Thursday, May 23, 2013

The True Face of Islam
 He's holding a knife and machete, and that's an English soldier's BLOOD
he got all over his hands from hacking the soldier to pieces
 and cutting his head off on a London street in broad daylight.


Mild-mannered Major Hasan practicing Takeeya

Treachery is the 
True Face 
of Islam

Mass Murderer Hasan unmasked as an Islamaniac



  1. Also see these two articles in the UK press:

    1): 'I wasn't scared. Better me than a child': Incredible courage of the woman Cub Scout leader who confronted knife-wielding Islamic fanatic moments after he had slaughtered soldier in London street

    2): 'The first guy goes for her with a machete... she took him out like Robocop...': Rapper's tweets among eyewitness accounts of horrific attack

  2. Lets face it, the chance Obama didn´t know about Benghazi exactly ZERO. Since he did nothing to stop it before the November election, cannot we reasonably assume his complicity? And therefor Criminal!.
    Lets face it, the chance Obama didn´t know about this is exactly ZERO. Since he did nothing to stop it before the November election, cannot we reasonably assume his complicity? And therefor Criminal!.

    Obama may not be much at running a government but you can bet he is involved in all political shenanigans.
    The Liberals/Progressives who don't see it that way, aren't stupid, they are just Kool-aide drinkers.
    This isn't your Daddy's Democratic Party anymore, the progressives have taken over the circus.
    Sometimes politics is very, very easy to understand.

    And on another note:

    The Muslims barbarians are among us, yesterday they hacked a British soldier to death, and beheaded him yards from his Barracks. How long are we going to put up with this and continue to allow immigration from these countries?

    These were his words before the horrific act.
    "We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you," the attacker said. "The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth.

  3. So will they blame the sequester on this? Britian's are gonna be pissed !!! Where Are The Bloody Policemen When We Need Them to Take our Machete's away. !

  4. so what are the chances of Obama referring to them as "Muslim Terrorists" when he makes his next teleprompter response?
    Or will he refer to them as just a couple of angry black men, who were Pissed off at a white guy? Or just a couple of typical white guys who lost their temper with gardening tools?

    I would rather think that that most brits are saying, bloody hell! if I had a bloody pistol on me, I would of blown their bloody F**#king Heads off those Bloddy F$#@kin Bastards !!!!

    What say you your typical Progressive Bleeding Hearts?

  5. Years ago I read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

    We are at the decadent and effeminate stage where the people are dumb and lazy and the political class is irredeemably corrupt and the Vandals are closing in and carting off the marble.

    It's the broken window theory. We tolerate everything, so anything goes. We've already hollowed out our culture from the inside. A few more stomps and bashie-bashie's from the outside, and it will all be over.

    We won't be dead, rather, we'll be just another pisant country of people commiserating over what's happening to us as the old folks talk about the glory days...

  6. AOW: That is a brave woman.

    Two observations:

    - Look at the pictures and there is a whole crowd gathered. Why didn't any men intervene?

    - The butcher ranted for 20 minuted before the "gun police" showed up.

    Also, did you see the pictures of the woman walking past the raving man as if nothing was going on? Just another subservient, submissive South London muslim woman staying out of the way while her man cuts heads off...

  7. nixnixinnixon says

    get this scum off our streets and out of our lives- it's time to build concentration camps and begin the final solution to the muslim problem

  8. Will this act of Islamic butchery on the streets of merry olde London town stir the sanctimonious enemies of self-protection such as the throngs at CNN and MSNBC, Piers Morgan, in particular, to mount their public soapboxes again? Will they call for the tools of Islamic butchery (meat cleavers and machettes) to be licensed and controlled? Will they even wake up to the obvious psychotic hatred that exists in the sick minds of those that hate Western Civilization—the likes of religious extremists and equally psychotic "progressive" communists?

    I'm not holding my breath expecting a sudden epiphany on the part of those haters of reality and all existence.

  9. I think its significant that the perp is a native born Christian but converted recently.

    I'll continue to state that this pathology is closer to a serious mental illness and alienation than any religious impulse.

  10. nixnixinixon says

    ducky is luckin fiar

  11. HEAR! HEAR!! Get them out and send them back to their own nations.

    Tired of hearing how peaceful the religion of Islam is, when those with intelligence know better.

  12. WHY hasn't some brave patriotic soul killed "Major" Hasan by now?

    The inmates got Jeffrey Dahmer soon after he was incarcerated, didn't they? And no one has EVER been punished for doing what The State SHOULD have done to Dahmer in the first place. And NO INE ever will.

    The State had no trouble WHATSOEVER in swiftly executing the liberals' pet terrorist who blew up the Murrah Bldg. in OKC, did it?

    And YET these GOD-DAMNED MUSLIMS get treated with kid gloves. Zacharias Moussaoui SHOULD be DEAD, yet he still LIVES, albeit in solitary confinement. WHY?

    ALL of these bastards should be DEAD.

    I am so sorry that fellow in the photo from London was not set upon by a howling mob, pounded to jelly and torn limb from limb on the sidewalk where he butchered that poor British soldier.

