Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mr. Bill from New Hampshire Speaks Out on Gun Control and Pending Tyranny

Are you aware that FEMA under Homeland Security has used natural disasters as an excuse to build “Emergency Relocation Camps,” and that Homeland Security now defines veterans, gun owners and those who openly express belief in the Constitution as “terrorists?”

Guns, cars, knives don’t kill people.  People using them do. Certainly driving a car has far greater risk of injury or death –– yet we don't ban cars or stop people from driving.

Why was it so important to have an armed militia (citizens) as the Second Amendment defining our freedoms?  It wasn’t for hunting or self defense although both are included.  It’s because the militia are citizens defending citizens from the government, least ways as it was understood in 1787.

Government is supposed to work for the people –– not the other way around.

We need to have reasoned debates on guns versus the emotional roller coaster presented by the government media complex. I refer to it that way since it has become an incestuous business where the unionized media reporters, unionized bureaucrats, and "elected" government officials in their private lives are effectively married thus eliminating any hope for objectivity. That is what has created the neutered Fourth Estate we must endure today. 

Originally meant to represent the People as the fourth check on government power, media has become our Pravda –– swearing fealty to the Powers that Be.

Most of the killers like the guy in Connecticut are insane and you can clearly see they are insane –– just look at the eyes. 

Rather than take guns away I would prefer to make it mandatory for every single person to be trained in managing a weapon through the schools. Less fear and more respect of lethal weapons would result.

Additionally, I believe teachers should have the right to carry in order to be able to defend themselves and their students in case of attack. 

The evidence shows that taking guns from law abiding citizens leaves them defenseless because the criminals will always manage to have guns.

In the UK, Norway, and Australia, all of whom banned guns years ago, there is hard evidence that when guns are banned, gun CRIME (not necessarily murders) increases as the criminals know they have no opposition when they use one.

Let’s concentrate on enabling people who have mental illness to be more easily committed to an institution by their loved ones –– or themselves.

Let’s take kids off Ritalin and the other behavior modification drugs prescribed for the convenience of unionized teachers in the public schools. Too often these drugs are a causative factor in this problem of violence.  

Today, drugs are being used by parents who have no time –– or interest –– in properly training and disciplining their children. This is particularly true of single parents who work.   

The cause of erratic violent behavior isn't simply from looking at violence or playing games like Dungens and Dragons. It’s the chemical imbalance caused by drugs.

I, myself, have played the "violent video games" and grew up in the never ending multimedia violence in movies and on TV. So have hundreds of millions of others. Yet the numbers of violent crimes involving firearms is relatively small given the size of the overall population versus the number of gun owners.

I don't find myself contemplating homicide at all. I believe I am no different than the other 99.9% of people who’ve had a similar experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Although historically I have not been not a gun owner, I desire one now to protect myself and family from the pending chaos being imposed upon us. 

Are you aware that FEMA, under The Homeland Security, has used natural disasters to create and now hire guards for, "emergency relocation camps?" That should give everyone pause. Homeland Security is defining veterans, gun owners, and those who believe in the Constitution as terrorists. With fully half the country truly fed up with The Obama Regime, the mental climate seems to be getting closer and closer to that of the late 1700's.

Criminals will always find access to contraband, because burgeoning black markets quickly emerge to supply what they desire. Look at history and this is clear.  Let’s calm down and hold a reasoned debate and not be slaves to the government-media campaign for tyrannical rule and ultimate serfdom for American citizens.

~  Mr. Bill from New Hampshire


  1. Bill makes a good point and one that we rarely hear:

    Today, drugs are being used by parents who have no time –– or interest –– in properly training and disciplining their children. This is particularly true of single parents who work.

    I also have to wonder how many children have been conceived while their parents were under the influence.

  2. Homeland Security is defining veterans, gun owners, and those who believe in the Constitution as terrorists.

    We no longer live in America. We live in "America." I'm glad that I'm as old as I am.

    In this digital age, we are being "spied on" all the time. No place to hide, really. Everything we do is tracked by somebody. Sheesh.

    It will be easy for the government to identify many gun owners: they have permits to carry concealed, and they often own registered firearms.

  3. Who needs internment camps? Federal goodies seem to do a good job keeping everyone in line.

  4. They'll soon run out of the "goodies," SilverFiddle, and THAT is when "Detention" and" Re-Education" centers will come in handy.

