Sunday, October 7, 2012

How the Left is Attacking Governor Romney

These belong on your Enemies List:

The Chicago Sun Times
CNN ("Communist News Network") (Annenberg)
National Public Radio
Think Progress
David Gergen 
The Huffington Post
The Washington Post


  1. Actually, it's the people that put that together. Some of those quotes are taken completely out of context, something the left excels at.

    Gergen, CNN, and WaPo called it pretty straight.

  2. Hold.



    David Gergen said that? I'm stunned.

    That statement from the Chicago Sun-Times made both Mr. AOW and me scream "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!"

  3. Video of David Gergen's statement. I wonder what the entirety of Gergen's statement was.

    An essay by David Gergen -- with a quite different tone (more analytical).

  4. Communist News Network

    You're a stitch Freethinker.

    It's not difficult to determine the extent of Mitt's lies. Check it out.

    Elect Romney: He made the bobsleds run on time !!

  5. You make a very good point, Silver, but I'll readily admit that in a world where "Perception is Reality" I am less and less willing to give the devil his due.

    I have come to believe we must become completely intolerant of anything that even faintly smacks of evil.


    ~ FT

  6. Yes, AOW, I know David Gergen is supposed to be a "conservative," but I have seen him more and more as a typical wishy-washy establishment Republican who is far too willing to try always to be 'fair" to the other side -- the side that would NEVER for a nanosecond give US credit for anything, UNLESS it were part of a strategy to entrap and ultimately defeat US with false blandishments.

    I have distrusted David Gergen for at least fifteen years now.

    As I just said to Kurt, I am no longer willing to give the devil his due.

    The LAST thing we need in THIS battle is a voice of moderation.

    God SAVE us from bland sweet reasonableness toward an enemy as vicious as the one we face in this election.

    ~ FT

  7. For the first time in modern history, partisans from both side sat down together to watch a moderately unscripted debate... and the reaction from the Left was, "Liar"!

    Evidently Romney's actual political position didn't live up to their strawmen presuppositions.

    Gee, I can't imagine why...

  8. Ducky, IMO, The Truth sounds like the spawn of Pravda, or at least American Pravda — MSNBC. Gawd, they fact-check instantly Romney's debate statements and for how long do they pretend it's some creepy "birthers" that call for some more facts to be checked about the incumbent President There is so much about him that has been ignored it's almost criminal.

    I stopped reading when I came to the name of Elizabeth Warren the "fake Cherokee". Have you fact checked her?

  9. TruthOut?

    William Rivers of Spit?

    Don't make me LAUGH, Canardo.

    That ess-aitch-eye-tea is in a class with BuzzFlash, Democrat Underground, The Daily Kos. The Nation, and The Daily Worker.

    Reminds me of Greg Pallast. Every heard of him?

    Ess-Aitch-Eye-Tea every God-damned one of them!

  10. You probably think Bach knew more about melody than Schoenberg.

  11. ... Bach knew more about melody than Schoenberg.

    No. That would be Schubert, Schumann and Giacomo Puccini.

    Only idiotarians would try to compare pomegranates with tennis balls.

    Please stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

  12. As for Elizabeth Warren I wouldn't cross the road to piss in her if she was on fire.

    If I had some gasoline or lighter fluid, that might be a different story.

  13. Boy, the 20th century did pass you by.

  14. Only idiotarians would try to compare pomegranates with tennis balls.

    Great line, FT!

  15. Yeah, even a white supremacist who refers to the (C)ommunist (N)ews (N)etwork gets off a bit of a zinger once in a while.

    Dog, sun, butt.

  16. These belong on your Enemies List...

    They were ALREADY ON my 'Enemies List'.

    David Gergen: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member. 'Nuff said. Nuttin' else to 'splain. Move along folks; there's nuttin' else to see here!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. They're both liars, and neither of them gives a shit about any of us.

    They're simply marketing to different groups of rubes.

    And that's the problem with our system.

  18. Stephen, please don't burn out altogether, and leave the blogosphere. We need you desperately.

    So you KNOW about the CFR and The Oligarchs, as I call them?

    Too few are aware of the hidden forces working right out in the open to enslave us.


    You BETCHA!

    Reality always has been and always will be a paradox.

    The crowd who can only believe in what can be counted, weighed, measured and stored in a cupboard are missing THE most vital elements that make life worth living.

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. FreeThinke ~
    Thanks for the kind response, Brother!

    Yes, I know about “The Real Deal” that led to “The New Deal” and all the crap that has ensued since then.

