Wednesday, July 23, 2014


And what about UNEMPLOYMENT, the IRS, 


  1. You left out those invading illegal kids!
    Just why should we let these disease and lice ridden “Children” into this country? They are ILLEGAL! What part of the word ILLEGAL don’t these bleeding heart Progressive imbeciles understand? They aren't our responsibility so why should we the taxpayers of this country take on this burden ? Why should we, the taxpayers of America have to pay for kids from another country? No matter where this inept lying POS puts them, he knows damn well that they're gonna grow up to be another bunch welfare bums and vote for the party of handouts. That's why he supports this invasion. Democrats turned the blacks into welfare slaves and now they get 90- 95% of the black vote and they want to do the same with these Mexican, Colombian, and other Central American children who are crossing the border’s illegally! They have already estimated these “Kids” to be at 52,000, so far this year! These children are minors and are the responsibility of the country they come from, and not ours. Has anyone thought of the fact that they don't know the language they have to be cared for, schooled, given medical care, etc, etc, and etc. Drugs are flowing into our nation like a river, and no one asks any question as to how they got here?
    Obama, wants to grant amnesty to everyone, just like his Aunt and Uncle and he wants the American people to pay the bills for Lawyers, Doctors, for Teachers, and everyone else. So they can gain permanent residency and become more DumbaRats While Obama lays on a Beach somewhere...
    I say load up these disease and lice ridden kids on a banana boat and send em back to wherever the hell they came from. They are not our responsibility.

  2. Hello, DD,

    Did you not notice the word "BORDER" in the cartoon? That covers your pet issue nearly and succinctly.

  3. It may be an Encouraging Sign that so few have taken this as an open invitation to rail on telling us how much they hate President Obama.

    Either that, or opposition to the arrogant, insouciant Mr. Fatuous, the Stumblebum-in-Chief, has grown so weak, so despondent and so devoid of hope it has just decided to SURRENDER by DEFAULT to the inevitability of our becoming yet-another People's Republik in the New Pan-Amerikan Socialist Union, where very soon all business will have to be conducted in Spanish =- or ELSE!!!

    Bienvenidos, Signora Hellary, nos nuevo Commandante!!!

  4. Sounds like you're disappointed that, so far, none of your compadres have come here and called President Obama a "dirty son of a bitch." Something you said of him yourself.

    You could start the smearing and insulting by reminding people that you yourself believe he is the personification of what is found in the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

    But that may not be hyperbolic enough for the visitors who frequent this interesting blog.

    Have a sparkling day.

    (PS. You realize now that I've come to visit, your comments will explode with all the smears and insults you can handle.)

  5. My dear, Miss Shaw, I regard this blog as the moral equivalent of a Venus Flytrap or Pitcher Plant. It never ceases to amuse me to see what whizzes into the Bottomless Pit from which none ever returns or the Beckoning Jaws of Death that snap shut on hapless, feckless victims. Heh heh heh!

    Many regard you as The Wicked Witch of the Blogosphere -- a title that vastly amuses you, I know.

    Perhaps, I have a not-so-covert ambition to be regarded as "The Shelob's Lair of Cyberspace."


    The scene in washington has descended to the level of travesty, and is therefore much too serious to be regarded seriously anymore. Burlesque and Satire together make the best revenge.

  6. One small point of disagreement, Mr. Free Thinke. I like to think that eating well is the best revenge.

    Last night I made grilled swordfish, cut it in thin strips, then put it over angel hair pasta that had been seasoned with a lemon/white wine/butter and caper sauce. A chiffonade of fresh basil topped it all, and Eccola! A meal fit for revenge! A lovely effete white pinot noir from France made a perfect pairing with the swordfish.

    Enjoyed it all on my roof deck, overlooking the appallingly liberal city of Boston and its glittering harbor.

  7. It's a wonder you've kept your figure so admirably, Ma'am. With an aptitude for culinary artistry such as yours one is tempted to think that every moment your spend outside the kitchen is a waste of precious time.

    If I remember correctly, Mike Todd said the same thing of Elizabeth Taylor, but he was referring to an entirely different past of their domestic establishment. ;-)

    And here it is noon, and you've made me hungry -- DAMMIT!

