Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My Hopes for Last Night

Romney needs to grow a pair,
And clear the air by breathing fire.

If he stays polite and kind,
We'll find he's not our heart's desire.

If tonight is one big snore,
A crashing bore too diplomatic,

Romney we will just ignore,
act sore, stay home, and thus ensure

That Barry's reelection will be neatly automatic.

~ FreeThinke - 10/3/12

Please let us know how you think it went. 
We're always eager to know what you think and how you feel.


Apparently, "the pundits" thought Governor's Romney's performance was far superior to President Obama's last night. Obama has been judged "uncomfortable," "lackluster," "grumpy," "off his game,"  and "unimpressive" by several commentators from the left. Frankly, I didn't see that. The president seemed his usual cool, unflappable, smoothly prevaricating, often charmingly boyish –– even gracious –– old self –– a much more attractive image than the fervid "coon shoutin' southern preacher" instilling fear and loathing into the hearts of his listeners we've seen on the stump these past few weeks. 

Governor Romney was poised, always polite, on top of his material, but nowhere near as incisive, challenging and condemnatory as I believe he could have been and should have been. I give him full marks for repeatedly denying the president's repeated accusation that the governor plans to initiate a five-billion dollar tax cut "for the rich." The sweet, benign, faintly amused look on the governor's face throughout the evening was frankly attractive and reassuring, but then so was the president's well-known infectious grin and confident body language when the two exchanged greetings initially, and at the end of the performance.

I found it interesting –– and frankly encouraging –– that Governor Romney's repeated assertion that President Obama intends to take SEVEN-HUNDRED-SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS out of MEDICARE was not denied by the president.

Over all, except for the irksome aura of self-importance projected by querulous, old Jim Lehrer, whose obvious bias in favor of the president manifested itself in the way he kept trying to interrupt and balk Governor Romney's responses while allowing the president to emit verbal diarrhea in copious abundance, it was a rather too even-tempered, lackluster affair for my taste. Nether candidate made any "gaffes," but neither did either one make such a strong case for himself that his victory should be assured on the strength of last night's performance.

VERDICT: Better than expected, but still disappointing.

~ FreeThinke

Well, maybe not so disappointing after all:


  1. PShaw is in absolute meltdown... posting this "Marxist resentment of the rich" classic.

  2. Mitt did an excellent job, on tone, presence and substance.

    He was the bigger, more responsible man on that stage.

    When even the liberal hopium smokers in the media admit Romney won, you know he won big.

  3. I didn't watch the platitude fest but this surprises me:
    "I found it interesting –– and frankly encouraging –– that Governor Romney's repeated assertion that President Obama intends to take SEVEN-HUNDRED-SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS out of MEDICARE was not denied by the president."

    It's pretty clear that the money is being shifted from Medicare Advantage which was a program supposed to lower costs by shifting some administration to insurance companies. Did it? No.
    Why? Because private insurers take their vigorish and are innately less efficient as a result.

    Don't worry, Freethinker. You and I will stay covered.
    It's the suckers like Farmer and Silver who are going to elect Romney and get what their ignorance dictates.

  4. ... of course by letting Mittens get his lies out there he may be trying to rope-a-dope.
    But that's dangerous and I don't think The Black Bush really cares.

    A Romney win? If you think things are tight now, wait till you get a little austerity, Silver.

    Thanks for making me more wealthy.

  5. Romney won the debate no doubt about it. Even Joe Trippi called it for Romney...

    My disappointment? Gary Johnson was not on the debate platform.

    No matter, he still gets my vote cause neither of the other two schmucks are really much, other than schmucks.

  6. Who's voting for Romney, duckman? You must have mistaken me for someone who supports the two party system.

  7. So Johnson won't ream you?

    Keep making me wealthier.

  8. Johnson isn't a corporate clone. And therein lies ALL the difference.

  9. Everyone gets wealthier but the parasites under Johnson. Woo-hoo!

  10. Last Night I Drove a Car

    Last night I drove a car
    not knowing how to drive
    not owning a car
    I drove and knocked down
    people I loved
    ...went 120 through one town.

    I stopped at Hedgeville
    and slept in the back seat
    ...excited about my new life.

    ---Gregory Corso

  11. The Mad Yak

    I am watching them churn the last milk they'll ever get from me.
    They are waiting for me to die;
    They want to make buttons out of my bones.
    Where are my sisters and brothers?
    That tall monk there, loading my uncle, he has a new cap.
    And that idiot student of his -- I never saw that muffler before.
    Poor uncle, he lets them load him.
    How sad he is, how tired!
    I wonder what they'll do with his bones?
    And that beautiful tail!
    How many shoelaces will they make of that!

