Sunday, July 13, 2014

Words that inspired 

Give me your sick, your poor, 
unskilled, befuddled masses
yearning to get freebies.
Deposit wretched refuse 
on our teeming shores.
Ramp up the crying greed
to strip us of our gold
as you pass through 
our Open Door.


  1. With all due respect FreeThinke this is amusing, especially in light if the fact that the immigration issue is not new. Unfortunately it has become a political soccer ball and neither party will take responsibilty for fixing it yet both are responsible for creating it.

    Simple solution... prosecute aggressively employers who employ illegals because their labor is cheap. Fines and imprisionment for employers who do so. CUT OFF Would be Illegals will stop coming.

    Right now we need to address the problem from Central America and Congress (republican) needs to get off their dead as*es and pass comprehensive immigration reform. It must show NO MERCY to the unscrupulous.and unpatriotic employer/business.

  2. Les,
    I wholeheartedly agree with you about jailing dirty employers.

    I also agree we need comprehensive reform, but get serious. GOP obstruction?

    The Democrats still haven't fulfilled their end of the bargain from Reagan's 1980's amnesty. The border is still open.

    Face it, both teams profit politically from this remaining an open sore.

    Such is politics today in the District of Criminals.

  3. Call it obstruction, political evasion, stupidity, or anything anyone would prefer. Ultimately it is pure and simple IDIOCY.

    Blaming Oama for a problem that has been around festering and growing larger for over 30 years is disingenuous, politically motivated, and boring.

  4. If Obama and these bleeding heart progressives want these illegal little Kiddies here so badly, I suggest that we put them on a load of Bus's and ship them off to Martha's Vineyard and to Chappaqua, N.Y. That should go over big!

  5. Rational Nation USA said...

    Call it obstruction, political evasion, stupidity, or anything anyone would prefer. Ultimately it is pure and simple IDIOCY.
    Blaming Oama for a problem that has been around festering and growing larger for over 30 years is disingenuous, politically motivated, and boring.

    Sorry Mr. Rational Nation USA, but I completely disagree with you
    Obama's plan has always been to destroy the middle class and turn America into a third world banana republic with him as dictator. Nothing new here. Our own President along with his Vice president and his lame-brain administration has declared war upon all of its citizens. And if the leftists want these illegals here so bad, let's put them in all their States, Cities, Towns, and lets see haow that works out.

    1. No need for an apology, it is your opinion.

      In my opinion it is hyper partisan agenda driven hyperbole. Lacking any evidence based data to support it I simply will agree to disagree.

  6. Rep. Gohmert: Obama Wants $67,912 for Every Illegal Alien Minor:

    Pres. Obama is asking Congress for $3.7 billion - $67,912.28 per child - to deal with 57,000 minors illegally entering the U.S., Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) tweeted today.

    But, the problem is more than money, Rep. Gohmert tells MRCTV, since Obama's threats and imperial actions are sending "the message that America has become lawless":

    "His lawlessly announcing his one-man legislation allowing people to come illegally and stay illegally sent the message that America had become lawless and would not be enforcing our own border or laws. Now, demanding money or else he'll allow even more devastation to our health, education and housing systems should not be condoned nor encouraged."

    1. Loopey Louie Gohmert :-) yep, Nuff said.

      But I can't help but wonder what Gohmert's views are on how to deal with unscrupulous and unpatriotic employers who hire illegals against U.S. law might be.

  7. I'm really going to give you all some advice ...when you go to the polls in November VOTE ALL THESE BUMS OUT! If the American people do not stand against this immediately, this country is lost. We MUST put a stop this insanity immediately.

    Thank God that this lunatic president will be out of office in two years

  8. Agreed!!! Especially the current republicans in office. Vote 3'rd party.

    Vote Gary Johnson if he runs again on the Libertarian ticket for Prez.

  9. Vote Gary Johnson if he runs...

    I did. It didn't help. We need a new paradigm for federal government that cannot devolve into "party".

  10. "... yearning to get freebies. ..."

    That, of course, is the crux of your argument in this very clever, very witty satirical post, FT. It certainly is the "freebies" that have caused the problem we've been having with illegal immigration. As long as we were only attracting strong men and a few women of good character willing and eager to work at menial labor, the trend was frankly a blessing. It is the Democrats, of course, and the RINO's who go along with them, who have turned illegal immigration into a curse. It ought to amuse me, but instead, it pains me to see how few are capable, or even interested in trying to comprehend the insightss you share. I've always thought them distinguished, myself. May be that's why they don't get through? We certainly are living in a pedestrian, plebeian. proletarian age.

