Sunday, January 20, 2013




The following list was posted anonymously among the comments at GeeeeeZ, then edited and revised extensively. I’d love to see it analyzed and criticized quietly, honestly and intelligently here. 

Do you sympathize with the compiler?

Does his list strike you as a joke?

Does it represent deep thought?

Do you dismiss it as a pack of lies?

Do you resent its having been published?

“Liberalism is evil, and I cannot stand 
dealing with liberals any longer.”

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I recommend treating this as a TRUE and FALSE Quiz. Your elaboration on any point or points in particular would be welcomed gladly.  ~ FT]

1. Liberals want to suffocate you with ever increasing laws and regulations.

2. Liberals care more about the criminals than the victims of crime.

3. Liberals want to imprison someone defending himself longer than the criminal who commits the crime.

4. Liberals detest free thought and are extremely narrow minded.

5. Liberals want NO ONE to be able to defend himself with any weapon at all.

6. Liberals will lawyer you to death.

7. Liberals hate ALL firearms and guns, stun devices, pepper sprays, knives, any type of self defense.

8. Liberals are extremely stupid and have no desire not to be stupid.

9. Liberals want to circumvent and subvert the U.S. Constitution.

10. Liberals would enforce Political Correctness as though it were the law of the land.

11. Liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites in public life.

12. Liberals respect the First Amendment only when speaking THEIR views.

13. Liberals believe that a liberal government ALWAYS knows what's best for everyone.

14. Liberals are taxing citizens at higher rates than most kings of the past have ever done.

15. Liberals want everyone to follow every mindless trend or fad.

16. Liberals talk compassion for victims, yet would gladly create a multitude of victims by taking away our means self defense.

17. Liberals are some of the most superficial individuals alive.

18. Liberals want a constitution with one rule only: OBEY the GOVERNMENT.

19. Liberals look at life and society from a very narrow perspective.

20. Liberals present myriad solutions to problems that don’t work, because liberals know so many things that aren't true.

21. Liberals would disarm and disband the military, if they could.

22. Liberals, when talking politics, forget years of friendship and become tediously didactic, and, if left unchecked, will subject you to passionate polemical rhetoric and catechize you with legalistic thinking at the drop of a hat.

23. Liberals blame non-liberals for criminals acting the way they do.

24. Liberals tend to conform blindly to the pseudo ideals with which they've been indoctrinated.

25. If liberals had a motto it might be; The Government and the Criminals Among Us Are Your Only True Friends.

26. Liberals would advocate protecting the environment for "The Speckled Flat Tailed Manure Worm" –– or whatever –– even if the policy deprived hundreds of thousands of the currently unemployed from getting jobs.

27. Liberals talk about Civil Rights for everyone, yet defy long held, immensely popular tradition by doing everything possible to balk and thwart over displays on public property of anything related to Christianity.

28. Liberals tend always to complain and condemn. They seem arrogant, enraged, condescending and dismissive of opposition.

29. Liberals want to place more and more restrictions on what you are able to purchase –– for you own good, and good good of society, of course.

30. Liberals would like to fine you ever increasing amounts for failure to cooperate with recycling programs.

31. Liberals would make an ostentatious display of mourning the execution of a mass murderer, but would not shed so much as a crocodile tear for even ne of his many victims.

32. Liberals use affected catch phases such as "time out" or "time in," normally reserved for toddlers in everyday communication with adults.

33. Liberals tend to be cowardly, so they and admire and look up to criminals for strength.

34. Liberals have a rule when attacked by a criminal, roll up in a ball and suck your thumb.

35. Liberals want the criminal to sue you, if you defend yourself in any way that hurts the criminal, physically –– or even psychologically.

36. Liberals would encourage you to hug everyone in sight, even when you have the flu.

37. Liberals are well known for pushing themselves into your space,
 getting in your face, and lecturing or badgering you about issues they think ought to concern you. They are famous for doing this at inappropriate times such as cocktail and dinner parties.

38. Liberals want to force every available vaccination upon you –– even against pathogens you are in no danger of catching.