    - ibid

  12. As such debates go, Thursday night's debate was more incisive that a lot of others I have watched -- or, I should say, have tried to watch.

    Charlie Rangel has stated, "The President looked bored." I, too, thought that BHO appeared that way.

    Or was he coming down from some kind of binge? His eyelids appeared heavy at times. I, too, thought that Romney isn't a scintillating speaker. Even so, boredom on the part of BHO is the wrong message for any POTUS or prospective POTUS to send.

    Wait a minute!

    Maybe BHO really IS bored with politics. Maybe what he loves is the perks and not governance. Hmmmm....

  13. I think you have a point about Obummer, AOW.

    However, given his act as governor of Massachusetts, I can absolutely assure you it applies to Mittens as well. In spades.

    Get ready for a rough ride.

  14. i watched about half of the debate. I was surprised that Willard was much more presidential than most expected. He seemed to be in control and well prepared in contrast to Obama.

    I turned on MSNBC after the debate to get the insight from the American version of Pravda. They were spitting and foaming at the mouth to a man and woman on that channel.

    Chris Matthews asserted that Romney bullied the President by taking more time than Obama did in the debate. Unfortunately for Matthews somebody on his station actually pointed out that Obama actually had the microphone for four more minutes than Obama. Mr. ED thought that Obama supporters really need to get out and "kick 'em in the balls" next time.

    Sore losers those people at MSNBC as far as I can tell.

  15. Waylon,
    Good point about Obama trying to hog time. Was he filibustering?

    I watched the debate on CNN, which had a clock running for each candidate in the lower right side of the TV screen.

    "Blah, blah, blah," went Obama. But what did he SAY? And Obama's rebuttals were AWOL!

  16. Obama exhibited Diarrhea of the Mouth with Constipation of the Mind.

    In fact he's ALL mouth.

    A droning, numbing bore

    HOWEVER, I can't help but be impressed with his ability to maintain a posture of brazen effrontery in the face of a record of non achievement that would reduce any normal person to blubbering like a baby after falling on the floor choking on his own vomit.

    Obama has that one attribute that makes for a successful politician -- NO CONSCIENCE, absolutely NO SENSE of SHAME, an uncanny ability to feel NO SENSE of RESPONSIBILITY or CULPABILITY for his misdeeds.

    He shares this with THE CLINTONS aka THE ARKANSAS GRIFTERS, both of whim have it in spades.

    ~ FT

  17. Corso was an immoral, irresponsible juvenile delinquent.

    Hs work -- like all the stuff from that benighted era -- is a perfect shower of shit.

    I stole a wrench from the trunk of dad's car
    Raised it high. Let out a shout
    Then bashed his head in.

    I felt so free! The blood rushed into my ears
    Roaring like Niagara. I wet my pants
    From the excitement of the moment

    Mother screamed once before I struck her down
    The blood spattered all over her apron
    It gave me a hard on to see her croak like that

    My girl was so proud of me
    We fucked all night in a shitty motel

    The gas chamber is a cheap price
    For experiencing such a thrill.


  18. Thanks for your astute observation, SilverFiddle. Naturally I couldn't agree more, even though I still wish Romney had been even more incisive and less demure.

    BTW, did you see that bitch who's supposed to be an "expert" on body language analyze the candidates on O'Reilly last night?

    The enemy lurks everywhere and is more subtle than Eden's Serpent. She had the gall to characterize Romney's sweet, benign, confident expression, which I thought particularly appealing, as a "smirk."

    What a contemptible See-You-En-Tea!

    Sorry! The incessant liberal attempts at sabotage in even supposedly 'safe" places never fails to bring out the beast in me.

    O'Reilly should be ashamed of himself for Dancing with the Devil, as he so often does. but then, I've been onto the Big Blowhard for years. O'Reilly is no friend to any cause to which I'd care to attach myself. Just another media phony in it for the big bucks and adulation.

    ~ FT

  19. The libtards have spun up a warehouse worth of yarn over the last 2 days. Man, I sure love to see that crowd sweat. You could almost see the dem pundits choke when they had to admit that their boy lost.

  20. FT,
    Obama bores me to tears precisely because of his Diarrhea of the Mouth with Constipation of the Mind.

    As for no conscience, that is the definition of a sociopath. Really.

  21. Who really wins in a debate between two progressive leftists?

  22. Who really wins in a debate between two progressive leftists?



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