Monday, October 15, 2012

Images from the Recent Past 
To Love and Cherish

An excellent summary of last Thursday's
Vice-presiDENTAL debate.

What more do we need to say?


  1. I think if Biden had behaved like a normal human being he probably would have won the debate.

  2. Once again I'll state the obvious.
    The "independent voter" is a myth.

    This election is won or lost on turnout, nothing more or less. Anyone who is undecided is brain dead and can't find their way to the polls.

    After Obama mailed it in it was necessary to reenergize base which is exactly what Biden did.

    If Obama should win, not assured by any means, this will go down as one of the great debate performances.

  3. A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Poison!

    Energizing The Base takes on new meaning here, doesn't it.

    It's BASE all right.

    Base in the sense of low, ignorant, loutish, unenlightened, and corrupt.

  4. Please be careful what you say, Silver Fiddle. That statement above sounds perilously close to a revelation that you believe Biden's thinking and command of the data sans theatrical antics is superior to Paul Ryan's understanding of reality.

    Is that what you meant to imply?

    ~ FT

  5. Silverfiddle said...

    I think if Biden had behaved like a normal human being he probably would have won the debate.

    Nonsense, why because of his lies?

  6. Paul Ryan believes in a motor that runs on static electricity.

  7. Duck,
    There are still a lot of undecided voters -- at least, based on my personal "surveys."

    And here's something else....I don't know of a single person who voted against Obama in 2008 who will be voting for him again.

    If Obama should win, not assured by any means, this will go down as one of the great debate performances.

    Our society certainly doesn't need any more rudeness.

    85 interruptions is insane. Really.

    I hope not!

  8. In defense of Silverfiddle and Radical Redneck, I must say that Ryan came across wimpier that I would have liked.

    Furthermore, Biden has a lot of debate experience -- quite the experienced filibastard.

  9. Biden lied, Ryan told a few too.
    That's what politicians do.

    Then we, the thinking electorate sort it out, and go to the polls.

    Thankfully the ordeal of 2012 will son be over.
    Then we start anew.

    The more things change the more they stay the same, huh FT.?

  10. Everyone tells distorted versions of the truth -- sometimes deliberately -- often unwittingly.

    That is why the only REAL choice any of us ever has is to decide which of the various rascals, scallawags, rapscallions, malefactors, prevaricators, conjurors, and distortionists who lie before us (pun intended! ;-) is the least unattractive and the most credible, then vote accordingly.

    If I were the fool most doubtless believe me to be, I could say that I, myself, was the best qualified to lead the land, and write my name in at the polls.

    All that would accomplish would be my depriving myself of any chance whatsoever to influence the process.

    The electorate may
    Be as great as they say,
    But would they be missed,
    If they ceased to exist?

    What would life be like for The Oligarchs if there weren't any more people they could deceive, exploit, and boss around?

    ~ FT

  11. The crux of our trouble may be that with the rare exception of such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael savage, et al., whose motives may possibly be suspect, for the most part

    The Democrats have balls of brass.
    Conservatives have balls of glass.
    The former sound in far lands hinter;
    That latter shatter, then they splinter.
    Giving the Old Nick his due
    Never works out well for you.

    ~ FreeThinke


  12. Somehow Joe Biden has a reputation as a buffoon or the court jester. But I recalled a number of fine upstanding folks from the government of the USA, back in the days of Star Wars and President Reagan, made a trip o the Kremlin to alert the leaders of the Soviet Union on ways to handle "the problem" with Reagan and "Star Wars".

    I know Sen. Edward Kennedy was one of the group and thought Joe Biden was too. So I googled "Biden traitor" and couldn't find anything discussing that. But I did find a speech in multiple parts that Joe Biden delivered to the Senate back in the early 90's which discussed the desire for Wilsonian progressivism and its many so-called benefits, as well as his call for a New World Order and asserting that President Bush I first used the term and the disappointment he felt that nothing much was done in the interim to advance this vision.

    If Biden wrote that speech he must be a lot more than the buffoon he plays to the court. It's full of most of the evil crap that has become predominant in enactment since 2008. But maybe that's a reason why he was chosen to run with Obama.

    This is one long post and the speech is longer...

  13. I t just occurred to me:

    Biden's mouth looks like a GRAVEYARD by MOONLIGHT.

  14. When I read the speech, FT, I said this isn't the Biden that has been put out as some sort of cartoon character. Seems like he's a high ranking dirt bag of the loony left intent on doing the work of the Fabian billionaires.

    In war like this it's important to target the real person and not some crated sock puppet caricature, otherwise the dirt bag is just laughing at the wild shots taken at the created image.

  15. That's why we call them CRYPTO-Marxists, Waylon.

    THey'll put Western Civilization in the crypt, if we can't stop them. (;-o

  16. Kudos to Stogie, by the way, for the Court Jester image.

    Sorry! I should have mentioned that first thing. We don't run across many talented homegrown illustrators.

    Biden and his tombstone teeth, which look even phonier by the way than his compassion for "The Little Guy."



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