Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here's a BLANK SLATE for YOU 
to WRITE upon.

Let's see how much hate rhetoric you can conjure up today. Go ahead; Lob your Grenades, Spew your Venom. Eject your Bile.
Carp, Cavil, Sneer, Bitch, Whine and Lament, Chastise, Castigate, Counsel, Condemn, Excoriate, Heap Contempt to your Heart's Content.




  1. Can't wait to read the comments to this open thread!

    I just stole the first graphic for a post that I'm working on: "Perpetual Anger, Perpetual Frustration."

  2. Here's a BLANK SLATE for YOU to WRITE upon.”? Well lets see how much your REALLY mean that!
    I was going to let off some steam yesterday and join in with the rest of the folks who were outraged over your Unusual relationship" with that progressive liberal. But the reason why I decided not to was because I saw how you were deleting every comment that you didn’t like. So lets see just how much of your convictions you have about your request today to “Condemn, Excoriate, Heap Contempt to your Heart's Content.”
    Let me see if I can break it down for you this way.
    I’ll start by saying how much I love my country and freedom and that I consider myself a reasonable, and very patriotic American. I obey the law, and I go to church on occasion.
    I have always respected my President no matter who he was, until Mr. Obama was elected. (Yeah I know I’m going to be labeled a “racist” because of that statement. But, you know what? I don’t give a hoot. And I don’t care to have any Socialist policies shoved down my, throat. I try not to judge people who disagree with me, however I have Always felt that my opinion is as good as the next guys. I had enlisted and served in the US Army for 4 years, and I feel that I have earned the right to be called a PROUD REPUBLICAN. I get extremely pissed off, when I read blogs such as the person written by the Progressive Liberal in question here. As well as her biddies like the one who’s wrote this...

    “Fuckin' GOPers....
    They are trying to get Americans to believe they are compassionate, they care about babies, seniors, the poor, and minorities, but it's too little too late oh hateful ones...Hahahahahahah!” And the has the nerve or the STUPIDITY to put a photo of Jesus Christ right next to it.

  3. This was written by one of Ms Shaw’s close blogging cronies who comments on each others blog regularly.
    Now I am for the most part a pretty understanding person, and I am willing to hear anyone’s opinions even when if differs from mine, but on the other hand, i don’t care to be insulted and/or called those vicious disgusting names or be put down because of my political persuasion, and may I add that y don’t want to see me angry because that is when the other side of me comes out! I seek the truth, so unless you have something important, and truthful to say, don’t say it.
    Now, as for the liberal/Progressives way of thinking, and one of the things that get my goat is their stance on Illegal Immigration, especially when it comes to Muslims.
    It’s time, for the sake of the security of the United States of America, to immediately put their foot down on Illegal immigration. When will enough be enough?

    These Bostonian COWARDS have been pushing this down our throats for God only know when. Well Dear Ms. Shaw, as for the attack on your Dear City, I have news for you! Muslims Did It, and Muslims Did It in New York City on September the 11th also. And they did it in Fort Hood and many, many other times all over the world, so don’t come around and spread your Holier than Thou, compassion, and your path to citizenship for immigrants who are currently living illegally Bull-Shit. And then cry about your City getting Bombed by these POS! And why didn’t these Bostonian “Compassionate Progressives” get angry when their Dear leader refused to label the attack on the Boston Marathon as an act of terrorism in his carefully scripted speech? Was he afraid to offend someone?

    I’m from New York, and I cried for a very long time and I still am every time I pass the spot where the Towers once stood.
    I need to know that my fellow Americans feel that way as well. Sorry people but I do not have ANY compassion for these poor Bastards who are playing Soccer and drinking lemonade at Guantanamo Bay. I don’t owe them anything. I would just as soon see them ROT in prison.
    And as for this President and his Attorney General who is more interested in taking my GUN RIGHTS AWAY rather then to getting the thugs off the streets! I have Two words for them as well. I hate to see what’s coming nest!
    Thank you and please do not delete this comment.

  4. It’s not often that one sees liberal BS written as bad as Shaw’s blog.

    But her’s seems to be repeated like a broken record that constantly attacks George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Fox News routinely. And she uses things said out of context or uses a quote or snippet of something in political battle is hardly a ‘tactic’ to make these people look stupid. But will never say one single world about any liberal-democrat such as any of the foolish or should I say stupid things said by Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, and you will never see her attack a Democrat like John Edwards .It is so SAD but this is the people making decisions affecting our lives and our country. But she is so quick to attack anyone on the right who did much less This liberals blog item is such complete rubbish, which is why I’m surprised it even mentioned here. Unfortunately, it appears to be the topic of the day.

    And in regards to Hillary Clinton’s pathetic statement about Benghazi, it does and should always matter both how and why Americans die, or died. It matters as it happens, it matters when any administration is going before the nation to explain it – and it matters now. By falsely using the film as the rationale the Obama administration was in standard liberal blame America first mode. It’s shameful.