39. Liberals want to outlaw toy plastic guns of all types for children, because they think it teaches them to act violently.

40. Liberals claim to hate bullies, yet they fully encourage outrageous bullying by The State against those who publicly advocate and promote policies held in contempt by liberals.

41. Liberals hide true violent crime statistics of unarmed population centers.

42. Liberals hope one day to outlaw all hunting and fishing.

43. Liberals strongly disapprove of so-called "Preppers" and "Survivalists," because they would prefer to see EVERYONE assemble in miles-long columns waiting interminably to receive whatever crumbs FEMA chooses to hand out after disaster strikes.

44. Liberals would prefer the majority to behave like insect drones –– mindless, useless members of a Human Hive controlled by a liberal Queen Bee.

45. Liberals classify any recognition and criticism of flawed behavior on the part of members of any particular race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, or identifiable minority as a Hate Crime.

46. Liberals feel more pity for the serial rapist with AIDS than for his victims.

47. Liberals are either absolute control freaks, or absolute wimps with no will, no spirit and no ideas of their own 
willing at all times to receive their marching orders from Big Brother or Big Nanny.

48. Liberals tend to regard mavericks –– those independent individuals with characteristics that set them apart from the herd –– as"persons of interest" and potential "Enemies of The State." 

49. Liberals want the country to function of the proceeds from the moral equivalent of  ever-mounting credit card debt.

50. Liberals have managed to turn the process of transforming ourselves from a Creditor to a Debtor Nation into an Art.

51. Liberals would rather have us buy cheap junk from the Red Chinese than high quality goods made in the U.S.A. Why? Because liberal policies towards greedy, thuggish Labor Unions have effectively priced American Labor and American-made products virtually out of existence.

52. Liberals nickel and dime you to death.

53. Liberals tend to be dour, humorless, captious, deadly serious, highly volatile, and hyper-critical. 

54. Liberals tend to feel thrilled at the prospect of abominations like; higher taxes, gun control, more restrictions, bigger government, and Barack Obama.

55. Liberals are wonderful at censoring anything the don't like.

56. Liberals would tax every breath of air you take, if they could find a way to do it.

57. Liberals tend to be wet blankets; they take the fun out of everything.

58. Liberals raise their children to have no higher ambition than learning how to work the system to get as much support from welfare programs as they possibly can.

59. Liberals favor two occupations: Trial Lawyers and Taxing Authorities.

60. Liberals have a very high opinion of themselves,  carry themselves around with an insufferable air of moral superiority.

61. Liberals believe guns, themselves, are evil, and that the criminals who use them to maim and murder are in fact victims of the NRA.

62. Liberals have a deep hatred of anyone that speaks of defending himself by using lethal force against his attackers.

63. When liberals talk, they make a lot of noise, but rarely make much sense. 

64. Liberals not-so-secretly worship Karl Marx.

65. Liberals don’t want to leave you alone, instead they heckle, badger, question, demand explanations and mercilessly wear you down with "Jesuitical Logic," until finally you get so exhausted from the constant buffeting, you'll agree to anything just to get the bastards to SHUT UP.

66. Liberals are eager to monitor everything you do at all hours of the day and night. The emergence of a totally controlled society where no one could possibly step out of line for even a second without suffering swift and deadly reprisal is their dream.

67. Liberals are masters at engendering feelings of guilt, shame and responsibility in those innocent of any wrongdoing, other than the attainment of a reasonable degree of prosperity. 

68. Liberals override logic, reason, and good common sense with feelings of ersatz compassion for  the "victims of society" most of whom tend to be misfits, malcontents, malingerers, and violent criminals.                 

69. Liberals believe that a criminal has the right to be kept safe anywhere, even when he's inside your home holding a weapon on you and your family.

70. Liberals would rarely step in and use physical force to the aid a victim of assault and battery, instead they might call 911.

71. Liberals will use every legal trick in the book to frustrate and stymie your efforts to profit from your investments and your ingenuity. Their primary motive for this is to let you know that it's they –– not you –– who's in control. 