    ---------> Katharine Heartburn

  11. I have voted Third Party several times. Each time, the Democratic Party candidate won the election.

    Would the GOP candidate have been better as the holder of the office? Maybe, maybe not.

    Frankly, however, it's difficult for me to believe that America would be in the present disastrous mess if Romney had won in 2012.

  12. RN,
    You are correct that the immigration issue is not new.

    However, see this chart.

  13. No one other than Silver has commented on the truth that unethical businesses and individuals who supply employment for illegals to gain cheap labor are a HUGE part of the problem and should be prosecuted under U.S. federal law.

    I guess it doesn't fit the template?

    Blame Obama for a 40 year old problem and yet protect the shady businesses and individuals driving the problem. GOT IT.

  14. This is a multi-faceted problem, requiring more than a single pronged quick fix. I get that and have blooged about it in the past.

    What is sorely needed IMNHO is a bipartisan effort. One in which ACTUALLY FIXING the problem and thus doing right by American is the focus and priority. NOT politics and turning a blind eye to businesses who continue to hire cheap illegal labor.

  15. RN,
    unethical businesses and individuals who supply employment for illegals to gain cheap labor are a HUGE part of the problem and should be prosecuted under U.S. federal law

    Well, I myself have no problem with a penalty such as you mentioned.

    My husband lost his job in 2008 because the illegals were cheaper for the employer -- cheaper in the sense that the illegals refused health-insurance coverage provided, in part, by the employer. This kind of thing has happened to and is still happening to blue-collar workers all over America.

    Now, I want to bring up two points (personal perspective):

    1. I personally know a few on-a-shoestring-budget families who hire illegals. Not businesses doing this hiring, but rather individuals (disabled, for the most part).

    2. The other side of the coin...I know more than a few well-heeled families (most are government employees in the top pay grades) who knowingly hire illegals when these families can easily afford to hire service providers who are not illegals.

  16. BTW, this year I hired a lawn-mowing service. Only $40 a week for 1/2 acre lot for mowing and trimming! Each and every one of these workers is a family member -- of a family born and bred here in Northern Virginia for generations.

    I had a helluva time finding this lawn service. Almost all the other lawn services companies I contacted were Hispanic -- and more expensive, too, BTW.

    I found my lawn service via an organization called Decorate A Vet. We may be getting a veterans' discount.

  17. Look, enforcing immigration laws only helps SMALL businesses compete, and I've got NO PROBLEM with them competing. It's the Buffets/ Gates/ Soros BILLIONAIRES who legalize illegals by the MILLIONS through AMNESTY who are the problem.

    Corporate America. Keeping wages low for the average Joe since 1885.

  18. erratum - "NOT compete" above for "compete"

  19. 40% of H1B Visa's are used as training programs for Corporate Offshoring of American technology jobs.

  20. Offshoring is a problem and over the long haul hurts American interests. But it certainly helps the bottom line and the 1%'ers.

    So, if I get you right you advocate no immigration law enforcement? No comprehensive and effective immigration reform?

    I guess the strategy is Blame Obama .

    Got it Thersites. Typical right wing response to a bipartisan American problem. MAINTAIN STATUS QUO... POLITICAL FINGER POINTING... LOOK THE OTHER WAY... REPEAT

  21. Thank you, Katharine, and thank you, Thersites. I'm glad to see at least two people showed some understanding of the point of this post. Everyone else fell into the trap of telling his thoughts on the general issue of illegal immigration, and completely neglected the post, itself.

    I do not court slavish agreement, but failure even to acknowledge what I try to say, even if you disagree with it shows one or two of several things. Either insolence, thoughtlessness, stupidity, mental laziness or extreme egocentrism drives these non-controbutions. In any case it's rude.

    Nowhere did I blame Obama. In fact I didn't even mention the miserable son-of-a-bitch once, although his caricature appeared in the cartoon brilliantly contrasting him with President Reagan. Someone else did, made am irrelevant strawman argument against it, and then everyone responded to THAT, and went off to the races.

    The lack of DEPTH and CURIOSITY never fails to depress and discourage.

  22. you advocate no immigration law enforcement?

    Nope. I'm saying that those you would "prosecute" (both the illegals and their likely employers) are already disadvantaged enough in the marketplace. Until you fry the big fish, you're only rearranging the flowers at America's funeral.

  23. We need a return to laissez faire. To a Government whose sole purpose is to level the economic playing field, not "tilt" it towards the historically dysfunctional advocacy group du jour.

