Sunday, October 13, 2013

 I can see whole galleries devoted to the display of gigantic enlargements of these formidable, disturbing, wildly provocative images, yet most will shrug, and say, "I don't see anything but a weather pattern made by Doppeler Radar." 

What could possibly be more exciting and stimulating to the imagination than exploring the origins and manifestations of anything as elemental as the weather?


  1. That storm looks as if it has blood in its eye.

  2. This is the genre of art that causes Reverend Al Gore to release his chakras.

    -- Bruce Fliedermaus

  3. I'd prefer an exhibit of someone like Joan Mitchell.

    Frankly, FT, I can't see you championing abstract expressionism.

  4. Nature seems to produce art from
    micro to macro. Storms, clouds,
    nebulae towards the macro end, while simple unicellular bacteria , in this case bacillus subtilis, grow in patterns, the color of different
    lineages providing a palette and
    each dot representing a single
    prokaryotic cell. A bit surprising, considering the naked
    eye sees barely a thing until the
    subtilis secrets are revealed by
    several hundred magnifications.

  5. BB, and Shaw,

    Thanks for the astute and most pertinent observations. There is a mysterious discernible unity in all kinds of patterns in Nature. Most of it appears roughly circular and spherical on the macro and micro levels. There seems also to be infinite variety in the unity, if that makes any sense?

    Do squares, triangles and other neat geometric forms ever appear in Nature? I know hexagons do (bee hives and snowflakes, at least -- anything else you know? My scientific knowledge, Alas! is very limited.

  6. Better blood than mud, I should think, AOW! ;-)

  7. Canardo,

    If you stopped being so contrary, you might get more joy out of life.

    Do you realize that nine times out of ten whenever a subject arises -- like a reflex -- you take an opposing view.

    I swear if I tried to talk about marigolds, you'd slash in with, "I' much prefer zinnias, and then tell me I have no business talking about flowers, because I don't have a degree in Botany or some such rot.

    Do never seek HARMONY with your surroundings?

    It would improve your health, if you did.

  8. Simple geometric shapes appear in nature. indeed at the molecular level we find the icosahedron (sort of a tiny soccer ball made of triangles) quite ubiquitous among the viruses: the
    protective 'capsid' that protects the DNA of these (biologists still argue whether they are life forms or obnoxious self-replicating molecules) tiny things. The element Boron will form an icosahedron as well. Needless to say in addition to the practicality
    of the structure, it presents a
    very tiny art form and the new
    science of nanotechnology is very
    interested. We may see icosahedrons carrying recombinant
    DNA targeting cancer cells one day soon.

  9. Also, the Fibonnacci sequence can be seen in many of God's creation, like conch shells and some flora.

    -- Silverfiddle

  10. I see harmony, es, FT.

    However, there is no harmony in the color palette of that chart and it's use of the picture plane is haphazard.

  11. I like how you think. I am sure if Georgia O'Keeffe were alive today she might make a lovely display of this image as she used reds brilliantly!

    On a side note, if you do not mind, so pardon me in advance, I will be having a post published tomorrow at my blog that might interest you as it is some of my thoughts of late.


  12. I wish I had your scientific knowledge, BB! Part of what you revealed sounded a lot like Buckminster Fuller's GEODESIC DOME. Isn't that a spherical construct too, even if it is made up of triangles?

    Is that just a coincidence, or was Fuller aware of the microscopic phenomenon?

    How could anything that has the power to replicate itself NOT be a form of LIFE? In my ignorance, I cannot imagine how an argument could be made against it?

    Would viruses be missed if they didn't exist?Do they perform any useful, constructive function?

  13. Ducky, Duck Ducky! For all your acquired knowledge you still have the soul of a born pedant.

    Your perceptions stem from ACADEMIC principles you learned in college -- not from your soul.

    However, Chacun a son gout. If pedantry and contrariness please you, by all means CARRY ON! ;-)

  14. "Would viruses be missed if they didn't exist?Do they perform any useful, constructive function?"

    I just typed "viral symbiosis" into a search engine, and discovered that there are some examples of this, eg. the polydnavirus, which is helpful to wasps.

    Self-replication (or rather, reproduction -- humans don't perfectly replicate themselves!) is a necessary but in my opinion not a sufficient criterion for life. With effort, one can imagine how living biology could emerge naturally from competing forms of self-replicating chemistry.

  15. Ah, but then question arises, "Do we really need wasps? BEES, yes, but what of wasps?

    I admit I have no idea.

  16. Some wasps pollinate, like bees do, and apparently wasps are deliberately used by farmers as pest control -- the wasps eat or invade the pests as a parasite.

  17. Wasos are as unwelcome as rpaches at my house, but then I'm not running a farm. They have a nasty habit of building nests inside the porte cochere at the front entrance to my house. What attracts them to that particular, location I can't imagine. The house faces north on a densely wooded lot.

    I never use the front entrance, myself, so I am often unaware the wasps have returned. When I try to entertain -- regrettably infrequent these days -- I've sometimes been embarrassed to see my guests terrorized as they approach the entrance.

    Not the best way to begin a social gathering! ;-)

    Everyone should have such problems!!!



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