72. Liberals tend to be crafty, devious, and manipulative. They have no compunctions against using deception to get what they want, because they firmly believe their ends are so worthy they justify whatever means may be necessary to get implemented.

73. Liberals have evil intentions behind the honeyed words they use telling us their only intent is to benefit all of society.

74. Liberals would abridge the Constitution to exclude any mention of God in public spaces. 

75. Liberals work to turn perfectly satisfactory standard household items like old-fashioned toilets and incandescent light bulbs into into contraband. 

76. Liberals continually flood the system with new increasingly intrusive laws and ever-more tightening restrictions, that even a lawyer can’t keep up with. The object is to keep everyone confused, off balance –– and increasingly vulnerable –– to public embarrassment, fines and imprisonment for violations of increasingly thorny, convoluted, incomprehensible statutes.

77. Liberals do everything possible to make people forget what freedom truly means, which is why their minions in the Education and Publishing Industries continually indulge in historical revisionism. 

78. Liberals attempt to pass laws to force everyone to adopt mass conformity to whatever version of a New Deal may be currently in vogue.

79. Liberals expect you never to question their authority.

80. Liberals would like to us into a menacing Police State not unlike that of the Third Reich or the Soviet Union where the police are greatly feared and act as a para-military arm of the Central Government and 
have the power to deprive you of your liberty at will.

81. Liberals have no idea of what true justice really means.

82. Liberals automatically regard anyone who opposes them as a radical trouble maker and potential Enemy of the State.

83. Liberals consider it a rightful duty to publish the names of law-abiding gun owners, but would quickly label it a  violation of their Civil Rights if the addresses of all welfare recipients, known felons, and recipients of an abortion were published.

84. Liberals dream of the day when taxes become so high that you get to keep nothing from your paycheck. Instead of money, the government would issue you stamps or coupons redeemable at government-controlled supply depots 
for whatever the government decides you ought to have –– depending on availability, of course. 

85. Liberals like to blame a certain race for unfair treatment in the distant past of another certain race for whatever violent crime that race currently commits.

86. Liberals hope eventually to make cash illegal, and prohibit the ownership of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, plus gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal in more than token amounts.

87. Liberals say they can’t abide criminal profiling, but continually indulge in the practice where anyone who declares himself a patriot, who believes in the Constitution, who is active on behalf of the Christian religion and wants to keep and bear arms for his own protection and that of his family and close associates is concerned.

88. Liberals blindly accept anything written by liberal professors, liberal news analysts as fact.

89. Liberals have created Food Police to make sure you can’t be served what <i>they</i> deem bad for your health or too great a quantity.

90. Liberals want to abolish states rights and put everyone under the direct control of an increasingly strong central Government whose policies are bound  become more and more arbitrary and are less and less subject to democratic control.

91. Liberal activists tend to be fanatical and intensely self-righteous abut their pet causes, and thus become quite capable of insane over-reaction when someone disturbs something on the order of a bat cave or the habitat of some rare breed of mouse –– or the right of a mother to kill her unborn baby.

92. Liberals, who early on were most easily recognized by their rude, disruptive tactics, outlandish appearance, and fiery, accusatory rhetoric have lately become better dressed, and have adopted a more urbane, civilized, blandly reasonable tone to make themselves appear less threatening and more in control. 

93. Many liberals have little or no morality, and behave wildly on animalistic impulses, while favoring bizarre, grotesque, obscene and morbidly self-destructive practices.

94. Liberals would prefer all voting precincts to be set up within 500 feet of a welfare office.

95. Liberals lend full support to the movies that celebrate extreme violence, Sadomasochism and other perverted forms of behavior, yet try to take away the rights of decent family-oriented people to their freedom of expression, self-determination, and self defense in real life.

96. Liberals have no qualms about using the graves of gunshot victims like a soapbox to shout anti-gun rhetoric at a nation still reeling and staggering from the shock of sudden tragic loss by violence. This cynical seizure of every sad, regrettable, unsettling event to use as an opportunity to further the liberal advance toward despotism is contemptible in the extreme.