  8. I agree, FT. A woman's place is, most DEFINITELY, "in the kitchen." ;)

  9. ...or running to the grocery store to keep the refrigerator stocked with beer!!!

  10. A women with culinary artistry as her sword, combined with intelligence , wit, and beauty owns her world. I know, I'm married to one.

    And, I'll skip the beer for the alluring desert.

  11. I don't revel in Obama's serial flops, foibles and failures. I fear for our country. Perhaps we can survive two failed presidencies, but with each successive one, we slide further toward singing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

    Hopefully, Canada maintains its liberal immigration laws. We could very well find ourselves to be the new Mexicans in a few decades.


    Don't you love to chortle with glee while a nice warm tingly feeling comes over your body as a moral enemy makes an ass of himself?

    Ach! SCHADENFREUDE! Es gibt nichts anders besser. NICHTS!

    Frankly, I think I'd rather take my chances floating on a raft like Kon Tiki near the equator than to wind up in darkest Canada where winter lasts from October 1 through the end of May.

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Besides, they're all SOCIALISTS up there. ;-)

    Might as well stay where we are. It will be hell, of course, but isn't that where we're all headed anyway?

  13. Sorry, FT.

    It's not funny anymore. I gave up long ago on the hope of Allen Funt jumping out in the middle of the latest Obama press appearance, shouting for us to smile, it's all been a big practical joke, assuring us that no, we really didn't elect a feckless, inexperienced, totally unprepared narcissist to the presidency.

    We are a fundamentally unserious people, so we get unserious leaders, and it didn't start with Obama. He is merely the apotheosis.

  14. Of course it's still funny. That's the only way to look at it, unless you want to wind up in a padded cell. (:-o

    Put down your knitting,
    The book and the broom.
    Come hear the music play.
    Life is a cabaret, old chum,
    Only a cabaret.

  15. All this anti-Obama insanity makes the Right look insane. So, keep it up guys! Your political marginalization is on the way!


  16. Payback for Dubya got ya down, Guernsey? ;)

  17. Just another bitch at Obama session.

    Benghazi? Really, stop.

    I don't know if I have ever read a constructive suggestion here.

    Maybe drop the Gaza embargo instead of bombing and strengthening Hamas?

  18. Ya can dish it out, but can't take it, duckman.

    The only person who could possible do any worse at President than Mr. Progressive (Obama)is your Senator Pocahontas (Mrs. Progressive).

  19. Thersites, we don't need "pay back" for the horror the Bush administration unleashed on the world. In the end, all this anti-Obama hysteria is just a conservative defensive projection. You guys f'd up so bad last time around, so horrifically, stupidly, backwardly bad, you just project all that shivering insecurity onto Obama. It's pitiful. And young people know it. They are more clever and observant than you think. And they think you guys are acting like @$$holes when it comes to Obama, and wasting valuable time doing it.

    So, keep it up!


  20. Israel has every damn reason to take the defensive action it has in the face of aggression perpetrated on them by the terrorist organization Hamas.

    But somehow I knew you would side with Hamas.

  21. Ya all should be pulling for Warren (Pocahontas) to get the D nomination. She would be the best thing that could happen for the republicans.

  22. Obama... OFFICIALLY on record as the worst world leader since Louis XIV, even WORSE than GWB.

    If Bush REALLY f'd it up so badly, the polls showing Obama as performing even WORSE should clue you in to the man's "actual" abilities.

    So get out of De Nile, Guernsey. Obama... worst president EVER!

  23. After the Axis Powers were defeated Tokyo Rpse slank away and hid in the shadows to avoid being hanged or shot dead by a firing squad. Skulking in the underbrish somewhere in the wilds of South America for decades, then went in fpr transformational surgery in Buenos Aires.

    She later emerged as a beefy, blue-jawed, barroom brawling transexual.

    With this new image (s)he surfaced in the southeastern past of the United States and appears before us today as:

    ta ta ta TA ta TAH!