    Nothing so fractious and disruptive as a spoiled child who is suddenly deprived of his candy.

    A population kept kept in diapers and imprisoned for life in their high chairs will ever be able to make responsible, adult decisions.

    We are stockpiling Social Dynamite in wholesale lots.

    ~ FT

  5. I meant NEVER be able, of course. Sorry!

    The typing deteriorates hourly, I swear. ):-c

  6. I don't think any possible causes of an individual's actions should be taken off the table, especially in the case of the Sandy Hook attack. It would be interesting to know from those close to the family when this young man's behavior started to go way off track. From what age did this become observable and what was done and what would they attribute this aberrant behavior to. What drugs, especially mind altering anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs were prescribed.

    I wouldn't completely rule out violent video games as being a contributing factor in young minds since they are excessively violent and brutal, and wouldn't that desensitize young minds to the reality of the violence they revel in playing these types of games?

    Regarding FEMA and "natural disasters" being used as an excuse to expand the power of the government to relocate people: That connection shouldn't be difficult to deduce. Was Hurricane Sandy a "natural disaster" or another perfect example of "amplified weather", since it serves a couple of evil purposes: Reinforcing the hoax of man made global warming (attributed to industrialization). The idea can be reinforced in the minds of the gullible that this is occurring by managing and amplifying violent weather and developing an extremely effective tool of war against human life on Earth.


    The above is a link to a story of a couple of Jewish kids of privilege and "edjumication". Seems they were involved in a bomb plot in NYC and as the story reveals some interesting connection that seem to indicate an eerie similarity to the Weather Underground, etc. Any possibility that they may be Bill Ayers clones? Ayers is the man who has ease of access to the White House under the BO administration.

    Would the White House or its close minions and acolytes be above setting up a false flag operation if it would advance their agenda? Would they let a crisis go to waste to advance their agenda, as the current mayor of Chicago has succinctly asked before?

  8. Waylon,

    Have you heard of HAARP, and if so what do you think of the possibility that advanced, technology sponsored and funded by "The Evil MIC," aka "The IlIuminati," aka "The Oligarchs," might be used to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions artificially to aid an inimical One Word Government agenda to dominate the world?

    Sound whacky?

    I'm not so sure.

    ~ FT

  9. Are you aware that FEMA, under The Homeland Security, has used natural disasters to create and now hire guards for, "emergency relocation camps?"
    Mr. Bill is a yenta.

  10. With fully half the country truly fed up with The Obama Regime, the mental climate seems to be getting closer and closer to that of the late 1700's.

    A conservative who admits the revolution was a civil war? Cool.

  11. FT, HAARP is what I was alluding to here. From my understanding there are seven installations around the world, including one in Alaska. I suppose these facilities are paid for by the taxpaying sheeple of the world, but the facilities are used by a group that one can envision as being more of the elitist scientific pipe smokers, that huff and puff on ways to control the world, reduce its population and exert absolute control over every aspect of life on the planet.

    The long lived lust of the tyrants of the world has been to develop more efficient means to control mankind, IMO. HAARP transmits powerful electronic shock waves deep into the ionosphere. It's been stated that this shock waves create tremendous amounts of heat above the Earth's atmosphere. Does anybody believe that this would create the symptoms that the "intellectuals" are trying to foist on the world about "Man made global warming"? It's man made alright, just not in the way they pretend it to be, IMO.

  12. I wish I could see you say that to Bill's face, Ducky. He'd make short work of you. A manlier man has yet to be born -- and he's very pleasant to boot. Wonderful husband an father dealing admirably with straitened circumstances.

    Try not to be so very much "in character" all the time. We know it's an act. Try rehearsing with some new material. Surprise us sometime.

    Happy New Year, you fractious creature you!

    ~ FT

  13. There of flocks of birds akin to Ducky at TDB. Not so oddly the dyed-in-the-wool leftists there sound in many ways just like Ducky—lots of heat very little light.

  14. Hello again, Waylon.

    HAARP deserves a great deal more attention that I've seen it getting anywhere in the blogosphere.

    I only heard of it, myself, recently, and know very very little. It certainly sounds like something Ian Fleming might have conjured up in one of his wilder moments.

    Unfortunately, there is no James Bond waiting in the wings to come to the rescue of this fragile. vulnerable world filled with ignoramuses -- just as there is no Perry Mason in the "legal community" ready to go to work 'round the clock seven days a week to rescue those in dire straits.

