Thursday, May 16, 2013

Antidotes to Ignorance Continued

Thanks to FJ for this link


  1. Oy... a message NOT endorsed by this nuclear energy proponent.

  2. FT, is hat an ad for one world rule?

  3. In My Defense... you said gun control was the straw that broke this [your] camels back.

    Regarding gunownership, do you think convicted and released felons along with people with a history of mental illness still have an unalienable right to own and possess handguns?

    just askin...

  4. Sorry, Dave,

    As a matter of policy we delete irrelevant comments whenever we spot them, especially when they contain gratuitous insults and moronic threats.

    I would agree that felons convicted of violent crimes and the criminally insane should not EVER be able to own firearms, but I would ALSO say they should never have their right to VOTE restored either after their sentences have been served.

  5. In answer to yOUR question, Ducky, I have no idea. Is that YOUR interpretation of Richard Heinberg's very clever, entertaining and stunningly succinct alarmist propaganda?

    Or don't you agree that it IS propaganda?

    My hackles raise automatically whenever I'm confronted with a know-it-all -- especially when she's an ALARMIST.

    I view ALL "factionalists" of EVERY stripe with a weather eye.


    Comments unrelated to the material presented in each daily post will be summarily deleted, UNLESS I, myself, find them of potential value to others and particular interest to me, personally.

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. Well, I figure ... this is coming to a country near you very soon.

    ... once we drain the Ogallala aquifer to grow very low nutrition corn for beef and high fructose syrup and fracking of course.

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  9. Free... I am more than willing to stand up for my views, but as I have experienced at my puny little blog, people that sign in as Anon are 1. Not willing to ID themselves, which always makes me suspect and 2. Unable for the most part to string together a rational sentence without resorting to language that would make ones grandmother blush.

    I really lament that we seem to have reached a certain point in our existence where people cannot converse intelligently without resorting to foul language...

  10. So mr. Free Thinker, does Dave Miller's comment meet your standards of relevancy?

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  12. Darth, you've been around a long time. I once thought we were friends, but lately you've been acting unnecessarily pugnacious. I can't think why.

    I believe you CAN read. Please accept the criteria I set for this blog and at accordingly.

    None of us has the right to tell someone else how to run his or her blog.

    The general idea is to keep it RELEVANT or keep it to YOURSELF.

    In future would urge Dave -- and everyone else -- NOT to respond to irrelevant, accusatory comments.

    I'ts a WASTE of TIME.

  13. An interesting theory that stands in opposition to the idea of limited fossil fuels, the product of decaying dinosaurs and their offspring, is the idea of abiogenic petroleum, the idea that the origins of petroleum oil is something that pre-dates the dinosaurs. The promoters of global-one-world endorse the idea of limited resources which they intend to control. The abiogenic theory of oil says that we do not know the true limits of the resource and more oil is being discovered even at present that wasn't considered to exist in the fossil fuel theory. Therefore there may well be an abundance of oil existing and is being pushed into pools and being brought to market. Of course, there is opposition to this theory from the so-called fossil fuel scientists,, those in the employ of the existing big oil companies, and also because the theory of abiogenic petroleum was revived by Soviet scientists.

    I say one should not confine ones thinking to blindly accepting of groups which have a vested interest in the selling stale Malthusian thinking that all resources are finite and we are heading for the brink of disaster if we don't surrender to the dictates of those who "know" better, and we should just accept their word for our own good.

  14. Thanks, Waylon. As usual, you provide us with some longed for substance.

    I had always been taught that petroleum was the product of decayed fossils of ALL kinds including trees and other plant life, and that it takes literally millions of years for this to occur.

    In this regard fossil fuels probably ARE finite. As a non-scientist, I've sometimes wondered if the planet might not collapse -- crumble in on itself -- if ALL potential sources of fuel are ever removed from the ground?

    A childish fantasy? -- I hope.

    If we could produce SYNTHETIC oil and gas, wouldn't we be in much better shape?

    I do think the man who made the video is serving an AGENDA, don't you? It's all too pat. And his name is HEINBERG, which I'm sorry to say tends to raise hackles.

  15. FT, I did find the video a little too pat, sort of a recitation of talking points that have been cultivated in the media for years. People are just looked at as pre-programmed receivers tuned to accept "the message" uncritically.

    I don't pretend to know if the idea of abiogenic petroleum should replace the idea of limited fossil fuels, but it certainly should be on the table to be considered on its merits. And there are merits to the concept, since there are huge discoveries of oil fields where the fossil fuel theory doesn't hold, such as the Alberta Oil Sands, I believe, and others.
    I think you along with most people have accepted the idea of the origins of fossil fuels that has been inculcated into our psyche for decades. Not to mention the Malthusian notion of "limited resources" has been debunked by reality as the population of the planet has increased way past the point where catastrophe had been predicted by Malthus. I think that theory has been refurbished over time and pretending that it's something new and dire. and giving it a modern sheen ready for the prime time use of the globalist controllers, who just "know better" and know more than anybody else.

  16. Ducky:

    You left out ethanol, starving people to feed cars. All in the name of the Progressive Green Jihad, lead by Reverend Al Gore, International Church of Gaia.

    Our US ethanol money flush has caused poverty and food riots on numerous continents.



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