Monday, October 21, 2013

 (Variations on Dies Irae)
by Franz Liszt

Jesus Maria Sanroma, piano soloist

Boston Pops Orchestra, Athur Fiedler, conducting
We solemnly dedicate this spectacular tour de farce, this mighty effort expressing little but piano virtuosity for the sake of virtuosity, meaningless bombast –– a shameless display of self-aggrandizing, grimly determined exhibitionism on the part of M. Liszt –– to the presidential candidacy of HILLARY CLINTON.

[NOTE: Dies Irae means Day of Wrath]


  1. Your wry sense of humor is just too much, FT. I wonder how many will get the joke?

    I am so glad to see you back in business once gain. I look in all the time but rarely comment, because I all I for you is praise. People seem to prefer acrimony to words of harmony and approval, isn't it too bad?

    Helen Highwater

  2. Oh! I thought this was dedicated to the Ted Cruz-led charge over the cliff.

    This was an almost perfect requiem for the Grand Old Partiers. We could keep this close at hand and dust it off when the entire nation collapses.

  3. According to actuarial data from the Centers for Disease Control, 4 percent of 65-year-old white women will die before November 2016. Now, Hillary Clinton isn’t the average 65-year-old white woman: She’s probably healthier than most, she’s rich, and she will have access to the best medical care. Her mother lived to age 92 (a 65-year-old white woman lives to a median age of 85 or 86). All of those factors improve her odds. Indeed, the University of Pennsylvania's life expectancy calculator suggests Clinton's life expectancy is more than 94 years, with a median of 96. According to my back of the envelope calculation, a 65-year-old white woman expected to live to 96 has a 99.2 percent chance of surviving the Iowa caucuses and a 98.9 percent chance of surviving the 2016 presidential election.

    So it's too close to call? Basically?

  4. Day of Wrath --- great film by Carl Dreyer, absolutely masterful.
    I think he's certainly the most neglected of the great directors.

    Did Liszt know Ted Cruz?

  5. Ted Cruz represents Jesus Christ. Hillary Clinton the Scribes and Pharisees.

    We know in advance who will be crucified -- AND who will win in the end.

    God is Truth, and any victory Falsehood may appear to have is illusory. Deceit, Mendacity, Rationalization, Specious Logic and Corruption may seem to hold the reigns of power today, but underneath are "The Everlasting Arms."

    Evil may appear to win, but whatever "victory" it attains is purely temporary and the result of serious misconceptions on the part of its supporters.

    From the perspective of Eternity in which we all truly live and move and have our being, a span of centuries is litle more than the blink of an eye.

    We grossly overestimate our own significance, believe me.

  6. Obama has increased the debt more than every other president combined. We would be better off if he had just gone to China, borrowed 1 trillion dollars and sent checks to every American.
    So our debt has climbed to 17 TRILLION.
    Why don't we just blame it on Cruz and Boehner! Aren't they the new Blame guys in town. I wonder if that get George Bush off the hook.

  7. Ted Cruz represents Jesus Christ


    He is the fool who started building the tower without first counting the cost. Now, he's a laughingstock.

    Jesus Christ was a wise and humble man. Ted Cruz is not.

    Jesus Christ is God. Ted Cruz, although he may think so, is not.

    What next? Calling Sarah Palin the new Joan of Arc?

    Please, let's not make paper martyrs out of our cult of personality "heroes" as the left is so fond of doing.

  8. "We entertain Him always like a stranger.
    And as a first still lodge Him in a manger."

  9. Shame on FreeThinke for writing something SO morbid. But to get in the act, I’d say given a choice of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul, or Rick Perry and a departed Hillary Clinton,... Clinton still wins.
    Dead or alive, she'd still beat any GOP candidate they run.

  10. Clinton for President in 2016! and re-elected in 2020!! 8 more years of the dems in the white house..Take that you blowhard Republicans! Its going to happen and you cant stop it with all your filthy tricks and crookedness.
    The Repubs have been attacking Hillary for decades. Nothing has ever fazed her, nothing has ever diminished her popularity, nothing has ever held her back from success after success after success....and nothing has ever affected her strategy or her political style.
    The fact is....she's untouchable. She has been out here in public since the 70's...Monica Lewinsky, and Benghazi, and all. She withstood all that humiliation...and she is still one of the most distinguished and accomplished Americans ever.
    Should she run, she will be Madam President....make no mistake.
    By the way, Welcome Aboard Free Thinke, glad to have you!

  11. Her Heinous is "distinguished" ONLY by her massive insensitivity, callous disregard for human feeling, disrespect for human decency, and her maniacal, almost demonic capacity for putting her Quest for Absolute Power ahead of all other considerations.

    Because of the machinations of the brutally biased enemedia, Her Heinous has achieved broad Name Recognition, and has never been held properly accountable for her shady dealings in the past, her reasons for remaining in her sham marriage, her much vaunted lesbianism, and her insubstantial, undistinguished record as the carpetbagger Senatrix for the State of New York or for her dull, disgracefully inept, embarrassingly ineffectual performance as Secretary of State, which ended with her tragically neglectful treatment of the crisis in Benghazi, which resulted in the lynching, torture and murder by a savage mob of our ambassador, Christopher Stevens and three brave Americans who defied orders from Washington to "stand down," and desperately tried to save him.

    We are currently Circling the Drain at ever increasing rates of speed. Very soon we will wind up in The Sargasso Sea of History where the detritus of all conquered, formerly brilliant civilizations gather to rot as it floats aimlessly throughout Eternity.

    Any "victory" Mme. Hillary may achieve will confer upon her the status of Queen of the Dunghill.

    Vivat! Vivat! VAGINA!

  12. Hillary looked into the magic mirror and this exchange ensued. 

    “Mirror, mirror in my hand, 
    Who's the fairest in the land?” 
    The mirror sighed, 
    And then replied, 
    "The men have got you beat hands down, 
    You wretched, rump-sprung, braying clown."

    ~ Anne Animus

  13. @ FreeThinke: Because of the machinations of the brutally biased enemedia, Her Heinous has achieved broad Name Recognition, and has never been held properly accountable for her shady dealings

    Precisely sir. And for this reason, lamentably, she will vanquish any republican candidate.

    Perhaps 2016 will be the opportune time for the GOP to run the Cruz-Palin ticket and get it out of their system.

  14. For the record, THIS is my favorite "Dies Irae."

  15. Of all the choruses in the Mozart Requiem, I like best the "Lacrimosa".

  16. Hillary like most Progresives is a ugly vile Bitch



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