    They deserve to be held accountable for it and as a part of the administration so does Susan Rice and Mr. Obama himself. It’s the liberal blogger spewing BS in this case, not the Right. Let us not forget that 4 AMERICANS we killed and we still do not have the truthful answers! Because of these DAMN liberals!!! These dumbasse criminals that you love to BS the Country!!! They ALL would be toast if it was my kid there in Benghazi., And all these liberal people who are covering up for them today have shit for brains! Yes, read what I said and understand what I wrote, and if you can’t, then “you” are part of the problem!
    And it’s not just Obama and Holder, It’s the whole administration as well as the Democrat party itself.
    These, Liberals-Progressives even protected, and defended that thieving bunch from ACORN after they tried their best to Steal Our Elections

  5. You kidding?

    70degrees, bone dry air and a Stravinsky program at the Gardner.
    No reason to be upset today.

  6. It's about time that the truth about this cockroach came out.
    Ive often thought the exact same things as what have been said here. .

  7. Ironman 3. That's ALL I'm gonna say.

  8. Hahaha, I love this post, and I hope that Mr. FT has the GUTS to leave it be and not delete it as he has done so often in the past.
    Many of the things said here today is the gospel of truth and finally it is being said.
    And long live Rush Limbaugh he has the guts to tell it like it is, and all the time, needless to say that many of these people have been Preaching to the Choir, so all I need to say is....AMEN! Excellent post.... I Couldn't of said it any better.

  9. Thersites said...
    ”Ironman 3. That's ALL I'm gonna say.”

    Teh, teh Thersites, you let us down, I thought that you would have had more to say than that!
    Being that I’m not a movie goer I don’t even know what that means.
    Why are you so quiet now, I'd have thought you'd have much more to say. Gutless? Cat got your tongue?
    For once, the gutless BIG MOUTH is struck for words.

  10. There are a lot of things NOT to like about liberals, but you have to give them some credit. These are people who are badly, dangerous, and devastatingly wrong on almost every issue and yet, day after day, year after year, they hang in there with a incompetent destructive President and continue to defend him. So, there are things we can learn from the Left, such as never back down no matter how wrong you may be, and if you are caught in a lie, just deny, deny, deny.
    Like that popular liberal -progressive blogger we are discussing here today,iIf you're an true member of the progressive party, and a activist who wants to helps the liberal cause, whether it's defending the Black Panthers, ACORN, Air America, the ACLU, or a bunch of dirty hippies camping for handouts , just keep embracing the same position as if it were factual.
    And why do liberals defend Michelle Obama, no matter what she says?
    The bottom line is liberals do know that Barack Hussein Obama is breaking the law and committing crimes and unconstitutional acts … but they love him so much they just keep going right along and keep on defending him. These liberal voters who voted for him the 2nd time around were either brain dead, or just plain stupid Liberal hypocrites.
    That my friends is what Liberal hypocrisy is all about.
    Thank You Free Thinke for allow me to voice mt opinion. Glad to offer my service.

  11. What really gets me is that Big Mouthed Whining Conservative Thersites sits there and hides behind his foul-mouthed friends and says, “ That's ALL I'm gonna say” while he says NOTHING!

    One of my favorite pastimes is engaging in debate or argumentation with so-called conservatives. Usually, the most bull-shit crazy and extremist that they are.
    And maybe that’s why I’m so surprised at our token Conservative Thersites is completely dispassionate and seems so disinterested, when he now has his chance.What a worthless, chicken shit conservative he turned out to be, along with all these others who wrote anonymously.

  12. It's a beautiful day here in Texas!
    I plan on gardening today...and watching the Rangers beat the Red Socks!


  13. Jen Nifer,
    A beautiful day here in Northern Virginia, too, albeit a bit breezy and a bit too cool for me to do much outside. I get cold too easily, I guess.

    Anyway, I've decided to turn off my computer and bury my nose in a good book: Susan Howatch's Cashelmara.

    Besides, all the vitriol all throughout the blogosphere is polluting my soul.

  14. It's a beautiful day here I the Blogosphere as well. Let the truth ring out!

  15. Rush Limbaugh a few other radio hosts as well as the Tea Parties have made it very clear that the Conservative attack against President Obama is because of his “POLICIES”. And I’m sick and tired of being called a racist only because I refuse to agree with is Socialist policies.
    The economy of our country is being destroyed and we are becoming more and more divided because of the Muslim situation in this country and the lefty’s are being very silent about it.

    Eventually, these Left wing extremist or “Progressives” if you will say "see" we told ya so” when they had enough of our cities being bombed and our citizenry being killed or dismembered as we saw recently in Boston. . Until then, we'll just have to deal with the long list of progressive nut cases and Islamic extremists holding the cards on violence, death and mayhem.

