Thursday, July 3, 2014

Even in a world that makes no bones about calling  Barack Obama an Asshole and Hillary Clinton a Cunt 
still has to be 


You see when you truly hate something, the best way to deal with it is to 


  1. I'm no historian, but I think world war 2 may have had more geopolitical impact than the works of Brooks and Chaplin combined.

  2. IZZAT so, Jez?


    What an astonishingly astute, penetrating observation! MORE than an observation -- it's a REVELATION.

    I'm bowled over -- flabbergasted -- done in.

    There's nothing left to be said.

  3. I register your sarcasm (and I hope you detected mine -- I was writing in Groucho Marx's voice), but I note with regret that the lessons of WW2 sometimes seem to elude you.

  4. I never cared for Groucho any more than I cared for his brother Karl.

    And just what do YOU think the lessons we should have learned from WWII might have been?

    C'mon. SPELL IT OUT. I dare you. ;-)

    In any event whatever virtue or positive values we were supposed to get out of The Great War (really an extension of WWI, of course), it's patently pbvious we've failed miserably.

    As it has turned out, the victors have lost a great deal more than the losers -- all of whom have gained a great deal of ground, because of OUR altruism and magnanimity -- and all at OUR expense.

  5. "LAMPOON it to DEATH"

    ...or even better, take it much more seriously than it takes itself, so as to expose it's undisclosed underbelly.

  6. ...or better (starting @ 15:42 on early Czech films)

  7. EXPERIENCE the new freedom of "Eastern" (aka - Crony) capitalism...

    ...or NOT!

  8. The parallels between Nazi Germany and Present day American conservatism are laid out well in Professor Leonard Piekoff's 1980 book " The Ominous Parallels." Worth the read, of course it is best read with an active inquisitive nature. Some would say with an open mind.

  9. A. Lurker said


    A Jewish intellectual of course, right? Gotta be.

  10. The "parallels" are just as true for American "progressivism"... only THAT statement violates the Left's LAW of Critical Theory (always impugn the OTHER guy's motives and feign an absence of dominating and/or controlling motives in your own position).

    Oh wait, Trotskyite Global International Communists lack a need for a foreign scapegoat population. That's okay, the kulaks and capitalists are a MUCH more arbitrarily identifyable internally dangerous group that they can oppress. Totalitarianism is SAFE for the Communist World.

  11. Rather boring Borscht Belt schtick. Terribly repetitive.
    Just have Hitler mince around and you have a hit?

    Doesn't have anything on To Be or Not to Be.

  12. Just because you realize the purpose of lampoon, FT, does not mean you have an facility with it.

    Back to your love of (m)Ann Coulter.

  13. I doubt very much, Canardo, that you have ever had the experience of enjoying an honest belly laugh -- even once -- in your life.

    Dreary, deadpan humorlessness coupled with an incessantly mocking, scolding, scornful demeanor and bearing are primary Hallmarks of the Left. Another would be the overt desire to refashion the world to suit their soul-deadening Weltanschauung and to boss others around at will with impunity.

    In this regard the Left is no different from the forces that brought about The Coliseum, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, Cromwell's Persecutions, the deadly doings of the Ku Klux Klan, today's Islamaniacal Jihadists or any good ol' fashion' garden variety Lynch Mob.

    If I felt the way you do about life, I would
    d have committed suicide long ago.

  14. By the way, A. Lurker, the professor's name is PEIKOFF not PIEKOFF, and he is, indeed, Jewish, as was his Idol, Ayn Rand (née Rosenbaum), and most of her close-knit circle of friends and disciples, but so what?

    What, if anything, could that possibly have to do with the quality -- or lack thereof -- in his thinking?

  15. Ducky loves the mythical workers, perhaps we need to begin lampooning THEM!

    Especially the unionized workers...

  16. Cuz we can't lampoon Blacks, Hispanics, women, homosexuals, or any OTHER members of the Democratic "coalition".

  17. All the lessons from the wars boil down to just one thing, IMO.

    For God's sake, don't let's have another bloody war.

    The idea behind not punishing the losers was twofold
    a) it is a unjust to blame the population for the crimes of the dicatatorship by which they were enthralled,
    b) to learn the lesson of WWI, which is that excessive punishment foments future conflict.

    Also, I think there are some lessons to be taken from the holocaust. Enlightenment thinkers were already aware of the tyrannous majority; the Nazi's provide a monstrous example. I hear warning bells whenever I see minorities defamed, or seductive propaganda, or personal charisma. These are not all inherently bad things, but they are not to be trusted.

    There are strategic lessons of course, which I don't pretend to much grasp of.

    What do you have in mind?

    I assume you would agree that the Nazis odious in the 1940s, but I wonder what your view of them circa 1935 would be? Before any big military expansions etc., he's just being a dick to selected sections of his own citizens.

  18. ...before all the multi-cultural apologists emerged...

  19. Let's just defame "majorities" for a change!

    Oh, wait, that wouldn't be a change...

  20. Ms. Shaw is gonna be pissed at you for this!! Naughty boy

  21. I love Andrew Klavan, of course, but he's "E-Z." No mystery there -- and frankly little depth. Lots of fun. That's all.

    Zizek is another matter. Often I love him, but today I find gim a bit confounding. It's very difficult to accept thoughts that sound like commendation of the motives and methods of Joe Stalin.

