Thursday, October 10, 2013

  Gloria Allred

Castigating vixen on the prowl
Under no constraints of good decorum
Never missing chances to cry foul
This dominatrix seizes every forum.
Overbearing, shrieking old virago,
Nasty as three-day-old garlic breath,
This baggage must have studied in Chicago.
Her nature like the lady named Macbeth
Eerily erupts in ersatz rage
Prompted by the lust to castrate men.
Roaring like a mad beast in a cage
Our All Red Gloria befouls her den.
With extravagant dishonesty she’ll claim
Love for Justice, but her claim is lame.

~ FreeThinke

Gloria Allred: Road Rage Motorcyclist Is 'Innocent Victim'

Tuesday, 08 Oct 2013 05:30 PM

By Bill Hoffmann

Edwin Mieses, one of several motorcyclists hit by Alexian Lien's Range Rover in the notorious New York City road rage case, is "an innocent victim," his attorney, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, says.

"My client is definitely an innocent victim who was trying to help the driver of the SUV when he was run over," Allred told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"[He's] 32 years old, he's a devoted father, he takes care of his two children who are ages 15 and 9, he's been living with the mother of his children for more than 16 years."

Mieses was one of dozens of motorcycle riders who were riding on the West Side Highway in New York City last Sunday when an SUV driven by Lien hit one of the bikes.

As some bikers attacked the vehicle, a frightened Lien fled, mowing down Mieses, authorities say. Lien was chased about 50 blocks before one of the motorcyclists smashed his car windows, dragged him out and beat him.

The Daily Mail reported that Mieses, an aspiring rapper, was recently arrested in Andover, Mass., for driving with a revoked license. 

But Allred says Mieses is not a member of any motorcycle gang and "did not do any wrong whatsoever" to Lien.

"[Lien] runs over my client and he crushes him. [He's] got two breaks in his spine, multiple fractures, a torn aorta, punctured lung, and God knows what else and we don't know that he's ever going to walk again," she said.

"We're looking for justice. And a lot of people say, and even some respected journalists have said, well, what about Mr. Lien? He was in fear. He's got his wife in the car. He's got his 2-year-old in his car.

"If you run over somebody, you need to stop. If you hit somebody, you've got to stop."

Neither Lien nor Mieses have been charged with a crime.

As many as six motorcyclists were involved in the beating of Lien, according to court papers.



  1. Excellent post. I have never that woman much mind. She is a media seeker and a claim to fame scammer. She will use anyone and/or anything to get her 5 minutes of fame until the next time.

    I was born and raised in Chicago, and as scandalous as Chicago can be, she could not of studied there, she is not slick enough. She is an LA product of UCLA and more than likely a former 60s hippy that hated the establishment but now has become worse than those she once protested against.

    She is lame! You are right, so lame.

  2. Sorry, I meant "I have never given that woman...." Thanks.... :)

  3. That Mieses has Allred for his attorney speaks volumes -- volumes of cacophony.

  4. She is certainly her client's "advocate", I'll grant her that.

    btw - nice acrostic... but a re-run.

  5. Good day, Thersites. Material of very high quality deserves frequent repetition. ;-) That's why "Art is long" and politics are not.

    I'm flattered that you would remember having seen my opinion of the fair Gloria before. I wonder how many will get the joke? ;-)

    I prefer a subtle approach to the use of vulgarity. Much more fun than the blatant variety which quickly palls, don't you think?

  6. Well, Izzie, I could never say that Gloria, herself, is weak or "lame," it is only her claim to high moral standards in the pursuit of "justice," and a noble sense of purpose that I find ludicrous in the extreme. The woman is a loud-mouthed prostitute in search of fame, fortune and personal notoriety -- an "ambulance chaser" extraordinaire.

    If I remember rightly, she comes from Pennsylvania, and was educated at the University of Pennsylvania. My pejorative reference to your home town was really a dig at President Obama and his cronies and the methods they have employed to push, shove kick, and punch their way to the top, and to the notoriously corrupt politics that have held sway in Cook County for more years than I can properly count.

    Allred is that same type of person -- an aggressive shin kicker of the first water -- who has clawed her way to fame and fortune by shamelessly exploiting tragedy to her personal advantage.

