Friday, October 26, 2012

The Three Little Monkeys of the Enemedia


  1. They report evil...only NOT when Democrats. are culpable.

  2. I have been regularly checking the WaPo for mention of the latest information on Benghazi. Nope, not there the last time that I checked.

  3. It's going to be "finessed" you wait and see. And all of "us" know that if a REPUBLICAN were in the WH right now, he would be CRUCIFIED in the enemedia.

    Our darling Ducky left a post earlier dismissing this as "garbage," "right wing nonsense," etc.

    I ERASED the post, because I am fed up, sick and tired of INSOLENT, UNREASONING, DISINGENUOUS DENIGRATION.

    Listening to C-Spin right now, and sure enough THEY are n on it too. The calls came in FOR Obama at least five to one. They "filter" the calls, of course.

    It IS a "CONSPIRACY" on the part o ALL branches of the enemedia.

    Lately, I've come to suspect that even "talk radio" has been calculated to serve the interests of Our Fearful Masters.

    "How could that be?" you ask.

    EASY ANSWER: The tedious repetition of quasi-conservative "memes," and the gross, stentorian, nearly hysterical tone of their exaggerations and perpetual lack of subtlety or even a PRETENSE at "balance" becomes repellent to serious, sincere, thinking people who honestly seek truth.

    In short "talk radio" may very well be driving many uncommitted citizens straight into the arms of the DEMOCRATS.

    I think it's called "reverse psychology."

    What do YOU think?

  4. BULLSHIT, Canardo!


    The so-called "Fact-Checkers" are all slobberingly devoted servants of the Left-Wing, crypto-Communist Agenda. They'd HAVE to be. The ANNENBERG Foundation? The MIKKELSONS?


    Might as well consult Pravda and Isvestia -- or The Daily Worker to get our "facts."

    Find us a TRULY "objective" source, and I'll arrange for you to have an all-expenses paid dinner of your choice at your local Ruth's Chris Steak House.


    I thank you, sir! You came through for me here when, to be honest, I really didn't think you (or anyone else here) would. Here's what I'm referring to:

    Just before going to bed last night (midnight my time), I read this blog bit. At that time, there were only two comments posted, FJ's and DUCKY's.

    I was so incensed by what Ducky posted and found it so revolting that I typed a response into the comment window.

    In essence, I was challenging him to take up the debate with me at my blog where I wouldn't "feel a need to hold a pinkie finger up in the air and speak like a gentleman." I stated that I was incapable of "playing nice with others at a time in this country's history when a full-on fight is called for."

    You see, I feared that the civility normally found at this blog would permit Ducky's extraordinarily insensitive comment to slide by without being challenged and denigrated as it should be.

    Four Americans are dead, two of them genuine HEROES (and I seldom use the much overused word "hero"), but to Ducky it was all a big yawner and just a forgettable move on the chessboard of politics.

    I'm all for civility, but there are some times when one really has to take off the gloves and lay it on someone. I felt this was one of those times, and I was ready to do it!

    However, at the last moment, I decided not to post my comment but to wait and see if anyone else here would really fight Ducky over what he wrote.

    The first thing I did this morning, while brushing my teeth, was return to this blog bit to see what, if anything, had resulted from Ducky's comment.

    I was pleased to see that you didn't even allow his comment to remain. If this had been my blog, I probably would have left the comment up for all to see - a testimony to the way the Duck thinks. And then I would have laid the lumber on him.

    Either way, his comment needed to be answered or deleted, or I would have ceased 'Following' this blog.

    So, I thank you, sir, for doing what needed to be done.

    Incidentally, on the other topic about Talk Radio... Yes, I've been saying for years that "conservative" talk radio (as well as "conservative" TV - i.e., Fox News) is simply the other side of the same exact coin.

    The "conservative" media is being used in the "Divide And Conquer" tactic that will lead us all right into the checkmate of "Global Socialism".

    As long as these media people (secretly working for the "Illuminati", "Insiders", "Oligarchs", whatever) can keep the Americonned People divided into team R or D, team C or L, team Blue or Red, we will continue fighting with each other and never once look up to see who the "real enemy" is and what it's doing.

    We bicker with each other while the chains of tyranny are being fastened upon us. 'Divide And Conquer', it's the oldest military trick in the book and Americans fall for it daily.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. AOW's right..I've watched this morning and CNN and MSNBC haven't mentioned BENGHAZI. Meanwhile, FOX has done astonishing coverage that every AMerican should know.

  7. Than you, Stephen. It's rare when I encounter someone who understands what is REALLY going on.

    I'm still stuck in the Left-Right paradigm, myself, because I have no idea what rational alternative there might be. Consequently, I am supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket.

