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The GOP and the New Culture

November 23, 2012

by Alan M Aszkler (edited and partially truncated by FT)

Obama won re-election in one of the worst economic periods in American history. Collectively the GOP brain trust is correct in their analysis of why Romney lost yet has missed the most fundamental point. The new America Culture just didn't feel good voting Romney.

Rush Limbaugh believes it's difficult to beat Santa Claus. 

Ann Coulter believes the country has reached the tipping point. 

Laura Ingram believes the loss was the fault of those running the Romney campaign. 

Bill O'Reilly, feels "Romney lost because he was an establishment Candidate and it's not a traditional America anymore."

Sean Hannity believes "It's time to start nominating disciplined, principled, conservatives –– men and women will who will defeat their opponents, not themselves." 

Newt Gingrich said, "We were clearly wrong on a whole range of fronts." 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attributed Romney's loss to a lack of "a specific vision that connected with the American people." 

Sen. Scott Brown, "We need to be a larger-tent party." 

Mitt Romney believed "The Obama campaign was following the old playbook of giving a lot of stuff to groups that they hoped they could get to vote for them and be motivated to go out to the polls."

Contrary to what is believed by the GOP leadership and conservative talking heads, the devastating loss of the presidency was not tied to a failure to expound the virtues of conservative values widely held by the majority of Americans. We have to promote conservative values to a new American culture that needs to feel good about voting conservative. We cannot make them vote conservative because it's the right thing to do. We need to attract the attention of the culture so they are ready to hear the conservative narrative.

In the last election, Republicans and Mitt Romney came across as the scolding parent to an audience of adolescents.

Romney, while preaching to adult conservatives, told the liberal children it's time to get out of bed, brush your teeth, put on your Sunday best because we are going to Church and that's final.

The electorate heard an overbearing parent telling them they must grow up; get to work, and work hard to make a better life.

And the RNC brain trust wonders why this message failed to pierce the cultural ear buds? OMG, Romney is not there to be my best friend for life!

How did this cultural shift happen?

Government monopoly of public education has facilitated a cultural shift since the era of the Great Society. Schools teach students to feign rational approaches to problem solving and filter decisions through emotions. How does it make you feel implementing your solution? Public education rewards effort over results, because it is not fair that students have different skills or abilities –– it's not your grades that count but how you feel about your attempts to pursue them! History is no longer about facts but is taught from an emotional perspective. 

America enslaved African Negroes to farm land stolen from the indigenous people. You shouldn't feel good about that nor should you be proud to be American.

Obama wooed voters with emotional focus-group tested messages, allowing them to accept the abysmal failure of his presidency. Voters re-elected him because it felt good to vote for him, again.

Overview of the DNC message, "vote for us because you should be free to do what you want when you want to do it!" No worries, the government will be there to provide for your needs and get this we will make those overbearing parents pay for it. ...
They heard the Message. Sa-weet! We can flip off the parents, smoke pot, have sex, party like a rock star or do whatever we want and Obama will make our parents pay for it. I'm voting for Obama!

So what needs to be done about it?

Romney's candidacy was the perfect representation of what a Reagan Conservative should be. He lost because America's cultural base has shifted from a self-reliant, God, Family, and Country culture to a nation of dependency looking to the government to provide for social needs, and to legislate fairness. America's populace [has been conditioned to be] willing to trade liberty for security. Hence any candidate preaching conservative values does not resonate with this New American Culture.

The RNC needs to accept that we have a culture of adolescents remaining there well into their 30's, and be knowledgeable of the cultural differences with the Hispanic, Black and Asian communities. Successfully broadcasting conservative values in a culturally specific message that allows each demographic to feel good about their voting decision is a winning strategy. ...

Conservatives believe all American's should have unlimited opportunities in a robust flourishing economy. All voters are welcome in our tents who want the freedom to choose their destiny. Our opponents are the party that wants you to believe you can do whatever you want without consequences, as long as you follow the government rules –– clearly an oxymoron.

Conservatives really do understand people want to have the freedom to make their own decisions and pursue happiness, we get that. We call it liberty. We believe that nobody likes an overbearing parent or overreaching government telling you what you can and cannot do.

We have solutions that are fair for all American's. Vote with us because when you are ready to succeed, you and all Americans will have great opportunities.

The RNC should spend a few million on anthropologists to study the new culture, determine why they vote, and promote a message to attract them. With the electorate ready any conservative candidate will succeed in 2016.