    Everyone in power seems to be either a hawk or a vulture.

    What never ceases to amaze me is how so many best with a high IQ, and a strong capacity to function well are so ready, willing, able -- EAGER -- to dismiss the abundant evidence that we are in great danger as mere poppycock -- or the prattling of a bunch of yentas, as Ducky calls them.

    If you've ever read any of Margaret Truman's mystery novels (quite good examples of the genre surprisingly) the atmosphere she creates often hints that dark, nefarious, out-of-control, destabilizing elements within the government are ceaselessly at work. Having been quite mature at the time of her father's presidency, I imagine she must have been in a position to know a great deal about such things -- especially given the times.

  15. FT, there's lots of info on HAARP available. Some is much more scientific than some other references. All in all it's a powerful technology, and I'm not one who believes that it wouldn't be used for nefarious purposes given the character of many of today's leaders, especially in your country.

    I haven't read anything by Margaret Truman. Is she the daughter of Harry Truman? If so I guess she'd know some inside stuff.

    When I first saw James Bond, I thought it was way too futuristic and thought is was good fictional entertainment. Today if you go back to look at some of the early movies you can see his futuristic visions became reality in a very short time. Apparently Ian Fleming was an agent of MI5, so he wrote from a perspective of inside information.I think he did some pretty awful things, not only against enemies of the day but also against some of his own people.

  16. Homeland Security is defining veterans, gun owners, and those who believe in the Constitution as terrorists.

    Gun loons I understand but just what constitutes belief in the Constitution?

    Does Mr. Bill have a specific interpretation that alone passes muster? It really is quite preposterous.

    What's TDB?

    Classic Mr. Bill

  17. Ying and Yang... Will continue just as it always has been.

  18. I like this man's attitude.

    Brother Nathaniel says he found the path to righteousness and the light in Boston by converting from Judaism to Russian Orthodox Christianity ...

  19. A discussion of how Christianity and Christmas has been undermined, by my new-found good guy, Brother Nathaniel ...

  20. Reminds me of varieties of Religious experience by William James -- America's early psychologist who achieved international recognition.

    I think his stuff may have real value, because it came along before Freud and the other masters of obfuscation, perversion and exploitation entered the picture.

    So much to know! Too much to read! So little time left!

    ~ FT

  21. Ducky, that link is cute, but it AIN'T relevant.

    Reminds me of Teletubbies.

  22. I read James' "On the Varieties of Religious Experiences" and am afraid, didn't think much of it as it is filled "chock full" of the philosophy of "pragmatism". I much preferred Freud. He was much LESS compromising in his ideals. ;)

  23. There's still some time, FT. You should give Freud another go. You may not appreciate his "Moses and Monotheism", but I suspect that you might enjoy "Civilization and Its' Discontents" and/or "Totem and Taboo". They're very well argued.

  24. ps - Psychophathology of Everyday Life" was a real eye opener for me. It was after applying some of its' concepts vis-a-vis "repression" that turned me into a "believer".

  25. I read The Future of an Illusion a long time ago, Thersites.

    Sorry, but that was enough for me.

    You and I differ as much of matters of faith as we do in musical taste, yet I consider you a good friend in this largely-hostile, militantly-ignorant arena better known as The Blogosphere.

    If my eyes weren't so very bad, I'm sure I would read more, but as you must know by now, printed books are impossible for me to read, and even the computer puts a great strain on my eyes. Not a copout, just a fact.

    I comfort myself with the certain knowledge that things could always be much worse than they are at present. At the same time I am comfortably resigned to the certainty that sooner or later "The Axe" will fall. (:-x

    I don't worry about it. I merely continue to hope for the best, while I strive to keep hostility to a minimum -- except when I engage in satire. };-)>

    Thank you for your many substantive contributions. Few have your high level of intellectual curiosity and acumen. I, Alas! do not, but appreciate it nonetheless.

    ~ FT

  26. I'll recommend the kindle to you again, because it solves so many of the problems you list. Also you can read all the out-of-copyright classics on it at no further cost. MUCH more comfortable than a back-lit screen!

  27. The Future of an Illusion, like Moses and Monotheism, was more or less religeo-centric. I wish you had seen more of the Left side of Freud's formidable intellect. :(



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