    More than a few times, I have said and written the following:

    Until a person has a working knowledge of 'The Federal Reserve System' and 'The Council On Foreign Relations', he or she has no real understanding of the contemporary American/geopolitical landscape. Anytime you find a Democrat and a Republican arguing politics, you can be sure that neither one of them actually knows the truth . . . unless they're professional politicians.

    And that is the reason I follow very few political blogs that look at American politics from a mainstream “two-party” view. That’s a lot of nonsense, and I can’t even be bothered debating with people who still believe that the Republican and Democrat parties represent two opposing ideologies. That’s just a “Punch And Judy Show” meant to divide and conquer the Americonned People. Unfortunately, it has been effective for a very long time now.

    Yes, my friend, if you know about the “Oligarchs”, the “Establishment”, the “Elite”, the “Insiders”, the “Illuminati”, or whatever nickname one wishes to apply to “them” (“them” being the International Bankers), then you clearly understand what is really happening here. As always, the Americonned People are being offered two choices: Global Socialism (Obama), or Global Socialism Lite (Romney). Whether we select the direct highway, or the scenic route, the destination remains the same.

    A huge amount of my “online life” has been devoted to the goal of enlightening people about “the political reality”, and after many years, my political blog currently boasts a total of 36 “Followers”, and only about 6 of them actually read and comment on my posts.

    Yeah, I’m “burned out”, and that’s putting it mildly. I am planning one final multi-blog-bit-swan-song, which will probably p!ss off everyone, including my 6 devoted readers, and then I’m closing down my political blog like I did my entertainment blog.

    However, Brother, you and others like us can carry the torch forward. But I feel like I’ve run my race as far as I could.

    If you’re at all interested in HOW I became fully aware of the “Oligarchs”, below is a link to one of my earlier blog bits explaining the history of my political enlightenment [it first appeared at] :


    Thanks again for the nice reply to my comment. I will DEFINITELY continue to “Follow” your blog and submit comments from time to time, regardless of whether or not I myself am still blogging.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  20. Thank you, Stephen.

    I can understand your discouragement. I've been posting for thirteen or fourteen years, but only recently established a blog of my own. I'll be seventy-two on my next birthday, so it may be a case of too little, too late, but I insist its better late than never. ;-)

    The blogosphere is a generally hostile place where captiousness, irascibility and badgering are the norm. In other words people feel free here to vent their spleen at will and mock, scorn and deride each other in ways few would have the courage to do in "polite society."

    Whenever I post directly on The New World Order, I am usually widely ignored, or treated to a condescending lecture on the idiocy of entertaining "conspiracy theories," and then subjected to the tactics of a prosecuting attorney badgering a witness in a murder trial.

    Recognition of any virtue is extremely rare in the blogosphere, approbation even rarer, expressions of praise, sympathy, empathy or understanding are almost non-existent.

    In other words the blogosphere is just like the real world. ;-)

    The "Establishment" developed in the wake of the Industrial Revolution and is in many ways a direct outgrowth of that thoroughly mixed blessing.

    I feel I am generally regarded as a crank -- the village idiot -- or the harmless "funny" old uncle who lives hidden away in the attic.

    We do need to gather more substantial proof. Apparently the statements made openly by such as David Rockefeller and the ineluctable logic that tells people like you and me that the International Bankers, who control the money supply and therefore the purchasing power of currencies, the Owners and Suppliers of vital Raw Materials, the Captains of Industry and those who own and operate the Entertainment and Information Industries would quite naturally band together and work to preserve, protect and enhance the great advantages they already have.

    What could be more natural? What SHOULD have been more predictable?

    Unfortunately, Henry Ford put his foot in it long long ago and inadvertently created worldwide "weather patterns" that have wrought havoc ever since.

    It's very complicated once you get into the details. One of my acquaintances spent 12 years writing more than 4,500 pages cataloguing the intrigues and abuses of The Oligarchs. The trouble is his work is unreadable. THAT much evidence is too hard for ANYONE to digest. The effort has nearly killed him, and like Cassandra to whom I sometimes compare my humble self he has found himself ignored and largely shunned. He now ekes out a living as a handyman.

    As I often quote, "Satan's greatest accomplishment to date has been to persuade those who regard themselves as "the intelligentsia" that he does not exist."

    There are powerful intellects out there absolutely devoted to perversity, because they lack the insight, imagination and deductive reasoning powers to see for themselves what is really going on right underneath their noses.