_________________________________________ is a Polish American conservative and frequent contributor to American Thinker and has been interviewed on national syndicated talk radio for works published here.


  1. Control the education system, control minds and, eventually, society itself.

    Once that imprint is made on young minds, it's impossible to undo that imprint. The brain must get rewired -- or something.

    In addition, schools have taken on a very significant role in the lives of students. Indeed, schools are "everything": food, drink, classes, extracurricular activities, social circles, etc.

    My outlook is not nearly as optimistic as that of Askler's. People are reluctant to exchange one sugar daddy for another because it is the nature of human beings not to risk security. Askler isn't exactly advocating for such a swap, I know.

  2. Most people are not prepared well, nor are they well suited for the blessings of liberty. And the more affluent we as a "nation" become, the more apparent this also, becomes. For the bonds of family have suffered mightily in constructing these bonds of "nationality," so much so that the Mommy State has now gained a "decisive" demographic ascendance.

  3. ...but then, this has always been the New Left's goal, to liberate "Eros" from an overly repressive "paternal" Thanatos.

    Now 47 million Americans (1/6th of ALL Americans) ask themselves..."Where's MY EBT card?"

    For only Eros can provide food for all... and ask nothing in return... until one day, she doesn't. Our modern Garden of Adonis is blooming! Enjoy the Adonia while it lasts. For once it's over, only the pots at the bottom of life's stream will remain.

  4. Isn't this the natural result of democracy, that people vote for handouts when they realize they can? Democracies don't last long for that reason. Not sure there's a cure for it but the dissolution of the whole mess, which is the next item on the agenda it seems to me, after which MAYBE there's a chance of reorganizing. Slight chance, very slight, but I don't see any cures from the present state of things. SOMETHING drastic is going to happen, has to.

    But also, there's a lot of evidence of voter fraud in this election and the last election, so I wouldn't assume this situation was VOTED for exactly.

    But any way you cut it the situation is pretty dismal.

  5. And as long as republicans and democrats continue to use the same play book the game, and results will continue to be status qou. Until...

    It't is getting so tedious.

  6. I agree with AOW. By controlling minds through education generations of people and be told what to think and inferring how to act from that. And those that actually learn how to think are marginalized and eventually destroyed.

    Funny how not only the powerful in Washington must receive "talking points" rather than form an honest opinion from evaluating factual reality. Since even on those higher levels being trained in "what to think" is evident lower echelons absorb mundane fragments from the media and culture to form their own mundane "talking points".

    This is the end result of a long term plan which has been in place for the greater part of the last century. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, I guess.

    Even more insidious than the controlled education and revised history of the real world is the imposition of a controlled monetary system. This while pretending to sell the charade of a "free market" and political freedom, which is also a victim.

    Who was it that said "give me control of the money of a nation and I care not who runs the country politically"? That's not a direct quote but I paraphrase the gist of the thing.

  7. I don't think the "spokes volk" cited in the article above would ever say this but somebody needs to:

    President Obama has been selected by a group of people to carry out the job which they have assigned him. Obviously they must think he's doing the job he was expected to do so he hasn't been replaced or carried out. By the same toke Romney was selected by the same group of powerful people behind the throne to do a job of running against the man chosen by them. I think he did the job he was expected to do — run a tepid campaign and above all do not delve into controversy which may inform and upset the populace against the chosen one.

  8. Waylon, all I can say is that you are a SAGE.

    That's because we think alike (most of the time ;-)

    Unless and until The Oligarchs can be fully identified -- unmasked, EXPOSED for what they are, DENOUNCED and TOPPLED from their "THRONES," things will plod on as they have been doing "progressively" for over a hundred years.

    It has always seemed obvious to me -- at least after the tragedy of Watergate -- that Ford, Dole, McCain and now Romney were somehow "instructed" -- or paid richly under the table in some way as yet unknown -- to take a "dive."

    Ronald Reagan must have been a "FLUKE" -- or perhaps even THAT seemingly happy phenomenon was calculated to throw us "off the scent" for a while? Who knows?

    I have lost faith in everything but Truth, Love, Intelligence, Principle, Creativity, Spirit, Character, and Beauty.

    The rest of it reminds me of a limerick I made up at least fifty years ago:

    A fraudulent fellow named Freud,
    Whose thinking cannot be enjeud,
    Said, "I've found, I confess,
    Mankind's Mind is a mess,
    And would be better off unempleud!"

    Maybe so!

    ~ FT



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