Monday, May 6, 2013

A Hopsack Full of Hate Rhymes
Could anything be verse?
• • •
by Joseph P. Lister

Halitosis vile!
Twenty-thousand-dollar crowns
Trapping rotted food.

The first time it hit
Was in his pool. It was like
Bathing in sewage.

He who slurps and snorts
With every inhalation
Also tends to spray.

Slime forms on the teeth.
Then spraying transmits a stench.
His vulpine grin offends.

Would careful brushing
Be enough to neutralize
His repugnant breath?

I know I saw moss
Gray, grungy, greenish growing
Making a brown smell.

Tongue moss tends to stink.
Fermented food between the teeth
Makes us want to flee

The nasty slobber
Precedes each vile emission
Gurgling as he sneers.

Fartbreath is daunting.
The effects lurk and linger 

Piles of doo-doo seem
Benign by comparison.
Bad breath is a curse.

I think rottenness
In his case is systemic.
He stinks from within.

His putridity
Makes one want to say, “Please, sir,
Take your breath  –– away!”

January, 2009 edition


  1. Perhaps those devoid of "hate" dare not love enough?

  2. I can't stand Brahms.

    Pompous, limited range and repetitious.

  3. @ what Shaw Kenawe said...

    “Please accept my apologies for not being hated by a more learned group of hyenas.”

    For not being hated by a more learned group of hyenas! Well “Ms Shaw, TRUST ME, YOU ARE hated by a more learned group of hyenas.! Not the entire group of “hyenas” have come here as yet to express their HATRED for you as yet! Not everyone who feels that way about you cares to openly express their feeling here though you most certainly deserve it. But if you want to hear about the hatred felt for you then you’ve come to the right place. You may have a popular blog, but in my eyes it’s only popular to the hateful people like you and those who read and comment on it. You are only popular because of the venom you spew.. Liberals hate anyone who does not agree with their socialistic agenda.
    Actually, it's obvious and simple: after reading your hideous blogs through the years, I have read things like, Republicans are racists, Republicans are stupid, Ronald Reagan was the worst, and you have expressed far more hatred for Ronald Reagan than for Leonid Brezhnev! You hate Mitt Romney, you called Sarah Palin an Idiot, and you seem to have a fixation of hate for her. But when compared to Joe Biden she’s more like a Brain Surgeon. Maybe she is hated because she is not at all the demon that you want her to be.
    You wanted Glen Beck to be thrown off the air and you told you readers to “write his sponsors and tell them that you will boycott their products”. The things you’ve said about Rush Limbaugh I won’t even repeat because they are disgusting.
    When your ilk express’s her wish to personally see Rush Limbaugh die a painful death, it’s way beyond political difference, it is pure hatred.
    And the things you’ve said about George Bush are even worse. And Newt Gingrich, Carl Rove, Ann Coulter, Scott Brown, Jan Brewer, Chris Cristie and Marco Rubio, and Sean Hannity and lets not forget your current blog about Fox News because they dare to tell the truth about your beloved Barack Obama and his Queen who has been milking this country dry! And who just recently began to be “Proud of America”!
    You even thought it was funny when David Letterman make those stupid jokes about Sarah Palin's daughters. Maybe YOU hate so much because of your arrogance. The "I'm right, and everyone else is wrong, and I'm going to force this on you for your own good" attitude. But you say nothing about Bill Maher’s vulgar comments!
    I've never before seen one single thing you ever said about "Republicans" that was even close to being truthful. Nothing you say is even close to truthful. Everything that you have posted is pure lies. To YOU every one in the Republican party is a Racist, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black (oops sorry that's racist isn't it.)

    Why on earth would anyone be compassionate towards Democrat racists like the Clinton's, Barrak and Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, the BLACK PANTHERS, etc?

    Keep posting folks, this is your chance to tell this POS just how you felt about the vile things that she has said about the people you hold dear to you all these years.
    How people like this can live with themselves is something that's impossible for me to understand.
    I feel sick to my stomach about the ill will Barack Obama has created among most of the nations of the world by his policies, and what he has done to the image of the United States, and yet you flaunt all over this cretin, and his grubbing wife.
    Yes, indeed us hyenas HATE! So keep posting folks, you're in good company here.


    MIrror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the vilest of us all?
    The mirror sighed, and then replied,
    "Because I cannot impart lies,
    The face you see now qualifies."

    ~ FT

  5. I didn't realize Shaw had such street cred.

  6. No comment neededMay 6, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    Who won the lying to yo' Mama?
    Well, I do believe it was Barack Obama!
    Who promised to fix all of the mess?
    It was Barack Obama, I must confess.
    But, he failed as you can see,
    He failed us all, so miserab ly!

  7. The things you’ve said about Rush Limbaugh I won’t even repeat because they are disgusting.

    How can anything sufficiently disgusting be said about a human douche nozzle who sends his maid to a Denny's parking lot to score Oxy?