    Good to make you acquaintance.


    ~ FreeThinke

  21. Solid information on an evil so monstrous, that calling it a code name like "The New World Order" may underestimate its depth and breadth.

    Like you I think seeking the words of some of the perps (such as Rockefeller) should be understood to mean exactly what they say they mean.

    There were some good people over the 20th Century that came in contact with this evil sludge and tried to shine some light on it and paid a price for it. One that I do like is an old interview from Edward Griffith with Norman Dodd, who was involved in a congressional inquiry into the effects "charitable trusts" such as the Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation were having on the country and exactly what was their purpose. I've read the book on that inquiry and how it was undermined and disrupted and eventually shelved in the early 50's.

    This interview does catch the gist of the story since it is with a man who participated in it. It's long so you need time to watch it if you're interested ...

    Better books written earlier in time also are worthwhile, especially when they are written from a perspective of one who was part of the story. One I've found excellent is the autobiography of General Douglas MacArthur "Reminiscences", in particular, his description of the war in the Pacific and the Korean War, the first war the country entered by executive order and without the approval of Congress. He's got some great insights into what the hell really happened. He may have been manipulated by some but he was an honest man and a supremely clear writer and thinker.

  22. WAYLON ~
    >>...I've read the book on that inquiry and how it was undermined and disrupted and eventually shelved in the early 50's.

    I suspect the book you're alluding to is 'FOUNDATIONS: Their Power And Influence', and if so, it's excellent - absolutely essential reading. A copy of it sits on the top shelf of my biggest bookcase.

    Nevertheless, the book I always recommend to newbies who are really serious about studying the subject and not afraid to tackle a genuine tome, is 'THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve' by the aforementioned G. Edward Griffin.

    Griffin's book does not address the spiritual element of 'The New World Order' like Tal Brooke's 'ONE WORLD' does, but it's a superb place to start, especially for the secular-minded.

    FreeThinke ~
    You are obviously a very intelligent man, and we certainly seem to be on the same side, sharing a similar view.

    >>...We do need to gather more substantial proof.

    I'm afraid I kind of have to disagree with that, however. There is already 16 tons of substantial evidence. No genuinely objective thinker can examine what we already have and come away still skeptical of the New World Order conspiracy.

    In fact, in all my years of speaking and writing about this, I can think of only 5 persons who decided to investigate for themselves, skeptically but with an open mind, the things I was saying. All 5 of them eventually came to the same conclusion: the 'New World Order' conspiracy is a fact.

    And, really, when we have so many of the Insiders (conspirators) on record publicly, voluntarily and with brazen arrogance, stating that they are in the process of destroying national sovereignty and replacing it with a One-World Global System, who needs more evidence or proof? It's not like they confessed their un-Constitutional agenda under the duress of torture.

    But you are right that most of the Americonned People really do NOT want to know about it, as most of them are content with their "bread and circuses", and the rest are just too fearful to face the truth.

    Besides that, The Holy Book makes it clear in 'Revelation' that for a short period, the conspirators WILL achieve their goal of a global government.

    So, my real purpose for many years now has not been to try to avert what "is written" and cannot possibly be avoided, but to turn as many people as possible to Truth and to The Author of that Truth. I have gone about it in an oblique (and unfortunately, mostly unsuccessful) fashion, but it has always been the real goal behind my method.

    But now, I'm just so burned out, so utterly exhausted and disheartened, and I honestly think I ought to spend more time 'getting my own house in order' before the stuffs really hits the fan.

    I like your blog though, and will continue to read it regularly.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  23. Stephen, that is the book I was alluding to above. The main reason I mentioned it is because the link to the interview with Norman Dodd relates directly to the information in that book, for those who haven't read it or would prefer a short route to the subject of the book.

    I have read "Creature from Jekyll Island" and totally agree with you it is an excellent book delving into the creation of the Federal Reserve, identifying those who were behind the biggest fraud foisted on the country in its history.

  24. >>...the Federal Reserve, identifying those who were behind the biggest fraud foisted on the country in its history.

    Absolutely! The biggest and the worst. Many times I've run across a person claiming that "this thing" or "that thing" was the biggest fraud (hoax, scam, or crime) ever perpetrated against the American people. And when I do, I always say aloud, "Wrong! It's the Federal Reserve System."

    Incidentally, I believe I have that same Norman Dodd interview posted somewhere on my blog as well.

    I'm always pleased to find others who also know about the wizards behind the curtain. Happy to have "met" you and Free Thinke.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'



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