    Her type has been a scourge to our nation since the inception of "Progressivism" which we ought to recognize is a euphemism for Marxist-Socialist-Fabian-Collectivist philosophy.

  7. I wonder if aspiring rapper Mieses's (aka Jay Meezee) Youtube number extolling his dope dealing prowess is admissible. I still don't know how you retain Gloria Allred on an EBT card.

    I wonder who the stinking cops who were out with the riders and are now being arrested will hire. I believe they get a public funded high level attorney.

    Storie pretty big around here since "Jay Meezee" is from Lawrence. Gloria has a job ahead of her generating any sympathy for this piece of work.

  8. I prefer Hitchcock's approach... except when he went "overt".

    Gloria plays both sides of progressivism's doppelganger, no doubt about it.

  9. I arrived just in time to agree with Ducky!
    An unemployed, aspiring rapper who lives with his baby mama so they can keep their dole money. Seriously. What's NOT to love?


  10. That bitch Allred (what an appropriate name for a leftwing justice rapist) represents everything that has gone wrong with this nation.

    How can that venomous hag spew such shit?

    "If you run over somebody, you need to stop. If you hit somebody, you've got to stop."

    I'm sure that if she found herself in a similar situation, only instead of bikers is was a mob of "tea-thuglicans," toothless gun toting rednecks or some such, she would mow as many down as possible and not look back, lying harridan!

    That POS Mieses got what he deserved. He's nothing but a criminal scumbag. The sad part of this is that We The Taxpayers will be paying his disability benefits for the rest of his sorry-assed life.

    -- Skoal Man

  11. Beautiful acrostic, Mr. FreeThinke. I love your clever poetry.

    I'm afraid, Mr. Ducky, that this recidivist goon's prior rap sheet will prove inadmissible to the facts at hand. Progressives have worked hard to ensure habitual criminals are place on equal moral footing a law-abiding citizens with a clean record. Anything else would be *GASP!* Unfair!

    He will end up getting some kind of settlement from the victim, as befits the "New Normal" in America.

    I also predict the Thug cop will be treated lightly, thanks to his gang, oops, union affiliation.

    If we still had a justice system, the dirty cop would receive double whatever sentence the other perpetrators get.

    -- Warheit Stern

  12. I'm curious why my right wing brethren consider a publicity seeking ambulance chaser like Allred a "progressive".

    I have to inform them that this tactic of assigning the "progressive" label to any idea, any person they dislike gives a significant insight into the shallowness of their thought.

  13. I'm sorry Skoal Mn, but while I agree with your assessment of the formidable Ms Allred, I don't like the use of vulgarity in your description. Please try to exercise a little restraint when stating dislike and disapproval. remarks such as yours may be basically true, but they make "our" side look bad.

    Also, I disagree that Miese -- or anybody else - DESERVES such injury. His life may be worthless as far as you are concerned, but he still has a God-given constitutional right to live it. This whole episode was a series of tragic events precipitated by lack of wisdom and self control on the part of the bikers. Their idea of 'fun" is not only despicable and indecent, it is illegitimate.

    The driver go caught in terrifying circumstances that should never have occurred. The law of self-preservation always supersedes all other considerations when one feels threatened with violence and possibly imminent death.

    What happened was terrible for all concerned, but it is the BIKERS'' fault.

    There's no point in my saying anything else about Allred. She is a disgusting MONSTER. PERIOD!

  14. A charm invests a face
    Imperfectly beheld.
    The lady dare not lift her veil
    For fear it be dispelled.

    But peers beyond her mesh,
    And wishes, and denies,
    'Lest interview annul a want
    That image satisfies.

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1839-1886)


    Regarding your Hitchcock clip: I immediately thought of this poem. Ms. Dickinson was a seeress of unimaginable depth and quiet power. It seems she accurately foresaw not only the Vertigo scenario, but was able from her small, sparsely appointed bedchamber in Amherst to comprehend the deepest, darkest secrets of human behavior all over the world simply through the use of her astonishing, almost uncanny insight.

    I love Hitchcock, but didn't particularly care for his explanation. It was unnecessarily vulgar and lacked the subtlety often read into his work.