  8. This is nothing but a right-wing SLANDER against a courageous female of progressive thought and motivation. I have two words for you white men with hatred and anger.
    You all should be embarrassed for creating hate.
    Maybe not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are my opinions these posts are from the Racist Right Conservative TEABAGGER’S. The Racist Right says that hates President Obama because of his policies, well that may be their number one excuse how then do they explain the same loathing for Michelle? Come clean Racists, we know what you are!
    You Republicans lost because your party and their leadership and most of their candidates are the dumbest, craziest nominees around, such as Romney was.
    Romney and Tea Party loonies dismissed half the country as chattel and moochers who did not belong in their “traditional” America. Frankly, you’re all embarrassing and you are the hateful ones.

  9. I wonder what would cause someone like this blogger (Free Thinke) and his followers to be so filled with hateful fury and lunacy, that such an odious, repulsive. method of drawing attention to oneself seems to be acceptable?
    This Liberal blogger, has done nothing to deserve this ridicule. Proof again that the Republican party is full of Hateful Old White men. Yeah, I would vote Republican, maybe when the moon turns into cheese!
    The only thing shocking about this is just how UNORIGINAL, and predictable all of these rants are.
    And when you have a party who is represented by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter, you know you are in deep trouble.
    Hang in there Shaw and Free Thinke, I think you are a despicable, stupid, OLD man for hosting this hideous, despicable, negative attack blog. This only goes to show the lack of intelligence you Republicans have.
    I am PROUD to say that I am one of Shaw's loyal readers.

  10. Keep on keeping on by all means. This promises to be a most delightfully REVEALING week.

    I continue to advise all participants Conservatives and Liberals alike to keep studying intently what they see in the LOOKING GLASS.

    The TRUTH rarely flatters ANYONE, you know.

  11. Conspiracies StinkMay 6, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Hate Week Continues?
    It's bad enough that Free Thinke did this yesterday but to do it again today is twice as despicable.
    This is not an example of free-speech, this is simply disgusting, and you consider yourself to be a friend of Shaw’s? Shaw would be a fool to ever speak to you again.
    You are not her friend, you are a malicious idiot. You knew what would happen if you wrote this foolishness and you did so anyway. I really think that you are enjoying it and find it to be entertaining.
    What did you expect to happen here? Did you think that it would be good for a laugh but not to be taken seriously?
    Your despicable actions make the other GOP’s look like amateurs. The “puke” in this case is you.

    1. BS your comment is all wet. Shaw is only getting a taste of her own Hateful medicine that she deserves so much. So take your act somewhere else.

  12. that really gets me... //This is not an example of free-speech//

    whew..... thanks for straightening me out; for a minute I thought it was a recipe for lo mein.

  13. This thread is not about ME, you know. It really has nothing whatsoever to do with ME.

    I am merely holding up a mirror that enables you -- and the rest of the world -- to see you for what you really are -- or at least pretend to be.

    The only difference between this and an ordinary looking glass is that THIS mirror will capture -- and HOLD -- whatever image it reflects.

  14. In a very real sense I am acting the part of a PITCHER PLANT.

  15. Even less aggressively unkind than a VENUS FLYTRAP.

  16. This is the most arsine shit I have ever read. This Liberal/Progressive blogger has been saying outrageous things since day one!
    She is a hateful,insulting, obnoxious, name-calling, bigoted,lair and shouldn’t even be given the time and space that she is given here.

  17. You're digesting this?

    That IS disgusting!

    Nietzsche, "Twilight of the Idols"

    To be indifferent--that too is a form of strength--for that we are likewise too old, too late. Our morality of sympathy, against which I was the first to issue a warning--that which one might call l'impressionisme morale--is just another expression of that physiological overexcitability which is characteristic of everything decadent. That movement which tried to introduce itself scientifically with Schopenhauer's morality of pity--a very unfortunate attempt!--is the real movement of decadence in morality; as such, it is profoundly related to Christian morality. Strong ages, noble cultures, all consider pity, "neighbor-love," and the lack of self and self-assurance as something contemptible. Ages must be measured by their positive strength--and then that lavishly squandering and fatal age of the Renaissance appears as the last great age; and we moderns, with our anxious self-solicitude and neighbor-love, with our virtues of work, modesty, legality, and scientism--accumulating, economic, machinelike--appear as a weak age. Our virtues are conditional on, are provoked by, our weaknesses. "Equality" as a certain factual increase in similarity, which merely finds expression in the theory of "equal rights," is an essential feature of decline. The cleavage between man and man, status and status, the plurality of types, the will to be oneself, to stand out--what I call the pathos of distance, that is characteristic of every strong age. The strength to withstand tension, the width of the tensions between extremes, becomes ever smaller today; finally, the extremes themselves become blurred to the point of similarity.

