Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shall We Gather at the Border?



  1. I noticed this in the link about the releases in Maryland:

    A county in Virginia hopes to turn up the pressure on federal immigration officials to reveal more details about undocumented criminals referred by the county for action.

    Late Tuesday, supervisors in Prince William County voted to allow the county attorney to file a freedom of information act request to U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, asking ICE for the location of almost 7,000 undocumented immigrants who were arrested in the county and then turned over to ICE.

    The county leaders are frustrated that ICE won't tell them where the arrested immigrants are -- and if they are deported, or freed.

    What the hell?

    Prince William County is 15 miles from me, and I have family living there. Real-estate taxes there are much higher than the taxes of other counties in Northern Virginia -- in part because Prince William County has been overrun with immigrants who are provided various special services, including ESL classes. To the point that average American children are shortchanged in the Prince William County Public Schools.

    Damn, damn, damn.

  2. Need I also say that Prince William County has a terrible problem with Latino gangs? Most people will not go out after dark now -- even in the upscale neighborhoods.

  3. As for a moat and alligators -- Yes!

  4. CLAIM: Residents Asked To Shelter Children -- In Their Homes!

    Got a big house? Get ready to "shelter" immigrant invaders!

  5. What we should be doing:

    Bus them back to Mexico City. Mexico is complicit in allowing this wave.

    Bus them to their own embassies -- wherever their embassies are.

    Cut off all foreign aid to Mexico and the involved Central American countries.

  6. When fascism comes to America, it will be called liberalism! As Liberalism is the result of spoiled, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, miserable, despotic and useless Children of the former Democratic party.
    Further, if one needs any validation that Obama, his administration, and all of the Progressive/Commies of this country, who could not give a rats behind about anything in the name of humanity that doesn't fit their agenda and ideology
    Read the Communist Manifesto, or the Das Kommunistische Manifest, originally titled Manifesto of the Communist Party ... Obama is playing to this handbook like a Maestro. What a coincidence!
    By the way this is an EXCELLENT blog and should be read FAR and WIDE.
    After the 10's of thousands of unaccompanied children ridden with all kinds of sick diseases, Lice etc. etc. are let into the country, Our Dear leader is going to make an appearance in Texas, 100's of miles away from the border during his two-day FUND-RAISING trip to Texas without any plans to visit the Boarder. To analyze the humanitarian crisis! Andto discuss the crisis with “Faith leaders” and Governor Rick Perry.
    Can you imagine if this had happened when Bush was President?

    Some people need to be asking questions, before entering into a voting booth, instead of pulling the lever like a bunch of blind idiots.
    Thank you for your wonderful writing about the Leftwingnut loony bin material!

  7. I'm not big on stats, but I really want to know the percentages and head counts for the following:

    1. How many illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 1 year-5 years of age?

    2. How many illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 6 years-10 years of age?

    3. How many of illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 11 years-13 years of age?

    4. How many illegal border surgers are in the age brackets of 14 years-17 years of age?

  8. Obama's Corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine bringing all the wonder and glory of Chicago to the rest of the nation.

  9. Rather than having a “Beer Submit” hundreds of miles away from the Boarder to discuss the illegal immigration crisis with Gov. Rick Perry. during his two-day fundraising trip to Texas, to discus the Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, why don’t Obama just send those kids back to where they came from?

  10. I think the black community or really liberal whites sees this as payback even though we are paying more at the pump and struggling to put gas in our own cars,President Global Warming has racked up the biggest carbon footprint more than most communities combined.
    Of course lefties are defending this because ….well you know.
    He is so engaged too when he travels,stopping by on his way to yet 2 more fund raisers to visit Governor Perry on this Pressing National Security issue going on down at the border..
    I hope America is Happy with their choice. Next it’s a woman’s turn,then a Gay,then a Hispanic, or a man, or even Pocahontas Warren. .
    Did I miss anyone?

  11. "during his two-day fundraising trip to Texas, to discus the Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, why don’t Obama just send those kids back to where they came from?"

    Bingo! Why don't him!