    Oh snap, I knew I forgot to mention that the youngest brother in the Boston Bomber Terrorist attack is a fan of Barack Obama.

    And did I forget to mention that the former LAPD cop killer police officer Chris Dorner who went on a a murder spree earlier this year. Was also a left winger who was a HUGE supporter of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton abortion and other liberal causes and people.

    Or that the Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Hasan’s political affiliation is Democratic.

    And that it didn't take no longer then perhaps an hour after the Boston bombing for Democratic /Progressives to do what they do oh so well, POLITICIZE THE CARNAGE!
    I simply have zero respect for Intolerant ill-liberals..
    I’m sorry, but I just have utter contempt for most liberals, and I actually get sick when reading the crap filled blog of the person in Subject here today.
    It has been the aim of groups like the Democratic National Committee, the American Civil Liberties Union,, The Huffington Post, the Democratic Underground,
    the Center for American Progress, Media Matters and other such extremist left-wing organizations. Even CAIR attempts to use America's freedoms as a weapon against her.

    But, again, these liberals think they are doing a good thing. The problem is that they are utterly wrong. If this country continues to follow the left-wing path, the U.S. will become toast in a very short time.
    These people have used our own government to destroy America. The Liberals have used the courts to destroy religion. The schools to preach their Socialist slop. And the Unions to weaken our economy.

  16. This cretin should and must be exposed for the vile blogger that she is.
    Obama is in over his head. Biden is a bumbling idiot, Nancy Pelosi is a step away from retardation. HILLARY lies so much that she no longer can tell the difference between truth or fiction. Michelle Obama is milking the country dry and still is taking separate vacations on the taxpayers dime, while the debt clock keeps on ticking. These people have absolutely NO respect for true honest, hard working American family, or the principles that this country was founded on.
    And yet this blogger has a fixation on discrediting Sarah Palin.

  17. Talking about “fixation’s”, Shaw Kenawe has a fixation on Hussein and Moocher Obama (the Leftist Champagne Socialists). These people don't give a rat's behind about the American tax payers. I've never seen a President and First Lady with a greater sense of entitlement and more DISREGARD for the American public.
    And it’s high time for the White House to rein in Michelle Obama's out-of-control spending. Perhaps Mrs Obama could have take a few tips on austerity and humility from Margaret Thatcher.

  18. AOW is the only one out of the lot of you who is worth something. Even though she disagrees with someone, she argues with tact and respect.

    Her visit over to my blog was refreshing and quite wonderful, and you fools should take a note from her book.

    Just because you disagree with someone doesn't give you the justification to ridicule them and become all high and mighty.

  19. @ Jack Camwell..
    Well bully for you and by the way, who gives a crap what you say or what your think.
    As for Shaw, different things for different people.
    You may have the urge to lash out at someone, if they had nothing to do with you. But maybe we don't feel as charitable as you do. So Chill out we get the point, your feeling shitty and perhaps your baseball team is losing. And remember that God cares about you, but I don’t give a shit about you. .



When both extremes of "doctrinaire"
Meet and greet, too often

    Their meeting fails to clear the air,

    And each side fails to soften.

    ~ FT

  21. Sweetness and light!
    Sweetness and light!
    And still you carry on the fight.

    Once rid of your enemies
    You still won't live in peace and ease.
    Antagonism's meat and drink
    To those who'd rather fight than think.

    Taking umbrage is much more fun
    Than facing the Truth in the light of the sun.
    The more you follow paths of anger
    Your soul moves nearer to grave danger.

    Once one demon disappears,
    Another’s ugly head soon rears
    And swoops to stoke the raging fire,
    For you'd be nothing without fears.
    Pet hates comprise your heart's desire.

    ~ FT


  22. The appetite for conflict
    _____ it seems one can't appease.
Obsession with minutiae leads
    _____ to seeing only trees.

    The beneficent totality
    _____ evoked within the wood
Is marred, obscured and neutralized
    _____ with far too much “You should."

    ~ FT

  23. Free Thinker, I have spent the past 30 minutes reading a bunch of old slop on Shaw Kenawe’s blog and the comments written there both in her favor and against. And I have read the way she answers the people who criticize, her opinions. I respect your having a opinion but I’m a conservative with damn strong opinions and in my opinion you far off base in your making such light of a person who has all but called us “Idiots”
    I’m sorry but I’m not buying any of that pile of BS that you may interpret as leftist mischief. I translate what she says a disgusting garbage.
    You can be as cute and as poetic as you wish to, but that won't change things. Liberals are merely people too feeble minded to see the truth, and that this President is slowly but surly destroying our beloved country.
    Today's meaning of the word “Progressive LIBERAL” is someone who is leaning towards Marxism, with traits of communism.

    Sorry for choosing to be anonymous.

