Saturday, January 5, 2013


Has life defeated you? I rather hope
Defeatist rhetoric will die aborning.
Though seen by many merely as a warning,
Each bitter word will serve to weave a rope

By which we’ll hang ourselves when the despair
We manufacture with denunciation
Of all the grievous faults that plague the nation
Convinces us our world’s beyond repair.

What good could we expect to come from that?
Affirmation is the only answer
To the questions posed by social cancer.
Get up and dance –– don’t bellow through your hat.

Although The Axe inevitably must fall,
Cringing will produce no good at all.

~ FreeThinke1/4/13


  1. Amen!

    Yes, we have plenty of reasons to be down in the dumps. But staying there doesn't do us one bit of good.

    Have a good weekend, FT. Mr. AOW and I are going out to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner.

  2. Now THAT is what I mean by "dancing," AOW!

    Enjoy yourselves.

    I suppose the Marxifabiasociaprogressolibdrats would furrow their brows, cluck their tongues and shake their fingers at us for daring even to suggest such a thing while the homeless line the streets, the ailing clog Emergency Rooms waiting hours to get a "healthcare professional" to tend to their sniffles, the Evil Rich have not yet been unseated and kicked to the curb, and fully seventy-percent of the nation is not yet on Food Stamps.

    Ain't it awful? Tut tut tut!

  3. Tragedy may be the cure for Lent, but every election day is but Shrove Tuesday for some, Ash Wednesday for others.

    ...and the cycle repeats.

  4. ...first as tragedy, later (today) as farce.

  5. ...and lets face it, the Republican Party today is naught but a FARCE!

  6. YUP! The entire government is reminiscent of H.M.S Pinafore only not so funny.

    I suspect it's been FARCEDY all along, Thersites.

    We appear to have reach the point where "truth" is defined or determined only by one's particular point of view. so we have "your" truth, "my" truth, "his" truth, "her" truth and "their" truth, then Hick Truth, Urban Truth, Suburban Truth, Minority Truth, Jewish Truth, Arab Truth, Oriental Truth, African Truth, Have Truth, Have-Not Truth, Straight Truth, Gay Truth, Catholic Truth, Protestant Truth, Atheist Truth, Nihilist Truth, etc., etc., etc.

  7. There is an absolute truth as well. Although few are capable of conducting a dialectic of absolutes ala Plato, "Parminides". But unfortunately, the result of THAT argument merely affirms the duality of the premises that originated it, that "Either One is not, or nothing is". And so the metaphysical "result" of those premises... that there is "Generation from Opposites" is the only "absolute" certainty of which we may be assured. To live and grow is "to change". Matter and Energy, E=Mc^2. Here today, gone to Maui.

  8. There is no meaning in a "closed" system. Meaning can only originate in an "open" one. Something "incomplete". perhaps we can agree, meaning "exists", but for it to continue to exist, it cannot reach an "end". ;)

  9. Now where did I put my objet petit 'a... and will I finally achieve "absolute" jouissance and transference to the Objet Grand 'A once I find it? ;)

  10. ...only it won't be quite so "immaculate" as a photon emerging out of a "quantum" change. ;)

  11. Too much "spin", Thersites. Careful or we might experience something resembling an entaglement of identities. Are you the particle, or the wave? ;)

  12. Is FJ et al. the result of subjecting an authentic human personality to the classic "two slits" experiment?


  13. "We live in the midst of a farcedy.
    "Thanks to the work of the Varsity
    "Life today's a sick joke.
    "What it needs is poke
    "In the arse," from a stool at the bar said he!


  14. long as we're at the bar, I'd prefer to be subjected to the two slut experiment...

    A kid comes home from school with a writing assignment. He asks his father for help. "Dad, can you tell me the difference between potential and reality?" His father looks up, thoughtfully, and then says, "I'll demonstrate.

    Go ask your mother if she would sleep with Robert Redford for a million pounds. Then go ask your sister if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million pounds. Then come back and tell me what you've learned." The kid is puzzled, but decides to ask his mother. "Mum, if someone gave you a million pounds, would you sleep with Robert Redford?" "Don't tell your father, but yes, I would, " she replies. He then goes to his sister's room. "Sis, if someone gave you a million pounds, would you sleep with Brad Pitt?" She replies, "Omigod! Definitely!" The kid goes back to his father. "Dad, I think I've figured it out.

    Potentially, we are sitting on two million quid, but in reality, we are living with two sluts Just go with the flow, its easier.

  15. Here is the Drag; see how it goes:
    Up on your heels; down on your toes.
    That's the way to do the Varsity Drag.

    Hotter than hot; newer than new;
    Meaner than meanl bluer than blue;
    Raise as much applause as waving a flag.

    You can pass many a class,
    whether you're dumb or wise
    If you all answer the call,
    When your professor cries:

    "Everybody, up on your heels; down on your toes
    Stay after school; see how it goes
    That's the way to do the Varsity Drag!"

    ~ from GOOD NEWS! with June Allyson, Peter Lawford, and I forget who all else. One hell of a good show!

    That's one of the ways we had fun back in the nineteen forties.

  16. Two sluts = two slits?

    My my my! What a NARROW view you have of women!


  17. What is it about poetry that makes everyone present want to talk about everything under the sun, BUT the verse at hand?

    Perhaps it's a kind way of saying, "It jest ain't worth discussin,' Bub?"

    Always a possibility, of course.

    I shall continue, however, to take comfort in critics of the past having roundly rejected and dismissed works of art later recognized as having particular significance.

    ~ FT

  18. Which of the three verses presented is currently at hand? I suppose that I lost track. ;)

  19. Meanwhile, I propose that we stoke the carnivalesque aspects of the most recent election in the most transgressive manner possible. Perhaps an "early Lent" (government shutdown) is in order. ;)



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