    Petes Page is right. Irregardless to what Obummer says, and between he and I, just why don't him?

  12. Anon is right about this being payback, but the white leftwingers trying to ingratiate themselves with the minorities by pretending they don't detest them, don't realize they are on the target list too, just a little further down.

  13. Anonymous, your grammar is execrable. Please do uoir self and all the rest of us a favor and take a good stiff course in Remedial English.

    -----> Katharine Heartburn

  14. Jersey: What is hateful about it?

    Ducky: Why not have a credible immigration policy that welcomes more people here legally, many on a temporary basis, since that is all many people want anyway?

    What about strong border enforcement that deters people from risking rape, robbery and murder to get here?

    What about having a responsible government that works with governments to the south to stop this giant moneymaker for Mexican criminal gangs who are escorting these people to our border?

  15. Silverfiddle,
    The list is deemed by some as hateful because the list is telling the truth -- that is, presenting the reality.

  16. And, as you, yourself say, AOW, "The truth is not hate speech."

    I can't help but believe this regretable phenomenon is part of a deliberate campaign to INVADE our country with troublesome, problematic, potentially hostile forces in order to sap our strength, overwhelm us, and undermine our sovereignty by PHYSICALLY altering the OBLITERATING our IDENTITY as a people.

    Once we have been conditioned to forget who we once were, and can, therefore, no longer recognize ourselves, we will be CONQUERED -- dead meat laid on the slab for whatever butcher wants to chop us up and feed us to The Wretched of the Earth who will then devour us.

    Once we are gone, God help EVERYONE. We truly WERE "The Last best Hope for Mankind." I's a tragedy for Civilization and for countless future generations that we permitted vicious sophists, unprincipled iconoclasts and dreary malcontents to infiltrate our national consciousness and persuade us to abandon all faith in ourselves.

    Jersey is absolutely RIGHT. The list of links to articles from many disparate sources reveals just how HATEFUL the tactics are that have been sedulously, ruthlessly, cunningly used against us by the powers that be.

  17. Jesse Jackson complains: "If Obama Can Give Illegal Minors $4 Billion, He Can Give Chicago Youths $2 Billion."

  18. Scofferino says

    Jesse Jackass! Yeah yeah yeah! Does anybody really a give a shit what that fathead says anymore?

  19. FT, man, you have some serious issues.


  20. As a person who gives generously to the less fortunate on a routine basis, and has never been able to pass up a stray kitten or a lost puppy without trying to do something to help it, I suppose i should be on the side of the "liberals" on this issue. Maybe, but THIS disgusting mess has all the earmarks of a PUT UP JOB, and it STINKS to high heaven.

    The fiendish manipulators and master baiters who comprise the cadre of Leftist Agitators and Activists is once again CYNICALLY EXPLOITING yet-another tragically underprivileged group in order to gain political leverage. I have great sympathy for these poor children, -- regardless of what age they may be, -- BUT they are merely being USED as PAWNS in yet-another vicious Power Grab.

    Somehow, leftists ALWAYS manage to portray the TRUE targets of their machinations as "cold, unfeeling, uncaring uncharitable, greedy, selfish monsters" when it is the LEFTISTS, themselves, who have CREATED the crisis to begin with.

    Consequently, IF natural-born American citizens who DARE to speak up in defense of our territorial integrity and legal rights as citizens, WE get branded as "vicious" Racists, Bigots, Nativists, would-be-Klansmen –– you name it.

    I don't know about YOU, but I am sick and tired of being VICTIMIZED by these swaggering, scheming, disingenuous, self-righteous, hypocritical, game-playing FIENDS.

    [And YES, to those querulous, nitpicking busybodies, who make a career of spying on many blogs in the hope of finding a good excuse to pounce on perceived violations of "netiquette," this IS a sanitized, lightly emended repetition of remarks I posted recently at Western Hero. So what! They are as appropriate to this post as as they are to any other on the subject of uncontrolled, frankly insurgent, ILLEGAL immigration. We are being INVADED. There's no other word for it.]



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