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  1. Did you get to hear that rambling incoherent mess that Obama called a speech yesterday? With that Set Up so-called heckler, who was no doubt a plant. Was there any doubt that it was a piss poor attempt at deflecting from all of the scandals facing his administration.
    Like we’re supposed to believe some paranoid piece of shit who claims he only learned about the IRS and the AP scandals on the news?
    Hey obama we get it, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. .

  2. There are many reasons to hate liberals or progressives.
    I just want them to stop taking my money, dictating what I should or shouldn’t do, and interfering in my life.
    We are talking about a bunch of hypocritical, mind controlling manipulative pile of leftist garbage who are the architects of socialist politics.
    And as for the Liberals on these here blogs, I find that they are people who can't take responsibility for their own actions and generally find someone else to blame, just like their Messiah.
    For example, every time there is a high profile shooting the lefties on these boards and in the media always seems to announce gleefully that it was done by a member of the Tea party or a conservative. And every time they are wrong.


  3. Well, let's see....

    Liberals use the race card to get their way and to win elections, claiming the GOP is the KKK.
    Liberals use threats claiming the GOP is going to kill granny.
    Liberals claim the GOP wants dirty water, air, etc.
    Liberals run election ads claiming Romney killed some woman with cancer.
    Liberals support all forms of abortion and even promote abortion.
    Liberals are typically anti-military, and anti-business.
    Liberals like to tax working people and give that money to lazy ass people.
    Liberals believe being against gay marriage makes one a homophobic.

    Liberals are just scum and stupid people

  4. Ok I can't stay calm I will not come here again because you don't need to see me go off and I will and have no need for idiots!!!

  5. FT, you're attracting the hoi-polloi once more.

    Why not have Radical Redneck tackle something he can handle like a review of Metallica's cover of Cage's 4'33"?

  6. What's wrong with Metallica?

    ... snooty bastard...

  7. Their sophisticated sense of harmony stands out, Silver.

    FT may have other objections.

  8. This has NOTHING to do with the fact that we are Liberals! YOU people hate us because we are liberals, and only because that we are liberals.!

    I live around and work with conservatives every day of my life. If I had half the contempt for those conservatives that they have for me, my life would be very unpleasant.
    But, I just roll my eyes and carry on. It's their burden to bear, not mine.
    I own my own business, I pay taxes, and have never been on food stamps I don't collect unemployment even though my business is seasonal and I am unemployed 4 months out of each year. So why should I be hated by you people because I tend to lean left.The constant attacks on liberals seems to me just a sign of incredible arrogance, and ignorance. If there is a REAL reason, with facts, for hating liberals I’d like to hear about it.

  9. Nietzsche, "Gay Science" (377)

    We "conserve" nothing; neither do we want to return to any past periods; we are not by any means "liberal"; we do not work for "progress"; we do not need to plug up our ears against the sirens who in the market place sing of the future: their song about "equal rights," "a free society," "no more masters and no servants" has no allure for us. We simply do not consider it desirable that a realm of justice and concord should be established on earth (because it would certainly be the realm of the deepest leveling and chinoiserie); we are delighted with all who love, as we do, danger, war, and adventures, who refuse to compromise, to be captured, reconciled, and castrated; we count ourselves among conquerors; we think about the necessity for new orders, also for a new slavery—for every strengthening and enhancement of the human type also involves a new kind of enslavement. Is it not clear that with all this we are bound to feel ill at ease in an age that likes to claim the distinction of being the most humane, the mildest, and the most righteous age that the sun has ever seen? It is bad enough that precisely when we hear these beautiful words we have the ugliest suspicions. What we find in them is merely an expression—and a masquerade—of a profound weakening, of weariness, of old age, of declining energies. What can it matter to us what tinsel the sick may use to cover up their weakness? Let them parade it as their virtue; after all, there is no doubt that weakness makes one mild, oh so mild, so righteous, so inoffensive, so "humane"!

    The "religion of pity" to which one would like to convert us—oh, we know the hysterical little males and females well enough who today need precisely this religion as a veil and make-up. We are no humanitarians; we should never dare to permit ourselves to speak of our "love for humanity"; our kind is not actor enough for that. Or not Saint-Simonist enough [i.e., not a utopian socialist], not French enough. One really has to be afflicted with a Gallic excess of erotic irritability and enamored impatience to approach in all honesty the whole of humanity with one’s lust!

    Humanity! Has there ever been a more hideous old woman among all old women—(unless it were "truth": a question for philosophers)?

  10. I tend more towards philanthropy
    Than I do misanthropy.

    Do you really think Nietzsche
    Has anything useful to teach ya?

    We're in the only place
    To which we could belong.
    Must it be naught but a race
    Between the weak and strong?

    Where nothing is a sin,
    And bullies always win?

    I'm sorry to report
    By way of a retort

    That what Nietzsche has to tell
    Perfectly defines Hell.

    Now, take me to my hearse;
    I've done with ragged verse.

    ~ Ogden Gnash

  11. Enough is enough, the American People must fight back against the vicious Republican smear machine! All of these phony-baloney trumped up scandals are really getting real Americans good and mad at those Tea Party creeps.
    Grassroots organizations all across the nation, real Americans, are getting together and fighting back. We're not going to let the Right destroy everything Obama's done. He hasn't done anything wrong. The Right isn't going to stop with all these scandals against Obama until they destroy the hope and change Obama revolution and ObamaControl healthcare, ObamaControl education, and ObamaControl economy!

    America won't let them! The Republicans have to stop their lying smear machine against Obama now!

  12. Yes, Nietzsche does has something to tell us.
    If we don't fight, the others will sell us
    to those who promise to share
    what we have in a way that is fair
    to those who make all the decisions
    and hold us in contemptuous derision.
    Wage labour is all that we're bred for
    and the others will always want more
    So work we will all day for others
    our babies unnursed from their mothers
    and poorer each day we will grow
    till in winter we perish in snow.


  13. But my life I have lived as a prince.
    I've escaped being chopped into mince.
    Though meat cleavers were wielded,
    I've always been shielded.
    God knows why, but it don't make me wince!


    Perhaps I am merely a fool --
    An exception that just proves the rule.
    But, if I've been used,
    I have not been abused
    As The Crony Capitalists' tool!


  14. Our nation was founded by a buch of liberals. nay, a buch of REVOLUTIONARIES. With reason by their side.

  15. anonymous May 25, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    You do not sound like a liberal at all. You may well be aDemocrat and you may be moderate, but your description of yourself tells me you are more right than left. If I am correct, or even close to it, you need not take such offense to "liberal bashing."



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