Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Students Celebrating Obama's Victory chant 
"Karl Marx! Karl Marx! Karl Marx!" 
in front of White House lawn.

What does this say to you about the quality of education in American universities today, and the pervasive mentality of society in general?


Headlines from linked to source and site:

Confirmed: David Petraeus voluntarily agreed to testify on Libya. Has notified all involved. - Fox

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 

Dr. Krauthammer says Petraeus, expecting to be protected, didn't jump, he was pushed. Oh, to have been in the room....

"As juicy as all that is, the story is leading inevitably
and inexorably back to Benghazi."

Not everyone in the White House is thrilled but
better to have out front where he can be watched.

"Total victories don’t exist in politics so long
as the losing side doesn’t surrender."


When Enough is Enough: If this Petraeus story wasn't
ultimately leading to unraveling of Benghazi,
you wouldn't read anymore.


Impeachment is extremely difficult, nearly impossible
... unless. Perhaps Ambassador Stephens and the SEALS
may not have died in vain after all.


  1. Remember the counterculture meme of the Sixties?

    The counterculture meme on steroids has now arrived.

    Youth are, often, rebellious by nature. Our education system and our society foster that rebellious spirit instead of trying to show that at least SOME of what is traditional is worthy of continuance.

  2. "By their fruits you shall know them..."

  3. Oh, to be young and "educated" today. These educated assholes chanting for socialism and Karl Marx fully ready to embrace their enslavement chains and the grinding impoverishment guaranteed to accompany it.

    Don't they even understand the source of the ideas they are embracing today are also embraced by the uber-wealthy such as the Rockefellers, who, of course, embrace the idea that competition in business is a sin?

  4. Confirmed: David Petraeus voluntarily agreed to testify on Libya. Has notified all involved. - Fox

    You think you're going to learn the truth?
    The naivete is shocking.

    Let me throw this out. The CIA was running an interrogation operation and the locals got wind of it. Happens you know.

    It really is amazing how the right can be worked into a lather on command. Just like Pavlov's dogs.

  5. Waylon, can you give a brief description of the labor theory of value?

    My guess is you don't know much about Marx.

  6. Would you follow that with a brief description of his thoughts on alienation and religion?

  7. The CIA was running an interrogation operation and the locals got wind of it. Happens you know.

    And so why isn't the Left raising a ruckus Abu Ghraib style?

    Hypocrites much?

    Close Gitmo... what a joke the Left is.

  8. ...while we're on the topic of economics, perhaps Mr. ducky could give us an explanation of Georges Bataille's "Law of Surplus"

  9. Ducky, I'd rather not work with theories, especially Marxian theories. I'm more reality oriented and as far as I know socialism, communism, Marxism and other forms of statism result in enslavement and impoverishment of the general population (that would be whenever and wherever it has been imposed).

    If you any proof to the contrary please correct me. And if you feel like expounding on the "labour theory of value", over to you sir. But please provide realistic examples of your pet theories.

  10. So many assumptions, Ducky, about how conservatives think -- and always so stupidly wrong.

    When you're honest and curious, I rather like you.

    When you indulge in the usual leftist "bomb-throwing," pseudo-intellectual, incendiary rhetoric and obfuscatory devices, and start acting as though sensible people need academic theories with names conjured up to make them sound significant propounded by know-it-all malcontents to understand reality, you're nothing but a pain-in-the-ass.

    It's no accident that Pedaguese rhymes with heads like geese and dread disease.

    ~ FT

  11. Hmmm, you don't understand Marx either.

  12. Remember, FT, you associate the social welfare state with Marx and in fact Marx has very, very little to do with the social welfare state.
    That started with Bismarck who hated orthodox Marxism.

  13. Oh I understand Marx. Batailles refutes him and all theories of classical economics.

  14. My favorite Marx has always been Harpo. Now THERE was a man of genuine talent;

    Groucho -- not so much.

    Karl no at all.

    Cheerio, my deario!

    ` FT

  15. ...and my favorite course on Economics was Xenophon's Oeconomicus, written 2,000 years before Adam Smith limitted the field to the study of a symbolic two entry-book accounting system.

  16. "Waylon, can you give a brief description of the labor theory of value?"

    Don't bother, Waylon. It is a madhouse theory completely disconnected from reality.

    If I spend two years constructing a gold-plated, steam-powered tricycle, somebody should pay me for my work, dammit!

  17. SF, I'm not sure why some supposedly educated folks insist that the theories of Karl Marx are worth delving into. The man was a mad jackass whose "theories" of state ownership of the means of production have been put into practice and by owning the means of production also gives the state the ownership of the individual.

    I guess the hallmark of the "Marxist intellectual" is the ability to suspend reason and rational thought and completely ignore reality.

    But I do like your summary of the Marxist "labour theory of value", sounds like something a whacked out leftist quack would embrace.

  18. Bismarck may have hated Marx, Ducky, but 'twas not Bismarck whose intellectual aggression poisoned, corroded and all-but ate the heart out of Western Christian Capitalism, now was it?

    The Fabians don't consider themselves Marxists either, but they share practically identical goals. Bolsheviks may have used the most hideous, overtly violent, wantonly destructive means and the Fabians the most civilized, refined, highly intellectual "softly" persuasive methods to achieve what you guys love to refer to as "Social Justice," but both movements would have us end up in the same dreary, economically deprived place where social paralysis is the rule and upward mobility no longer even a dream.

    The vilest, most dangerous and destructive influence of all, however, has been The Cultural Marxists to which I refer so often. Their power has developed insidiously through infiltration, subversion and perversion of society's institutions.

    A slow acting poison may not be detected in time to prevent the slow, agonized death of the host into whom it has been introduced.

    My fondest hope is that there is an especally horrid corner of hell reserved for Antonio Gramsci, each member of The Frankfurt School and all the vicious intellectual termites they spawned -- especially Saul Alinsky, who deserves to spend Eternity being drawn and quartered each day with no hope of relief from death.

    I wish that for ALL the great villains in history, and for everyone whoever took pleasure in inflicting torment on even one fellow human being.

    It may mollify you somewhat to note there are a lot of popes, bishops, priests and holy rollers who should share those camped ungodly quarters.

    And then there are the megalomaniacs -- i.e The Oligarchs -- who, if there is any justice in the universe, ought to be ritually disemboweled with a red hot poker each day over and over throughout Eternity.

    ~ FT



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