  13. The interesting aspect of this is a decided shift in tactics.

    Apparently, killing "innocents" is no longer acceptable.

    Sounds like "progress".

  14. @ Ducky: I think its significant that the perp is a native born Christian but converted recently.

    Doesn't it disturb you that The Religion of Pieces attracts people like this?

    I can't remember the last time a brand new born again Christian celebrated by organizing a pogrom, or a Catholic Convert marked his milestone going all Charles Martel on the Muslims down the street.

    Maybe I haven't been paying attention to the news...

  15. Again no answer from Ducky...

    The Sneering Snidester loves dishing it out but runs like a girl when the heat is on...

  16. ... and I apologize to girls everywhere for that last comment.


    This is the face of Christianity!

    See, I can make ridiculous generalizations, too!

  18. Wow! Peaceful legal protests is the face of Christianity....

    Thanks Jack.

    And murder is the face of Islam.

    By Jove, I think he's GOT it!

  19. Oh Theresites. I can always count on you to completely and utterly miss the point.

    Here's a better one for you.

    James Holmes.

    Adam Lanza.

    Jared Lee Loughner.

    Timothy McVeigh.

    Ted Kyzinski.

    Anders Breivik.

    Tyler Roberts.

    Those men are the true face of white men everywhere?

    Get it now?


  20. Meanwhile, in Sweden, cars burn in fourth night of Muslim violence.

    Meanwhile, in Washington state and elsewhere, too right here in the United States, Muslim pedophile gangs are on the prowl.

    The fact that a man was beheaded on the streets of London should cause people to sit up and say, "What the hell? Enough!"

    Westboro Baptist Church is a drop in the ocean and is not mainstream Christianity by any means. Besides, the term "Baptist" doesn't mean that WBB belongs to any council of churches; any church can call itself "Baptist."

  21. BTW, one of the beheaders in London did cite Sura 9 in the Quran. Sura 9 is one of the most recent passages in the Quran and, according to the tenets of Islam, abrogates the earlier peaceful passages. Allah changes his mind throughout the Quran!

  22. I don't see Christians other than Westboro Baptist celebrating what Westboro Baptist is doing.

    I'm not online much right now, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that 100's or 1000's of Muslims were celebrating the beheading of a non-Muslim.

    And what it is with Muslims and beheadings, anyway?

  23. The web site Gates of Vienna provides a lot of information every day -- about the Islamification and jihad in Europe.

  24. And Our President Chickenshit , wont even use the term "terrorist" or "Islamic terrorist" anymore.

  25. In case you missed it...

    one in three Muslims in Lebanon still backed suicide attacks. In Pakistan, support for suicide bombings has fallen by 28 percent to a scant five percent in the past six years. In Jordan, support has dropped 18 points since 2002, but a quarter of Jordanian Muslims still support suicide attacks. Even though numbers have fallen by 15 percent in six years, around 10 percent in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, continue to support suicide attacks. Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, where around half the population is Muslim, also saw a 15 percent drop in support, but that left nearly one-third still in support of the deadly tactic.

    One third of "white men" don't support sodomizing and eating their victims.

    Have you gotten the "math part" yet? Or do you still wish to play Dull Jack?

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Using the IRS against conservatives is no different than what any other progressive dictators did when they were in power.
    The left wing koolaide drinking circle-jerks are coming out in force to rebut this one, but look like the fools they are trying!
    Those defending Obama go to the extreme to lie about what went on. It is not like it was made up that four of our men were killed. It wasn't made up that this is the first such attack to result in the death of an ambassador. It wasn't made up that clearly the administration, for whatever reason, lied to the American people. None of that seems to me to be the small potatoes that the liberal left wants us to believe.

    Obama himself has voiced his outrage over the IRS targeting of conservative groups. One would think that even in the liberal mind that would indicate there was wrong doing. But what do they do, they don't care. It didn't happen to them so it didn't happen at all.

    So yes, Obama is NOT Stalin, Hitler or Mao but the revelations of the last few weeks should have everyone saying DAMN what in the hell is going on.

  28. One has to wonder about these Bottom-Feeding Progressives, do they agree with Obama on the Fort Hood massacre was “Work Place Violence”
    Do you agree with your Dear Leader or do you think this was terrorism. Oh I almost forgot, the word or term “Terrorism” was removed from the President’s vocabulary!
    And why hasn’t he already faced a military tribunal for treason and executed for killing his fellow soldiers in cold blood?

    I wonder how many peopl on these boards know that Nidal Malik Hasan, the Muslim Terrorist who killed 13 at America's Fort Hood military base, once gave a lecture to other doctors in which he said non-believers should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats.

    He also told colleagues at America's top military hospital that non-Muslims were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire.

    The outburst came during an hour-long talk Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, gave on the Koran in front of dozens of other doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington DC, where he worked for six years before arriving at Fort Hood in July.

    Colleagues had expected a discussion on a medical issue but were instead given an extremist interpretation of the Koran, which Hasan appeared to believe.

    It was the latest in a series of "red flags" about his state of mind that have emerged since the massacre at Fort Hood.