  18. Normally I don't post on blogs, but I would like to say that this one has forced me to take a look at the blooger in question and read her filth. And after doing so, I think that us Republicans need to grow a pair and tell these people exactly how we feel about what that are saying about us. And we must stand up to Obozo and his ilk to set this country back on its feet.
    Every time one of these lunatics decides to discredit us we have to answer back in kind. We must not allow them to say these lies about us and what we stand for. It's time for Obama and his followers to quit the blame game and making excuses for his lack of leadership. Our children and their generation deserves no less.
    And may God bless those who died and those who survived the bombing attack in Boston. And at Sandy Hook.

  19. An open letter to the Free Thinker readers and to the STUPID people who follow him, and those who are writing these dumb comments.
    Free Thinker wants us to believe that this is NOT about him. But it IS about him. Because it was he who not only opened up this vicious can of worms, but he did so twice, and what will keep him for doing so again tomorrow? So it IS about him, he is responsible for all these stupid and unwarranted attacks on Shaw. If you don’t like what she has to say, then just simply don’t read her blog, it’s that easy.
    Why all this hateful nonsense?
    Aside from that, I don't feel like I have much else to say, or I’d rather not. I suggest that you go home and kiss your Cat instead of taking part in this lynching.

  20. My rants usually come about due to reading ignorant comments from ding dong liberals like Shaw, but I’m not going to bore you with one of my rants now, we have enough here already.
    After all, what can I say that hasn't already been said!

  21. Oh I don't know about that, Darth, old bean. What do YOU think about halitosis?

    After all the post WAS about bad breath, and so far -- in characteristic fashion -- everyone has blithely ignored the topic of the post.

    How do you feel about HALITOSIS?

    Are you FOR it?

    Are you AGAINST it?

    Perhaps you find it EROTICALLY STIMULATING?

    There's a fetish out there for everything under the sun.

    SO, let's talk about FARTBREATH.

    We NEED your input n this vitally important subject.

  22. Thersites, I appreciate your scholarship. I really do, but I doubt very much that would ever be able to turn me into a fellow disciple of Nietzsche. I am, after all, a Christian, though not of the orthodox, dogma-ridden variety.

    All that aside, your posts rarely fail to be informative and interesting, so please keep on adding some substance to the commentary.

    My "mirror," so far, has not given us an attractive or encouraging picture, has it?

    Well, there's a great deal worse to come, I assure you. I have gleefully prepared a regular old HELL WEEK for all of us to savor. It won't end till FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT, so FASTEN YOUR SEAL BELTS, we're in for a bumpy ride. };-)>

    The strong will soon be licking their chops. The weak will turn away and puke their sorry guts out.

    So be it!

  23. Kinde sir,

    I read your haiku submittal on The Lord's Day, and I must say I never cared for Germanic verse.

    No sir! Not for all the germanium in Germany!

    Forthwith, my own essay:

    Flaming pies and hermeneutical malapropisms!

    Bears shit in the woods and wipe their asses with furry creatures.

    The noise is unbearable, but the bear shit's anyway!

    George Bush will blind out our eyes with his tausand point's of light!

  24. These posts specifically giving permission to vent are so amusing that I can barely tear myself away from watching so many people make total asses of themselves!

    - Amused Anonymouse

  25. Radical Redneck and Farmer should have you questioning the proper inpatient care for multiple personality disorder.

  26. I couldn't agree more. The people who write this stupid stuff are a huge part of the problems we have here in the United States. . However, there is reason for folks to be upset at this blogger, she is just a product of the 60's where the idiot Hippies ran amuck and did and said whatever they wanted as long as it gained them some attention and notoriety. I worked my butt off working doing 2 jobs to support my family and to get me into a quality college to get a better education, and when I got out, I had a very hard time getting a job that I was qualified for because I am white. Affirmative action, is an injustice. But these people today, don’t give a damn, they get what they want thru handouts or by threats from their Unions.
    And this is what these Progressives are doing to America. Funny how thing work if you are a minority. I know that these Liberal bleeding hears will tell us that’s not that way it is, and that everybody is equal, but, that's just horse crap. Obama and his Liberal followers think that the U.S. is arrogant and needs to be taken down a notch or maybe three. Liberals think that America was founded by evil, selfish, hateful WHITE MEN who were only interested in their own power and richness. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union,, the Center for American Progress, Media Matters and other such extremist left-wing organizations, and even the Progressive bloggers like Shaw here think they are doing a good thing. The problem is that they are 100 percent completely wrong. What they are actually doing is taking America down the path to Socialism. So who is the real idiot here? There is only one President of these united States and he is the policy maker.
    Liberal policies have destroyed the backbone of America, and Obama is destroying the relationship between the black community and the whites in America.
    Barack Hussain Obama, what the hell has this guy done in the past 4 and a half years? Bailed out the economy, really - lets see the auto industry filed bankruptcy on billions of tax payers dollars any wise business man knows you file bankruptcy first and let go of the bad debts and then re-organize! So he wasn’t so smart with that one, was he! Then lets see, he gave billions of tax payer dollars to companies like Solindra to the tune of 529 million only to have them file for bankruptcy, oh yes, he vilified Mitt Romney for sending jobs over sea's well if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. He simply thinks that spending money fixes everything! Well it doesn’t! He lied to us in the debates with Romney claiming he supports the coal industry and the oil industry when he was shutting down many coal mines across the country and coal burning plants, he refused to renew licenses on oil drilling, yet he said he is creating new jobs, he is causing job losses actually - And then he told us with a straight face that Obamacare was going to be affordable! Affordable my eye! I spend more on deductibles and premiums so far this year than I ever have in the past. And how about his dear wifey spending our money like a drunken Sailor all over the world with an entourage of friends, servants and celebrities. This administration is the biggest disgrace in American history. Neither Obama loves or respects this country. Everyone who voted for them once should now see this and shame on you if you vote for this joke a second time!
    And that my friends is the end of my speech.
    Good post btw Free Thinke, I gotta run, play nice while I’m gone... :)


