Friday, May 17, 2013

Antidote Week Honors

Can you name this attractive young couple?

If so, what do you know about them?


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~ FreeThinke


  1. You and your wife right after voting against Lincoln?

  2. Not quite, Anonymous. These were Lincoln supporters among other things. But thank you for that lovely compliment, since these were wonderful people -- and good-looking as well.

  3. I should know that answer, but I'm terrible with putting names to faces. **sigh**

  4. The period costumes should give you some clue, AOW. I'll help you this much right now: He is much better known when seen with a long beard. Her outward appearance changed very little over the years. They were VIP's in their day.

  5. Yes. Now who was that lady you saw him with, SilverFiddle?

  6. It crossed my mind that the man might be Hayes, but I didn't search online for any images.

    Now, what was it about Mrs. Hayes? Something quite unusual, but I don't recall the exact details.

  7. Lucy Webb Hayes was a beautiful woman who spent a great deal of time working with the wounded close to the battlefields during the Civil War. She saw more violence up close and personal than any First Lady before or since.

    Her husband served in the military during that war, and was wounded FIVE times. At one point he came very close to losing one of his arms, but managed to survive the ordeal intact. Remarkably it never occurred to him NOT to return to the battlefront after each one of these terrible experiences, and even more remarkably his wife wouldn't not have respected him if he had. She was a serious Methodist and an ardent abolitionist who fully supported Lincoln's War.

    She bore Rutherford EIGHT children five of whom lived to maturity, yet kept her figure so well she was able to wear the beautiful wedding dress she had made for herself the day they celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

    She was also a teetotaler, BUT she never joined the WCTU, because she didn't believe in making a PUBLiC spectacle her personal views,

    She was the first First Lady ever to have earned a college degree.

    Amazingly, she did NOT believe women should have the right to vote.

    Altogether a most fascinating, quietly spectacular person!

    ALSO: Mr. and Mrs. Hayes had pledged to serve only ONE term in the White House, and that is exactly what they did. Not only THAT! Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy sincerely believe that it was "unseemly" for a former president to make himself prominent in public life after he'd completed his term in office.

    Can you imagine anyone thinking and acting like that TODAY?

    Not bloody likely, is it?

  8. FT,
    Her being able to wear her original wedding dress 25 years later is no small accomplishment! Especially after giving birth to so many children! We need her eating plan -- or, at least, I do. I weight a lot less now than on the day Mr. AOW and I married nearly 41 years ago, but I still can't fit into that wedding dress.

    Politicians today will not give up the reins of power. The very idea of "elected public servant" is dead! **sigh**

  9. My comment was directly related to the material of this post. Yet I suppose it was easier for you to delete it than to change the title of your .jpg. :P

  10. This is a fascinating post, FT!!

    If this post were part of an online university class and the class could continue to provide this type of history on a regular basis I would gladly enroll and pay the tuition.

  11. I am smiling, but not suprised, that SF made the call. The man is brilliant. As are you FT for the presentation.

  12. KP,
    It seems to me that FT is trying to do something "different" with his blog -- and on a consistent basis. It disgusts me that certain commenters cruise the blogosphere just to hurl barbs and to smear feces on the property of others (blogs, in this case).

  13. Kurt SilverFiddle is far too modest, KP. I have praised him any number of times in private emails, but he insists his intelligence is "only average."

    To that I can only say, BALONEY! ;-)

    So glad to see you and others take an interest in the SUBSTANCE of the blog.

    AOW is correct in her observations -- as usual -- but it is always wrong to let the incursions and imprecations of ignorant, malicious or unfocussed individuals get us down -- as it has done me too many times in living memory.

    One must feel very desperate, indeed, and ridden with terrible anxiety to feel an impulse to "smear feces" as AOW and SF have both put it.

    The ONLY control we have over these unpleasant situations is to make every effort not to throw gasoline on the fires when they break out.



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