    When an Embassy is attacked by terrorists, AND 4 PEOPLE GET SLAUGHTERED anyone even the morons on the left should know it was “TERRORISM”

  29. Jack: Not to pile on... I think Theresites did a nice job bringing the facts and pointing out how your comparison was false.

    But of that list of murderers you provide, how many shouted Bible verses as they killed? How many stated they were motivated by their Christian beliefs?

    McVeigh stated he was an agnostic.

    Let's take it further.

    Brevik was a white supremacist who hated immigrants. Kaczynski was an Al Gore environmentalist type, McVeigh hated the government. Others on that list were mentally ill and apparently motivated by no ideology or religion.

    So let's categorize the different reasons for murder and then count them up. Across the globe, across cultures, Young men murder in the name of Allah.

    They demand subservience from their women, they hate homosexuals, and they cannot tolerate people mocking their religion and calling it a fantasy.

    They hate diversity and tolerance.

    That people inevitable reach for Westboro Baptist Church is proof of just how few Christian analogs there are to this, and even then it is a shoddy comparison, since I don't think the Westboro people have murdered anyone yet.

    And going back to polling data provided by Thersites, support for Westboro by other Christians would probably be miniscule.

    Christians are being slaughtered and run out of the Middle East by Muslims.

    If anything, Christians have become too docile.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Correct me if I’m wrong but, unless I missed it, has Barry spoke out in outrage (like with the IRS Scandal ordered by Liberals) over a "Black Muslim Terrorists" killing a White Man? gee, he didn't waste too much time when a Black “Professor” was being harassed by the Stupid White Cambridge Police, did he!

  32. Swedes now pay the price for multicultural political correctness...

  33. It's a never ending source of fascination to see how other peoples' minds work when responding to any given source of stimulation.

    The problems we discuss will never be solved. Agreement will never be achieved. Working together in harmony, apparently, is impossible, interest in getting at the Truth is minimal, so watching "The Parade" -- in open-mouthed wonderment, uncontrolled mirth, and no small degree of consternation -- as it passes by is probably the only true reason for continuing a blog.


  34. The only people who give two shits about motive are the people out to prove something about themselves.

    My point, Theresites, since you apparently are STILL MISSING IT, is that considering less than 1% of Muslims actually commit acts of terror, or even consider acts of terror to be legitimate, to say that this is the face of Islam is fairly stupid.

    Less than 1% of legal gun owners in America choose to use their guns to break the law. So does that mean they are representative of all American gun owners? Should we seize their guns since gun owners apparently can't be trusted?


    Just as well, should we believe that all Christians are hatemongering, bacwards assholes who protest military funerals to push their homophobe agenda?


    Here's an interesting fact. Even if there are 250,000,000 Muslims in the world that believe terrorism is a good thing, that's still less than 1% of all the Muslims in the world.

    That's why you're an idiot. Because you don't put facts into context, and you make broad generalizations about people you've never even met.

  35. Jack, PLEASE. Let's not stoop to name-calling and vulgarity.

    It's not that humorless invective is rude, crude and illiterate that bothers me so much as its being stupefying enough to turn one to stone.

    Go read some good fiction from earlier times. Try a little P.G. Wodehouse (pronounced WOODhouse, and don't you forget it ;-) or some Saki, or Thorne Smith. Read some Jane Austen, Geirge Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, Henry James, Edith Wharton, Colette. Stay away from the Russians.

    You could benefit greatly by taking a few good courses in great, literature, poetry, the history of Art, Architecture, Horticulture, Gastronomy. Lean more and concentrate more on classical music (it roughly spans an eight-hundred year period filled with inexhaustible treasure). Study German or French. Russian if you're masochistic enough.

    Lighten up and broaden out.

    Please take this as friendly advice. You're much too young be so deadly serious.

    Someday we all must learn that life is much too important -- and too short -- to be taken seriously.

  36. @ FT: Stay away from the Russians.

    Hey! Brothers Karamazov is an awesome read!

    And take it easy on Jack. He loves defending the indefensible.

    People all over the world are bombing, shooting and cutting off heads while shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR!" but it has nothing to do with islam.

    Oh! The intellectual challenge!

  37. Jack, since your so smart, perhaps you can answer me this question.

    Who controls America, the 1% of Americans who own 42% of the country's wealth, or the 99% who own the other 58%? And whose interest does the American government represent, that 1 %, or the other 99%?

    and btw, killing infidels through terrorist acts isn't against Islamic law. Neither is making them pay the Jiza. Its "sanctioned" by Islamic law. See the difference?

    Think about it. And learn to do some math. Cuz you'll never get it. Toulouse syndrome is rampant on the Left.

  38. Correction: The True Face of Extreme Terrorisim Embodied in Radical IslamoFascism.


    How easily Westerners are taken in by sly Oriental Cultures!

  40. Really? Perhaps you might explain your assertion in just a bit more detail. Or alas I wilL be forced to say BULLSHIT.

  41. FT,
    You mentioned How easily Westerners are taken in by sly Oriental Cultures!

    In The Arab Mind by Rafael Patai, he stated that the West "is fascinated by all things Araby." The book was first published in 1973 -- long before 9/11.

    I believe that Patai also mentioned certain musical compositions as part of the fascination "with all things Araby."



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