Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gloria Allred

Castigating vixen on the prowl
Under no constraints of good decorum
Never missing chances to cry foul
This dominatrix seizes every forum.
Overbearing, shrieking old virago,
Nasty as three-day-old garlic breath,
This baggage must have studied in Chicago.
Her nature like the lady named Macbeth
Eerily erupts in ersatz rage
Prompted by the lust to castrate men.
Roaring like a mad beast in a cage
Our All Red Gloria befouls her den.
With extravagant dishonesty she’ll claim
Love for Justice, but her claim is lame.

~ FreeThinke


  1. Nasty as three-day-old garlic breath

    No doubt.

    I avoid listening to this loon!

  2. Excellent poetry, FT!

    Isn't it remarkable how some people are perfectly named?

  3. Yeah, but she let The Donald upstage her.

  4. Gloria Allred--Nancy Pelosi--Gloria Allred--Nancy Pelosi--Gloria Allred--Nancy Pelosi--Gloria Allred--Nancy Pelosi--

    HMMMMMMM, which witch do I detest the most?

    HMMMMMMM, which witch is ugliest?

    HMMMMMMM, which witch is the biggest bitch?

    HMMMMMMM, somebody flip a coin!

  5. "... no poetry recycling allowed!"

    NOT when we're dealing with the classics, Thersites. ;-)

    ~ FT

  6. Well now, AA. Normally you and I agree on just about everything -- at least we have so far -- but I have to say that both of these revolting succubi, each well past the age of seventy, are inordinately well-preserved and closely resemble the durable sort of good looks best exemplified by Joan Collins, who could still play a femme fatale convincingly if called upon to do so.

    But remember it says somewhere in the Bible that evil "flourisheth like the green bay tree."

    Allred, Pelosi, Collins -- all three dark-haired, powerful, superannuated and weirdly fascinating as exotic specimens of the female sex. All three are vixens, and all three viragos no doubt, but not ugly.

    In all honesty I could never call call anything about them them "ugly," except, perhaps, their dispositions, motivations and character. They may be formidable yes, but never ugly in the sense that Molly Yard, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar are ugly.

    ~ FT

  7. To qualify as a "true" classic, you probably should move from the lyrical to the epic... and replace the "specific" with the "universal"

    Now sub in "feminist" for "Gloria"... and WallAAA! timelessness. ;)

  8. The specific often provides an excellent metaphor for the universal, Thersites.

    But to tell the truth at this stage of the game I am devoid of ambition.

    In short I am what I am and I don't give a damn.

    All are perfectly free to love me or leave me as they will. I have learned at long last not to "cling."

    The Art of Letting Go has probably made a title for some book or other already.

    Our lives -- such as they are -- are each a unique work of art of our own fashioning.

    It is given only to very few to leave behind memorable masterpieces, and even those are mostly ignored, derided, defamed or misunderstood.

    NONE of it MATTERS. Our value, if such there be, is in the EFFORT we make to fulfill our own peculiar sense of Destiny.

    ~ FT

  9. "revolting succubi"--I LOVE IT!!!

    We still agree on most everything, just pretend I said "ugliest on the inside" and were good! Actually, I suppose you are right, I had no idea Allred is 70-ish. Piglosi---different story. She is ugly.

  10. So our Leader uses the word "Bull- Shit" in an interview with Rolling Stone! Really Presidential isn't he!

    I guess he wanted to fit right in with the Rappers! Well he did!

  11. Allred is 71, AA.

    She "flourisheth like the green bay tree."

    As far as our dear president's use of vulgarity in a public statement is concerned, I have to say his parlance is symptomatic of the age in which we live.

    In other words he'd no worse -- and certainly no better -- than any of the rest of us.

    It' all part of the powerful movement to bring down the mighty and exalt the weak and useless.

    Pomp, pageantry, majesty, splendor, dignity, elegance, refinement, high culture, etc. are now regarded as "stuffy, boring, and outmoded."

    Frankly, I think they should get rid of the White House and expect the president to live in an ordinary split level in the suburbs. It would be more in keeping with The Age of Vulgarity -- "our time" -- regrettably.



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