    The James Stewart character fell in love with an ILLUSION -- as so many of us do. It wasn't poor Judy's fault. She didn't intend to deceive or entrap him, she was just a simple shopgirl who was "just following orders."

    How many times I've had women fall in love with me, believe it or not. Invariably they became angry and abusive when I did no turn out to fulfill the expectations they had conjured up in their van imaginings. I's a very common part of the human condition, I'm afraid.

    Most of the injury we suffer stems from self-deception.

  15. Ducky,

    I'm glad you feel as you do about the biker case. Unfortunately, I think Mr. Stern may be correct in his cynical analysis though I continue to hope not.

    Allred's revolting behavior is entirely consistent with the tactics leftists have used since time immemorial to claw their way to positions of prominence and influence -- i.e. loud, abrasive, rude, aggressive, accusatory, pushy, insinuating, perverse, consummately disingenuous, and always self-aggrandizing.

    The creature strongly identifies herself as a liberal Democrat -- in other words a Marxist -- so what else are we to think?

    I see no benevolence whatsoever in anything spawned by Marx. This much vaunted desire to achieve "Social Justice" is a fraud. Everything these people have done springs from a manic -- almost maniacal -- desire to achieve DOMINANCE and DICTATORIAL POWER.

  16. "I'm curious why my right wing brethren consider a publicity seeking ambulance chaser like Allred a "progressive"."

    Because she identifies herself as one, by her words, her political affiliations, and her society destroying actions.

    Next question.

    -- Warheit Stern

    (The word verificaton was 'anyhell.' Quite appropriate when addressing Ducky.

  17. Sir, I apologize for the crudity of my vulgarity, but leftwing witches and warlocks like Allred and Here's Ducky really get me all het up.

    They have destroyed the moral foundations of our society, and then they scold and foam at the mouth about how bad things have become. Well no shit. What did you expect?

    Oops! There I go again.

    Lefties want to ban guns, but they applaud all vulgar displays of libertinism and moral license, and then wonder why we are where we are.

    There are anthropological reasons for systems of morality. The flaming red progressives have destroyed our Judeo-Christian morality, but they haven't replace it with anything!

    Fools! But are they? No, we who stood by and let them jackhammer the Ten Commandments off of courthouse walls are the ones to blame.



    -- Skoal Man

  18. "Well, Izzie, I could never say that Gloria, herself, is weak or "lame," it is only her claim to high moral standards in the pursuit of "justice," and a noble sense of purpose that I find ludicrous in the extreme. The woman is a loud-mouthed prostitute in search of fame, fortune and personal notoriety -- an "ambulance chaser" extraordinaire. " (Free Thinke, 2013)

    I stand corrected. You are right. She is not lame. My bad verbiage to explain away the fact that she does truly have low morals as you point out so correctly. Thank you.

  19. she was just a simple shopgirl who was "just following orders."

    How many times I've had women fall in love with me, believe it or not. Invariably they became angry and abusive when I did no turn out to fulfill the expectations they had conjured up in their van imaginings. I's a very common part of the human condition, I'm afraid.

    Most of the injury we suffer stems from self-deception.

    Indeed. I was tempted last night to go to the local theater, as they had a special presentation of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin" on the marquis... perhaps a bit too autobiographical.

  20. The four hour playing time made it run past my bedtime... so I decided to skip it. :(

  21. I'll have to catch it on IPad. :)

  22. Onegin is a magnificent opera, Thersites. I would never be able to miss a production if I were lucky enough to have one staged in my bailiwick.

    Was this a FILM or a LIVE performance?

    Tchaikovsky was homosexual, but deeply closeted about it. Like may great creative geniuses he was haunted by demons. But, who knows all that may have inspired him? Such things do not matter when it comes to Art.

    What is life, anyway, but a series of conflicts with hoped-for-but-rarely-attained resolutions?

    In the most elemental sense that's what makes significant music -- a series of DISSONANCES relieved temporarily by a series of CONSONANCES. Often consonance triumphs over dissonance, but not always. When a great work ends on a tragic note, however, it is rarely sad. The idea is to produce CATHARSIS through witnessing tragedy on a grand scale.