    What next? Caligula and Vlad the Impaler portrayed as much misunderstood benevolent eccentrics just a little bit ahead of their times? ;-)

  22. Really? You don't like Vlad Tepes the Christian defender of Wallachia against Sultan Mehmed II and the Ottoman General Mahmut Pasha?

  23. I'm sure that Joe Stalin had a few good qualities, much as I'm sure that Barack Obama has a few. It's just that those qualities seldom shine through in situations that would lead to better results for the vast majority of people.

  24. @FT -- I doubt very much, Canardo, that you have ever had the experience of enjoying an honest belly laugh -- even once -- in your life.
    I can assure you my sense of humor is fine although I do admit that Mel Brooks eludes me.

    Just not very sophisticated.
    Of course we know that FT can't brook disagreements but if he thinks this is the epitome of bad taste, someone should rent him Pink Flamingos.
    Have to admit I laughed at that one although I felt a little guilty.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    think i'll skip it.

  27. The quickest end to homosexual rights in America and the world will come by letting the lobby expose itself for what it really is.

    There are reasons why it got itself banned in the past.

    Pink Flamingo's? You ain't seen nothing freaky.

  28. I reject direct evidence of coprophagia and all references to it and other depraved, Sado-Masochistic perversions and practices as "Beyond the Pale" -- meaning outside the realm of LEGITIMATE Cultural Reference and Unworthy of Public Attention.

    In other words the less said about it the better.

    Leave it to Canardo to try to rub our noses in something demented, unworthy and utterly vile.

  29. the less said about it the better.

    Really? You think that now that Homosexual Marriage has been sanctioned, LESS will be said about it's practices and/or observed in the popular culture, especially by its' advocates?

    The time for saying less has passed. It's time to expose its' pederastic beating HEART so that we can get BACK to being a society with ideological "unwritten rules" about NOT talking about homosexuality and/or other crude sexual practices.

    Society IS becoming cruder for a reason, FT. The unity of the past, with all its' "unwritten rules", covered through politeness and social etiquette are OVER. Our ideological "social fabric" has unravelled.

    Politics now infuses EVERYTHING. And politics is simply a war without overt acts of violence. It's a violence that one commits in the "other's" MIND.

    Now put on your apex, and get back to weaving! I need more apicula for a new laena.

  30. For only a new or repaired ideological cloak can hide my obscene nakedness from public display!

    Silence is born of shame. And the gays have NONE of it!

    The "devil" has already done his work. It's time to speak His Word aloud again!

  31. Whispering homosexuality's "unspoken" practices in public is necessary again. The Emperor wears "no clothes". He is "naked" underneath his PC cloak. ;)

  32. If a guy says he prefers brunettes, or a girl says she likes beards, do you immediately imagine them in the throws of physical passion? Seems you do when homosexuals make the equivalent remarks.

    " that Homosexual Marriage has been sanctioned, LESS will be said about it's practices..."

    The institution of marriage coarsened ancient cultures with increased reference to heterosexual "practices"?
    Who knew?

    Marriage isn't a crude sexual practice, and it's a mistake to reduce anyone's love life to a sex act.

    Perhaps it would be more productive for you to work on your own obsessions.

  33. I can hardly way to go to the theatre's and experience the classy neo-metrosexual equivalents of the below exchanges...

    Aristophanes, "The Women at the Thesmophoria"

    Euripides: There is an Agathon …
    Kinsman: You mean the suntanned one, strong guy?
    Euripides: No, a different one. You’ve never seen him?
    Kinsman: The one with the full beard?
    Euripides: You’ve never seen him?
    Kinsman: By Zeus, never, as far as I can recall.
    Euripides: Well, you must have fucked him, though you might not know it (38-45).


    Slave: For that craftsman of poesy, Agathon our helmsman, prepares-
    Kinsman: to get fucked? (63-5).


    Slave: He’s warping fresh strakes for his verses; some he planes down, others he couples, minting aphorisms, swapping meanings, channeling wax and rounding the mold and funneling metal-
    Kinsman: and giving blow jobs (70-5).


    Kinsman [mimicking the slave]: One who’s ready, for you and your craftsman of poesy too, to fashion and mold and funnel this cock of mine into your back portals (63-5).


    Agathon: To be a poet one must suit his fashions to the requirements of his plays. If, say, he’s writing plays about women, his body must partake of women’s ways.
    Kinsman: So if you’re writing about Phaidra, you straddle your boyfriend?
    Agathon: If one writes of manly matters, that element of the bosy is at hand. But qualities we do not have must be sought by mimicry.
    Kinsman: Well, let me know when you’re writing about satyrs: I’ll get behind you with my hard-on and show you how (170-8).


    Agathon: Misfortune should by rights be confronted not with tricky contrivances but in a spirit of submission.
    Kinsman: You certainly got your wide asshole, you faggot, not with words but in the “spirit of submission”! (217-21).

  34. Oh, wait... I don't need to go to the theatre to visualize this, I can just watch HBO!

  35. Mainstreaming the full monty of fisting and fudgepacking can't be all that far away.

    You can't recruit w/o a commercial and a *wink-wink* "Everybody does it! Why not YOU!."

  36. "Momus, go to them now, and revile them whilst they remian in their newgained reveries!

  37. MOMUS = the God of Mockery, Scorn, Derision, Lampooning, Satire.

    Definitely my kind of guy! };-)>



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