    Mr. Obamanable has GOT to GO. If he's reelected, I may consider moving to "the islands," but doubt that would be a wise move from a practical standpoint.

    Still, I am well aware that Obama, himself, is NOT the source of our agony. It IS the machinations of The Oligarchs. I surmised that for myself years ago.

    I occurred to me out of the blue one day all the way back in the Sixties that the increasing expansion of American Industries into global markets would eventually lead to a disassociation with our country, loss of allegiance, loss of patriotism and the emergence of CORPORATE POWER as more significant -- and less controllable -- than out representative democracy.

    Why other have such a difficult time understanding the concept is beyond me. But I've had Harvard Ph.D's -- friends from boyhood -- rudely shout me down at the very IDEA that I would DARE even to THINK such "stupid thoughts."

    They are scared to death, of course, that a revival of the supposedly "pernicious" mentality expressed in Henry Ford's, despised, rejected, excoriated and defamed work who's name even I dare not mention might surface again and take hold.

    AMAZING how easy we've been enthralled and misled by those who are past masters at engendering GUILT in innocent people, isn't it?

    Of course, the problem was more complex and multi-faceted than Ford may have suggested, but he was definitely on "a" right track.

    QUESTION: When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy?

    ANSWER: When crises that arise develop from a natural confluence of forces placed by ambition, hard work and happenstance on positions of tremendous advantage.

    Thanks for stopping by, Stephen, and for improving and augmenting my objection to Canardo's calculated, cold-hearted insolence.

    By the way you need never fear arousing my ire should you occasionally post angry remarks punctuated with bursts of vulgarity.

    I may prefer a more erudite style most of the time, but I am NO prude. So, fir away any time you feel like it.

    I'll let you know, if ever I think it gets to be "too much."

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. Yes, Z, FOX at least makes a very good pretense of doing the right thing journalistically, but in my opinion they never go quite far ENOUGH.

    I suppose I've become increasingly RADICALIZED in my old age, but I believe that's what we need.


    And believe me we are engaged in a WAR -- a war for the Heart and soul of the Nation.

    The Enemy has no morals, principles, no mercy, and exercises no restraint, and the is "SUBTILE"just as the Serpent in Eden was "subtile."

    ~ FT

  9. Duckster, FACTUAL???? Anybody with just a smidgen of common sense could recognize that crap as just a rehash of the leftard talking points. Since I believe that you do have the minimum qualifying common sense, I have to draw the conclusion that you're just plain drunk on that damned koolaid again. You need to go on the wagon!

  10. FT, I too thought that Stephen had a very valid point of view. What would we ever do without this new form of media, blogging. I used to worry about my own sanity. I figured if I was the only one that felt both sides were wrong (one side much more wrong than the other), that maybe it was ME that had the problem. I was SO glad to learn that I wasn't alone.

    With a truely honest media, we would never have to fear bozo getting reelected, Hell, we never would have had to go through the last 4 years either. He truly is "The Affirmative Action President", held to a MUCH LOWER standard than anyone else in the 2008 election process and AGAIN this time, he is being held to a MUCH LOWER standard. To make matters worse, the first black President has pushed racism back at least 20 years. Some blacks know it ,it's just to bad that the other 95% don't recognize this fact. I have to believe that history is going to treat him VERY badly, and rightly so, and most likely in a much more unfavorable light than even Jimmy "Who" Carter. Jimmy must be relieved that he is no longer viewed as the nations WORST President ever!

    I truly appreciate your reply as well as the AVERAGE AMERICAN's comment.

    I have a great deal on my plate right now, so I am always trying to play 'catch-up'. But give me a few days because I do intend to return HERE and respond to your comment as well as to AVERAGE AMERICAN's observation.

    I think there is a lot more that can be said here, and I love the fact that I am in the company of Americans who are able to see behind the "curtain" and realize that while most Americans have been watching the hand the magician has been waving aloft, the really detrimental action has gone on continuously by the hand in the shadows!

    AVERAGE AMERICAN: Carter was atrocious - no argument from me. But the "WORST" president this country ever endured, in my opinion, was Woodrow Wilson.

    Wilson was so bad that I don't believe it's possible this country could ever recover from what he did to us. In fact, I don't believe it's possible that any future president could do MORE damage to our Constitutional Republic than Wilson did.

    Carter was a total nightmare, but I couldn't put him on my list of 'Top Three Worst American Presidents'. I kinda doubt he could even make my list of 'Top Five Worst...'

    However, Carter WOULD make my 'Top Ten Worst...', I'm pretty sure.

    I thank you BOTH for your comments and... "I shall return."

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'



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