  24. I think that the people here have sent you a loud and clear message.

  25. Jack,
    Wow! You just made my day!

    Thank you.

    PS: I'm not always tactful. But I try to be most of the time.

    1. AOW, thanks. But no thanks. You can be "suckered In" if you care to be, but watch your back of your smart, your dealing with a snake...

  26. Ironman 3 was fun! Stay past the credits if you want to see the Easter Egg. :)

  27. " ...... you fools should take a note from her book.

    'Just because you disagree with someone doesn't give you the justification to ridicule them and become all high and mighty."

    Isn't it time for you to take a look in the mirror?

    Heller van Erve

  28. FOOLS? You are calling us Fools? Have you read the clap crap that this vile idiot writes every day?
    Hum Ms Van Hellsing?

  29. And that Jew Hater RN continues to kiss her ass.

  30. Oh everybody, Jack needs a group hug.

  31. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in this beauty wood. Won't you be mine. Won't you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?

    ~~~~~~~~~ MisteRogers

  32. Dear Mr. Free Thinke,

    I am so embarrassed.

    The quality of writing by my nemici is so utterly banal and horridly illiterate that I feel I owe you an apology for not attracting a better class of miscreants.

    One always hopes that if one is to be opposed so violently, one would have a better class of critics. Alas! Not one witty or inventive attack in the whole lot of them.

    Please accept my apologies for not being hated by a more learned group of hyenas.

  33. Wow, is that top picture Glen Beck? Certainly a close resemblance at any rate. As such it is a fine crown atop this post thread with all it rambling, incoherent, and hate filled claptrap.

    A fine example of what real conservatives and libertarians are not and are ever so embarrassed by

    And aNon @ 8:21 PM, now you can KISS my ASS.

    Shaw, ignore these moonbats and asses, they apparently have the intellegnce of 5 year olds with the hate of one who has lived a long and miserable life.

    No real and true conservative or libertarian would have squat to do with these loonies.

    FreeThinke, whatever your motive for this open thread was it certainly, for the most part attracted the lower echelon of Teastan. With one complete dreg in aNon at 8:21 PM.

  34. Point of clarification; my comments were not intended for AOW, Jack, or FT.

    After reading several comments over again it is evidence positive of the existence of pinheads.

  35. Oh, and Ducky. My apology for for inadvertently leaving you off my list.

  36. Anonymous (May 5, 2013 at 8:02 PM),
    You can be "suckered In" if you care to be, but watch your back of your smart [Huh?], your dealing with a snake...

    News flash! I'm not a sucker.

    I see no point, however, in vilifying Shaw.

    If she does indeed refer to conservatives as "idiots," well, that's HER opinion. The sniping at her serves only to harden her opinion. Thus, an impasse.

    As one trained in policy debate, I don't attack people; I attack IDEAS.

    Most of us work in a place with workers who hold opposing views. How do we confront them face to face?

    It is my usual policy not to type in a cyber comment that I wouldn't say to someone's face. Just sayin'.

  37. Oh, and one more thing...I don't type in a forum that I'd be ashamed for my students to read.

    Look. I am not Pollyanna enough to believe that anything I contribute in the public forum of the blogosphere will change someone else's mind. But maybe -- just maybe -- I can, in a small way, promote that others stop to consider something that doesn't fit into their "system" AND learn something.

    Among other things, Jesus taught His followers to be the salt of the earth. To me, that means don't back down and don't strew poison all over the place.

  38. *Hug hug hug*

    I love it how much the defenders of progressive idiots feel superior to us "lowly" HATERS.

    No wonder the RNC has so many RINO's!

  39. Ligeia, your worm awaits with bated breath.

    O Rose thou art sick.
    The invisible worm,
    That flies in the night
    In the howling storm:

    Has found out thy bed
    Of crimson joy:
    And his dark secret love
    Does thy life destroy.

    William Blake

  40. Forget it. Now that you've given me permission to be mean, it's no longer fun.


  41. What? You aren't a "Rule Girl" like the rest of us, Stogie? ;)

  42. I take it back, you old "Rule Girl", you! ;)

  43. John Jamerson, USNavyVet, and several commenters have pretty much covered all the bases. I guess all I have to add are the not so PC adjectives and adverbs that are noticeably missing:

    )(*&^%$#@!)(*&^%$#@!)(*&^%$#@! and of course I can't leave out ><><><><><><><><><}{}{}{}{!!!!!

    It WAS refreshing however to see that Benghazigate is back on the front burned. Of course I had to find this in the BRITISH media. Take a minute to see it--well worth the trip:

    There's a little more at my blog too.

  44. Well, Stogie, that's a genuinely ENLIGHTENED observation.

    You GOT the POINT!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    You too, AA.

    However, HATE WEEK will continue through Friday so others hopefully may catch up with you good guys.



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