    Wager's Tristan certainly doesn't have what-you-would-call a "happy ending," but it's BETTER than that. If you "get it" the tragedy becomes TRANSFORMATIVE -- EXALTED -- ENLIGHTENING.

    There's a much higher purpose to existence than merely being "happy." Once one accepts that, the suffering becomes a great deal easier to bear.

  23. My God Thersites, that Virginia Cherrill was certainly beauty, wasn't she? Lovelier by far than Kim Novak, if you ask me. Too bad she born was born too early.

    By the way, my favorite character in Vertigo is Midge. Too bad Jimmy Stewart didn't have the good sense to return her affection, isn't it? But then we'd have no story, and Hitchcock would have had no film. ;-)

    That mock portrait of "Carlotta Valdez" with Midge's cute, wholesome face was wonderfully clever. I thought his reaction to it was downright churlish frankly, But then, Eros renders so many blind and witless, doesn't it?

    Ah well! What is life anyway but a kind of madness? Those who claim to be sane may be delusional.

    By the way, I LOVE your friend Zizek -- especially when he says exactly what I say without either of us having consulted the other. Definitely a validation. ;-)

  24. Do you think the film would have been successful without Bernard Herrman's music? Very few are aware of "background music" at all, yet it has a powerful effect all the same. Movies would have been "flat, dull, stale and unprofitable" without it. I've always felt it was terribly unfair that the genius of men like Herrmann, Max Steiner, Dmitri Tiomkin, Bronislau Kaper, Miklos Rosza, Alex North, Eric Korngold, Aaron Copland (Our Town, The Heiress), and a host of others has never been celebrated the way the "stars" and the "directors" have been lionized to vulgar excess. But, such is life. Injustice is endemic to Existence, nicht wahr?

  25. I would call it "cacca phony," myself, AOW. ;-)

    Allred is a lump of "cacca," a right, and she certainly is a phony.

    Everything she gets involved with stinks to high heaven. PHEW!

  26. Free thinke you just made laugh so hard! I love it, "dacca phony!" That says it all and "PHEW!"

  27. cacca, not dacca (my bad) :( sorry.....

  28. FT,
    The background music makes all the difference. Those screeching strings in Psycho!

    Back when Jaws was being filmed, Spielberg discovered that his test audience didn't jump UNTIL the music was added.

  29. Hey, Andie!

    So good to see you here! Please don't be a stranger.

    BTW, I looked at your latest post, though I haven't commented yet, and I was SO impressed.

    House & Garden really ought to do a feature on you. Your vision is marvellous, your imagination and ingenuity boundless. Your determination just PHENOMENAL.

    Many of us dream, but few have what it takes to make their dreams come true.

    You are living The Life Triumphant, believe me.


  30. Onegin was a filmed version of a Metropolitan opera performance, just as tonight's Vermeer exhibition is also a film, (but it runs less than 2 hours).

    i'm glad you appreciate the Zizek. For a Communist, he's not "half-"bad. ;)

    As for the background music... more here. :P

  31. btw - do investgate the author... i highly recommend it. ;)

  32. Apparently, FJ, there are communists, and there are COMMUNISTS. A genuinely insightful person is a rarity, and much to be prized no matter what his religion, ideology, ethnicity or sexual orientation may be.

    I can't understand why any intelligent person would be a Communist, but this man seems sincere and not in it for the purpose of EXPLOITING anyone. He seems like warm, good-hearted fellow.

    I only wish he could get rid of that terrible lateral lisp. ;-)

  33. As for music, Alas! we may never agree, but I'm delighted to learn you felt an impulse to experience Onegin, even if you didn't follow through in it.

    I urge you please to listen to Der Doppelgaenger. I left a detailed post at your place on the subject. Schubert evokes in music exactly what you described there in words.

  34. By the way I neglected to mention that the poem that inspired Schubert was by Heinrch Heine.

    Heine is generally considered to be a mediocre poet --sort of like our Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who may not be as great as Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost, but much much better than Edgar A. Guest, Joyce Kilmer or Ella Wheeler Wilcox -- HOWEVER Schubert's music is so fine it infuses the poetry with his great insight and gives it a tremendous power the words would not have if they had to stand on their own.



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