97. Liberals would undoubtedly love to have a GPS implanted in everyone’s hand or head in order to render escape from Big Brother physically impossible.

98. Liberals fully believe in equal opportunity employment for fellow liberals. Non union members need not apply.

99. Liberals would be comfortable with classifying anyone and everyone who refuses to submit to liberal-style Command and Control as a dangerous lunatic 
who should be relegated to a State-controlled mental institution.

100. Liberals have no idea the value of money and will spend themselves, their country, and the world into bankruptcy and the poverty and despair that inevitably must follow.


  1. Do you sympathize with the compiler?

    No, I pity the moron

    Does his list strike you as a joke?

    Not as big a joke as a person who would post it in a spirit of seriousness.

    Does it represent deep thought?

    For the fringe right, yes.
    For a hammer, no.

    Do you dismiss it as a pack of lies?


    Do resent its having been published?

    No, I enjoy it when the fringe right make asses of themselves.

  2. Oh my. This is what a bunch of whiners, mulers, and pukers [ala Wm. Shakespeare] resort to when they're too cowardly to go up to people they don't like and poke them in the eye.

    I fell over laughing after reading the first 3. This is something a bunch of mean girl 7th graders would post on facebook about the popular crowd they can't get into.


    Talk about anti anti. LOL!

  3. How about religious institutions? Can you affirm them, as well?

  4. We suggested treating the entire list as a True and False Quiz, followed by analysis of specific points, didn't we?

    That should have implied that we regard some of these statements as false, and many to be partially true at best. We did not endorse the list.

    We asked you to look at it carefully, think about it, and make responsible criticisms.

    We realize that is asking a lot in this land of foregone conclusions, knee jerk reactions, free-floating hostility, and childish displays of bad temper from a multitude whose primary raison d'etre seems to be an endless search for items to sneer at, dismiss without thought, and categorically condemn as unworthy of consideration.

    Liberals and Conservatives alike -- and The Great Gray Brotherhood in Between -- are guilty of this lazy minded behavior.

    Tut tut! Surely we could -- and should -- do better than that.

  5. ...I suppose "conservatives" are the only "whiners". Just ask a liberal, she'll tell ya.

  6. In case you never noticed, "Critical Theory" isn't exactly a "Conservative" approach to philosophy and/or the social sciences.

  7. Having difficulty following the instructions of the assignment, Ducky? I would argue that your assumption that FT agrees with this drivel is just as bad as the compiler's assumption that all liberals are evil freedom haters. Perhaps the lesson from this is that it's dangerous to jump to conclusions?

    Anyway, I find this list amusing because at least half of the things purported to be the sentiments and behaviors of liberals very easily be applied to conservatives.

    I mean let's talk about stifling debate and dissent. Surely we all remember the RNC shenanigans, yes? How they changed the delegate rules so they could remove "dissenting" delegates and replace them with whomever they wanted?

    And surely we remember the Maine primary, which was blatantly and unabashedly defrauded in favor of Mitt Romney over Ron Paul (the fact that winning Maine would not have helped Ron Paul is irrelevant).

    Some of the things on this list hold true, but about 95% of it is pure hogwash. A lot of my friends are liberal, and although I disagree with them on a lot of things, at no point have I ever thought that they care more about criminals than their victims, or that they support government tyranny.

    In fact, if I recall, it was the liberals (and intelligent conservative) who stood up against the tyranny of the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay, while many conservatives argued that such actions were necessary for our "safety."

    The Liberals--just like well-meaning conservatives who would love to deport every Muslim in the US--simply want what is best for the country. Sure, I think some of the things they advocate are pretty ridiculous and are the antithesis of liberty, but I abhor the notion of demonizing them as evil enemies of freedom.

    What is disheartening is that there are a lot of conservatives who will agree with the compiler's nonsense.

    So, FT, I would say that most of his assumptions are false.

  8. Also,

    I would think that this list was a joke, a bit of satire, if not for the fact that I actually KNOW conservatives who agree with the sentiments of the compilation.