  24. I see that cowardly shit, FT, is censoring gain.

  25. If it's you or that other Jackass jersey Jones he is censoring then I agree with him..

    ----------------->Sarah Bernhardt

  26. I see that cowardly shit, FT, is censoring gain.

    ...and when pShaw censor's me, it's all just fine, eh, ducky? It's one thing to ce3nsor in the attempt to maintain decorum, and quite another to do so to "win" your argument. One of those two isn't "cowardice".

  27. Jersey: The Pro-Obama insanity is making a laughing stock of people like you, defending the indefensible.

    Why are all the congressional candidates running from him like scalded dogs, unless of course, they are comfortably ensconced in far left loon states like Ducky's Massachusetts.

    Bush did screw it up, and Obama has quadrupled down on it.

    His clown car administration has wrecked everything it touched.

  28. Bush did screw it up, and Obama has quadrupled down on it.

    And Warren, with Obama's backing, would attempt to push it to the edge of total insanity if she should ever be elected. She is I hear Obama's choice to replace him.

    ... ensconced in far left loon states like Ducky's Massachusetts.

    MA may have it's problems but by comparison to say Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, hell, the majority of the red states it ain't fairing all that poorly.

    But hey Silver, they got their firearms, the 2'nd amendment, and no doubt are working on why and how the 2'nd justifies individual ownership of shoulder fired rockets and howitzers Silver. :-)

  29. RN:
    You need to read more carefully. I did not launch a "my state is better than your state" attack.

    Indeed, because of my love of the truth and facts, I do not deny the good things about your state. I don't even begrudge you your extreme liberalism. It's working for you and people keep voting for it, so what right do I have to attack it? I don't live there.

    It's useful to note that Colorado spills over with guns, yet your chances of being murdered in Boston are greater than in Denver or Aurora (our two most violent cities), and the overall state murder rates are about the same, depending on how you analyze it.

    You may want to go here and compare data before making very un-libertarian snipes about gun rights:

    Compare gun-crazy cowboy Colorado to Urbane, metrosexual Mass.

    So, we can play this game all day long.

    The Casey Foundation is a leftwing organization, and they specialize in finding what's wrong with red states and spotlighting it while and doing the same with good things in blue states. It's a free country; good for them, but reality is a much richer patchwork mosaic of pastel colors.

    Mass demographics are more stable than the US median. You have less people going in and out (actually a net out-migration).

    You have half the minorities of the national mean, and demographically, minorities face more unemployment, more crime and poorer academic performance.

    So, while I cannot argue with Mass's success--it is real and I congratulate you for it--we must put it all in context.

    If those mean, nasty rightwingchristianKKKGunClingerBibleThumper states were really such shitholes, don't you think people would be fleeing them for socialist paradises like Mass?

    People are fleeing the liberal citadels of the upper midwest, but they ain't heading for the east coast. They are heading south.

    In conclusion, my leftwing loony comment was in the context of how the people of your state vote, nothing more.

  30. Wow, I must have hit a nerve, or two.

    Facts are as they say stubborn things, as liberal as MA is (much too liberal in many ways for me), on balance it is one of the better states in the USA in which to live and raise a family.

    When you talk about "leftwing looney" in reference to a successful liberal state it helps to acknowledge the existence of "rightwing looney" as well. it creates balance. And... it is a fact many of the "rightwing looney" states fare for worse than MA on many levels.

    Just sayin... ;-)

  31. Les,
    As you may have noticed, I don't play those balancing games unless it is germane to the subject.

    We can compare metrics all day long, but your state's population growth is below the national medium. If it were all that and a bag of chips, people should be flocking there.

    On the other hand, you have a pretty stable population, which demographers tell us means people born there like it there and choose to stay.

    We have freedom of movement here, and diverse people have diverse criteria, so despite all the chest thumping about who is better than who, we really are in the realm of subjectivity where people can, thankfully, vote with their feet.

    You didn't strike a nerve, but when I hear you denigrate people's fundamental rights, it causes me to question your libertarianism.

  32. I disagree I denigrated anyone's fundamental rights. There is, and always will be differences of opinion. I do not abide extremism thus my admittedly somewhat off topic pot shot at what I consider "rightwing looney" gun nuts like the Nuge.