  24. Thank you, again, Thersites. Why am I not surprised that you are right? ;-)

    Once more for the record, though Katharine said it as well as anyone could, I firmly believe the GRIEF we have brought on ourselves is NOT the result of "illegal immigration," which has been with us since The Beginning no doubt, since our borders have never been physically closed. Our current problems stem DIRECTLY from the stunning array of WELFARE BENEFITS and ENTITLEMENTS the DEMOKRATZ have dreamt up and forced through federal, state and local legislatures.

    These sickeningly seductive initiatives effectively LURE the feeblest, lamest, laziest, most pathetic, LEAST DESIRABLE elements to flock to our shores like a plague of LOCUSTS.

    Any OTHER view of the subject is intellectually challenged and morally blind.

    There is hardly a person alive who will not take advantage of whatever conditions promise to give him the greatest degree of comfort, security, ease and convenience at the lowest, most financially advantageous cost.

    I too believe the institution of worldwide laissez faire economic policies would work to EVERYONE'S advantage, because it would restore honest COMPETITION to the workplace, stabilize currencies, restore greater purchasing power to the dollar and give everyone the wide world o'er the opportunity to do his darndest to make the most of whatever physical attributes and God-given abilities he has.

    The "workers" get up in arms at the very thought of establishing a truly free economy where merit, and earnest effort are rewarded, and the cream is allowed to rise unimpeded to the top, because they do NOT realize that even though the average worker would be earning far fewer dollars, the VALUE or PURCHASING POWER of those dollars would be greatly enhanced..

  25. Excellent - sad thoughts but truly excellent satire

    Mr. Bill

  26. Diablo said

    It is a disgrace. Obama is casting a blind eye on the situation, cynically insuring a permanent legacy of more and more dependent Democrats for generations to come.

  27. "Our current problems stem DIRECTLY from the stunning array of WELFARE BENEFITS and ENTITLEMENTS the DEMOKRATZ have dreamt up and forced through federal, state and local legislatures."

    This is stupid. Immigrants come here because they know people will hire them to work. Some sell drugs or sex or whatever, but most just come to work and there are plenty of employers in this country glad to hire them, and if you think those employers are a pro-Obama bunch who want these workers legalized, you're stupid. They come here because their own countries are hellholes, and if you think you cons have nothing to do with that, you're stupid. But if you think the only reason they come here is for the welfare, you're not only stupid, you're a racist. These people aren't scum, FT. The sleazy faux-anti-immigrant cheap labor cons you worship? They are the scum. And you are the useful idiot of the scum.


  28. I see this mess as "the perfect storm" actively promoting an influx of immigrants -- an influx that our economy and our society itself cannot handle without serious consequences:

    1. unsecured borders

    2. lax enforcement of removing illegals once inside our borders

    3. the welfare and entitlements showered upon immigrants (illegal and legal)

    4. the anchor babies loophole

    In my view, all of the above are direct causes.

  29. Well, Jersey, old dear, no one could ever say you don't have a definite point of view. The trouble with you -- and most of the others too --is that you don't read thoroughly and carefully enough before letting that volcanic spirit of yours erupt.

    Also, as lawyers are prone to say in courtroom dramas on TV, you "assume facts not in evidence." That reduces your passionate denunciations to the level of strawman arguments.

    Now please go back and read EVERYTHING I have said in the post AND among the comments, and you should find, if you are honest with yourself, you've been condemning phantasmagoria of your own devising.

    I'm fond of an old saying I first saw in a church bulletin many years ago:

    Whenever we ASSUME anything, it usually makes an ASS of YOU and ME.

    PART of what you said is true, I must give you that, but -- like far too many on both sides of the Great Divide -- you ignore evidence that does not support your pre-conceived notions and proud assumptions.

  30. Good morning, AOW! Thank you for outlining in plain English everything I tried to imply in that mock version of Emma Lazarus's famous inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty, and then attempted further to explicate in the comments section.

    I'm afraid my attempts to phrase political arguments and home truths obliquely in a humorous, entertaining fashion too often fall on deaf ears. Your direct statements of plain unvarnished truth are needed and most welcome here.

    Thanks too to Mr. Bill and Diablo -- both old friends of mine from outside the blogosphere -- for their understanding and succinct, unsolicited support.

  31. FT,
    I am, as you know, a teacher of a literature -- and, of course, a long-time student of literature.

    I understand inference and extended meaning and extended metaphor (as well as other forms of symbolism).

    Unfortunately, too many people today don't "get it" about those matters.

    Still, carry on with what you do so well. Maybe some other people will finally "get it." Repetition is the essence of education, you know.

  32. Thank you, dear friend. I often feel like a "stranger on a barren shore" these days. I hope you know that, even though we sometimes disagree, I don't mean to include you in my various accusations and denunciations?



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