Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Ray of Hope that Might Penetrate the Chill Damp
I've been treading water furiously in an atmosphere of chilly, clinging fog with a mounting sense of desperation since Tuesday evening, but I think I may have just found a ray of hope:

Alcoholics Anonymous -- of which I hasten to add I am NOT a member -- tends to believe that addicts have no hope of recovery till they have reached "BOTTOM."

Since a thin majority of our increasingly non-white, non-Christian, coarsely licentious population has become addicted to Entitlements -- thanks to the blandishments of the power hungry, megalomaniacal Dope Pushers that comprise the bulk of the federal government -- it may very well be NECESSARY for us to be brought to abject poverty and desperation in order to begin the process of getting better.

It's horrible that those of us who've been thrifty, prudent, productive, fortunate and generous must be punished along with the guilty but it may be necessary to serve "the greater good" in the long run.

"Sweet are the uses of adversity," said Shakespeare.

Emily Dickinson put it another way:

Drowning is not so pitiful
As the attempt to rise.
Three times 'tis said a drowning man
Comes up to face the Skies,
And then declines forever
To that abhorred Abode
Where Hope and he party company,
For he is grasped of God.

The Maker's cordial Visage
However good to see
is shunned -- we must admit it --
Like an Adversity.

~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

If we hope to reach Heaven, we first must die.

Each death brings with it a rebirth in the hereafter.

"O rest in the Lord
Wait patiently for Him
And He shall give thee
Thy heart's desire.
Commit thy ways unto Him,
And trust in Him,
And fret not thyself,
Because of evildoers.
O rest in the Lord,
Wait patiently for Him."

~ Elijah

"Weeping may endure for the night, but Joy cometh in the morning."

Be of good cheer.
All things work together for good to those who love God.
~ FreeThinke


  1. I may put a damper on the optimism expressed in this blog post.

    Alcoholics Anonymous, for all the good that the group does, has a low success rate. That is, most who enter the program hit the bottom and never come up. It is also a tenet of AA that relapse is inevitable.

    Why? Because the addicted CANNOT think logically the vast majority of the time.

    Several in my family struggled with addiction -- some successfully, some unsuccessfully. Interestingly, those who did succeed didn't do so by using AA. What turned them around: (1) determination and (2) loving their families enough to repudiate addiction forever.

    It seems to me that the majority of Americans think that their addiction to entitlements is more for the better good than the suffering that can ensue without those entitlements.

    In today's post at Z's site, there is a horrifying video. I nearly had a meltdown when I watched that video! Look what these fools are addicted to, what they see as their entitlement! Surreal.

  2. Resuurection and redemption seem the theme...

  3. We need to ENCOURAGE and CHEER one another, AOW, and stop trying to SCARE each other to death.

    There is NOTHING to be gained from adopting a DEFEATIST attitude.

    It's necessary, right and proper that we go through a period of mourning, but indulgence in BATHOS is not going to help anyone, except our enemies.

    AA is a wonderful thing. If it has saved on a tiny fraction of those who've sought its help, that takes nothing away from its essential worth.

    Christianity, itself, viewed from the perspective you've shared regarding AA, has an even more lamentable track record, but that doesn't mean that Jesus Christ is at fault. It is only our stupid misperceptions of Him that stop us from benefitting from His immortal life-transforming Truth.

    If ever we needed to" accentuate the positive, latch on to the affirmative" the time is NOW.

    ~ FT

  4. Matt Taibbi on the election

    Well written an worth reading.

    "What's become clear in the last few weeks is that the last real taboo in America is admitting that the world isn't going to end if the other guy gets elected. The corollary to that taboo is an apparent new national prohibition against having even the slightest faith in the essential patriotism of the other side."

    And a second article

    ... on why you're not going to win another election. Your choice.

  5. The stages of grieving do not proceed according to a specific schedule.

    In other words, I'm not there yet.

  6. I could do without the gratuitous vulgarity in the opening sentences of Taibbi's article, even though I am guilty of it, myself, occasionally, but I found myself agreeing with much of the tone he set, except for the assertion that all the "crises" were "made up," and thus unreal.

    It is precisely because we on the libertarian right desperately seek to AVOID becoming the kind of Third World, or Failed-European Socialist State that does in fact have "the REAL problems" at which he darkly hints that passion has been running so high.

    You and your kind, Ducky, have become seduced then hypnotized by forces far greater than yourselves. As a result you indulge in idealistic magical thinking and then become militant in your insistence that the implementation of quasi-Marxian policies really is the only hope for a fair and just society.

    You believe that just as vigorously -- and as mindlessly -- as the hordes of ignorant Islamaniacs believe imposing Sharia worldwide is the only way to "save" mankind from itself.

    In other words you fervently believe TOTALITARIANISM gives us the best hope of achieving Heaven on Earth.

    Your friend Matt Taibbi seems a nice enough guy, but he's just another of myriad duped minions of the monstrous mentality that -- even with the best of kind-hearted intentions -- could only work to crush our spirit as individuals and enslave our bodies to be used as foot soldiers in the mythical army conscripted to fight for "the greater good."

    You may be a well meaning fool, or you may be a demon. It doesn't matter. Either way you and your kind are a grave danger to the health and strength of society, and frankly it would be worth dying if by so doing your ultimate defeat could be assured.

    There's nothing personal in this. I rather like you, despite your comic-grotesque parodies of insolence and invective, but I know deep in my heart that your professed aims and ideals -- and those of Barack Obama -- are anathema, and as such must be vigorously opposed, and someday annihilated.

    ~ FT

  7. OK, so conservatives lost what we thought might be a turn-a-round election, big deal, at least WE aren't starting riots and burning down our own neighborhoods. You can bet your ass that if the election had gone the other way, that is EXACTLY what would be going on right now. Don't worry, somehow, God will be on our side and we WILL prevail. Just remember, "God helps those who help themselves." Don't give up. Just regroup and approach the fight from a slightly different angle.

    Impeachment is a very possible end to the Bengahzi fiasco. That is NOT a dead horse yet. Of course, bozo and clown joe could be in a horrific accident together, or just maybe bozo will realize how much of a shit-fest he is inheriting this time and resign. It ain't over til the fat lady sings and she hasn't even cleared her throat yet.

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