  9. ...of course, no liberal would EVER consider "demonizing" a Republican....

  10. ...because SOMEBODY is responsible for the failed economic policies of the past four years... and SURELY it can't be THEM.

  11. @Jack Camwell --- I would argue that your assumption that FT agrees with this drivel is just as bad as the compiler's assumption that all liberals are evil freedom haters.


    Why would he bother posting something that blatantly asinine?

    As you say, there is no shortage of ass clown who believe this sort of thing.

  12. Like that Ayn Rand is the antiChrist? How stupid isTHAT?

  13. I would properly consider myself to be a Classical Liberal of the old school. One who believes in limited government and the right of the individual to lie life on Earth reasonably and rationally respecting the rights of others, whose rights begin where mine end, and vice versa.

    I know you'd probably say that's what a so-called conservative is today. Well how did this inversion of definitions come about and for what reason? Is it because reasonable people would never adopt the ideology of the socialist/communist/Marxist axis honestly and knowingly? Could well be the case and a viable reason for those who have been intent on enslaving humanity for more than a century. I don' think it's an accident that a noble idea in the history of the planet has been taken and inverted to become the ideology of the tyrants.

    If the writer had substituted Socialism/Communism/Marxism for Liberalism or Liberal then I'd agree completely with the writer of the thing. It's way to simplistic and posted only where the audience would be in agreement with it, making it more than a little suspect.

  14. One thing is absolutely certain:

    Liberals often betray their severe perceptual limitations at conservative blogs, and prove many of the assertions in FT's amusing list of One Hundred Reasons to Hate Liberals to be perfectly true.

    ------------> Katharine Heartburn

  15. ... and there are two ways to look at it. As Shaw says, it has the tone of something the mean kids would post on Facebook. The musings of little dears who are upset that the world hasn't recognized their brilliance and keep a copy of Atlas Shrugged on the nightstand.
    Forgivable adolescent angst.

    However, this bit of ass hattery was written by an adult and is being promulgated by adults. No forgivable adolescent angst, just stupidity that deserves ridicule.

  16. Ducky, exactly what in Atlas Shrugged do you disagree with? Rand nailed the problems of today way back in 1957 to a tee, IMO. She understood the Socialist/Communist/Marxist axis way better than any American "conservative" like William F. Buckley, a complete fraud.

  17. Ducky needs his adolescent Rand hate like Hitler needed the Jews. The "other" must have a face...

  18. Id duckman and the Left TRULY wanted to FREE themselves from capitalism, they'd all burn their money and become mendicants...

    ...but NONE on the Left have the courage for REALLY breaking free.

    *shakes head*

  19. Ducky, that's what you consider a critique of Atlas Shrugged? Superficial idiocy, IMO.

  20. Just to expand on the "theory" of Marxist-Leninist socialist/communist tyranny which was introduced into the real world in the October revolution of 1917 in Russia. Comrades like Ducky may theorize and speak shit every time they quack about the glories of socialism.

    Whatever one thinks of Ayn Rand , for whatever reason, she did witness the so-called glories of that Soviet tyranny introduced in 1917 in Russia. She knew from first hand observation and experience life as it existed under the jack boot of Marxist-Leninism. So moving to America and establishing herself as a writer in the so-called free world and observing the ideas and direction the country was heading as far back as the 1920's she was appalled that people would blindly and ignorantly fall for the shit that Ducky seems to think passes as "intellectualism" today.

    At least in this regard she was absolutely honest and correct in her observations (and her projections of the future of her adopted country).

  21. Hatred is a soul-destroying emotion that gets you nowhere.

    Regardless of the validity of the list, it got Shaw and Ducky going, didn't it?

    MSNBC is a 24/7 live and liberal version of this list, so I don't understand the great umbrage taking...

  22. Stay tuned, Kurt. We will spend the entire week here at FT's Blog examining and reexamining each of the assertions in blocks of 20 each day.

    Your MSNBC allusion is perfect, of course.



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