  27. Anonymous 12:54,
    You are truly a left wing 60's educated idiot. You have to be one of those people that came from the sixties drug and free love environments


  28. I noticed that in her blog today she was complaining about National Rifle Association using Bleeding “Obama” Targets, When the National Rifle Association actually Baned those Targets!
    What a lying liberal, or is that an Oxymoron! When you have hags like this making up stories just to make Republicans look bad, this is a prime example of why we need more mental health care in this country. But Obamacare won’t pay for it.

    I have to wonder if she was complaining when George Bush was compared to Hitler and hung in effigy, and set on fire? And portraying George Bush as a dumb Chimp!
    Or when the Libs were drawing cartoons of Condi Rice with big Lips or their cartoons that made her look like Aunt Jemima ! Or calling her her a "house n******"? Was she also offended by those, or is it only offensive when a Republican does it?
    And how about when Harry Belefonte calling George Bush the “greatest terrorist in the world.” The liberals in America are constantly accusing Republicans of being racist simply because they do not agree with the liberals policies.

  29. One thing that I have noticed is that I think we have quite a large number of Liberals posters here who have called republicans and tea party members Terrorists. Traitors Murderers and Mentally incompetent. I can't count how many times the lefties on these blogs who have posted threads claiming Conservatives are Mental Defects, Mental Disorders or Insane. I can't count how many times the term “Terrorist” has been used by Liberals on this board to describe Tea party members and Conservatives. All with out a single source to backup the claim.

    Every time there is a high profile shooting the Left in the media and those on these blog boards, and the DNC all announce gleefully that it was done by a member of the Tea party or a Conservative, or they hope that it was. . And every time they are wrong.
    How many bloggers have we had where it is claimed the right stole elections and in the same breath statements that voter fraud doesn't happen so no need for ID. Explain again how the right supposedly stole a National election twice if there was no voter fraud. Ohh and provide evidence any election was actually stolen.
    Oh well, there are plenty of idiotic posters around and Shaw Kenawe is not alone in that group.

  30. It is true Freethinke that mirrors create perfect reflections. However, for the blind they are somewhat irrelevant would n't you agreed?

    You created a perfect mirror FreeThinke. I wonder just how many reflections will. be seen as they really are.

  31. Let’s hope that this is the end of your ridiculous, and absurd “Hate Week”

  32. Now ask yourself this question, because it was truly bothering me to read these comments. Was all this worth it?

  33. Hey, Screaming Eagle, how can the NRA ban a target? I'm not saying you're blowing smoke out of your ass, I'm just curious.

  34. They just say, "Get your zombie *ss out of here."

  35. Of course, any press is "good" press.

    I doubt whether ANYBODY in history has EVER sold more NRA memberships than "Rocky"... :)

  36. I wonder how many "Rockys" pShaw sold today? "The Ex" has GOT to be my hands-down favorite.

    Gee, I wonder how long it will be before CAIR or NOW sues them...

  37. btw - The Boston terrorists should have invested in "ZomBoom"... I'M jes' sayin'.

  38. I see, Farmer. Members can use them at their local range but not at NRA events.
    Nice of them to admit the resemblance. Those zany gun loons.

  39. The resemlance between zombies and democrats? Its' a natch!

  40. ps... do you think that the NRA frowns on this, too?

    Bet ya don't need a background check to buy it...

    Save lives from auto accidents... ban cars!

  41. FT, other than getting all the conservative zoo monkeys together to rub sit in their hair what is the purpose of all this?

  42. Rumor has it that the NRA is using a likeness of Shaw for targets now. How about that!



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