thug and it’s high time that EVERYONE including those Deaf and Dumb Progressives opens their blind eyes to it. But then again of course it is possible that the Liar in Chief was so busy not knowing anything about, throwing Hip Hop parties, and going on vacations, and playing Golf with is buddy Tiger Woods or giving another award to his biggest campaign donor Beyonce, and so occupied with worrying about Benghazi and so occupied with worrying about the need to know nothing about the FBI trying to frame FOX News that the poor guy just didn't have time to bother with not knowing about the IRS targeting conservatives!
    So lets put it this way, the only way that Obama could be innocent is if he was SO utterly incompetent. You decide, he’s either a Liar or an Incompetent poor excuse for a President, you make the call.
    We've seen America elect the most profoundly arrogant moron and his racist wife. The evidence is overwhelming, but the blind can’t see it.
    The nation couldn't have done worse. Now we must spend four years batting down everything this administration of thieves and liars tries to insult, embarrass, and erase our freedoms. What a waste.

  19. "Turn your head to the left, Governor, and cough."

  20. Free... as you've pointed out in the past, general large sweeping statements are very hard to support.

    A perfect case in point is from Dude who said anyone who hugs Obama is an asshole in his book.

    All Shaw did was offer factual evidence that even people who may not always agree with each other can be civil and maybe even hug. I believe this is something you have tried to point out in the past.

    And yet, some people cannot accept facts when they do not support their limited worldview.

    Is President Obama a messiah or perfect? Of course not. Conversely, he is also not satan or always wrong.

    As to the caption... Glad to work with you where we can Governor...

  21. Dave Miller said...

    ”A perfect case in point is from Dude who said anyone who hugs Obama is an asshole in his book. “

    Like George Washington said “I Can Not Tell a Lie”

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  23. As for a suitable caption, how about

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  25. Chris Christie is finished in the GOP!!!

    He's now the darling of the bunch that gave us Dole, McLame and Romney, but as for me, he was finished the day he very publicly kissed 0bama's ass!
    So now I'm done with you AGAIN, see ya

  26. Dave miller said Obama is not a Satan!
    Well that's a matter of opinion ..

  27. "Whatever you do don't stop now, Barry, I'm almost there."

    Artesia Welles

  28. Ah that felt good, did Moochie teach you that?

  29. Why are my comment being deleted? Was my comment deleted because I dared to state my opinion on Miss Shaw’s self serving Republican Blaming post?
    Is this the way you are running this blog now? Kissing up to the Libs and deleting the comments that describe their two faced hypocrisy.
    Well, It's Boring
    Shame on you.

  30. Ever since day one when Obama was elected and Rush Limbaugh stated that he wanted Obama’s policies to fail he has been attacked by the mainstream press, leftist bloggers, and other entities such as – for saying that the famous “I want Obama to fail” . It has been portrayed as an un-American sentiment by those great patriots on the Left.
    I actually agree with Limbaugh wholeheartedly. I also want Obama to fail – abjectly, miserably, completely – and visibly. I may even pray for it.
    Anyone on the Left who takes issue with this is either ignorant or a liar – and probably a hypocrite as well. I will explain.
    To say it’s always unpatriotic to hope for the failure of your leader is illogical. It presupposes that a leader’s success is synonymous with his nation’s success, but this simply cannot be true in all cases. After all, different leaders have different ideologies, and ideologies run the spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the ethereal to the evil. Thus, in the cases of leaders with fatally flawed ideologies, their nations’ success may rest on their failure am an American.

  31. DDW, I've made myself abundantly clear on this point many times.

    This blog is NOT to be used a DUMPING GROUND for personal insults, or purely spiteful, hate-driven remarks.

    I was trying to lighten the tone a little by taking what-I-thought-was a very curious picture and using it to set up a little game trying to write captions that might go with it. I made a point of asking participants not to be too mean or too vulgar. I was hoping to inspire some goodnatured wit and humor. It was intended to be an opportunity to have some FUN.