    I'll say no more on extremism and save it for another more appropriate time.

  33. @ Les:
    This appears to be a broad-brush, multi-state attack on people exercising a fundamental right:

    MA may have it's problems but by comparison to say Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, hell, the majority of the red states it ain't fairing all that poorly.

    But hey Silver, they got their firearms, the 2'nd amendment, and no doubt are working on why and how the 2'nd justifies individual ownership of shoulder fired rockets and howitzers Silver. :-)

    A few of those states have a murder rate and/or gun violence rate lower than Mass, and I doubt every gun owner in those states is hankerin' for a howitzer, unless you've got data to show otherwise.

    You claim to be a libertarian-conservative, but you reflexively and repeatedly lapse into leftwing tropes, liberal shibboleths and snooty big city condescension.

    What Would Ayn Rand Do?

    1. I might say the same about thosr who congregate on conservative blogs and spin, twist, and then regurgitate BS. All the while trashing intelligent individuals for GASP, daring to have a different view, or worse yet Don't follow the party line. To which I say, BULLSHIT and SHOVE IT.

      I am a FISCAL conservative and libertarian socially. Thought you knew that.

      Because I speak my mind on SOME issues I agree with liberals on makes in posession of a mind that thinks beyond the spoon fed hoperbolic BS all parties and ideologies seem to thrive on.

      As to Rand, she's dead, but it is all in her many non fictional writings as well as her hallmark novels. They"re still being published.

      Pots shouldn't call kettles black.

  34. ... we can play this game (juggling and tossing agenda-driven statistics) all day long."

    Yes, and it exceedingly tiresome, because it never gets us anywhere. We just keep going around in the same old circles. Eventually, like the tigers in the beloved old story of Little Black Sambo, we may wind up turning ourselves into a big puddle of syrup and melted butter, and thus end up being slathered all over the pancakes turned out by the billions on the Liberal Griddle.

    1. Or the plucked chickens being turned out by the billions on the conservative roasters. :-)

  35. THERSITES said

    "I see that cowardly shit, FT, is censoring gain." [a direct quote from Ducky Dearest]

    ... and when pShaw censors me, it's all just fine, eh, Ducky? It's one thing to censor in the attempt to maintain decorum, and quite another to do so to "win" your argument. One of those two isn't "cowardice".

    Thank you, Thersites, once again for your understanding, and for bothering to explicate it not -so-much-on-my-behalf as that of Truth, Justice and the American Way. ;-)

  36. Ducky,

    You haven' called me a nasty name in quite a long time. I'm glad to see our relationshit has returned to normal. I was beginning ro worry that you might be mellowing in your old age. ;-)

    Keep in playing your character part. You do it very well, and it serves the cause of conservatism admirably.

    Les, I believe you honestly believe you are making eery effort to be fair and reasonable. I too see the foolishness in the deadlock, logjam, stalemate, Mexocan Standoff -- whatever you want to call it -- we find ourselves crippled by today. However, it seems to me that you have come to believe that it's possible -- maybe even right and good -- to "Compromise with the Devil.

    I use that term advisedly knowing that you, as an avowed atheist, reject the very notion that Satan aka "The Devil" could exist. I continue to use the term because it -- like so much received ancient wisdom -- is a convenient symbol or metaphor for all that is wrong, untrue, harmful and in every way undesirable.

    I do not believe that MFSPLDSAS's are necessarily evil people, but I am as certain as any mortal could hope to be that the BELIEFS they espouse are in fact nothing less than SATANIC.

    1. I am not the accomplised scholar or wordsmith that you are FreeThinke and therefore shall not attempt to compete with you.

      I do know this, as long as intelligent people are so stuck in their rigid ideologies and pride they refuse to consider compromise our nation is doomed to failure. When this happens, as it most assuredly will, both liberals AND conservatives will share the blame EQUALLY.

  37. The poor fellow must be drinking again, FT. The anger is so palpable, you could cut it with a knife in midair. Sad really.

    ––––––––––––> Katharne Heartburn

  38. Who might be drinking and what might they be drinking Katherine Heartburn?

    Inquiring minds and the National Enquirer want to know.



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