    A few have gone along with the gag, but unfortunately most have not.

    I happened to have had a tooth extracted earlier today, and was under full anesthetic for several hours. I had hoped to return here and find some wryly amusing comments.

    As usual, I've been largely disappointed. This tedious, dreary, formulaic, largely mindless partisan rhetoric is STULTIFYING.

    I don't care whether it comes from the Left OR the RIght. There are BETTER ways to communicate than using a well worn stockpile of dull-witted frontal assaults on other people and their beliefs.

    When you ask a question around here, you're apt to get a straight answer.

    You've said other things at other times that resonate well with me, but PLEASE in future try to STICK to the TOPIC.


  32. Donnie, I should delete you too, but at least you didn't say pointedly rude and unkind things about other participants here, but DAMN IT, all I want is for people to respond to the POST.

    Is that SUCH a difficult concept to comprehend?

    If you want to get up on a soapbox and preach to the multitudes, please create a blog of your own and do it THERE.

    Come back anytime. We try very hard to post on a wide variety of topics. Some may interest you, some may not. It's a matter of chance.

    One thing I have learned is this: NO ONE can be ALL THINGS to ALL PEOPLE, and if you TRY, you'll only succeed in making a either a fool or a hypocrite of yourself.

  33. Well here's MY 'Soapbox"
    Just as Bill Clinton’śs legacy is Monica and the BJ. Obama's legacy will be of the Crapping all over the Constitution ....and the DOJ and IRS and EPA and the Press, and Benghazi.....associating himself with people on the wrong side of the law or ethics, and.
    his associations with radicals, scandal-plagued people, too many Vacations & Hip Hop Parties, and a First Lady who enjoyed to many lavish vacations.

  34. Freethinker, when you put up a loaded post you shouldn't be surprised when it gets a little testy.

    On a lighter note, I am assembling a basic classical library and I have no Brahms. In fact I don't much care for Brahms but this is an obvious hole that has to be filled.
    I understand that he is a bridge between the classical and romantic periods but don't really get it.
    Can you suggest some chamber works which might give me some insight into his stature?

  35. "I've never been on love before, now suddenly it's you. It's you forevermore."

    Sky Masterson

  36. "What a novel concept, a republican and a Democrat trying to work together to accomplish something. Leave it to conservatives to trash the idea. Way to go."

    Jerry, I hear what you're saying and sometimes I just gotta agree...

  37. Well Rational, you can compare it to the shenanigans going on in Oklahoma.

    The Oklahoma legislature decided their most pressing issue after the tornado was to pass a bill defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Christie is refreshing.

  38. Looking for a bridge, duckman? You should have consulted your traditionalLooney

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Gawd, Chris, I'm impressed! That's the only part of you that DOESN'T need to lose weight.

    Dick Wilde

  41. Thersites, your link (too well disguised, I fear) to the Allegretto from Brahms' Third Symphony contains very fine biographical commentary and a beautiful series of photos. It speaks VOLUMES in six and a half minutes.

    Thank you.

  42. Hmmm, that makes a statement. The linkage with the Romantics is also there.
    The Abbado recording is available on iTunes and it is pretty well reviewed.
    Think I'll pick it up. Thanks guys.

    Recommendation for a chamber work, FT?

  43. Ducky,

    I find your stated reason for wanting to know more about Brahms amusing -- there's nothing OBLIGATORY about the appreciation of classical music -- or any other kind.

    However, let me tell you one or two things, which I hope may benefit you:

    In my opinion his most sublime large-scale work would have to be the piano concerto in D-Minor. There is a superb live performance of the D-Minor concerto with Emmanuel Ax as the soloist available very near the link Thersites provided. There are many excellent recordings of the work, but I doubt you'll find one better than that.

    ALso, for an understanding of the more intimate, confiding side of Brahms search for the three Intermezzi for piano solo that comprise Opus 117.

    Many of the lieder are equally revealing of this noble, tenderhearted man. Von Ewiger Liebe, Meine Liebe is grün, Botschaft O wüsst ich kennt das Weg zurück, and Am Sonntag Morgen are but a few of the songs anyone interested in Brahms should know.

    Brahms as an incredibly brilliant, adventurous daredevil at the piano is found in the two books of Variations on a Theme of Paganini. One must be a super-virtuoso with the courage of lion and the soul of a poet to perform these well. Few pianists are up to the task.

    The Paganini these should be very familiar. He wrote his own set of variations on it for himself. Franz Liszt did the same. Brahms made more of it than either of his predecessors, and later Rachmaninoff wrote Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini -- another set of variations on the by-then well-worn theme, which I believe is Rachmaninoff's most beautiful, most cohesive, most amusing and completely successful work for piano and orchestra.

    More than enough for now, I'm sure.

  44. Wow! The trolls came out today. Sheesh.

    I honestly cannot say anything nice about this picture, so I, regretfully, plead the 5th

  45. BARACK: "Hey, bro, ain't we the worst pair of shameless exhibitionists the world has ever seen, and ain't it a gas? The girls know this is all a big put-on, right?

    CHRIS: "Jeeze, I hope so!"

    ________ Walter Dingleberry

  46. Ducky,

    You asked about chamber work.

    You can't go wrong with Beethoven's Große Fuge Op 133

  47. True, Ms Shaw, but please do remember our Ducky did ask specifically about Brahms.

    Bis Morgen.

  48. I would like to see Christie run as an independent in 2016 and stick it to all of y'all Ds and Rs.

  49. NO, No, NO, As they say, “I’m Sick and Tired of All this Crap and I’m Not Going to Take it Any More”
    Look, FT, this is your blog and of course you can do whatever you want to... but please don’t piss down my leg and tell me that it’s raining!!

    Why did you delete MY comment aimed at Dave Miller and Shaw when they both made remarks aimed directly to me? Shaw’s comment was HER typical Liberal Propaganda post comparing and blaming Republicans for the same crap that Obama is doing right now. And of course Dave Millers was quick to follow and defend her, like the little Lap Dog he is!
    How many of the comment above have NOTHING to do with your subject and yet they were not deleted? Hum?
    Yet you let their comments STAY and DELETED my comment in rebuttal. Sorry FT you can delete all you want too, BUT I’m not going to let Team Obama protect this Guy!
    They deny the Benghazi LIE, the IRS scandal the AP scandal and now they are all over this Chris Christie thing like flies on Horse Manure. Party loyalty is one thing, lying to the country, yourself, or to us bloggers about it is another.

    Hurricane Sandy gave Obama the chance to Pat Himself On the Back. “I told you I was going to help and “I” did”.
    Chris Christie may have kissed up to him, but I’m not going to get on that parade. And all of a sudden the Liberals are in love with Christy. Don’t that tell you something? And like me, many other Republicans were and are Disappointed And Disgusted!

  50. "The fact is, we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or a Video? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they'd go kill some Americans? What difference does it make?." ~~Hillary Clinton

    Chris Christy, who had spent days delivering bear hugs to Obama You may be making a joke out of it,, but it was really in poor taste!

    The image of the Governor hugging a “Socialist” is something that the GOP can’t and won’t work with. If he thinks that's going to help his political career, He's delusional! And seeing the two of them together like that in your blog picture was enough to make a lot of us puke!


  51. Fear not, Christie won't even make it out of the primaries, and if he does be prepared for the funniest take down ever!!! Christie would make a great commercial for Weight Watchers.
    In the First place, Christie will not win a presidential nomination as a republican.

    In the Second place, if a miracle like that ever occurred and he did become the republican nominee, Hillary would trounce him!

  52. A lot of conservatives I know do see Christie for the political sycophant that he is. He's doing himself no favors by buddying up to Obama.

    So, maybe the caption should be "Sycophant Chris Christie."

  53. True about the Große Fuge.

    It was the Beethoven quartets that really started this drive to get up to speed with the classical canon.



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